Rife Therapy as an Effective Autoimmune Disease Treatment


Rife Therapy was developed by Dr. Royal Rife in the early 1900s as a type of vibrational medicine. The Rife Machine administers carefully calibrated resonant vibrational frequencies to a patient in order to target unhealthy cells and/or pathogens in the body (these frequencies are also known as “Mortal Oscillatory Rates”). When a particular frequency resonates with a pathogen or unhealthy cell, that pathogen or cell will eventually explode and die. 


While Rife Therapy has been used to cure a range of different diseases, cancer patients were among the first to receive treatments with the Rife Machine. In one of the first studies on the Rife Machine done at the University of Southern California, a group of cancer patients showed a 100% cure rate using Rife Therapy; the initial test had an 86.5% cure rate after 90 days of treatment, but after the researchers made some adjustments, the remaining patients were also cured of cancer after an additional 4 weeks of Rife Therapy.


Despite the amazing success of the Rife Machine in curing disease, it has unfortunately been systematically covered up by Big Pharma and kept from the public (and from doctors and other medical practitioners). Shortly after the machine was developed, the US Government actively confiscated all of Rife Machines in existence, and ultimately forced Dr. Rife into exile; after all, his device cured cancer, and even at the time when Rife Therapy was first developed, cancer was a lucrative industry that Big Pharma didn’t want to lose. 


Morris Fishbein, an editor and president of the Journal of the American Medical Association, offered to buy rights to Dr. Rife’s machine (which would’ve meant that Big Pharma would have control over the machine, and could “shelf” the machine so that no one could ever use it), but Dr. Rife refused this offer. Not long after this, a series of mysterious events transpired, apparently in an effort to directly target and suppress Dr. Rife and other practitioners of Rife Therapy. One of Dr. Rife’s labs, which confirmed evidence that Rife Therapy was able to cure disease, burnt to the ground. Dr. Milbank Johnson, a Rife Therapy practitioner with 10 years of experience, was poisoned and a set of important documents of his were “lost” on the night before he was to present groundbreaking research on the Rife Machine during a press conference. Dr. Nemes, who had previously published some excerpts of Dr. Rife’s work, died in a mysterious fire. Finally, Dr. Rife himself was accused of false charges and had to go to court. 


Beyond this, any and all doctors who had used Rife Therapy in their practice were told that they would have their license revoked if they continued to use this therapy. 


Because the FDA took away and destroyed any Rife Machines it was able to find, the machine became something of a myth until 2005, when someone uncovered a Rife Machine that had been boarded up inside a wall. At this time, scientists were then able to develop a modern, more portable version of the Rife Machine that can be used by anyone, including not only medical practitioners in healthcare settings, but even the average person at home. 


Rife Therapy has been known to cure the following autoimmune diseases (links to specific healing frequencies are included below):



Patients with autoimmune disease will also be interested to know that there are frequencies that can help chelate heavy metals, heal toxic mold poisoning, and more (find a list of frequencies at this link).


How is Rife Therapy administered?

Rife Therapy can be administered either using recorded tracks like those above, or with an actual Rife Machine. Although the recorded tracks above can be beneficial for many people, generally speaking, working with an actual Rife Machine produces more powerful results.  


With a Rife Machine, a patient may be attached directly to the machine, which can then transmit frequencies to the person according to which program they’ve selected. The Rife Machine can also do a BioScan, a pre-treatment option that “scans” the patient’s body using a range of different frequencies. When the machine detects a frequency that resonates in the patient’s body, it logs this frequency, and then the patient can choose this specific frequency (or others) later on when administering a treatment. In cases where a patient isn’t certain what exactly is causing their illness, this scan can be useful for determining which frequencies can be therapeutic for that particular patient. 


While some Rife Therapy sessions may last longer, most sessions last only about 3 minutes per pathogen/disease. This is the amount of time required to help heal a disease; administering the treatment at least once daily is valuable. With the Rife Machine, a patient may receive a session that lasts between 1-1.5 hours, or they may choose to receive round-the-clock frequencies from a distance via the “Spooky” mechanism. When a person contributes a piece of their DNA (a strand of hair, a fingernail, etc.) and places it in the machine, the Rife Machine can then administer healing frequencies to that person without the individual having to be directly connected to the machine. This is due to “Spooky action”, or the idea that like resonates with like. Your DNA resonates with you, and when the frequencies from the Rife Machine affect a piece of your DNA, they’ll also affect you by default. 


Though the “Spooky” principle sounds pretty wild to most people, it has been scientifically proven as true. Many patients can also attest to the efficacy of the Rife Machine, even when it’s used at a distance. 


How to Use Rife Therapy at Home

Rife Therapy can be administered either by a qualified practitioner, or you can administer it to yourself at home using a Spooky2 Machine. While the Spooky2 has a bit of a learning curve, it’s well within reach for most people to learn how to use this machine on themselves or loved ones. Again, the Spooky2 Machine is preferable to the recorded tracks that you can play through your computer. This machine not only has direct contact with your skin when you use it, but also comes with an amplifier that can strengthen the frequencies to an optimal level.


Buy a Spooky2 Machine here to administer Rife Therapy at home


The Rife Machine can be used on its own, or it can be combined with other autoimmune disease treatment methods. Resonant frequency therapy doesn’t interfere with other therapies, like Reactive Oxygen Species medicines, herbal therapies, or nutritional therapies, and therefore is a good choice to include in any healing protocol. In fact, when developing your own healing protocol for autoimmune disease, it’s smart to include at least 1 type of vibrational therapy, since these therapies can be extremely powerful, yet work synergistically with other types of healing methods. 


Patients who receive Rife Therapy should be aware that the treatment can cause a detoxification reaction. Because of this, patients are encouraged to drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and to use detoxification support methods such as enemas to help their bodies clear away the toxic waste left behind by dead pathogens or unhealthy cells. A lot of patients see results from treatment quickly, but usually require approximately 3 months of Rife Therapy to officially overcome their health problems.


Clinics That Offer Rife Therapy

If you feel more comfortable receiving Rife Therapy from a qualified practitioner, or if you just simply don’t feel able to handle learning about the Spooky2 Machine at home just yet, there are some clinics that offer Rife Therapy to their patients. Just a few of these clinics are listed below:


Healthy Living – Natural Health and Pain Management

1323 East Silver Springs Boulevard

Ocala, Florida, USA 34470

+1 (352) 732-9355



Whitehead Chiropractic Clinic

341 Featherston Street

Papaioea, Palmerston North, New Zealand 4414

(06) 357-8981



Newport Mesa Wellness

20280 Southwest Acacia Street

Suite 200

Newport Beach, California, USA 92660

+1 (949) 650-4255



The Ki Clinic

Victoria House, Victoria Terrace

Chorley, Lancashire, England PR6 7AA

01 (257) 239-944

07 (895) 620-614



Acacia Whole Health

4155 East Jewell Avenue


Denver, Colorado, USA 80222

+1 (303) 504-0772





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