Many women believe that IVF is their own treatment option for female infertility. In reality, there are some powerful natural alternatives to IVF that many women should consider before they undergo this radical procedure.

The Truth about IVF vs. Natural Alternative Fertility Treatments


What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a type of “Assisted Reproductive Technology” (ART) that involves a series of complex procedures that are meant to help women conceive. The procedure involves the collection of mature eggs or ova from the ovaries and the laboratory fertilization of those eggs in a petri dish. One IVF cycle usually takes about 3 weeks, though the cycle may take longer in some cases.


IVF can be a valuable option for some couples. The procedure can be performed using a patient’s own eggs and a mate’s sperm or it can involve embryos, eggs, or sperm from a donor. Gestational carriers, or women who are willing to carry an implanted IVF embryo is also an option.


Though IVF is something that a lot of women consider when faced with fertility problems, there are alternatives that should be considered before entering into the procedure. There are, after all, dangers associated with IVF. Unfortunately, doctor who perform this procedure may glaze over IVF risks in an effort to make a sale so women need to be fully informed about what they’ll have to go through and what benefits they’re likely to experience as a result of their pain and effort. 


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IVF Dangers and Risks

The odds of giving birth to a healthy baby using IVF depends on a number of variables such as the cause of infertility and the woman’s age. IVF has a relatively low success rate in reality. For younger women aged 35 and below, the success rate and odds of a live birth is 32% (less than one in three women will have a live birth). For women between 35 and 37 years, the success rate drops to 25%. For women ages 38 to 39, the success rate is 19%. And for women over age 40, the success rate is 11% and below.


Besides the relatively low IVF success rate, women who are trying to decide whether or not to use IVF to conceive need to consider the risks to their own health. Fertility drugs that are meant to increase the production of eggs, for example, can have lasting negative health effects on a woman’s body. 


Women with fertility issues find it nearly impossible to find valuable information about how to treat female infertility naturally, so often, women believe that IVF is their only choice. In reality, simple nutrient therapies like Lugol’s iodine exponentially improves women’s general health along with their libido and reproductive organ function. When taken in tandem with vitamin K2, results are remarkable. For women with certain types of infertility, Lugol’s iodine and vitamin K2 therapy is the most important starting block in terms of IVF alternatives.


Many women who are over the age of 40 are offered IVF as the only infertility treatment available even though there are other, natural fertility treatment options that can, in many cases, heal the whole body while promoting fertility. Below are some examples of causes of infertility that lead women to consider IVG along with links and information about natural fertility treatments that women may want to consider as safe alternatives to IVF:


  • Ovulation Disorders / Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) / Premature Menopause / Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) / Luteal Phase Dysfunction: IVF Alternatives


  • Fallopian Tube Blockage / Fallopian Tube Damage / Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) / Infertility due to Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) / Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD): IVF Alternatives


  • Iodine Therapy, Dimethylsulfoxide, and Castor Oil Packs is one of the front-line IVF alternative therapies that can clear blocked fallopian tubes naturally.
  • Women who have experienced Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) or any type of sexually transmitted infection at any time in their history should also learn more about Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement, an over-the-counter Reactive Oxygen Species Medicine that can be used to get rid of pathogens that take up residence in the body in remote locations such as the fallopian tubes or the uterus. Chlorine Dioxide has been used successfully to cure a number of so-called “incurable diseases” including women’s infertility. Learn more about the chemistry of Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement here.
  • Calendula is an herbal remedy for fallopian tube blockage that likely contains iodine and vitamin K2, the nutrient substances that can be used in a vaginal douche as a natural treatment. Consider adding Calendula essential oil to Castor Oil packs to improve the effectiveness of this treatment protocol.

  • Uterine Fibroids / Asherman’s Syndrome / Uterine Adhesions: IVF Alternatives



  • Endometriosis / Uterine Polyps / Endometrial Cancer: IVF Alternatives


  • Iodine Therapy, Dimethylsulfoxide, and Castor Oil Packs are extremely beneficial as a natural cure for uterine polyps and endometriosis, but these treatments also work as a natural cure for endometrial cancer and “endo belly”.
  • Digestive Enzyme Therapy may seem like an unlikely thing to work as a cure for endometriosis, uterine polyps, and endometrial cancer until you read more about Dr. John Beard’s Trophoblast Theory of Cancer, a theory that was used successfully to cure cancer in the early 1900s before the AMA took over and forbid the use of natural cures for cancer and other diseases.
  • Also, study this article about uterine fibroids and Asherman’s syndrome cures, two causes of women’s infertility that, like endometriosis, involves an overgrowth of abnormal cells. 
  • Finally, see our list of natural cancer cures below listed under “IVF Fertility Preservation for Cancer” below. 

