Treatment Options for Patients with IgA Vasculitis Autoimmune Disease

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cancer or any other disease.

This is a message that I sent to my dad who then sent the message onward to a friend. Dad was having problems with his Internet service and a man named “Tony” came to his house to fix the issue. While he was there, Tony told my dad that his daughter had a disease called Henoch-Schonlein purpura. This disease causes a rash, stomach issues, and sometimes kidney issues. I’m not a doctor and my dad told this man that, but the Tony had a close relative who was a doctor and the doctor was doing research but not finding anything of value. So I did a cursory search online and then wrote down some thoughts that I had in terms of possible alternative treatments for Henoch-Schonlein purpura disease. This is the message that I wrote that my dad passed along to Tony:


After many years of learning about cures for serious, life-threatening and debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s my theory on all/most diseases is that they are caused by:


  1. Poor nutrition. A good diet includes mostly fruits and vegetables and whole grains and no refined sugars. The ideal diet has no animal products or is made up of only about 5% animal products. A good diet to follow is The China Study Diet.
  2. Degeneration of the body tissues and the immune system caused by nutritional deficiencies with the most obvious and important deficiencies being vitamin B17 and iodine.
  3. Infection, which is ultimately caused by a low immune response from a lack of good food that’s high in nutrients. By treating the infection using substances like MMS and DMSO or a Rife Machine, the body becomes stronger. In tandem with high-quality supplements and apricot kernels (vitamin B17) to rebuild the immune system, infection control can bring a person back to health even if they’ve been given a terminal diagnosis.
  4. Low cellular voltage, which is essentially the same thing as saying that the body is acidic rather than alkaline. A normal, healthy cell operates at -25mV. Cells that are sick, but healing use -50mV to return to health. If the body doesn’t have a high enough voltage for cells to heal themselves, chronic disease happens, followed by death. The Budwig protocol helps increase cell voltage and conductivity as well.


All of the above are related to each other in important ways. If a person eats apricot kernels but does not take Lugol’s iodine, or Iodoral the final results will be different. If the person takes nutritional supplements but does not eat a healthy diet, the results obviously won’t be as good. Often, there is no “magic bullet” though a lot of people notice that certain treatments have a more pronounced effect on a disease like Henoch-Schonlein purpura than others. Sometimes, these treatments will cause an initial worsening of symptoms because the body will detox and the infectious organisms causing the disease will die. When pathogens die in large numbers, they release toxins before they’re eliminated from the body. A detox reaction is usually a good sign and it usually passes within 5 to 7 days if the patient drinks plenty of water and perhaps does coffee enemas to keep the intestines moving.


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Again, I’m not a doctor, and I ascribe to a belief in somatids which still acknowledges the role of germs in medicine, but it takes germ theory a step further. According to somatidian theory, germs are not just something that we “catch” but also something that we “produce” in our bodies. A somatid in an alkaline body environment is a healthy little energy packet that goes through a 4 stage cycle, changing in the blood from a rod-shaped “thing” to a spherical-coccal shaped “thing” and so on, stimulating the immune system as it goes through this cycle.  Each of these shapes is harmless, but it keeps the immune system on its toes, so, in people with an alkaline internal environment, somatids are essential to a healthy immune system.

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In people with an acidic internal environment however, somatids go through a cycle of up to 42 different shapes. Each “shape” is, for all intents and purposes, an infectious organism. One way to get rid of an infection with one of these somatidian shapes is to alkalize the body. Alkalizing causes the cycle to reverse, so sometimes people re-experience diseases they’ve had in the past on their way back to health.


In theory then, an infectious organism could cause Henoch-Schonlein purpura even though most of the articles I’ve read talk about “auto-immune” aspects of this disease. The fact that it often follows another infection gives a clue that Henoch-Schonlein is probably itself an infection. One doctor in Mexico, Isaac Goiz, developed a novel theory of somatids that noted that one type of pathogen, a virus let’s say, can weaken the immune system and leave a body susceptible to infection with a particular type of bacteria. Goiz developed a system called BioMagnetism that’s barely been recognized in the U.S. though he’s won multiple awards in Mexico for curing diseases like cancer and AIDs. A PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) machine can do something that’s similar to BioMagnetism which is why I recommend it below as an alternative treatment for Henoch-Schonlein purpura.



On the other hand, a person who has an acidic environment and who eats a poor diet that’s low in nutrients is susceptible to “catching” a disease like HSP from another person because their immune system is compromised. It doesn’t really matter, in the end, whether a person with HSP caught the disease from someone else or if they developed the disease through the pleomorphic evolution of somatids in their own body. The treatment would be the same.


