Lifestyle Changes to Cure Psoriasis: The Budwig Diet


Dr. Budwig developed a super-simple smoothie recipe that helps cells re-charge electrically. This smoothie is surprisingly satisfying and should be consumed in the sunlight to help cells make use of photons from full-spectrum light. Psoriasis sufferers especially respond to light therapies and particularly to sunlight. As such, the Budwig Diet is an excellent complement to sunlight therapy and has been proven as a cure for psoriasis.

Many psoriasis patients can benefit from altering their diet to exclude all foods in the nightshade family. And these days, many alternative treatment facilities for psoriasis also include something called “Quark”.


Quark is a special recipe that was developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig. Budwig was nominated 7 times for a Nobel prize for her work with fats and oils. She was the top expert on fats and oils and she healed people of many different types of diseases including psoriasis and cancer by feeding them nothing but the following recipe 8 times per day:


3 Tablespoons of cold-pressed, organic, extra-virgin flaxseed oil

6 Tablespoons of cottage cheese (organic)

The flaxseed oil used in this recipe should be blended in a blender with the cottage cheese until the oil has been completely integrated into the mixture. By blending these two ingredients together, the flaxseed oil becomes easier for the body to absorb so blend it well and eat it immediately! Dr. Budwig would have her patients eat the mixture while sitting in the sunlight because sunlight helps the body integrate these fats into the cells. She recommended buying Barlean’s Flax Oil because of its high lignan content.


Don’t underestimate the power of Quark!!! 


Flaxseed oil contains Omega-3’s and the body uses this oil to build cellular membranes in the skin and throughout the body. According to Dr. Budwig, oils should never be heated before eating them. She referred to heated oils as “dead oils” because when oils are heated, their chemical composition is changed. The cells will try to build membranes from these dead oils, but these dead oils do not allow the cells to “breathe”. Many degenerative and autoimmune diseases like psoriasis are caused by the fact that the cells cannot breathe. So, while following the Budwig protocol (eating Quark 8 times per day in the sun) for 10 to 30 days, it’s important that you avoid fried foods and any heated oils. Psoriasis patients should consider avoiding all heated oils in their diet even after the psoriasis goes away. Steaming and boiling foods in their own liquids will help psoriasis patients continue to heal.


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