Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Supplement

Product information


Coenzyme Q10, sometimes referred to as CoQ10 or ubiquinone, is a substance similar to a vitamin that is needed by literally every cell in the body. It is ubiquitous in the body and in the cells of all living things (hence the name, "ubiquinone"). For people who are sick or struggling with addiction, CoQ10 is an essential supplement. Because a person can have low levels of this substance, and because it's so vital to the functioning of all the cells in a person's body, it's no surprise that low levels of CoQ10 can cause a host of issues. However, although CoQ10 is a valuable supplement for almost everyone, it has some very specific benefits that should be noted. Some of the issues that CoQ10 is particularly good for include: It is extremely difficult to take too much CoQ10. Studies have shown that in people who take extremely high doses of 3600mg that the only negative effects were minor digestive issues. So, this is a very safe supplement to take in higher doses. It is excellent for heart health and improves general well-being. CoQ10 should be taken with a vitamin E supplement like this one to increase its absorption and effectiveness. NOTE: CoQ10 is an antioxidant. It should not be taken at the same time as oxidant therapies since it could offset or completely nullify the benefits of these oxidant treatments. 


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