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Author: Lydian Shipp

How to Prevent a COVID-19 Infection Naturally at Home

Coronavirus infections are spread through the air and through physical contact (such as shaking hands, etc). Because these viruses are spread in this way, this is part of what makes them so contagious. There are some standard guidelines that you should follow to prevent a COVID-19 infection (or another coronavirus infection) including:   Washing hands often with soap and warm water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (especially after touching something in a public place or after shaking hands or physically interacting with another person) Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or any other orifices with unwashed hands...

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Ozone Therapy for COVID-19 Treatment, Prevention, and Long Haul COVID

DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR DISEASE. What is ozone therapy?  Ozone is a gas molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms. It can be used to treat a variety of illnesses, diseases, and ailments, including cancer, COVID-19, arthritis, HIV, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and more. Studies have shown that ozone therapy is capable of destroying various toxic pathogens. When inhaled, ozone can be toxic (thus the reports that ozone isn’t medicinal), but when introduced to the body in other ways, it can be healing. 1 One common way that ozone therapy may...

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COVID-19 and the Immune Response: What is a Cytokine Storm?

A cytokine storm is classified as an inflammatory syndrome and is (put simply) an overexaggerated immune response. This condition is formally known as “hypercytokinemia” and generally occurs after a person is infected with a pathogen. Then, the immune system kicks into action by producing cytokines and other immune proteins to fight the infection. The production of cytokines is normal and expected, however when the immune system starts to produce too many cytokines, or continues to produce them even after the pathogen has been defeated, this is where the problems start. In fact, in many COVID-19 cases (or in other...

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How to Calm a Cytokine Storm During a COVID-19 Infection

Calm a Cytokine Storm During COVID Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for any disease. In the case that a person still has a primary infection, but is also experiencing a cytokine storm, they may pursue therapies that specifically work to repress the action of cytokines such as TNF-alpha or IFN-gamma. This will help reduce the intensity of the cytokine storm while also allowing other cytokines and immune cells to do their jobs in fighting the infection. Some of the medicines listed below, such as luteolin, also have an antiviral effect, making them a...

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Types of Coronaviruses: Symptoms of COVID-19 and Other Coronavirus Infections

A coronavirus is a type of virus. While this kind of virus has gained attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the truth is that there are seven known types of coronavirus infections that can infect humans. Although COVID-19 is colloquially referred to as simply “coronavirus”, this is somewhat inaccurate since there is more than one kind of coronavirus. Coronavirus infections are more common than you might think, and in fact, it’s likely that you’ve been exposed to coronavirus infections in the past during a common cold or flu!  Here are some of the most common coronaviruses that can affect...

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