Patients who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease may struggle to find cures for autoimmunity online because, as with cancer cures, most have been hidden carefully under written content that was paid for by Big Pharma.

Autoimmune Disease Causing Infection or Infection Causing Autoimmune Disease?


Conversations that Lydian and I have had with people who have autoimmune conditions tend to begin with a long explanation about why the patient no longer believes what their doctor is telling them about their disease. Patients with autoimmune disorders spend a lot of time and energy (a precious commodity) defending themselves to their doctors and to other people around them if their views about their disease conflict with conventional medicine. Autoimmune disease, after all, features compelling signs of infectious disease. But autoimmune diseases involve symptoms resembling infection but without contagion or at least without the ability to spread these diseases in the same way that infectious, contagious diseases are spread. 


Believe it or not, a large number of scientists who have worked with autoimmune diseases like lupus and psoriasis also struggle with the definition of autoimmunity. This is especially true in foreign countries like the Middle East and Russia. The U.S. is definitely not on the cutting edge in terms of scientific studies or in terms of treating or successfully curing autoimmune disease. The scientific community in the U.S. functions too much like a clique to be truly effective and efficient at finding treatments for autoimmune diseases let alone cures. This isn’t a new development, but rather a reality that has been intact even since Columbus sailed the ocean blue and sailors worried about developing scurvy, which was thought to be an infection even for hundreds of years after a few inspired and knowledgeable individuals pointed out that scurvy could easily be healed using Pine Needle tea. The Native American people were among those first inspired few who knew how to cure this supposedly incurable affliction. Scurvy, after all, is nothing but a vitamin C deficiency disease and though originally sailors though that scurvy was infectious, in fact, it was just an ailment that tended to develop in sailors a few weeks into sea voyages because the human body can only be without vitamin C for a certain period of time. 


U.S. scientists who are admitted into the elite clique of people who define things like “autoimmune disease” for the entire population of the world are often, unfortunately (in this day and age), extremely prone to influence by their desire for status and power among other scientists. A scientist who does research showing that an autoimmune disease like psoriasis is actually a bacterial infection that presents in a manner that does not involve easy transmission or contagion will be ousted from the clique, which means his or her science and research is unlikely to be seen or noticed by the other scientists. 


Another problem that prevents valuable science from reaching the general public is the fact that scientists use wording and spellings in their research paper titles that make the research papers visible to other scientists but invisible to the general public. In an effort to be seen and be heard by other scientists, the scientists who are researching other ways of thinking about autoimmune diseases and innovative ways to cure autoimmune disease, title their studies in a manner that impresses the other contrary scientists, but these titling strategies essentially hide their research from ever being found by average patients who might look for these studies through a search engine like DuckDuckGo or Google. It’s a terribly unfortunate disconnect in today’s world right now. Only a few scientists have realized that the studies they’ve done that reveal the truth about autoimmune disease and that go against the prevailing body of “political-scientific” misinformation (which is also known as Consensus Based Science) need to be search-engine optimized. Some of the most obvious examples of words that scientists use in their research titles that literally hides their research from the patients who would put it to good use are “oestrogen” instead of the colloquial spelling “estrogen” and “haemotoxylin” instead of the common spelling “hematoxylin”. 


A New Definition of “Autoimmunity”


So the question: what is autoimmunity? requires a proper introduction that sets the political stage properly around this disease. Also, I need to provide a brief introduction regarding Lydian’s and my history researching diseases like autoimmunity and cancer (among others).


