The Budwig Smoothie, also known as “Quark” is a famous cancer-cure that can also be used to cure Toxoplasmosis infection. Scientific studies have shown that it works because it contains exactly the types of fatty acids that kill Toxoplasmosis when the protozoa attempts to consume it from human cell membranes.

The Budwig Diet as a Cure for Toxoplasmosis in Humans


With any major disease, diet is always an important factor. If you have Toxoplasmosis infection, this is no exception. But the diet that we recommend here is based on research that has specifically shown that certain fatty acids actually kill Toxoplasmosis. It isn’t always possible to find research supporting the use of a particular dietary strategy to kill a specific infection, but if you’ve been diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis and you’re ready to get rid of this infection, following this diet will help you for several reasons that we’ll discuss below.


Specific Fatty Acids Kill Toxoplasmosis gondii

Scientific research has shown that Toxoplasmosis loves fat. As soon as it infects human cells, it goes to work scavenging fats from host cell membranes. Just like humans, the Toxoplasmosis protozoa store fats.


Certain types of fatty acids, like saturated fats (palmitate, stearate) neither stimulate growth nor slow Toxoplasmosis growth down. On the other hand, when UNsaturated fatty acids are present in human cells (because they’re present in the patient’s diet), they tend to build up inside the Toxoplasmosis pathogen and then impair the parasite’s ability to replicate. These unsaturated fatty acids include oleate, palmitoleate, and linoleate. Oleate, in particular, leads to irreversible damage to the Toxoplasma protozoa. 


So, anyone who wants to get rid of Toxoplasmosis should consider doing the Budwig Diet, which includes as a major feature, the consumption of the Budwig Smoothie which is made of flaxseed oil and a milk product such as cottage cheese. If you don’t consume dairy products, substitute the milk product for a nut milk like almond milk or even coconut milk. 


At this link, you can find more information about how to make the Budwig Smoothie, which is also known as “Quark”.


How the Budwig Diet Works to Cure Toxoplasmosis


The Budwig Smoothie is used to cure many diseases. It was created by Dr. Johanna Budwig, one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on fats and oils. She developed this diet to optimize the type of fats the body absorbs and one of the most important principals of her diet was that patients should never eat heated oils. 


Heated oils, including trans fats, and processed oils, cause human cells to lose their natural electricity. When human cells become de-electrified, they lose their ability to communicate with other human cells. They become unable to fight infection. The cell basically fall apart if it’s ability to make electricity too severely compromised. But when patient’s have a diet rich in cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed, unrefined flaxseed oils, the body can become electrified and energized again. Note that these cold-pressed oils should be stored in dark-colored glass bottles.


Individuals with Toxoplasmosis further benefit from the fact that the oleate, palmitoleate, and linoleate in the flaxseed oil is also able to actually kill Toxo pathogens.


Using Sunlight Exposure to Kill Toxoplasmosis


Interestingly, the Budwig Smoothie should be eaten in the sun. That’s right, take your Budwig Smoothie outside, don’t put on sunscreen, and let your skin absorb as much sunlight as possible for about 15-30 minutes each time you drink a smoothie throughout the day. Try to drink 3-4 smoothies daily.


When you expose your body to the full-spectrum light of the sun, your body produces substances like vitamin D as well as fumaric acid. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency and Toxoplasmosis infection go hand-in-hand, but if you decide to supplement with vitamin D, make sure you choose a vitamin D3 + vitamin K2 product or else you may do your body more harm than good. (Read more about which vitamin D3 / K2 product would be best for you here.) The correlation between vitamin D deficiency and Toxoplasmosis is noteworthy given the fact that low cellular electricity may be a major cause of this disease. Vitamin D modulates calcium absorption (as does vitamin K2) and calcium plays an important role in cellular electricity too. If you don’t get enough sunlight (without wearing sunscreen), your body won’t produce vitamin D and thus, your body may not properly absorb calcium from food. Most people don’t need calcium supplements because calcium can disrupt electrolyte balance in the body, but just note that there’s a relationship between eating healthy fats and oils and sun exposure that relates to the electrification of human cells. 


Having energetic cells is roughly equivalent to good health and one could argue that if you eat a lot of heated oils (fried foods, trans fats, etc.) and saturated fats and very little unsaturated fat in your diet, your cells may simply not be able to produce the energy necessary to fight off pathogens like Toxoplasmosis. Consuming the Budwig Smoothie while avoiding all heated and refined oils can help you kill Toxoplasmosis and make your body inhospitable to these kinds of infections. If you have Toxoplasmosis, consider taking 2-3 weeks to consume nothing but Budwig Smoothies in combination with fresh fruits to rebuild your cell’s supplies of electrifying fats. 

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