Iodoral 50mg Iodine Supplement

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Iodine is an essential supplement for everyone. It's possible to take iodine in the form of Lugol's iodine drops, or you can choose to take an Iodoral supplement. Both support health in the same way in the body, and it's up to you which one you choose. Start with a 12.5mg Iodoral supplement for the first 1-2 months of supplementation, and then begin taking this 50mg supplement after you've detoxified your body. NOTE: Many people break out in a rash after taking an iodine supplement like this, especially in a higher dose. This does not mean you are allergic to iodine, rather, the rash is the body's response to the bromine leaving your body as the iodine takes up its rightful place (the skin detoxifies the body as well). If you feel like it's too much, back off to the 12.5mg supplement, or use a few drops of Lugol's iodine daily instead, until you can work up to a dose of 20 drops of Lugol's comfortably. Then begin taking this supplement. You may experience some depression symptoms as well during the bromine detoxification. In this case, mix 1/2 tsp of sea salt in water and drink it every 30 minutes until you start to urinate frequently (the urination will help your body remove the bromine more quickly from your system, leaving you feeling better overall).   Learn more about iodine at the following links:


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