Although the Protocol 2000 is termed the “Cancer Protocol” (and indeed, in most cases, it is the most effective protocol for cancer treatment), it’s important to remember that this protocol may also be used to successfully treat various other life-threatening diseases and illnesses. Some (but not all) of the other applications of the Protocol 2000 are listed below:

Protocol 2000 – Stage One

The steps below should be completed every day for 21 days/3 weeks or until you recover. You should repeat them every hour for 10 consecutive hours of the day.


  1. Activate the MMS1 solution (28% sodium chlorite solution + an acid) in a dry glass container. Wait for 30 seconds until the drops turn an amber color.
  2. Add ½ cup of clean, purified water.
  3. Drink immediately after making. Do not make it in advance!
  4. If you start to feel sicker than normal (whatever “normal” currently means to you), rather than staying “normal” or feeling better, it’s important that you reduce the dosage of MMS to a point where you don’t feel sicker anymore. Dosing the MMS at a dosage that makes you feel sick will not make the healing faster; in fact, if you feel sicker while taking the MMS, the medicine will not work as well and the healing will actually be slower. This is especially true if you’re already struggling with a disease that may be causing uncomfortable or serious symptoms.

    Like with all other MMS protocols, reduce the dosage as far as you need to until you stop feeling the severe symptoms of detox, but don’t stop taking the MMS. You can work your dosage up to a higher dosa again as soon as you’re ready. 



Below is information about how to dose yourself while following the Protocol 2000: 


  • If beginning Protocol 2000 directly from the Starting Procedure (permissible if you’re wanting to treat a life-threatening illness like cancer), begin the Protocol 2000 by taking 1 drop every hour for 10 consecutive hours of the day. Increase the dosage as fast as you can comfortably until you reach 3 drops per hour for 10 hours daily.
  • If you’re starting the Protocol 2000 after having done the Classic Protocol 1000, you will hopefully already be at a dose of 3 drops per hour (if not, you may increase your dosage at a comfortable pace).
  • You should increase the dosage in one drop or half-drop increments until you reach the highest dosage you can for your body weight before you start to feel more sick than your sickness is making you feel by itself. You’ll likely have a little bit of a sick feeling at some point, which is the point where you should stop increasing the dosage for a bit until that sick feeling goes away. Then you may continue increasing the dosage again.

    The guidelines of dosing by body weight are below in a table. 


Protocol 2000 Dosing Chart
Weight MAXIMUM dosage
80-100 lbs (36-45 kg) 8 drops per hour
100-120 lbs (45-54 kg) 8 drops per hour
120-140 lbs (54-63 kg) 9 drops per hour
140-160 lbs (63-72 kg) 10 drops per hour
160-180 lbs (72-81 kg) 11 drops per hour
180-200 lbs (81-90 kg) 12 drops per hour
200+ pounds Add one drop extra for every 20 lbs over 200 lbs (for example, if you weigh 220 lbs you should be taking 13 drops, if you weigh 240 lbs take 14 drops, etc.)


There are rare cases where a person might take more than the maximum body weight dosages listed above, specifically when a disease is not improving with this maximum dose, however most of the time the dosages listed above are correct and adequate for healing. Avoid going beyond these doses unless you’ve reached the maximum dosage and it’s been 2+ weeks with no improvement to your illness. Then you may consider increasing the dosage incrementally. 


Protocol 2000 – Stage Two

In this next stage of the Protocol 2000, you’ll begin incorporating MMS2 into your existing MMS1 dosing regime. Begin Stage 2 of this protocol approximately 3-4 days after starting to take the MMS1 according to the steps above. When you introduce the MMS2 into your schedule, DON’T continue to increase your MMS1 dosage until you reach the full MMS2 dosage (described below). While you’re increasing your MMS2 dosage, keep the MMS1 dosage you’ve been taking at the same level. So if you were taking 6 drops before starting MMS2, continue taking 6 drops per hour until you’ve managed to increase the MMS2 dosage to the full amount, and then you may continue to increase your MMS1 dosage again (while keeping the MMS2 dosage steady then at the recommended dose). 


