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Herbal Cure for Epilepsy: Acorus calamus

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Sep 04, 2023


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Acorus calamus as an Herbal Cure for Epilepsy

Acorus calamus is able to cure epilepsy naturally in most cases. In cases where epilepsy cannot be permanently cured, it is able to reduce seizure frequency and duration.
I’ve written about epilepsy in a number of articles here at AlivenHealthy. This is a disease that’s captivated my attention from several angles. A few years ago, I stumbled across research out of India that talked about how poorer countries of the world regard epilepsy as a tapeworm infection in the brain. These studies talked about how epilepsy was misdiagnosed in about 30% of cases. They also talked about how “spontaneous recovery” is common in epilepsy patients. The scientists speculated that spontaneous recoveries had to do with the patient overcoming the tapeworm infection somehow. This seemed like the kind of information that people ought to know about so I wrote an article detailing the information that I found about epilepsy misdiagnoses. 

Click here to read about epilepsy as a misdiagnosis.

Recently, I again stumbled across an interesting herb that can cure epilepsy: Acorus calamus. This herb is able to cure 66 out of 88 epilepsy patients according to one scientific study. This was not just a treatment for epilepsy. Rather, Acorus calamus is a permanent cure for epilepsy at least in most cases. In individuals who are not cured by Acorus calamus, the herb is said to reduce seizures by up to 50%. The scientists treated study participants for 6 months and most of them had no additional seizures even 2 years after the study had been completed.

Acorus calamus roots contain the medicinal substances asarone and beta-asarone which have anticonvulsant activity in the human body. Indeed, this herbal remedy for epilepsy has brain-healing effects and it has also been studied as an herbal remedy for autism. Studies have shown that children who are beginning to develop autism symptoms can take Acorus calamus and the herb is able to detoxify the body and heal the nervous system. As an herbal remedy for epilepsy, Acorus calamus may work through a similar mechanism of action.  Click here to read more about Acorus calamus as an herbal remedy for autism here.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Acorus calamus is administered only after Shodhana, a purificatory procedure. In Ayurvedic medicine, Acorus calamus reliably reduces the tonic extensor phase and decreases the duration of seizures overall.

During treatment using Acorus calamus, patients may be slightly less sociable as their acetylcholine levels may diminish in response to this herbal treatment. The Acorus calamus essential oil has similar effects as the dried herb. Exercise caution when using Acorus calamus essential oil in children or babies as it is more powerful than the dried herb. 

For more information about Acorus calamus dosing and other herbal remedies for epilepsy, click here. 

Click here to buy Acorus calamus tincture. 

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