Health Coaching: Basic Package – $175 / 60-minute session

The basic health coaching package was created for budget-conscious individuals with health issues who need guidance to find alternative cures for disease. This package does not include research into the client’s diseases prior to the appointment nor does it include a write-up of information about the client’s Big Picture in terms of health. 


When you schedule with us to do a Basic Package Health Coaching Session, you should email us a quick summary of health problems that you’re struggling with including diagnoses you’ve received, prescription medications that you’re taking, unresolved symptoms or pain that you experience regularly, supplements and dietary information, etc. 


We work not only with physical health problems, but also with addictions as well as mental health issues to provide counseling in regard to anti-depressant, anti-addiction, anti-PTSD, or anti-anxiety plant medicines and treatment options. In all cases, we regard the client’s emotional issues as part of the holistic picture in terms of what is going on with their physical bodies and vice versa, so please include information about psychological issues, if this seems relevant. 


Right before your session, Lydian and Jennifer will spend 15 minutes doing a small amount of research into the information that you’ve sent via email in preparation for our meeting via Zoom or Skype.

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Online Cancer Support Group and Workshop – $15 / 1-hour meeting OR $55 / 4 meetings

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Mexico City Time Zone

This online support group is for anyone who is suffering from cancer. The group begins with a short presentation / demonstration of a cancer cure that can be used at home followed by a question and answer session. This is a weekly event that happens throughout the year except when we are presenting other educational seminars, traveling, and/or during holidays.

You must sign up at least 24 hours in advance to participate. Please send us your cancer diagnosis via email along with a list of the prescription medications that you’re taking and any other health problems that you are currently struggling with. This information will not be shared with the other group members unless you choose to share the information.

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