Follow the steps below to get started: 

  1. Purchase and prepare some capsules filled with calcium hypochlorite (MMS2). We recommend using #1 size capsules if you can since this is the correct size, but #0 size (which are larger than #1) may also be used if they’re only filled up to ¾ of the way full.
  2. Fill the capsules about ¼ of the way full (or an ⅛ of the way full if you’re using the #0 capsule size). You’re going to gradually increase your dose over the next few days of the protocol. Fill at least 5 capsules up to ¼ full, another five at ½ full, another five at ¾ full, and a final five all the way full. After you take all of these, you’ll need to fill more capsules. However, you may need to stay at a lower dosage if you experience a severe detox, so be prepared to fill capsules at only half full if this is your situation. Don’t fill so many to start that you can’t regulate your dosage comfortably and as needed. 
  3. Take the first MM2 capsule (which will be ¼ of the way full) at a half-hour after you take your second dose of MM1 (so, if you take your second dose of MMS1 at 8am, you’ll take the first dose of MMS2 at 8:30, and then proceed with MMS1 again at 9am, etc.). Two hours later, take another capsule. You should take a total of 5 doses of MMS2 total per day, taken once every 2 hours.

Below is a sample schedule that you may base your own dosing schedule on (the time of day doesn’t necessarily matter, so it’s up to you when you’d like to start your doses each day). Remember to NEVER take an MMS1 dose that includes DMSO at the same time as an MMS2 dose (though you’ll likely not be taking these two medicines too close together). 


Sample Protocol 2000 Dosing Schedule
9:00am MMS1 dose
10:00am MMS1 dose
10:30am MMS2 dose
11:00am MMS1 dose
12:00pm MMS1 dose
12:30pm MMS2 dose
1:00pm MMS1 dose
2:00pm MMS1 dose
2:30pm MMS2 dose
3:00pm MMS1 dose
4:00pm MMS1 dose
4:30pm MMS2 dose
5:00pm MMS1 dose
6:00pm MMS1 dose
6:30pm MMS2 dose

Protocol 2000 for Childhood Cancer

Although the guidelines for the Protocol 2000 have already been described above, there are some other important pieces of information to be aware of when administering this protocol to a child with a life-threatening illness like cancer. Read the above section on the Protocol 2000 carefully in addition to this section specific to children so that you can completely understand the protocol before starting. Keep in mind that the guidelines above are essentially the same for both children and adults; the primary difference lies in the number of drops/capsules that should be administered. Nevertheless, be sure to read everything about this protocol with care!


Here is the dosage information for MMS1 and MMS2 for children on the Protocol 2000:

Protocol 2000 MMS1 Dosage Guide for Children
Weight Maximum Dosage
10lbs or less (4.5 kg or less) No more than 3 drops per hour
10-20 lbs (5-9 kg) No more than 5 drops per hour
20-40 lbs (9-18 kg) No more than 5 drops per hour
40-60 lbs (18-27 kg) No more than 6 drops per hour
60-80 lbs (27-36 kg) No more 7 drops per hour
Protocol 2000 MMS2 Dosage Guide for Children
Weight Maximum Dosage
Children under 75 lbs (34 kg) Do not use MMS2 for children who weigh less than 75lbs.
Children between 75-100 lbs (34-45 kg) and up Start with size #4 capsules filled only ¼ full. Work up to size #4 capsules filled to ¾ full over the course of the next two days. 


Children under 75 pounds should not take MMS2. Children over 75 pounds can handle ingesting MMS2, however they should only be given this medicine in addition to the MMS1 if they can be trusted to swallow the pills whole and not bite down on them or choke on them. In other words, the child should feel comfortable with swallowing capsules (and you should feel comfortable with them doing this too). If they bite down on the capsule or let it dissolve in their mouth/throat by accident, it will be quite unpleasant, so it’s best to only administer the MMS2 if you believe that they can handle the capsules like an older child or adult. If this isn’t the case, simply omit the MMS2 portion of the Protocol 2000. 


Carefully study the Protocol 2000 information in addition to the basics of MMS administration before administering MMS2 to a child. The rules for administration of the Protocol 2000 to a child are exactly the same as for an adult, but as mentioned before, the dosages are different. Refer back to the table above for the correct dosage information for your child and substitute this information for the adult-oriented numbers in the previous section. 


IMPORTANT NOTE – As mentioned in the before section, do not administer DMSO at the same time as MMS2. Use great caution with this as it can have serious consequences. 

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