The Cancer Cure Catalog + The Layperson's Guide to Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) and Complementary Therapies eBooks

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"The Cancer Cure Catalog + Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) and Complementary Therapies eBooks" Chlorine dioxide solution (otherwise known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS) and dimethylsulfoxide/DMSO are both extremely powerful and effective treatments for cancer.  Because these medicines can and often are used to treat all different kinds of cancer, we decided to bundle The Cancer Cure Catalog with our CDS/MMS series at a DISCOUNTED price! We discuss CDS/MMS in depth in "The Layperson's Guide", and effective therapies that can be utilized with CDS/MMS in "Complementary Therapies...". An extensive, in-depth look at various other cancer treatments, including vibrational therapies, nutritional therapies, and more, are discussed in the 3 volumes of "The Cancer Cure Catalog" series. This book bundle contains the following downloadable eBooks:
  • The Cancer Cure Catalog, Volume 2: Supplements, Herbs, and Animal Products
  • The Cancer Cure Catalog, Volume 3: pH therapies, Intravenous Therapies, and More
  • The Cancer Cure Catalog, Volume 4: Heat, Energy, and Vibrational Therapies, Immunotherapy, and Cancer Treatment Technologies
  • BONUS BOOK! - The Layperson's Guide to Chlorine Dioxide and Miracle Mineral Solution
  • BONUS BOOK! - Complementary Therapies That Can Be Used with Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) / Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)
  [Purchase includes 5 downloadable PDF eBooks]


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We're currently giving away the first volume of The Cancer Cure Catalog, the first of a 4 volume reference set of scientifically proven cancer cures complete with a resource list of scientific articles and testimonials for each treatment listed.

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