How Vibrational Medicine Can Cure Autoimmunity


Vibrational therapy is perhaps one of the most powerful kinds of treatments for autoimmune disease, but to a lot of people, it sounds hard to believe. Nevertheless, it’s a scientific fact that human beings are made up of energy, and that because of this, we naturally respond in different ways to different resonant frequencies, vibrations, sounds, temperatures, electromagnetic fields, and forms of electricity. Literally everyone responds to these different types of vibrations, often in fairly predictable ways, which is part of what makes carefully calibrated vibrational therapies so powerful for healing disease states. 


Below we’ll talk about some of the most well-known or accessible forms of vibrational medicine that can be used to cure autoimmune disease. As we’ve talked about in this book, autoimmune disease can be caused by different factors: underlying pathogenic infections, environmental toxins, light exposure (or lack thereof), and yes, even long-term emotional states of distress can all contribute to the development of autoimmunity. These vibrational therapies can all help work to treat these causes of autoimmunity to restore balance to the body.


If you’re working with another medicine, such as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), nutritional treatments, or herbal medicines, know that you can use these in combination with vibrational therapies. This is one unique and especially valuable aspect of vibrational medicine; it can be used together with various other therapeutic disease treatments without causing any sort of interference with these other treatments, thus meaning that a person can target their disease from a few different angles. 


The use of magnets for healing has been around for a long time, but it was only recently cataloged and systematized as a veritable treatment method. Dr. Issac Goiz, a Mexican doctor, started using magnets on his patients in the 1980s. In 1988, he successfully cured one of his patients of HIV using a powerful “pair” of magnets placed strategically on different areas of the patient’s body. Eight days after the treatment, the patient showed a significant clinical improvement in his symptoms, and did indeed test negative for HIV. After this initial success, Dr. Goiz went on to discover 350 more biomagnetic pairs to treat all manners of disease. 


Biomagnetism works with the idea that whenever one pathogenic infection is present, another “complementary” infection also exists. For example, a virus and a bacteria may coexist together and support each other’s existence, and ultimately cause an autoimmune disease or cancer. The primary way in which the biomagnetic pair works is through pH; ultimately, the magnets help restore natural acid-alkaline balance in specific areas of the body, thus making these areas inhospitable to pathogens (or even, in fact, killing these pathogens in the process, since many pathogens can’t survive in an environment that isn’t within a very specific pH range). This rebalancing of pH not only helps target pathogens, but also encourages the body’s natural processes to return to normal. 


Autoimmune diseases that have been cured using biomagnetism include (but are not limited to):



Note also that biomagnetism has a long and successful track record of curing all manners of pathogenic infection, including some infamous infections like syphilis, hepatitis, smallpox (and other pox viruses), herpes, and others. It is also an effective treatment for all different types of cancer.


In biomagnetic therapy, magnets are placed on the body in specific locations in pairs. For example, the pair that worked to cure the HIV patient described above was “Thymus-Rectum”, meaning that one magnet was placed over the thymus, while another magnet (of the opposite polarity) was placed over the rectum. During a biomagnetism session, a therapist will use muscle testing to determine which pairs should be used on a particular patient. Once these pairs are established, the therapist places the magnets carefully in position, and then has the patient lay quietly with the magnets for 30-45 minutes (though some sessions may be longer or shorter than this). Some patients require multiple sessions with the magnets, while others only need one single session. 


Though working with a biomagnetism practitioner can be simpler in a lot of cases, it is possible to administer this therapy at home on yourself or a loved one. There are videos online demonstrating the muscle testing technique, and books that describe where and how to place the magnets appropriately. More resources are available in Spanish, but there are some resources that are also available in English, too. 


Resonant Frequencies

Resonant frequency therapy (RFT) is based on the knowledge that everything emits a frequency, including pathogens. When a pathogen comes in contact with a resonant frequency, or one that matches its own, it will burst, similar to the idea that a singer can make a glass explode if he/she hits a note that resonates with the natural frequency of the glass. Bob Beck Therapy and Rife Therapy, which we talk about in more depth below, are both examples of resonant frequency therapy.


Resonant frequency therapy can heal the following autoimmune diseases: 



During an RFT treatment, patients can expect to feel very little, except perhaps a mild tingling, prickling, or warm sensation somewhere in their body. This is indicative that the treatment is working, though not everyone experiences these sensations. Patients are advised to lay very still while receiving the treatment. It’s usually a very relaxing therapy to receive. 


Patients who receive resonant frequency therapy are advised to drink plenty of water both before and after the session. This is intended to help flush out pathogens that have been killed during the treatment, and patients should aim to drink 8-12 8-ounce glasses of water after the session is completed in order to do this. Add a seawater supplement to the water to further support detoxification, and to also help rehydrate the fascia and other tissues in the body.


