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Kudzu Root for Addiction

Kudzu is a vining plant native to East Asia and Southeast Asia. It is also sometimes called Japanese Arrowroot. Even though the plant is most commonly thought of as a pest by people in North America, it’s actually carries some surprising medicinal qualities. Specifically, kudzu root supplements like this one can be a huge help for alcoholics who are trying to recover from their addiction. Many people with an alcohol addiction who start taking kudzu report that over a relatively short period of time, their overall desire for alcohol diminishes and they start to feel a greater sense of control over alcohol use.

If you’re going to use kudzu to cut back on alcohol consumption, take 2000mg-4000mg daily in addition to a Mucuna pruriens supplement and an NAC supplement. You can read more about how to use kudzu to treat alcohol addiction at this link.


Upcoming Webinars

WEBINAR:   Weekly Self-Treatment Q & A
Wednesdays @ 11:00am - 1:00pm/1:30pm (Central Time)

Cost - $250

Max. 5 Participants

Join us for this 2-hour educational event where Alive-n-Healthy readers can ask questions and discuss health and treatment options. We'll ask for a small amount of information about the specific health issues you'd like to learn about during the session, and then during the talk we'll address each participant's unique situation.

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