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Beta-Glucans Mushroom Extract Tincture (Tonic of Emperor) from Hawaii Pharm



Mushrooms can be powerful healers, especially when they contain high levels of beta-glucans. This extract can help boost immunity, fight cancer, and improve the body’s response to invasive pathogens. Because of their action in the body, they may also be a valuable supplement for people who are fighting COVID-19 or treating themselves for long haul COVID.

Follow the dosage guidelines on this bottle. You may also take 500mg per 50 pounds of your body weight. Read more about treatment with beta-glucans here.

Due to the way that beta-glucans function in the body, they are not recommended for leukemia patients.


Upcoming Webinars

WEBINAR:   Weekly Self-Treatment Q & A
Wednesdays @ 11:00am - 1:00pm/1:30pm (Central Time)

Cost - $250

Max. 5 Participants

Join us for this 2-hour educational event where Alive-n-Healthy readers can ask questions and discuss health and treatment options. We'll ask for a small amount of information about the specific health issues you'd like to learn about during the session, and then during the talk we'll address each participant's unique situation.

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Cancer Cure Catalog Diets - Volume 1

We're currently giving away the first volume of The Cancer Cure Catalog, the first of a 4 volume reference set of scientifically proven cancer cures complete with a resource list of scientific articles and testimonials for each treatment listed.

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