It isn’t important whether a patient buys into the somatidian theory of disease or not. What is important is that patients understand that to treat a disease that involves infection, auto-immunity, and/or degeneration of the body, it’s important to follow a protocol and not just try to treat the disease using one treatment method. A PROTOCOL IS BETTER. Changing the diet is essential, but it usually happens slowly over time and that’s okay. The goal is not just to cover up the disease, but to cure it and that takes time and lifestyle changes.


Below is the email I sent to my dad. Again, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a person who’s read a lot of books and thought a lot about disease so, if you’re patient, it is totally up to you to decide for yourself how best to treat your disease! But if you decide give these treatments a try for HSP or any other disease and they work for you, I’d love to hear from you…




I looked up HSP…I’d never heard of it before. According to what I read, this disease normally occurs in children and when adults get it it’s worse for them. The article that I read said that the disease only lasts about 6 weeks, but I know that often these articles aren’t very honest or informative. The fact that his other daughter has vasculitis is interesting in that vasculitis and HSP are very similar things actually. HSP is considered to be an auto-immune disease where the body basically attacks itself. WebMD defined HSP as a “disease involving inflammation of the blood vessels”. Vasculitis is an “inflammation of the blood vessels”. That’s what the word “vasculitis” means (inflammation of the blood vessels). So, you could say that both of his daughters have the same thing, but one daughter has symptoms that are a little more pronounced (the one with HSP).


A lot of people (doctors/scientists) would probably be quick to say that Tony’s daughters probably both have a “genetic” problem, but I disagree with this. I mean, yes, there’s probably some kind of genetic predisposition to something that’s made both of them vulnerable to blood vessel inflammation, but a lot of scientists and doctors have been blinded by the word “genetics”. The word “genetics” has become a convenient excuse for why doctors can’t treat or cure disease. It’s not the doctor’s fault, of course, but patients are inclined to believe what the doctor’s say. And doctors have to do what they’re told and taught to do. When you say a person is “genetically predisposed” to something you’re basically saying it can’t be fixed (at least not in this day and age, since that guy who was on the cutting edge of developing gene repair therapies was mysteriously killed last year). What I see is an obvious pattern though…vascular inflammation in two related individuals and to me, that means that both daughters probably have something in common that they either grew up with, grew up WITHOUT, or got too little of when they were younger. If they live in the same general region of the world, they may both still be deficient or over-exposed to SOMETHING (probably nutrients, but possibly chemicals like bromine).


All scientists (except doctors) are AS A RULE supposed to be parsimonious: they’re supposed to look for the simplest, most elegant solution to a problem. There’s a list of simple things that come to mind as far as what could help this man’s daughters. Though all of these ideas are relatively simple and straightforward, it can be hard for people to believe in “Simple and Straightforward” because modern medicine is so complex and yet ineffective (which then gives patients the sense that healing is impossible). To find out that all you need to do is stop eating sugar and shine a red light at your skin can be hard to believe. But anyway, here’s the list of things that come to mind as possible treatments–all of them are easy to get and can be tried at home. It would be best for Tony’s daughter to do all of the things I mention below and follow a “protocol”, but ultimately, it will be up to her to decide how to proceed:


MOST IMPORTANT: Avoid refined sugar–there’s nothing more irritating to blood vessels than refined sugars! Very few people realize that refined sugar causes inflammation in the blood vessels. Replace refined sugars with honey, molasses, coconut sugar, or even better–Monk Fruit. These non-refined, natural sugars are a lot gentler on the blood vessels. To avoid refined sugars, it’s important to read product labels, ask for ingredient lists when ordering at restaurants–don’t eat foods that contain refined sugars. It sucks a little to have to do this, but it sucks a lot more to have inflamed blood vessels. Lydian’s no-sugar dessert recipes are at


  1. At the bottom of all diseases that involve a degeneration of the body while the person is still alive is often a Vitamin B17 deficiency. The body shouldn’t degenerate while you’re still alive!  By taking vitamin B17 ALONE, not at the same time as other vitamins or food (you can find vitamin B17 in the form of raw, organic, apricot kernels- 5 kernels up to 8 times per day on an empty stomach) your body will start to rebuild. The patient also needs to take a good, high-quality multi-vitamin every day, but not at the same time as the apricot kernels. Here’s a link to apricot kernels.Also, putting apricot kernel oil on the skin over the rash could be beneficial. The apricot kernel oil could even be mixed with DMSO to make it more powerful and to kill infectious organisms + diminish the chance of scarring. Here’s a link to apricot kernel oil:

