Can Childhood Cancer Be Cured?


In this article, we talk about leukemia cures, lymphoma cures, neuroblastoma cures, bone cancer cures, and cures for other types of childhood cancers. The first part of this article talks about important political considerations for parents going through various stages of decision-making in regard to their child’s cancer diagnosis. In the second part of this article, we detail some of the most important and powerful natural cures for cancer with high cure rates that have been scientifically studied. And in the last part of this article, we discuss the use of chlorine dioxide solution and DMSO as cures for childhood cancers like leukemia and other bone cancers, brain cancers, spinal cord cancers in children, and more.

Common Cancers That Develop in Children

The most common cancers that develop in children include the following:


  • Brain and spinal cord cancers
  • Leukemia
  • Bone cancers
    • Osteosarcoma
    • Ewing sarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Wilms tumor
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Retinoblastoma


At AlivenHealthy, we have written extensively about cures for cancer in adults and we offer a 4-volume series of books that serve as a reference manual of cancer cures for children and adults, but this article is a gateway article to help parents find cures for childhood cancers if they’ve never heard of any of this material before. Many years ago, Lydian and I traveled all over the world to observe healers and facilities that had high cure rates for cancer in children and adults and our general observation was that cancer can be cured and that there were so many cures for cancer that the miracle was that chemo and radiation have become the gold standard despite their low cure rate. Most cancers have a common root in nutritional deficiencies that have been spurred by changes in the food industry and there are important natural cancer treatments that can be used by most children with cancer to cure the disease no matter what form it takes.


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If Your Child Has Recently Been Diagnosed with Cancer…

If your child has recently been diagnosed with cancer and you are exploring your child’s cancer treatment options, you need to know that if you decide to go against your doctor’s treatment recommendations and seek out natural treatments for childhood cancer, your child may be removed from your care and taken into custody by the state. Do not discuss the possibility of seeking out natural cancer treatments for a child with cancer with your oncologist or even with other family members who may disagree with your decision to pursue natural cancer treatments for children. Rather, if you decide that you don’t want your child to go through chemotherapy or radiation, or if you simply wish to seek out alternative low-chemotherapy doses for children, head to Mexico. Go as quickly as you can and don’t tell anyone where you are going until you arrive in Tijuana and you are safely across the border. 


There are a number of no-chemo, no-radiation or low-chemo, alternative cancer treatment facilities for children in Tijuana, Mexico as well as in other countries of the world. If you are looking for a cure for leukemia in children or any other type of cancer, these treatment facilities offer much more humane treatment options for children with cancer. Also, even if you decide to pursue treatment in a country other than Mexico, once you are across the border, the U.S. government won’t be able to remove your child from your custody and you will be free to choose the cancer treatment that makes sense to you and your child without government interference.


If you wish to use natural cancer treatments to cure cancer in an infant or child and you live in the U.S. or another country that limits parents’ freedom to choose how their child is treated for disease, your first priority is political safety. You need to cross a border and go to a country where you can safely choose how your child is treated for cancer. Once you are in a safe location where you can easily administer natural cancer treatments for children at home or in a no-chemo/low-chemo, no radiation cancer treatment facility for kids. 


Below is a list of the most powerful cures for childhood cancers. We summarize each of these treatments later in this article. All of these treatments work systemically to naturally cure cancer in children:


Vitamin B17 / Leatrile / Amygdalin for Childhood Cancer

Cesium Therapy High pH Therapy or Baking Soda Therapy: High pH Therapy to Cure Childhood Cancer


Frankincense Infused DMSO to Cure Brain Cancer in Children and Infants

Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy for Childhood Cancer

Lugol’s Iodine Therapy for Childhood Cancer


Chlorine Dioxide Solution with or without Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) – Cancer Protocol 2000


If Your Child Is Currently Being Treated with Chemotherapy and Radiation…

If your child is currently being treated with chemotherapy and radiation and you want to increase the odds of survival in childhood cancer, there are at-home cancer treatments for kids that can help your child overcome the disease. These are listed below. They are the same treatments that we list not matter whether your child has received chemo and radiation, is in the midst of chemo / radiation treatments, or if your child has been sent home with a terminal diagnosis.


Cesium Therapy High pH Therapy or Baking Soda Therapy: High pH Therapy to Cure Childhood Cancer

Vitamin B17 / Leatrile / Amygdalin for Childhood Cancer

Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy for Childhood Cancer

Lugol’s Iodine Therapy for Childhood Cancer

Frankincense Infused DMSO to Cure Brain Cancer in Children and Infants

Chlorine Dioxide Solution with or without Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) – Cancer Protocol 2000


We talk more in depth about each of these childhood cancer cures below in terms of emergency treatment for a child who has received a terminal, non-treated cancer diagnosis.