Dr. Jerry Tennant Vibrational Therapy

Dr. Jerry Tennant wasn’t a practitioner of vibrational medicine early in his career. He discovered the power of vibrational medicine through his own diagnosis of encephalitis. After 7 years of struggling with mental fog, 16 hours of sleep per day, and more, Dr. Tennant finally started reading books on cellular biology, and was able to establish his now-proven theory that all the cells in the body have a voltage, and that they must each be energized in order for the entire body to work harmoniously and healthfully. 


Dr. Tennant’s system acknowledges 5 main contributing factors in low voltage (and therefore in the development of disease states). These are: 


    1. Dental infections/problems – On his website, Dr. Tennant compares the teeth to circuit breakers in a house. When a breaker is flipped, this turns off the electricity in some part of the building. An infection or problem with a tooth, whether it be an actual infection or something like an amalgam filling, works similarly to this; unhealthy teeth can turn off the electricity in some areas of the body. Thus, restoring dental health is a core principle of healing according to this system of vibrational medicine.
    2. Toxic load – Toxins may include anything from pathogens to heavy metals and chemicals. We talk about toxic load and autoimmune disease in more detail here.
    3. Scars – Scar tissue, whether it be visible or not, can interfere with electrical conduction in the body. Injuries that remain inflammed or painful for longer than expected can result in a particularly severe impediment to healthy voltage levels.
    4. Thyroid problems – There are thyroid hormone receptors on nearly every cell in the body, so it’s understandable that thyroid issues would play a significant role in health (or lack thereof). When there are problems with the thyroid or with thyroid hormone production, this can put a strain on the body’s voltage levels.
    5. Emotions – Stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and other low, negative emotional states can wreak havoc on our body’s energy levels and ability to conduct energy effectively. Restoring emotional health is just as important as restoring physical health; in fact, according to Dr. Tennant’s philosophy, the two are ultimately one and the same.


According to Dr. Tennant’s system of vibrational medicine, all disease is caused by low voltage, or low energy, in the cells. Health can be restored through the use of specific frequencies administered to the body for the appropriate amounts of time at specific times of the day. Dr. Tennant’s healing protocol has 4 steps, which are the following (watch this video to learn more about how these steps work): 


  1. Turn on the organs
  2. Balance polarity
  3. Balance the autonomic nervous system
  4. Total body recharge


These steps involve the use of different vibrational therapy products that must be used each day in a specific order (these two products are known as the BioModulator and the BioTransducer, and are available for purchase on Dr. Tennant’s website). The 4 steps above must be completed every day, and generally take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. In contrast with other types of vibrational therapies, Dr. Tennant’s protocol is quite straightforward to perform, and can be done easily at home.


Dr. Tennant also recommends that his patients take supplements to support adequate nutrition, as well as natural medicines intended to help detoxify their bodies from chemicals and the byproducts of emotional stress.


Dr. Jerry Tennant’s book, “Healing is Voltage”, describes the principles of his system of vibrational medicine in more depth. Anyone who is considering working with vibrational medicine will find this book especially valuable for understanding the scientific basis of how and why vibrational therapies work to heal disease. 


Laser Acupuncture

Acupuncture is usually administered using very thin needles placed in carefully chosen points on the body. An acupuncturist will decide which points to needle based on the patient’s disease diagnosis (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, not to conventional Western medicine) and symptoms. These points lie along meridians, which are lines of energy that run through the body; these meridians are, believe it or not, scientifically provable and are usually seen as lying in the fascia. Laser acupuncture is administered using a laser beam rather than actual needles, but otherwise, the points that are targeted with the laser are the same as those that would be targeted using needles.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works according to the principle that disease states, including autoimmune disease, are ultimately caused by some kind of energetic imbalance in the body. Therefore, TCM attempts to rebalance these energies using techniques like acupuncture, as well as other treatments like herbal remedies, cupping, or moxibustion. Different autoimmune diseases and symptoms related to these conditions may arise from different energetic imbalances, and thus, each patient must be treated individually based on their specific health situation. 


Acupuncture is already intimately in tune with the vibrational processes of the body, but laser acupuncture takes things to the next level. With laser acupuncture, an acupuncturist can combine the unique healing benefits of specific powerful light frequencies with those of regular acupuncture. While needles only penetrate the areas close to the surface of the skin, lasers can target deeper areas of the body, which can be favorable in certain cases. In addition, laser beams also have the following advantages: 


  • Lasers can change the behavior of nerves and the conduction of cell energy. 
  • Lasers have been known to increase serotonin levels (this was specifically noted in regard to a study on laser acupuncture for chronic pain)
  • Laser beams emit photons, which can activate certain enzymes. Then, these enzymes can catalyze or perform a variety of other actions in the body. In this way, laser acupuncture can effectively stimulate a chain reaction of healing. 
  • These photons also can activate flavins, cytochromes, and porphyrins, which convert laser energy to electro-chemical energy in the mitochondria of human cells. So, laser acupuncture can help directly reenergize cells directly in addition to facilitating healthy energy flow throughout the body.


During a laser acupuncture session, the acupuncturist may choose to use only laser beams, or they may choose to use both needles as well as lasers to produce different healing benefits. 



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