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Lavage/Colon Irrigation/Colonics for Psoriasis Sufferers

Colonics for Psoriasis The large intestine and it’s inability to detoxify the body plays an important role in the development of psoriasis. Indeed, the kidneys, liver, large intestine, and the skin are typically the organs that detoxify the body, but in psoriasis sufferers, the three former organs become overwhelmed with toxicities. As a result, the skin takes over as the primary detoxification organ. Often, psoriasis sufferers must eat a special diet that excludes foods in the nightshade family and do a heavy metal detox that may include the removal of mercury amalgam fillings and IV therapy among other things. The skin was never meant to be the primary organ of detoxification so it stands to reason that if the other detox organs are overwhelmed and not able to keep pace with the removal of toxicities in the body, the skin will similarly become overwhelmed and signs of psoriasis will develop. Colonics provide a way for psoriasis sufferers to detox the large intestine in order to give the skin a break from it’s detoxification duties.  Colonics, also known as colon irrigation, forces water into the colon through the rectum to remove feces that have accumulated along the wall of the colon. The use of colonics to remove the build up of toxicities in the large intestine goes back to ancient time when colon irrigation was done in a river using...

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Top 6 Sacred Indigenous Medicines Used to Cure Addiction

  Addiction is a major issue worldwide. Nearly everyone is touched by addiction in some way or another. Treating addiction often requires a multi-faceted approach, but many Americans aren’t aware of the potential benefits of sacred indigenous medicines in treating addictions. These plant and animal-based medicines have the most profound effects against addiction when they’re administered in a ceremonial context by knowledgeable “guides” who are familiar with the effects of the medicine. In some cases, only one dose of a sacred plant or animal medicine is enough to stop the addictive behavior. My own experience with sacred indigenous medicines is that they tend to speak directly and their messages are no-nonsense. During one Ayahuasca ceremony, the plant medicine actually spoke to me both audibly and using subtitles. One of the reasons why these plant and animal medicines are so powerful is because they speak personally to the one who partakes in them. The messages and assistance regarding how to break addiction literally come from within.  Iboga and Ibogaine Iboga or the pharmaceutical equivalent, Ibogaine are powerful indigenous medicines used to cure addictions to a variety of different substances. It’s important to seek out a facility that will check you for congenital heart problems and calculate a proper dosage. The addict must abstain from taking drugs for about a week before the ceremony. Ibogaine works by rewiring the brain and...

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Dear Ellie: Email to a Friend about a Cure for Herpes

DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR HERPES OR ANY OTHER DISEASE. WE’VE INCLUDED LINKS BELOW TO PRODUCTS THAT HAVE A REPUTATION FOR BEING OF HIGH-QUALITY AND APPROPRIATE FOR HOLISTIC TREATMENTS. THESE AFFILIATE LINKS HELP FUND THIS WEB SITE AND KEEP IT GOING. Hello Ellie! It’s so good to hear from you! Okay, so there are a number of different treatments that you can use over time to cure this disease and any other STD’s that you might have gotten from your ex. The first thing I would suggest is an MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) protocol: Here’s a link to an article I wrote about MMS: Here’s a link to an article I wrote about DMSO: Here’s yet another link to an article about DMSO and Frankincense oil: These article are about cancer for the most part, but…without going into a lot of details about the model of medicine that I’m following and bogging your brain down with irrelevant details about that, just…read the articles as though they were written about STD’s and herpes specifically. The article about the Frankincense oil and DMSO protocol is worth remembering as something you may want to do AFTER you complete an MMS/DMSO protocol. To cure herpes, take 3 drops of MMS (chlorine dioxide) + 3 drops of the activator (mix them together and then let...

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COVID-19: Alternative Treatments for Coronavirus

Most of the people who visit this site are people who have been sent home by their doctors to die because there are no treatments left for them. Or they’re patients whose doctors had nothing else to offer them in terms of treatments for a painful, chronic condition. As a general rule, the people who contact me through this web site have run out of options. But now, there’s the coronavirus scare and people keep emailing me about it. And I finally decided I needed to write something about it because, in addition to knowing a few things about alternative cures for major diseases, I just flew through South Korea on my way to Mexico between February 26th and 27th.   For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a medical doctor. I went to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and studied pre-medicine with a major in psychology. I went to medical school camp at Clarkson Memorial Hospital one summer to watch open heart surgery in person and shadow psychiatrists. I taught human anatomy lab and dissected cadavers under Dr. Woodman for two semesters during my undergraduate degree. Halfway through the end of my second semester, three students in my class applied to medical school. Two of them were front-row students: intelligent, creative, and dedicated (both worked as candy-stripers when they weren’t in class). Another...

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Rife Therapy: Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis

DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR PSORIASIS, DEMENTIA OR ANY OTHER DISEASE.   The Rife machine was developed by Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930’s to treat a wide variety of diseases using vibrational medicine. Essentially, the machine works by creating electromagnetic vibrations in the body that resonate with infectious microorganisms. The resonance causes these microorganisms to explode. Over time and with regular treatments, it is possible to cure psoriasis using this machine. Rife Therapy was tested and its results verified at the University of Southern California.   Dr. Rife used a special dark field microscope to examine patient’s blood. Using this tool, he was able to do live blood analysis and look at microorganisms that are not visible using a regular microscope. Using dark field microscopy, Rife was able to watch the effects of different vibrational frequencies on infectious pathogens in real time in the blood. He noticed that each infectious pathogen had a “Mortal Oscillatory Rate”, a vibrational frequency at which it would explode. Using dark field microscopy Rife was able to tune the Rife machine to specific pathogens. Typically, patients were exposed to these frequencies for only 3 minutes per day. The Rife machine had a success rate of 90% at curing cancer [1][5].   In 1934, Dr. Rife worked with a research team at the University of Southern California...

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