Watermelons have been hybridized into “seedless” varieties that no longer provide people with doses of vitamin B17. Grapes have the same story. People have been sold on the idea that “seedless is better”. In reality, seeded watermelons and seeded grapes naturally prevent and treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The Vitamin B17 Protocol to Cure Autoimmune Disease


In other articles, we’ve gone into great detail regarding the question, can diet cure autoimmune disease?but in this article, we’re going to focus on 3 important nutrition-related items that can get autoimmune disease sufferers on the road to healing. At the center of this discussion though, is vitamin B17 / amygdalin, a nutrient that has been carefully hidden from the public and stealthily removed from the food supply to ensure that doctors will have a neverending stream or autoimmune disease patients and cancer patients.

Vitamin B17 Introduction

Everyone in the U.S. is deficient in vitamin B17. Most people in all developed countries are at least somewhat deficient in this vitamin because it has been systematically removed from the food supply. Though some people accidentally get vitamin B17 from food, most people just don’t, which then leads to the development of two very serious types of disease:

  1. Autoimmune Disease
  2. Cancer


Vitamin B17 is also known as amygdalin or sometimes Laetrile. It is derived from certain seeds like grape seeds, apricot kernels (which are almond-shaped) or watermelon seeds. Vitamin B17 is also found in apple seeds, pear seeds, and some other foods that are not eaten very often or in large quantities by the average American. The kernels in apricot pits contain the highest levels of vitamin B17. Red clover tea also contains a relatively high amount of vitamin B17 along with other healing substances. Vitamin B17 is also be found in raspberries and strawberries in tiny quantities.

People develop vitamin B17 deficiency disease symptoms at different ages depending on the seriousness of their dietary deficiency and the time period when it was removed from the food supply during their lifetime. The most serious symptoms of vitamin B17 deficiency disease would have started at about age 35 for people who are currently in their 40-50’s (Generation X) and for individuals in younger generations, symptoms seem to start around 25-30.  

How Vitamin B17 Works to Cure Autoimmune Disease

When a young person under the age of 70 years develops degenerative disease symptoms, we usually assume that vitamin B17 deficiency plays a role in the problem. Vitamin B17, by the way, was discovered by the same doctor who developed chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. This doctor discovered that amygdalin / vitamin B17 was able to cure cancer in 100% of lab rats and in 80-90% of humans with cancer. As a cure for cancer, vitamin B17 was so compelling, that this doctor believed that cancer was nothing more than a deficiency of vitamin B17 (as scurvy is a serious disease caused by nothing more than a deficiency of vitamin C). But the doctor’s work was covered up. Vitamin B17 is a cure for cancer and it works by releasing Reactive Nitrogen Species medicines that are similar to the Reactive Oxygen Species medicines that we’ve discussed in depth as a cure for autoimmune disease and cancer.  Supplementing with vitamin B17 / amygdalin allows weak tissues, including weak immune system elements to rebuild and become healthy again.

Vitamin B17 rebuilds the digestive system and stimulates intestinal movement when it’s taken in the form of raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels. This can be extremely beneficial for autoimmune disease sufferers who have gut-related issues. Bitters”, after all, in their various forms are important digestive “tonifiers” that get the muscles of the digestive system to become more “attentive” and “active”. Vitamin B17 / amygdalin helps the digestive system function as its supposed to. Note that generally speaking, bitters should not be taken in high doses medicinally during pregnancy because of their stimulating effect on smooth muscle tissues such as the uterus. However, it is still okay for women to take vitamin B17 / amygdalin in the form of red clover tea. 

Vitamin B17 as a Natural Treatment for Autoimmune Disease During Pregnancy and Lactation.

