Selank Nootropic Medicine

Product information


Selank is a Russian nootropic medicine used for brain health, focus, and addiction recovery. This nootropic can:
  • Reduce the perception of pain
  • Regulate immune response
  • Inhibit histamine secretions
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fight viral infections
  • Heal peptic ulcers
  • Promote concentration and relaxation
  • Treat depression and ADHD
  • Improve sleep quality and increase wakefulness
Take 0.3mg/kg of body weight per day. Start with 1 drop in the nose and see how you feel. Increase the dosage slowly as needed. This nootropic reduces anxiety and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. It is particularly good for recovering addicts because it works to regulate the neurotransmitter systems in the brain, including the dopaminergic, serotonin, and norepinephrine systems. Selank may be used with Semax. Semax sometimes causes some depression or anxiety symptoms for some people, and Selank can help balance these effects to produce a more relaxing and focused effect. Both of these nootropic medicine work to heal the brain as well as ease the effects of withdrawals for recovering addicts.


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