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Korean Ginseng / Panax ginseng Suppelement



Ginseng is a powerful but balanced herbal supplement that increases focus and energy. It may be valuable for recovering addicts who find themselves feeling inexplicably “low” or who would benefit from an extra dose of energy during the day. It is a mild stimulant, but unlike other synthetic stimulants (such as certain street drugs or medications), it does not cause nervousness or jitteriness, and there is no “crash” after taking ginseng.

People trying to beat an addiction to caffeine, amphetamines, or other “uppers” will find ginseng’s stimulating effect to be helpful in recovery.

Take 1-2 capsules of this supplement in the morning or early afternoon (or at both times, if needed) and on an as-needed basis. It may not be necessary to take ginseng every day, so pay attention to yourself and what your body needs. Do not take ginseng after 6pm because it may cause insomnia or make it difficult to fall asleep.

Ginseng should not be taken by women who are pregnant because it may cause problems with embryo development and can increase the risk of excess bleeding during childbirth. Use with caution during breastfeeding (ginseng isn’t generally recommended for children, so therefore its use should be very limited during breastfeeding as well).

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