No-Chemo, No Radiation Cancer Cure Facilities


About a decade ago, Lydian, my husband, and I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico to see the no-chemo, no-radiation cancer cure facilities there in person. I specifically wanted to see the Bio-Medical Center (also known as the Hoxsey Clinic) as well as the Hope4Cancer Clinic, but there are quite a few different no-chemo, no-radiation cancer treatment centers in Tijuana, so we went and saw as many of them as we could. While there, we spent several days getting our mercury amalgam fillings removed at the American BioDental followed by several days of Myers Cocktails IV treatments and chelation therapy at the American Holistic Care facility next door. During the chelation therapy, I had the opportunity to sit next to a number of different people, mostly Americans who were there receiving alternative treatments for cancer. But the woman I remember most was a doctor. She was a young woman in her mid-40s who had breast cancer and so I asked her what her thoughts were on the no-chemo, no-radiation cancer cures that were available at American Holistic Care and at some of the other treatment facilities in Tijuana. At that time, I had traveled to over 50 countries researching cancer cures from traditional indigenous healing ceremonies to Ayurveda in India. But Mexico is a cancer cure “mecca” and so I wondered if this woman was aware of how she was surrounded by natural cures for cancer on all sides. She told me that she didn’t believe in any of the “natural” treatments for cancer that weren’t “scientifically validated”.  She was actually receiving a chemotherapy treatment while I was receiving a vitamin C IV. So I nodded out of respect for her chosen treatment path, but still, out of a sense of responsibility, I talked about the amazing results that had been reported by thousands of patients in several handwritten notebooks that were sitting in the lobby of the Hoxsey Bio-Medical Center, a different no-chemo,no radiation cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. I’d spent quite some time at the Hoxsey Bio-Medical Center reading through these anecdotal, handwritten reports and they were quite impressive. And I had quite a lot of experience with the sophisticated cancer protocols being used at places like Hope4Cancer. But the woman sitting next to me was committed to using her chemotherapy to treat her cancer. And though I referenced the fact that the same doctor who had first developed chemotherapy for cancer at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital also discovered vitamin B17 (also known as Laetrile and amygdalin), the woman was unphased. I couldn’t show her the science because frankly she wasn’t ready to see it yet even though she was literally sitting right next to the cure for her disease (a patient nearby was getting vitamin B17 injections). Some cancer cures are “shelved” (salinomycin, for example). Some cancer cures are demonized (Laetrile, as another example). Other cancer cures are kept quiet by sending the doctors who administer the curative treatment into exile in another country (the Gerson Diet, as the iconic, first example of the U.S. exiling proven cures for cancer).


A number of doctors who cure cancer are politically “burnt at the stake” in the United States and in other countries too. Indeed, conventional medicine doctors who cure any disease from COVID-19 to autoimmunity are written about negatively by the press, their licenses are revoked, and their reputations are soiled.


At the time when we were visiting those Mexican cancer treatment facilities, my husband had not yet developed cancer himself, but within two years, I would have the opportunity to put these cancer cures that Lydian and I had been researching to a real life-and-death test in my own family. The results changed our lives. Though I wouldn’t say that it’s “easy” to cure cancer, I would say that for those who are determined and who can open their minds to the possibility that one, or maybe hundreds, of cures for cancer exist, there are literally cures for cancer growing in their backyard (the “weed” red clover contains high levels of vitamin B17, for example and for this reason, red clover is featured in Jason Winter’s Tea as well as the Hoxsey Tonic and more). 

But if you’re reading this book because you have an autoimmune disease, it’s important that you embrace the fact that autoimmunity may not be autoimmunity at all. Rather, the symptoms of autoimmunity may be caused by a process that’s entirely treatable; a process that is not entirely dissimilar from the disease process involved in cancer. Though this statement about similarities between autoimmunity and cancer may be frightening to the average reader, the understanding of cancer that Lydian and I have developed over the years has helped us view cancer as a disease process that IS curable, particularly when cancer patients seek out natural treatments early on and avoid the conventional medicine path of receiving toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Most autoimmunity patients know from experience that autoimmunity has strong links to cancer and vice versa and the reason why this is the case makes sense to Lydian and me, but the reasons behind the cancer-autoimmunity link does not make sense according to the model of conventional medicine. So we’ll present our thoughts on the link between autoimmunity and cancer throughout this book as we discuss the scientifically validated treatments that work to cure autoimmune disease.

Biology and Belief: Another Story about Curing “Incurable” Diseases

Years after my husband cured his cancer using things like diet change, pH therapy, reactive oxygen species medicines, iodine therapy, and pancreatic enzymes, Lydian and I learned the hard way to keep our minds open about diseases, disorders, and even psychiatric problems that have been dubbed “incurable”. It’s always a challenge to open one’s mind a bit more to unfamiliar ways of looking at the world, which is one of the reasons that we developed our own special brain-entrainment and trauma-processing tool called which makes it easy for anyone to privately, but gently work with stuck-in-the-mud thoughts to open the mind to hopeful thoughts about healing. Sometimes the thoughts themselves can heal people, but sometimes open-minded thoughts allow patients to become less blind to the treatments that would actually help them cure their disease. Lydian and I use special techniques to keep our minds open and to continue to find new material that expands our knowledge about health and disease and many of the patients we work with do the same.