  1. Iodine deficiency – EVERYONE IN THE U. S. SHOULD TAKE IODINE up to 50 mg per day in the form of Iodoral or Lugol’s Iodine 2%. It may cause a rash…or worsen an existing rash in this case (as bromine leaves the body), but it could also be the key that makes the rash eventually go away (as bromine leaves the body). Taking iodine can cause a bromine detox reaction, but it can make a huge difference in a person’s overall health. It’s especially valuable for women and can prevent/cure breast cancer and prevent/cure all kinds of female hormone/reproductive issues include fibrocystic breasts, menstrual problems, libido or fertility issues, etc. If I were Tony’s daughter, I’d get Lugol’s Iodine 2% and put just 1 drop on my wrist per day for a week. Then I’d increase it to 2 drops and proceed like that over time up to 50 mg per day of Iodoral by mouth. All kinds of different disease clear up in response to iodine treatment. Here’s a link to Lugol’s Iodine.Here’s a link to an book about Iodine:


  1. Infection – HSP is an infection and it’s likely that the other daughter’s vasculitis is also caused by an infection. There’s no treatment available using MODERN MEDICINE, but there are several things that would like work to treat the infection using alternative medicine. The easiest/most affordable route would be a PEMF + MMS and DMSO therapy.

  2. Rife Machine – Anyone can buy a Rife Machine. We have a “Spooky2” Rife Machine and it isn’t extremely intuitive, but John could help a motivated person order a good model and then set it up via Skype once it arrives in the mail. The cost of a Spooky2 is about $1000. The machine itself does a “bioscan” to find out what pathogens to treat…often the Rife diagnosis is different than the doctor’s diagnosis, but whatever…the machine works. It’s slow, but it works.
  3. PEMF Machine– A good PEMF machine costs $100-$400. These build the immune system by increasing the voltage in cells. They also alkalinize the body (which is the same thing as increasing voltage in cells). All healthy cells operate at 25mV. Cells that are in the process of regeneration operate at 50mV (which is probably why people get fevers—because they’re internal voltage goes up to heal damaged tissues). People who can’t generate a high enough voltage to heal cells develop chronic, degenerative or autoimmune diseases. Here’s a link to the site where I bought our PEMF machine:
  4. MMS/DMSO – Chances are, MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) combined with DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) would work to clear up the infection for both HSP and vasculitis. Here’s a link to a doctor’s dosing information for MMS To dose it properly, you need a pipette and the patient’s weight. Again, MMS is a Chlorine Dioxide and it’s used to sanitize drinking water so, when people take the right dose, it’s totally harmless though it can cause a detox reaction. In the U.S. MMS is sold as a water purifier because Big Pharma has identified it as a substance that would probably put them all out of business due to its simplicity and it’s broad spectrum of action. DMSO is FDA approved…the most researched medicinal known to man and one of the most scandalized even though it’s also harmless with the potential to do a lot of incredible things for medicine! (It’s derived from the bark of trees!) I absolutely love DMSO–we use it all the time. Applying a dose specific for her body weight, Tony’s daughter could mix equal parts of the MMS mix with DMSO and then just apply it to the skin. She wouldn’t even have to take it internally. The DMSO would help heal her skin wounds faster and prevent scar tissue from developing. DMSO also goes into cells, kills invading organisms and then cleans out the ailing cells so they can heal. The other daughter with vasculitis could basically do the same thing (just apply it to the skin). DMSO goes where it’s needed in the body. It’s derived from trees and it has it’s own “intelligence” as they say. It’s used sometimes in combination with chemo to treat cancer using microdoses of chemo because it takes the medicine directly to where they need to go (to the tumor, the infectious organism, the diseased cell, or whatever).  Either MMS or DMSO could be used alone or combined together. MMS will sting if applied to broken skin. DMSO should always be used on clean skin with no beauty products or any kind of chemicals on it, of course, not even soap since most soaps contain fragrances and DMSO opens cells up to whatever is combined with it. The skin should be cleaned with pure, clean water before using DMSO. It warms when it hits the skin so it might feel hot and sting a little on the rash, but…Lydian uses DMSO to heal acne more quickly and prevent scar tissue from forming. John puts DMSO with Vitamin B17 on what used to be his melanoma spot.