If Your Child Has Been Given a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis…

If your child was diagnosed with cancer some time ago, has received chemotherapy and radiation treatments and has not healed from the disease and your doctor has sent your child home to die, you may be looking for a cure for terminal cancer in children. A child with cancer who has undergone many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation needs immediate help and there are at-home treatments for childhood cancer that you can use to help restore your child’s health quickly. The same treatments that we recommend above can be used by a child who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, a child who is currently being treated with chemo and radiation, as well as a child who has been given a terminal cancer diagnosis to improve the child’s chances of survival. As a parent with little time to spare, we recommend that you read about each of the treatments by clicking the links, but we also provide a brief discussion of each childhood cancer cure below:

Cures for Childhood Cancer


  1. Cesium Therapy High pH Therapy or Baking Soda Therapy: High pH Therapy to Cure Childhood Cancer 


If your child has been sent home to die by their oncologist with a terminal cancer diagnosis and very little time to live, as a parent you need to act quickly. If your child has already undergone chemo and radiation therapy, it isn’t likely that the U.S. government will try to remove your child from your home at this stage. So it’s time to start working on at-home cancer cures for a terminal cancer diagnosis. If your child is currently going through chemo or radiation treatments, the use of high-pH therapy will not interfere with these treatments. Indeed, chemo must be combined with and administered with sodium bicarbonate or the chemo treatments would immediately kill patients.  


Though Cesium Therapy is more powerful than Baking Soda, both of these therapies work through the same mechanism of action. Cesium Therapy works very quickly, but baking soda is easier to obtain this means that you can begin treating your child with a powerful natural cancer cure at home right away.


Administer baking soda treatments in enemas, and drinking water such that your child receives 5 doses of baking soda daily. Cut the baking soda dosing in half for children over the age of 4 years at ½ teaspoon 5 times daily (in either 6 ounces of drinking water and enemas). Also, add ½ of a BOX of baking soda to the child’s bath for soaking.



Order Ionic Rubidium and Potassium supplements if you can’t obtain Cesium Therapy and follow the administration instructions on the bottle. Both Rubidium and Potassium are alkalizing and they work similarly to Cesium. Be sure to read about Dr. Keith Brewer’s research on Cesium Therapy High pH Therapy in the treatment of cancer if you are trying to cure terminal cancer in children.



  1. Chlorine Dioxide Solution with or without Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) – Cancer Protocol 2000


Chlorine Dioxide Solution is a powerful cancer cure that works against most types of childhood cancer. It can be administered with DMSO topically in children who cannot eat or drink because they are too ill. This childhood cancer cure has been the subject of a lot of propaganda by Big Pharma. They have worked hard to remind the public that Chlorine Dioxide Solution is a “bleaching agent”, which it is…but they always fail to note that though Chlorine Dioxide Solution can bleach things that it is NOT BLEACH. Bleach = Sodium Hypochlorite, which has a very different effect on the body than Chlorine Dioxide. For a detailed discussion on the chemistry of Chlorine Dioxide Solution in comparison with laundry bleach, click here to learn more


If your child has been sent home to die, it may be time to consider the possibility that Chlorine Dioxide Solution really is a cancer cure that’s been hidden by the Cancer Industry to protect its profits.  



DMSO is an FDA-approved medicine with a toxicity levels similar to that of water. It is often combined with Chlorine Dioxide Solution to ensure that the CDS reaches cancer cells because DMSO has the ability to easily penetrate the blood brain barrier (to treat brain cancers) and also to penetrate the sheaths that often surround cancerous tumors, protecting them from the immune system. 


DMSO is safe for use in pregnant women, lactating women, infants, and children. Though DMSO has the power to protect human cells from radiation and it can help heal human tissues that have been exposed to radiation, few doctors recommend that parents use it. And though DMSO can be combined with chemotherapy to deliver chemo in tiny, relatively non-toxic doses to children in a process known as DMSO-Potentiation Therapy (DPT), few U.S. oncologists know about or use this type of therapy (because it would diminish the profits reaped by Big Pharma on a patient-by-patient basis). DPT is an excellent low-dose chemotherapy option for children that is available in Alternative Cancer Treatment Facilities outside of the United States.



  1. Vitamin B17 / Leatrile / Amygdalin for Childhood Cancer


Childhood lymphoma, childhood leukemia, and brain cancers in children can all be treated with vitamin B17. Indeed, vitamin B17 is the most important vitamin that people can take whether they decide to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments or simply treat childhood cancer at home naturally. Vitamin B17 is present in certain types of seeds like grape seeds, apple seeds, and especially apricot kernels. 



Purchase apricot kernels online to treat childhood cancer at home or go to an alternative cancer cure clinic in Mexico or elsewhere in the world to obtain Laetrile IV treatments. If you live near a health food store where there is either cold-pressed grape seed oil or cold-pressed apricot kernel oil, go and buy this oil and begin applying it to your child’s skin all over their body 1 to 3 times per day. Mix apricot kernel oil or grapeseed oil with doTerra Frankincense essential oil with DMSO in a 50:50 ratio on half of your child’s body and then apply it to the other half of the body later the same day. If you have an infant with cancer, this gentle treatment can be administered entirely via the skin, bypassing the child’s sensitive digestive system. Be sure to read this short guide on how to use DMSO safely as a cancer cure for childhood cancers.