Though we felt confident that we could fix almost any health problem after my husband’s cancer went away, we still had a lot to learn. Several years after our cancer experience, Lydian and I learned about a close family member who was addicted to methamphetamines and steroids. This family member was trapped overseas by the COVID pandemic and the news of his addiction shocked us.


So, just when we thought we knew it all, we had to stretch our imaginations again, to find some hope that there would be a way for this man to cure his addiction.


Addiction was a health problem I had never considered before in terms of a cure. Could addiction be cured? When this addiction news came to me, I downloaded and read a grim book about “getting rid of toxic thoughts” as a way to cure addiction and felt sure that the methods in this book would never cross the necessary language barrier required to communicate with this family member who spoke an Asian language as his native tongue. Drug rehabilitation centers might as well have been located on Mars because this family member had never heard of such things and he flatly refused to go. He was, after all, afflicted with the ups and downs of an addict and he regularly felt a great deal of Buddhist-inspired shame about his problem. Things seemed very hopeless. Very hopeless. But then, one day, I had an idea. I knew people who had overcome meth addiction without going to rehab and I decided to reach out to those people to find out how they’d done it. 


One woman told me that she “drank a lot of coffee”. Basically, she had  “switched addictions”. And when my conversation with her ended, I really meditated on this thought and decided to thoroughly explore all legal addictive substances that could substitute for meth or dexamethasone. I immediately found kratom as a possible meth alternative that can be used to switch addictions. This gave me hope so I kept digging to see what I could find in terms of cures for addiction.


And maybe you’ll believe me when I tell you this or maybe you won’t, but that night, I had a dream and in the dream, someone handed me a note that said, “KUDZU”. I woke up suddenly and luckily, I wrote the word down in my dream journal in big, capital letters.


The next day, I looked up this word that I had never heard before. It turned out to be a gateway into a huge body of scientific literature about cures for addiction that have been proven to be effective. I was amazed and grateful for this information. Once I learned a bit about Kudzu, a weed that grows wild in Asia as well as in North America, I was able to find Mucuna pruriens, Kudzu’s cousin and Mucuna turned out to be the most powerful herbal remedy for addiction (and also the safest) on the planet. It is one of the plant medicines that has been systematically demonized, shelved, and covered up by Big Pharma. Because it is widely available and easy to grow, Big Pharma has worked very hard to cover up this medicine that also treats a lot of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Shortly after discovering Mucuna, I started finding drug rehabilitation facilities where patients receive amino acid supplements to cure addiction. Mucuna contains an amino acid that functions as a dopamine precursor so it makes sense that these rehab facilities boast an incredibly high success rate for curing addiction in comparison with other rehabilitation facilities that don’t use amino acid supplements. Addiction, after all, is basically caused by a dopamine deficiency though some types of addiction (for example, alcohol addiction and opiate addiction) involve additional amino acid deficiencies, not just the aminos involved in the production of dopamine.

In time with additional research, I found the data that substantiated the safety of herbal cures for addiction as well as the amino acid cures for addiction. Lydian found the herbs online and ordered them to be sent our family member. He took the medicines and within a month, his addiction ended. He was then able to board a plane and find a route back home to the other side of the world.


So I tell this story because I want to emphasize the fear involved in being sick yourself and the fear involved in caring for a loved one who is sick. The fear can interfere with hope. Fear causes people to shut out new possibilities and new ideas. Fear makes patients compliant and submissive to their doctors out of a desire to do the right thing. And unfortunately, the fear and the desire to follow the rules and do the “right” things leads a lot of patients into harm’s way. 


