To be clear, including this image in this article is not a political statement that’s for or against Donald Trump. Rather, I incllude this image here because I want to be frank about what Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) is and what it’s not. The poster shown above is propaganda that’s meant to scare people away from CDS, a substance that is widely used as a water purifier, a medicine, and as a disinfectant. To learn about CDS and to understand it threatens Big Pharma and empowers people to take control over their health and wellbeing. Continue reading to decide for yourself whether drinking CDS is “dumb” or…”smart”.



Is Chlorine Dioxide a Bleach?

In short, the answer is yes. Chlorine Dioxide can be used as a bleach. But you need to learn more about this substance before you decide that an agent that can bleach fabric is unacceptable as a medicine. After all, oxygen also bleaches fabric, but we all require oxygen to survive. And in fact, chlorine in its molecular form (chloride) is considered the “queen” of electrolytes in the human body. 


A common argument posed by Big Pharma and the industries that control information on the Internet these days is the idea that Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) should not be used as a medicine because it is “bleach”. Technically, the definition of “bleach” is a “chemical product that can be used either industrially or domestically to remove the color from fiber or fabric in a process called bleaching”. Often, when someone talks about “bleach” they’re referring to sodium hypochlorite or “liquid bleach”. And sodium hypochlorite can be used to make CDS. To be clear, CDS and sodium hypochlorite are not the same things, but it seems irresponsible to stop there and not give you a little more information about the difference. 


CDS is an extremely valuable medicine today! It can protect you or heal you after being infected with anything from COVID-19 to Ebola, but it is also used to cure cancer and even diabetes. This product is affordable and accessible because in today’s world, it’s necessary to use CDS to purify water. Most of us wouldn’t survive long without the industrial use of CDS (and the “bleach” mentioned above) to purify water. CDS has the ability to cure disease without causing bacterial or viral mutations that lead to antibiotic-resistant strains. It works by oxidizing (releasing oxygen) that kills bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and more that are living in the body. 


To “drink bleach” sounds scary and stupid. It does! Why would you do that? Well, you shouldn’t drink bleach in mega-high doses. But the fact is, this “bleach” (sodium hypochlorite) is often used along with other chemicals to purify our drinking water. So we regularly drink CDS (which was made from the sodium hypochlorite) without realizing it. Indeed, the use of sodium hypochlorite as well as sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid (or other acids), is ubiquitous throughout the world because these substances are some of the only water purifying agents that can not only kill Helicobacter pylori (a bacteria that causes a variety of digestive issues including heartburn, GERD, indigestion, stomach ulcers, and more), but that also bind with heavy metals and other unhealthy substances in the water supply to remove them safely. Inside the body, CDS does a very similar thing. It kills bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, fungi, and more while binding to chemical agents that don’t belong in the body so that they can safely be removed via the kidneys and intestines.

Proper Dosing of CDS


So the vast majority of us have consumed this “bleach” in our drinking water and we also bathe in it. Sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorite in lower doses is used to clean and keep water supplies healthy. In just slightly higher doses, these same substances can be used as a medicine. And in much higher doses still, they become toxic to human tissues, but at these high doses, they’re still a valuable substance in that they can be used to bleach fabrics and disinfect interior spaces safely. 


Nearly all substances that are used as medicines are non-toxic and non-medicinal at very low doses. At slightly higher doses (which are typically determined in a laboratory), these substances have medicinal properties. And these same substances that are medicinal at a particular dose are often lethal (deadly) at a higher dose.  


For example, most people are familiar with Tylenol. At a very low dose, Tylenol does almost nothing noticeable in the human body. But if an adult takes 325 mg of Tylenol for a fever or a headache, they may notice a pain-relieving, fever-reducing medicinal effect. But that same person who experienced relief from fever and headache at 325 mg may die if they take 12 times that amount (3,250 mg) within a 24 hour period. 


Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) and Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) are like Tylenol in that a low dose produces almost unnoticeable effects on the body (thus it can safely be added to the water supply and almost no one, not children or infants, not pregnant women, not sick people, with the possible exception of dialysis patients— notices or experiences negative health effects due to the presence of CDS in the water supply). But in slightly higher doses, CDS and MMS (when used properly) can fight infection, remove heavy metals from the body, and stimulate the immune system. But also like Tylenol, there is a lethal dose of CDS and MMS. It’s possible to take too much, but if you follow Jim Humble’s instructions for using MMS and CDS, (which typically recommend less than 6 drops or less of CDS in ½ cup of water per dose), you’ll be using this product at its medicinal dose and should therefore notice medicinal (non-lethal) effects from using it. 


What Happens in the Body When You Take CDS / Chlorine Dioxide Solution?

When you add hydrochloric acid to your sodium chlorite solution, Chlorine Dioxide Gas bubbles are suspended in the watery solution that you’ve created. 