If you’re pregnant or lactating, you may need to seek out natural treatments for autoimmune disease. Eating grapes that still have their seeds, drinking the Budwig Smoothie, or drinking red clover tea in moderation (no more than 2 quarts weekly), are all safe ways for pregnant women to consume vitamin B17 as a natural cure for autoimmunity as well as for cancer. Red clover tea contains a number of supportive nutrients that also help the body take in and properly use the vitamin B17, which is sometimes a problem for those who have been deficient for a long time. As an estrogenic herb, red clover tea can help promote proper hormone levels in the body too even while you treat autoimmune disease naturally.

Vitamin B17 as a Natural Cure for Autoimmune Disease

Many people who suffer from autoimmune disease have uncomfortable digestive problems. Several autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are centered exclusively around digestive system issues but other types of autoimmune disease often include digestive system issues as well.  

If you suffer from any of the digestive problems listed below, vitamin B17 will play an important role in your recovery. This vitamin works slowly over time. It causes the body to break down poorly built tissues and then rebuild them in a healthy way that’s less vulnerable to degeneration, abnormal growth / cancer, and infection. Indeed, vitamin B17 supplementation is one of the most important nutrients that you can take as someone with autoimmune disease to prevent cancer:  

Vitamin B17 is an important nutritional supplement for Crohn’s disease that cures this disorder by killing pathogens while simultaneously spurring bowel movements and peristalsis that keeps toxins moving quickly out of the body. It works in a similar manner to naturally cure ulcerative colitis as well as colon cancer / colorectal cancer. But vitamin B17 can also play a vital role as a cure for lupus and other autoimmune diseases by killing common pathogens like Helicobacter pylori among other things.

If you have a major digestive disorder such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, you should start the process of healing by eating raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels throughout the day. Begin with a smaller dose and work up to a higher dose. The starting dose should be 4-5 kernels. Take the kernels at a time that’s separate from other foods, supplements, and pharmaceutical medications or else you may accidentally cancel out the healing effects of the vitamin B17

Increase your vitamin B17 dose each day by 4 to 5 kernels as long as your digestive system is tolerating the treatment well. But still, you should only eat 4 to 5 of the kernels at one time to avoid upsetting your stomach. If you begin to experience digestive discomforts, it’s likely that you’re having a detoxification reaction and it’s probably a sign of intense healing. Many people who take vitamin B17 initially develop a fever or other symptoms that resemble the flu as the body begins to get rid of toxins and pathogens. Stop increasing the daily dose if you experience a detox reaction like this, but continue to take the vitamin B17 / amygdalin at half the normal dose that  would cause the detoxification symptoms. When the detox symptoms go away, you can again begin increasing the daily dose until you’re taking 10 doses each day of vitamin B17 daily (40 apricot kernels). 

Note that antioxidants in foods, in medicines, and in supplements can all cancel out the effects of vitamin B17 / amygdalin.  So be sure to take your vitamin B17 doses by itself and then wait for 1 hour before taking other supplements or before eating other foods or drinking substances that contain other vitamins. 

Continue taking a high dose vitamin B17 / amygdalin until your symptoms of autoimmune disease are gone for several months. Then, lower your dose, but continue taking vitamin B17 / amygdalin at 1000 mg per day if you can find a standardized amygdalin product. If you can’t find a standardized product, instead take 5 apricot kernels twice daily in the morning and at night to prevent autoimmunity and cancer from developing. This is a supplement that you should take for the rest of your life. 

It’s likely that you’ll need to administer vitamin B17 / amygdalin along with supportive nutrients and other treatments (we call this an “autoimmune disese protocol”)  for 6 months to a year (perhaps longer depending on how long you’ve suffered with symptoms) to overcome the disease, though you’ll see progress toward healing with each passing month. Some of the most powerful treatments that anyone can do at home to cure irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, or any number of other digestive issues and imbalances include vitamin B17 along with a combination of the following THREE treatment protocols:

  1. Enzyme Therapy 

Enzyme therapy helps get rid of digestive inflammation and, at the same time, it also improves digestion so that the body can absorb nutrients. When nutrients are properly digested and then absorbed by the body, the digestive tissues can be easily repaired, which, in turn, leads to feeling better in a very general way. 

