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Author: Jennifer Shipp

Trifolium pratense: Herbal Remedy for Fertility, Menopause, and So Much More..

Trifolium pratense as a Natural Testosterone and Fertility Booster in Men and Women Trifolium pratense as an Herbal Remedy for Infertility in Women   In menstruating women, Trifolium pratense is a valuable herbal remedy for PMS and infertility. Studies have shown that Trifolium pratense contains four phyto-progestins, or natural plant-based compounds that behave in the body like progesterone. One compound known as “irilone” potentiates the effects of natural progesterone in both endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer to produce positive outcomes that are noteworthy. Scientists believe that Trifolium pratense could be used as an herbal remedy for endometriosis and uterine...

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Essential Oils for Fertility: Medicinal Turpentine / Pinus palustris / Pinus elliottii and More…

Powerful Essential Oils for Infertility That Really Work DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR CANCER OR ANY OTHER DISEASE. In the U.S. and in other English-speaking countries, turpentine is synonymous with “paint-thinner” thanks to some powerful propaganda developed by Big Pharma to prevent the public from discovering (or rather, RE-discovering) the medicinal properties of pine tree resins and essential oils for infertility treatment. Conifers and pine trees contain “terpenes” as well as other plants. Terpenes are natural substances that sometimes have powerful medicinal properties. The word “terpene” is related to the word “turpentine”...

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Can hair loss from chemo be prevented? What to do to keep from losing your hair during radiation and chemotherapy.

Prevent Hair Loss from Chemo / Prevent Hair Loss During Radiation Therapy  DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR ANY DISEASE OR INJURY. Can hair loss from chemo be prevented? In short, the answer to this question is “yes”. You can prevent hair loss from chemo, but the long answer to this question involves some explanation. There are some supplements to prevent hair loss during chemo treatments, but some of these supplements, by themselves, are powerful treatments for cancer. The most noteworthy is vitamin B17/ amygdalin, which was discovered by the same doctor who...

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A General Treatment for Diseases That Can Cause Hair Loss: Amygdalin / Vitamin B17

Restore Your Health and Treat Conditions That May Cause Hair Loss with Vitamin B17 DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR ANY DISEASE OR INJURY. Vitamin B17, which is also known as Amygdalin or sometimes Laetrile, is another nutrient that has been systematically removed from the food supply much like iodine. But one could also compare the trajectory of the vitamin B17 discovery to that of vitamin K2, a vital nutrient that ensures that calcium in our diet ends up in bones and teeth (and hair) rather than in soft tissues like blood vessels....

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Secret Remedy for Hair Growth: Exposing Vitamin K2 to the Light

Vitamin K2: A Little-Known Essential Nutrient for Hair Growth as Well as for General Health DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR ANY DISEASE OR INJURY. Most English-speakers have heard of vitamin K1, the vitamin that regulates blood-clotting. But practically no one in the developed world is aware of vitamin K2 and how it can boost hair growth. Vitamin K2 works intimately with vitamin D and, in fact, if you’re one of many people in the world who take a vitamin D supplement each day without also supplementing with vitamin K2, you need to...

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