  • Low Sperm Production or Poor Quality Sperm: IVF Alternatives


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  • Unexplained Infertility IVF Alternatives


Download the Layperson’s Guide to Chlorine Dioxide Solution and the Complementary Medicines Guide to Treatments that can be used with Chlorine Dioxide Solution here to begin treating infection that may be causing infertility.

  • IVF Fertility Preservation for Cancer: Alternatives to Consider


  • If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer at a young age and you’re looking at IVF as a way to preserve fertility, be sure to read about each of the following cures for cancer before you undergo toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments that can damage your reproductive organs.
  • Lugol’s iodine therapy is a cure for thyroid cancer and all reproductive organ cancers as well as a cancer prevention medicine that can be used to prevent metastasis for all types of cancer. Read more about Lugol’s iodine as a natural cure for cancer here. Also note that Lugol’s iodine is a powerful fertility booster and for those who are looking at fertility preservation, it can actually give your reproductive organs a huge boost in terms of their general health and overall function. Also note that potassium iodide, an ingredient in Lugol’s iodine can protect the body from cancer radiation burns.
  • Vitamin B17 / amygdalin has a cancer cure rate between 80-90% depending on whether the patient has undergone chemo or radiation therapy or not. The cure rate using this substance is higher in patients who have not been exposed to chemo or radiation. Read more about vitamin B17 as a cure for all types of cancer here
  • Dr. John Beard’s pancreatic enzyme therapy has a 13% stand-alone cure rate for cancer. This is a simple, at-home treatment for cancer that boosts the overall cure rate of the other treatments listed above. Read more about it as a natural cure for cancer here.
  • Vitamin K2 / MK-7 has been scientifically studied and noted as a powerful cure for reproductive organ cancers (particularly when it is used with Lugol’s iodine therapy) leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and all types of bone or blood cancers. Read more about vitamin K2 as a cure for cancer here.
  • Finally, baking soda therapy has been used to successfully make progress quickly as a cure for cancer. This treatment works by raising the overall pH of the body which makes it difficult for cancer cells to grow. Read more about baking soda as a cure for cancer here.
  • Also download our book about Chlorine Dioxide Solution here to learn about the Cancer Cure Protocol 2000 and how to use this miracle medicine to cure all types of cancer.
  • And download our 4 volume reference guide to natural cures for cancer here. The first volume is free.


IVF Babies: Risks and Dangers

In addition to the risks to women’s health, IVF is also potentially dangerous to unborn babies. For example, IVF increases the odds that a woman will carry twins, triplets, or multiple births. Though this can be a blessing, it can also increase the risk of complications during labor and birth. 


A woman may conceive twins or triplets as a result of IVF but even when there is just a single fetus involved, many IVF babies are born prematurely with low birth weight. Ectopic pregnancy is also more common in IVF pregnancies than in non-IVF pregnancies. And miscarriage is also more common. See our links above to information about how to avoid miscarriage naturally during IVF treatment. Pay special attention to information about Lugol’s iodine, vitamin K2, an castor oil packs as natural treatments for threatened miscarriages.


Also note that IVF babies may be more prone to being born with birth defects than non-IVF babies.


IVF Mothers: Risks and Dangers

Women who undergo IVF may experience ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This IVF health risk causes the ovaries to become inflamed and painful. If you do IVF and you develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, natural treatment with a castor oil pack can help reduce inflammation and pain while simultaneously healing the ovaries.


Some women who undergo IVF develop egg-retrieval procedure complications. Women describe this problem as “nightmarish” and “traumatic”. Most women who undergo IVF have already experienced quite a lot of trauma already as a part of their fertility journey, so if you’re not up to experiencing more trauma, you may want to consider IVF alternatives that are based on your personal health profile.


The drugs that women are given as part of IVF can lead to the development of cancer over time. Please read the list items under the heading, “IVF Fertility Preservation for Cancer” above to learn about natural ways to prevent cancer during IVF treatment. Note that these cancer prevention medicines won’t interfere with IVF and may, in fact, improve the odds of success with IVF.


Of course, IVF is expensive and time-consuming in addition to the other risks involved with this treatment. Women who are faced with undergoing this procedure as their only fertility option need to be aware that many physicians inflate their rate of success at the expense of women’s and children’s health. These doctors have extremely high profit margins because parents are often willing to pay any amount in order to conceive a child. If you have a health issue that can be treated using one of the natural IVF alternatives listed above, consider working with some of those options first before resorting to something as radical as IVF.

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