Red Sage (Salvia militiorrhiza) Tincture from Hawaii Pharm

Product information


Red sage is a Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy that reduces cravings for nicotine/tobacco and alcohol. It can also reduce withdrawal symptoms for individuals who are working to stop their addictions to these substances. This plant also enhances heart, lung, and brain health and may improve memory and focus. For the treatment of addiction, take 1-2 capsules of this supplement up to three times daily to decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms during recovery. Some people prefer capsulized herbal remedies to tinctures. If you're looking for red sage in capsule form, we recommend this product. Do not use red sage in combination with Warfarin because this plant can increase the effects of Warfarin, which may lead to bleeding problems. It may lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.  Red sage contains some thujone and should not be taken during pregnancy because it may increase the risk of miscarriage and cause high blood pressure. Breastfeeding women should also avoid taking red sage because it may reduce milk production.


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