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If either daughter is taking a pharmaceutical medication, DMSO will amplify or increase its effects. So, if this is the case, they should contact a DMSO-friendly doctor to find out if they can continue to take their pharmaceutical medications and DMSO. This is true even if the DMSO is applied to the skin!

Here’s contact info for a DMSO-friendly doctor in Arizona:

Dr. James Critchlow

American Pharmaceutical Enterprises (APE)

POB 12543

Scottsdale, AZ 85267



Here’s a link to a book that lists DMSO-friendly doctors throughout the nation:


Link to MMS for sale:


Link to the brand of DMSO that we use:



  1. Papaya Leaf Extract / Carica papaya – Papaya Extract has been used successfully to treat things like thrombocytopenia and hemorrhagic dengue fever. Actually, HSP sounds a LOT like a hemorrhagic fever to me now that I’m writing this down (like Ebola or Yellow Fever). That sounds scary, but despite it’s similarities with these diseases it’s probably not that contagious to people with a healthy immune system. A hemorrhagic fever is basically where the patient has a fever and their tissues bleed easily (either internally or externally). There’s a guy in the Philippines named Nicasio Martinez that has contacted me twice (by chance)…what I mean, is that we’ve brushed shoulders online coincidentally over papaya leaf extract and it’s value in treating hemorrhagic fevers. I stumbled across Papaya Leaf Extract years ago when I was researching natural treatments for hemorrhagic dengue fever. Since that time, every time I’ve gone to purchase the stuff at Whole Foods I’ve noticed that they’re out of stock, probably because this stuff is so powerful at treating thrombocytopenia (a disease that’s similar to HSP). It helps the body build platelets which would help Tony’s daughter get the skin/rash bleeding under control at the very least. And papaya is an amazing fruit. An unripe papaya skin laid across a pregnant woman’s belly can cause an abortion. And papaya fruit eaten after a meal helps digest the food that was just eaten. Never underestimate the power of plants. A large number of our pharmaceuticals are derived from them.


  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Quark – I found a study that demonstrated that Fish Oil can help get rid of  HSP symptoms which reinforces my thoughts on cellular voltage. The key ingredient that is most likely to help with HSP is the Omega 3 Fatty Acids since these are also related to some of the other things that would likely help (like the PEMF machine since omega 3’s are necessary in order to have a high enough cellular voltage). Going a step further, it would be really beneficial to consume Dr. Johanna Budwig’s “quark” recipe 3 times per day. It’s a simple recipe of 1 part fresh, cold pressed, organic Flax Oil (which is super high in omega 3’s) and 2 parts cottage cheese. These should be mixed well in a blender until they’re kind of frothy. And then, Budwig always had her patient consume the mixture while sitting in the sun. I know it can be hard to get some sun this time of the year, but full-spectrum light would do a LOT OF GOOD for a skin disease like HSP. Seriously…a LOT OF GOOD. And Budwig’s quark recipe has been used to cure all kinds of diseases because it increases the cells’ voltage which means basically that it gives life back to cells that are ailing. It’s important that the flax oil is fresh, organic, and cold-pressed though or it won’t have the same medicinal power.  Barlean’s Flax Seed Oil with high levels of Lignan’s is the brand used at Budwig’s health centers. Here’s a link:


  1. Pau d’Arco – (Tabebuia impetiginosa) – This is an herb that was used for a short period of time to cure cancer in hospitals in Brazil (until Big Pharma heard about it). People actually protested on the hospital lawns and went out into the forests and tore the bark from the Pau d’Arco trees after they discontinued its use. It’s powerful and works to treat many many things. The key is to use the Tabebuia impetiginosa type of Pau d’Arco! The other Pau d’Arco’s are not as powerful. It’s not expensive and it works on a wide range of diseases, in particular degenerative diseases. It probably contains vitamin B17, but of course, scientific studies have never been done on it because Big Pharma wants to cover this one up. Here is a link to a Pau d’Arco product. 



  1. Red Light Therapy – This would just involve a red light shined at the skin. Infrared light would also be beneficial for rashes and vasculitis. Again, this sounds almost too good to be true, but light therapy can be incredibly powerful!


  1. Blue Light Therapy – Blue light therapy is used to cure melanoma and a variety of other skin conditions. It kills certain bacteria on the skin. There’s nothing complex about it. It’s just about finding a blue light, ideally an LED (since LED’s don’t get hot) and shining it at the skin for 30 to 40 minutes once or twice a day.


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