Hope is an essential part of the healing process. In other words, hope is a necessary part of the biology of healing. While hope and faith can open doorways and create new opportunities, fear causes people to cling to views of their disease that simply aren’t true. While conventional medicine says that disease is like a prison sentence–there is no cure and there is no hope of probation– I believe that all diseases are more like international travel. Anyone who has traveled international knows that it isn’t easy to cross ten time zones and deal with jet lag, new cultures, new foods, new water, and a different language. But the goal of international travel is to adapt and grow from the experience. Any patient who has a disease, from my point-of-view, is on a journey. Some patients end up traveling through war zones and third world countries with very little tourist infrastructure to support their experience. When these patients overcome their disease, they’ll have many amazing stories to tell. 

Sir Jason Winter’s was a man who was diagnosed with cancer and who took this metaphor about disease-as-a-journey literally. After his doctor gave him just a few months to live due to neck cancer, he took off on a quest across the world to track down a cure for his cancer. And he found a cure and created Sir Jason Winter’s tea, which is widely available in Europe and the U.S. 


Sometimes, the cure for disease is as simple as drinking more water, or doing a simple exercise. Sometimes the cure requires a much more involved process of healing. But it’s the belief that a disease can be cured even if you’ve been told that it can’t that opens up a world of new possibilities. And the more open that you can be toward the idea of curing disease as a magical process that involves serendipity and otherworldly sorts of guidance or even just a little bit of luck (if that concept resonates better with you), the more you can let your disease guide you toward the cure. In my view, this is the purpose and meaning of illness. Illness is there to challenge us to move to a new level of thinking and a new level of living.


In fact, scientific studies into the function of the Autonomic Nervous System can validate this statement about hope and curing disease. It is the Autonomic Nervous System that governs how often and how deeply we breathe. Every emotion is connected to a specific breath pattern (this is a scientifically proven fact). And breath (frequency and depth) is what determines whether or not our bodies are acidic or alkaline. And there are a number of bacteria like Helicobacter pylori, for example, that change shape in the body on the basis of whether they are in an acidic or an alkaline environment (this is another scientifically proven fact). Indeed, back when Louis Pasteur developed Germ Theory, another man named Antoine BeChamp developed Terrain Theory. Though Germ Theory was the model of medicine that took hold, Terrain Theory didn’t disappear. According to this theory, there are somatids, tiny pin-dots of light that change shape into different types of pathogens when the body becomes too acidic for too long of a period of time. 


We’ll talk more about Terrain Theory, but the important connection that I want to make here is the fact that our emotions change our breathing patterns. And our breath changes whether our bodies are alkaline or acidic. And alkalinity / acidity (pH) can literally change harmless pathogens into harmful pathogens


Of course, diet and other environmental factors can also affect the body’s pH levels, but my point has to do with how our emotions, in particular, HOPE, can physically affect your body’s ability to heal itself. 


Hope helps us heal. This is a scientifically proven fact referred to as The Placebo Effect in conventional medicine. 


Another scientifically proven fact is that negative, non-hopeful thoughts can actually cause your cranial bones to move out of alignment. This can put pressure on the cranial nerves which can lead to many of the symptoms of autoimmune disease. So hopelessness about your health can actually be a self-perpetuating process that takes shape because of how negative emotions affect the physical body. 


But while conventional medicine teaches that The Placebo Effect is an unfortunate thing that gets in the way of research, there is a wide array of other healing modalities that view The Placebo Effect, or the ability that humans have to use their minds to heal their bodies when they are given a fake medicine that doesn’t really work, as the basis for curing disease. In Lydi’s and my view, it’s important for patients to feel like they understand how their medicines work well enough for the patient to believe in them fully. Some people like a lot of technical details, while other people just need a good metaphor to fully understand their medicines. It doesn’t matter how you establish a solid belief in the medicines you work with to cure autoimmune disease, but it does matter that the belief is there.


Again, it is for this reason that we developed the, to give people with autoimmune diseases and other major types of illness the opportunity to use self-hypnosis and powerful suggestions and metaphors as a way to not only understand their healing process better, but also to literally use this power of the mind to heal the body. This tool will also give people the ability to release traumatic memories and gain access to healing trance states. Our hope is that people with serious diseases will be able to combine powerful alternative treatments for autoimmune disease with powerful hypnotic suggestions for healing and emotion-based treatments that complement the supplements, herbs, or other types of medicine that resonates with them to overcome whatever ails them.


Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease


Though the part of the body affected by a given autoimmune disease affects the specific symptoms that each patient might experience, below are symptoms that are common to most autoimmune diseases:



  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Inflammation
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Digestive issues
  • Rashes, skin problems
  • Swollen lymph glands



All of these symptoms make sense under other models of medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda that seek to cure disease. The core of autoimmune disease is located in the abdomen. In the vast majority of cases, people with autoimmune disease have a liver infection as well as sometimes an infection in the gallbladder, pancreas, and sometimes the spleen. The lymph nodes surrounding the intestines are commonly infected and swollen. Some people experience swollen lymph nodes in other areas of the body too. And a fair number of autoimmune disease sufferers end up with connective tissue involvement such as joint pain (arthritis) and rashes as well. 


All of these symptoms are easy to trace back to the liver and gallbladder as the organs that need the most care in autoimmune disease. And it makes sense that an infectious pathogen living in the liver or gallbladder wouldn’t be contagious to others. These organs are buried deep inside the body. The liver and gallbladder don’t have direct contact to the outside world. So infectious pathogens can hide in these areas of the body and cause symptoms of disease without being transmissible to others.


Symptoms of autoimmune disease come and go for logical, scientifically proven reasons that conventional medicine refuses to acknowledge. For example, diet and breathing patterns impact the body’s pH levels. Breathing patterns are connected to emotions, so emotional states have an impact on autoimmune disease symptoms. And pH levels, in turn impact the expression of disease as well as the (literal) shape or form that infecting pathogens take in the body. Also, the Cell Danger Response (which might also be viewed as the Play Dead response by the autonomic nervous system) is a specific type of nervous system imbalance that can be brought back into balance using simple, at-home treatments, if patients understand what’s happening to them. Of course, once patients receive a grim diagnosis from their doctor, they can lose hope and start having negative thoughts that pull their cranial bones out of alignment which puts pressure on cranial nerves which can, in turn, lead to headaches and fibromyalgia-type whole-body pain as well as exhaustion and other symptoms of autoimmune disease. 


Symptoms of autoimmune disease happen when human cells are exposed to a serious infectious pathogen, high levels of stress, or certain types of toxins. In this book, we’ll talk about how to overcome these cellular stressors to restore balance to the autonomic nervous system and get rid of autoimmune disease symptoms using a wide variety of treatments. 


Covering Up the Cures for Autoimmune Disease

As we talked about earlier in this chapter, there are specific tactics that Big Pharma has used to cover up the cures for cancer. And the same is true for autoimmune disease cures. Some of the cover-up tactics that Big Pharma uses to cover up cures for autoimmune diseases are the same as those used to cover up cures for cancer or cures for addiction. But autoimmunity is special because it is a relatively recent disease-designation. So there are some new strategies that keep information and the truth under wraps in a way that makes it hard for patients to find a cure for their autoimmune disease.

I worked with an HIV patient for several years who began to recover his health only after he quit taking his pharmaceutical medications. And as he began to recover, he realized that the medicines had been making him quite ill. This is actually a really common story, particularly for people with autoimmune diseases. Once they begin taking pharmaceutical medications, their health gets worse and worse. And the worse their health gets, the more they think they need their medications. They believe that if they were to stop taking their medications that their health would be even worse, not better. So they continue taking prescription drugs to their own detriment without realizing that most of the cures for autoimmune disease can be obtained without a prescription. Most cures for autoimmune diseases have not been patented which means that they are affordable and easy to access. The challenge for patients to gain access to truthful, honest information. Our goal in this book is to provide a gateway to information about cures that scientists have been studying for decades so that patients can decide for themselves what resonates and what feels right. But no matter what, if you have an autoimmune disease, remember that finding a point of origin in terms of medicines to cure your disease will not necessarily be the ending destination in that you will likely need to change which medicines you are using as you evolve toward the cure. Most people need to use more than one treatment in order to heal fully. A protocol of diet and lifestyle changes combined with open-mindedness and a willingness to change directions with your treatment over time is a opening good strategy to use as you begin your journey.


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