Vitamins and Minerals to Support Vitamin B17 Absorption

The following vitamins and minerals must be administered to your child along with vitamin B17 to ensure that your child’s body can absorb and use vitamin B17 properly. Your child is probably extremely deficient in this vitamin and his or her body will need other vitamins to be able to use vitamin B17 properly:



  • Multivitamin This multivitamin product tastes good for kids, but does not contain sugar. It does however contain Noni Juice, which has anti-cancer effects. 




  1. Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy for Childhood Cancer


The pancreatic enzymes play a vital role in preventing and curing cancer. Pancreatic enzymes not only help digest our food, but they also circulate in the bloodstream and seek out and digest the protective sheath that protects cancer cells in tumors. When a child is deficient in pancreatic enzymes, the child may develop cancer, though lung problems like cystic fibrosis or asthma are also a common problem associated with pancreatic enzyme deficiency in children.


Doctors in the early 1900’s were using pancreatic enzymes as a stand-alone treatment for cancer that worked about 4 times better than chemotherapy as a stand-alone treatment for cancer. Pancreatic enzyme therapy could cure leukemia in childhood, brain cancer, or lymphoma with about a 13% cure rate (at over 5 years post-treatment). In contrast, chemo has a 2-3% cancer cure rate in children and adults as a stand-alone treatment (at over 5 years post-treatment).



  1. Lugol’s Iodine Therapy for Childhood Cancer


Lugol’s iodine is a mixture of molecular iodine and potassium iodide. Many children with cancer are iodine deficient. Be sure to read the link above to information about iodine and the role of iodine deficiency in childhood cancers. 


Frankincense Infused DMSO to Cure Brain Cancer in Children and Infants


Brain cancer and neuroblastoma in children can be treated naturally using DMSO and Frankincense essential oil. I recommend the use of the doTerra essential oil brand because they don’t dilute their oils. Combine frankincense essential oil with DMSO with apricot kernel oil and administer it to the neck and as drops taken internally. 



Most Powerful Natural Cancer Cures for Childhood Cancer

The most powerful and accessible natural cancer cure for children who are diagnosed with childhood cancer is Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO used as part of Jim Humble’s Cancer Cure Protocol 2000. But I would never recommend that parents only administer Chlorine Dioxide Solution and DMSO to heal a child with leukemia, lymphoma, brain cancer, or any other type of childhood cancer because cancer is usually rooted in specifically nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin B17 and iodine are the most important vitamin and mineral deficiencies that must be treated to prevent leukemia relapse or any cancer relapse in children. 


Interestingly, vitamin B17 works through a similar mechanism of action as chlorine dioxide. Both vitamin B17 and chlorine dioxide solution attack cancer cells through the use of reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species. These tiny elemental “species” are among the only types of medicines that easily seek out and destroy cancer cells through magnetic attraction. When combined with DMSO, both vitamin B17 (as a mix of DMSO + apricot kernel oil) and chlorine dioxide solution (as a mix of DMSO + chlorine dioxide solution) are able to seek out cancer cells and either heal them or kill them without hurting healthy cells. These three medicines can be used when children are undergoing chemo and radiation. Indeed, DMSO will protect your child’s body from the effects of radiation. And DMSO is powerfully anti-cancer especially if you combine it with chlorine dioxide and vitamin B17 (in two separate mixes). 


The use of these three medicines is an excellent starting block for any parent who wishes to prevent childhood cancer, treat childhood cancer naturally, use natural treatments with chemo and radiation in childhood cancer, or for the treatment of cancer that has been deemed “terminal” by an oncologist who has no other Big Pharma medicine to offer parents to cure their child’s cancer. 



The topic of natural childhood cancer cures is broad and complex. Our Cancer Cure series categorizes cancer cures into different facets of treatment that parents can use to cure childhood cancer at home. There are hundreds of cures for cancer that can be used in children. And parents who are embarking on a journey to find a natural cure for cancer for a child should plan to use a “protocol” and not just one treatment to cure this disease. Our goal with this article was to give parents a solid starting block in curing a child’s cancer.


While Lydian and I spend hours every day scouring scientific literature to find simple cures for diseases that have been covered up by Big Pharma, and we tend to promote the use of herbs, vitamins, reactive oxygen species, or other surprising substances or physical treatments, we always recommend that people who are trying to cure cancer (parents of children with cancer included) spend time looking inward. When we do health coaching on natural cancer cures for children, we listen to dreams that parents have (when parents are active dreamers) and we even do shamanic journeying to ask our guides for specific information about cures for cancer in children. We always recommend that parents seek out some kind of spiritual healing for themselves and their child as part of the journey because cancer is a disease that extends through several layers of the human energetic field and should be dealt with on all layers.  


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