Below we link to articles we’ve written about how the various enzymes play a role as cure for autoimmune diseases like psoriasis. Enzyme therapy can have unexpected results, after all, but be prepared to take these enzymes daily and with meals over the course of at least 3 months to experience their full effect. Take them for as long as necessary on a regular basis, or take them as needed after the initial 3 months to help you digest your food better and ensure that the body can absorb and use vitamin B17 and the other nutrients that prevent and cure autoimmunity.

Take the following enzymes with meals to ensure proper digestion: 

Take the following enzymes once each day to reduce inflammation:

  1. Lugol’s Iodine Therapy

The thyroid gland plays a role in digestion as well as in metabolism. Most Americans are deficient in iodine because they’re constantly being exposed to other halogen molecules like fluoride and bromide that compete with iodine for iodine receptor sites throughout the body. Avoid commercial bread products (home-made breads are fine as long as they don’t contain flours that are bromated or ingredients that contains BVOs / Bromated Vegetable Oils). Avoid bottled citrus drinks that also contain BVOs and avoid swimming in pools that are disinfected with bromine. Get a water filter for the kitchen as well as for the shower and all sinks to diminish exposure to bromine and fluorine. And take Lugol’s iodine religiously each day to protect your body from these halogen toxins that are at the root of so many autoimmune diseases today.

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If you suffer from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, be sure to take the following nutrients at least 2 months before beginning iodine therapy to avoid developing a detoxification reaction in response to Lugol’s iodine therapy. If you don’t have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, you can take the following supportive nutrients for 2 weeks before beginning iodine therapy:

  1. Selenium – 200 mcg
  2. Vitamin B2 – 400 mg
  3. Vitamin B3 – 500 mg
  4. Zinc – 20-50 mg daily
  5. Vitamin B12 at-home DMSO “Injections”
  6. Sea water supplements – administer 1 teaspoon in every glass of drinking water that you drink throughout the day.
  7. Vitamin K2 (see below)
  8. Anyone over age 50 should also consider administering vitamin B12 via a “DMSO Injection” (where you combine a pure vitamin B12 powder with No Odor DMSO. If you are taking a prescription medication, check with your doctor before administering DMSO. If you can’t use DMSO because it will enhance the strength of your prescription medication, ask your doctor to administer a vitamin B12 injection or go to an IV boutique spa to get a vitamin B12 injection instead.


3. Vitamin K2 –  

Vitamin K2 is not the same thing as vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 was only recently discovered.Most people are familiar with vitamin K1, but vitamin K2 has a very different effect on the body. In fact, vitamin K2 works with vitamin D to shuttle calcium into the bones and teeth. While vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium through the intestinal lining, vitamin K2 ensures that the calcium that gets absorbed goes into bones and teeth to keep those tissues strong and healthy. 

A vitamin K2 deficiency leads to calcification of soft tissues like blood vessels, glands, organs, or even brain tissues. The vast majority of people in developed countries where genetically modified crops (GMOs) have replaced food staples like corn and wheat, are deficient in this vitamin. When a person is deficient in vitamin K2, organophosphate insecticides like RoundUp / glyphosate are absorbed into bone tissues in place of calcium. We explore this problem in depth in our book Root Cause. Vitamin K2 supplements immediately start moving calcium that has built up in soft tissues into the bones and teeth which has a miraculous healing effect on the entire body. 

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Vitamin K2 has a miraculous healing effect on the bones, the bone marrow, and the blood and lymphatic cells. You can imagine, then, how important it is as part of the cure for autoimmune disease. Indeed, vitamin K2 has been studied by scientists who proclaimed that this nutrient could cure lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma (blood and bone cancers). And on top of that, without vitamin K2, patients won’t be able to properly absorb iodine, the nutrient that modulates immune response and metabolism among other things. 

Take 200-400 mcg of vitamin K2 daily.


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