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Akuamma Seeds (Picralima nitida)



Akuamma is an African plant with powerful anti-addiction properties. This plant binds to the opioid receptors in the brain, making it an effective treatment for opioid addiction in particular, but it can also be useful for the treatment of other addictions as well. Akuamma is also a pain reliever and can act similarly to ibuprofen in addition to offering muscle relaxing effects. Traditionally, akuamma has been used in the treatment of various liver diseases, including jaundice, and therefore would be a helpful plant for recovering alcoholics in particular because it will help restore liver health during recovery.

Recovering addicts usually start with a dosage of 2000mg (2g) of akuamma and work up to a dosage of 6000mg (6g) if necessary. Some people start with an even lower dosage of only 250mg or 500mg, which may be acceptable for some people too. Pay attention to your body when you take akuamma, since in higher doses some people may experience headaches (at the right, lower dosage though for these people, akuamma reduces headache pain).

This plant is similar to Kratom, however it is generally considered to be less addictive and is legal in areas where Kratom may not be.

Start by taking 1 capsule of this akuamma supplement (500mg) and increase the dosage by 1 capsule daily until you achieve the desired effects. Do not exceed 12 capsules per day. Take the minimum dosage needed to relieve withdrawal symptoms or pain.

Do not use akuamma with low blood pressure medications, sedatives, or pain relievers. It can also act as a contraceptive, so do not use this plant if you are currently taking birth control medication or if you’re trying to conceive. 


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