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Author: Jennifer Shipp

Selank and Semax to Treat Addiction at Home

DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR ADDICTION OR ANY OTHER DISEASE. What is Semax? Semax is a drug that is used most commonly in Russia and the Ukraine though it is available in other countries over-the-counter in some situations. It is a nootropic that has neuroprotective properties. Semax is a synthetic peptide that is based on a fragment of Adrenocoroticotropic Hormone (ACTH).    In Russia, Semas is on the List of Vital and Essential Drugs that are approved by the Russian government. It is used for the treatment of the following:   Addiction...

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Modafinil for Addiction

How to Use Modafinil to Quit an Addiction DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR ADDICTION OR ANY OTHER DISEASE. When I first found out that a close family member was addicted to methamphetamines, I was devastated. Though I had spent years researching cures for cancer and other diseases, I had never been close to someone with this kind of severe substance abuse addiction. I didn’t know where to start. But for me and my loved one, there were several other big obstacles standing in the way of his recovery. Most importantly, he was...

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How to Cure Herpes with Propolis and Royal Jelly

Propolis Herpes Cure:  Always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment of any kind.  Propolis is a bee-product that has a wide spectrum of medicinal benefits. For genital herpes, researchers found that applying 3% propolis ointment four times per day for 10 days to herpes lesions can improve healing. In fact propolis may heal the lesions more quickly and more completely than treatment with 5% acyclovir.  In this study, by the 10th day of treatment with propolis, 24 out of 30 HSV sufferers had healed completely. In contrast, of the 30 HSV sufferers who had been given acyclovir only 14...

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A Travel Sickness Cure That Actually Works: How to Cure Motion Sickness with Black Horehound, Biomagnetism, and Breath

Finding a Cure for Motion Sickness and Sea Sickness   DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR A DISEASE OR DISORDER. My son-in-law is from Myanmar. When he and my daughter first met, she had a plane to catch and she had to leave him behind to travel from the middle of the country to Yangon to get a passport. He had to take a night bus along the notorious “Death Highway” to get to Yangon and it was on this bus that he told my daughter that he had severe motion sickness.   ...

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Thymus Gland Extract for Lupus: Cure or Not?

Thymus Extract for SLE: DISCLAIMER: CONSULT WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE DECIDING ON A TREATMENT PLAN FOR ANY DISEASE. What is Thymus Gland Extract? Thymus extracts typically come from the thymus glands of young cows. Humans have a thymus gland that’s located just behind the sternum in the middle of the rib cage, but the thymus gland is most active when we’re young. It has a weaker influence on our health and immunity as we get older. This important immune system gland sits just below the thyroid. It shrivels up a bit as people grow into adulthood, but that doesn’t...

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