The chemical reaction inside the body looks like this:


2NaClO2              +   4HCl2     =         4ClO2                                +   5NaCl            +    2H2O2

2 Sodium             +   4 Hydrochloric Acids   become  4 Chlorine Dioxide (gas) +   5 table salt    +   2 water



When you take the activated MMS or CDS, the medicine is broken down into little bubbles of chlorine dioxide, table salt, and water when it goes into the body. The medicinal molecule in the above reaction is the chlorine dioxide gas which remains in solution until it encounters a bacteria, virus, or other types of infectious agent. When the CDS gas is exposed to an infectious microorganism, it releases a single oxygen atom. 

Our natural cellular immune system (in particular white blood cells) use a similar mechanism of action against infectious microorganisms. White Blood Cells release highly reactive oxygen species (also known as free radicals or single oxygen atoms) to combat foreign invaders. So CDS basically works in the body by behaving much the way White Blood Cells behave. In the elderly or in people who are ill or immunocompromised, CDS can provide an important immune system boost to give other aspects of our natural immune response time to respond to foreign invaders with a full on attack. 

Leftover Chloride After CDS Treatment

After you consume CDS for COVID or for any other disease like cancer or influenza, the CDS changes form through chemical reactions with the invading microorganisms. Singlet oxygen atoms oxidize and kill the infectious microorganism, leaving behind chloride ions and sodium chloride (also known as “table salt”). Chloride is an important electrolyte in the body and 5.3 grams of chloride is needed for every liter of human plasma in the body for proper physical functioning. That’s a lot of chloride! In fact, some scientists call chloride the “queen” of electrolytes. So the negligible amount of chloride that’s generated by the use of CDS as a medicine is much more likely to be beneficial as a human electrolyte rather than being harmful in some other way.

CDS as a Medicine

Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) can be used in a variety of ways as we’ve already discussed. Scientific studies have shown that CDS can prevent and remove biofilm. It’s effective even against a spore-forming bacteria like Anthrax. 


Today, most people want to know if CDS works against COVID-19? And the answer is yes. If you’ve been exposed to COVID, you can follow the following CDS Protocol for COVID Exposure below to prevent the disease.


Combine the following ingredients in a glass container once every 12 hours (take 1 dose, wait 12 hours, take another dose, wait 12 hours, take the last dose). Take 3 doses of the following over the course of 24 hours:


6 drops of CDS (activated, meaning 6 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution and 6 drops of citric acid mixed together) 

18 drops of Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) 

¼ cup of filtered water


Follow the same instructions if you’re currently struggling with an active COVID infection. CDS has the ability to inhibit virus infectivity in four different ways making it extremely effective against viral infections.


But remember, if you have cancer or diabetes, you can also take CDS to cure your disease. This may seem hard to believe, but the simple explanation of how CDS works to combat cancer or diabetes is that once the body becomes debilitated to a certain degree (specifically by a lack of a vitamin that is found primarily in certain seeds), some very subtle infectious organisms that are hard to detect under a normal light-field microscope (they can be detected under a dark-field microscope) are able to infect human cells and “take over” the DNA, causing different types of diseases like cancer or diabetes. CDS, as an Oxidant Therapy that uses oxygen against microorganisms is able to combat the infectious agent that causes many types of cancer and other diseases that seem “incurable”.

How to Make MMS and CDS


Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) which can be made into Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) through the addition of an acid (such as hydrochloric acid, vinegar, or citric acid). The most important ingredient in Miracle Mineral Solution is sodium chlorite which typically is packaged as flakes or a powder. Most of sodium chlorite products contain 80% sodium chlorite. The rest of the product is made of NaCl (common table salt) and a variety of trace minerals. 

To make MMS (which can then be activated by an acid to become Chlorine Dioxide or CDS), you must create a solution of distilled water and sodium chlorite.  You’ll need a scale to weigh the sodium chlorite so that you can add the proper proportion of flakes to the water. Though you’ll add 28% sodium chlorite to the solution, the total amount of sodium chlorite in the water will be 22.4% after the recipe has been prepared. The remaining 5.6% of the flakes/powder that dissolves in the water consists of table salt (NaCl) and trace minerals.

It is possible to purchase sodium chlorite in water (MMS) with a food-grade activator solution such as 50% citric acid or 4% hydrochloric acid. To make a Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) out of the MMS, put 1 drop of the MMS (the sodium chlorite solution) with the activator (either the 50% citric acid solution of 4% hydrochloric acid). Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

If you don’t have 50% citric acid or 4% hydrochloric acid to activate your MMS, purchase one of Jim Humble’s ebooks to get the correct proportion and activation time for lemon, lime, or vinegar.   

If you don’t have distilled water available, use bottled or filtered water, but never use tap water. 

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) are famous for being able to attach to heavy metals to transport them out of the body. In fact, they’re used in industrial water purification in the same way (to attach to chemicals, metals, and other substances that create turbidity in the water) to clean municipal water supplies. For this reason, you should never store your MMS or CDS in a bottle with a metal lid. Nor should you ever mix MMS or CDS in a metal container or with a metal spoon. Always use glass containers for storage and mixing. Choose a brown-colored glass bottle with a plastic lid to store your MMS or CDS in the refrigerator. 

For more detailed instructions regarding how to make your own CDS or MMS from basic sodium chlorite or sodium hypochlorite, visit Jim Humble’s web site and follow the instructions that best fit your situation.

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