I’m a Wellness Coach and Cancer Coach with an undergraduate degree in psychology and biology. I completed the curriculum for pre-medicine and later completed master’s in psychology, along with specialized training in hypnotherapy and alternative and traditional indigenous medicines. I have a background in medicine working hands-on with doctors and I also have over two decades of experience as a medical writer specializing in alternative, complementary, and holistic medicine. I’ve worked intensively with a broad range of medicinals from Traditional Chinese Medicine to biomagnetism and herbalism. My primary goal is to educate patients about their holistic and integrative treatment options and I pull from experience working with indigenous healers all over the world along with medical doctors and other types of healers. I want to empower patients to follow their own path toward healing.  

I became a wellness coach because of my work and educational history. As a young person, I was fascinated by conventional medicine and originally sought to become a medical doctor. After teaching a lab class in human anatomy at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I changed direction and decided to pursue an advanced degree in psychology because I was unhappy with the fact that my best students were not being admitted to medical schools. A few years later, after working in a number of different healthcare settings and receiving my master’s degree,I settled into a career as a medical writer. I specialized in writing about suppressed or misrepresented information about alternative, traditional, or indigenous healing modalities. I traveled to over 40 countries to learn about and experience healing through other models of medicine in other cultures which led me to discover cures for cancer including no-chemo, no-radiation cancer treatment options. Today, I regularly refer clients to alternative healing facilities and provide coaching on how people can heal themselves using tools that are available to everyone.

In 2017, my husband developed melanoma on his face and he and I used natural treatments to cure him of the disease.

Since I started this blog back in 2013, I’ve received many inquiries from readers asking for help and guidance after they were told by their doctors that there no other treatments are available to help them. Many of these people were sent home to die when conventional medicine failed them. Much of the content written at this site was written for clients who contacted me for help treating diseases like psoriasis, parasites, anxiety, cataracts, etc. 

I invite you to contact me no matter where you are on your healing journey. 

Everyone must follow their own path toward healing and people have a right to know what their options are. As a wellness coach, my job is to inform you about specific treatments that may be valuable to you and to support you in your decision-making process. I believe that when people are properly informed and supported that they intuitively know the best path to take toward healing.

Work With Me

Your first contact with me will be through email. Put the words “Wellness Coach” in the subject line to alert me to the content of the email. Before I respond to the email, I must receive payment (see below). Please provide me with a brief overview of your diagnosis and health situation, ask me questions, and provide me with any information that seems as though it would be helpful for me to know. I’ll respond to you first in writing and attach a questionnaire to this email.

Once you’ve confirmed that we’ll be working together through payment and once you’ve signed the disclaimer form, we can further expand via email on the topics you’d like for me to address during our conversation, if necessary.

The Wellness Coaching Process

Before our first consultation, I’ll thoroughly review the responses you provided to me in the questionnaire, and I’ll do research on your diagnosis and health information as well. Before our first conversation, I’ll prepare information about treatments specific to your case. During our initial 60 minute conversation, I’ll learn more about who you are and your specific situation. Then, we’ll set up additional times to talk if necessary, and begin to work together to create an action plan. INITIAL COST (which includes research prior to our conversation + 60 minute coaching session). 

COST: $60

During your coaching session, we may discuss any of the following:

  • Information about hospitals, practitioners, treatments, or tests that may be necessary.
  • Doctor or facility recommendations specific to your diagnosis.
  • Lifestyle recommendations including at-home self-care strategies.
  • We’ll address challenges and provide support in terms of prevention.

Additional sessions and research: $50/hour

Wellness Coach Packages:

Initial Session + 3 Additional 60 Minute Coaching Sessions: $199

Initial Session + 6 Coaching Sessions: $275

Get started now! Send me an email to introduce yourself and tell me about your health history.

Please fill out the following form and Jennifer will send you a complete intake form to get started. If you don’t hear from Jennifer within 48 hours, please email her at jennifershipp1976@gmail.com.

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