Introduction to Women’s Hormones

Though many women are taught that their only contraceptive options are The Pill and an IUD, in fact, there are a number of natural birth control options that exist. Indeed, there are also natural herbal abortion options, though their effectiveness rate is less than that of a clinical abortion.


At Alive-N-Healthy, we’ve recently been focusing on natural contraception methods, a natural herbal morning after pill, and natural abortion methods. 


The topic of reproductive hormones has always felt a lot like chaos to me even since my earliest days as a medical writer. One of my first big, full-time clients, was a bioidentical hormone doctor. I worked with him for over a year researching reproductive hormone treatments to do search engine optimization (SEO) that would help his web site rank higher in Google search results. I was learning, through this experience, about two very different, but two very relevant issues that impact how people view women’s reproductive hormones and health in general:


  1. Internet search results are manipulated by writers like me who are paid by health practitioners or Big Pharma to write sales material that is biased. The more money a client has, the easier it is for them to manipulate the search engine results by hiring more writers and by hiring more experienced SEO writers who know the secret algorithms for getting higher search engine rankings.


  1. Reproductive hormone content is intentionally written to create confusion. Content is written to make women feel confused, worried, and scared about their reproductive organ health. 


There is an excessive amount of material out there on the Internet that creates a link between reproductive hormones and cancer, for example. It’s hard to do any kind of search in regard to reproductive health on any search engine that doesn’t instill fear in women about their reproductive health through subtle as well as not-so-subtle language indicating that the reproductive organs are nothing but ticking cancer-time-bombs. 


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Overturning Roe v. Wade: A Profit-Driven Decision That Benefits Big Pharma


Though it’s true that estrogenic substances can play a role in the development of certain rare types of cancer, my own extensive research into cancer has tended to steer me in other directions toward nutrient deficiencies and/or chemical toxicities. But I’ve also found some very interesting and compelling links between lack of sunlight exposure (without sunscreen to block the full-spectrum healing light of the sun) and poor general health in women. Indeed, the toxic effects of synthetic hormones that are prescribed to women en masse either as birth control pills, as treatment for menstrual problems, or as treatment for post-menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, is a thought-provoking thing in light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. One might wax conspiratorial and wonder if, perhaps, this overturning was meant to steer women toward synthetic hormones in the form of birth control pills. Indeed, the overturn of Roe v. Wade could definitely cause women to become more enthusiastic about all types of birth control. And perhaps this is the intended effect. Perhaps the goal of overturning Roe v. Wade abortion rights was meant to simply drive women to go seek out toxic forms of birth control that would ensure that Big Pharma would make more money in the long-term specifically from women who develop serious health issues as a result of taking the pill, or getting a dangerous birth control option like the ParaGuard IUD put in place. 


Read more here about the dangers of ParaGuard IUD and other birth control medical devices that have not been properly tested prior to being prescribed.


I think most women would agree that there are undercurrents in the women’s health arena that impact decision-making regarding women’s health specifically in insidious ways. This insidious force is what drives women to take their health into their own hands. It is this sense that the doctor doesn’t really care or know the answer to their female patients’ questions that causes women to seek out alternatives for menstrual problems or contraception. Some women, on the other hand, are blessed to have an excellent doctor who honestly admits that he or she has reached a limit in terms of what he or she knows or has access to in terms of treatment. In these situations, women are fully aware of the limits of conventional medicine and they’re sent home with full knowledge of the fact that they’re “on their own” to figure out a solution to a woman’s health issue that the doctor has failed to discover.  


I’ve spent a fair amount of my life now, marinating in scientific research about xenoestrogens, organophosphates and other toxic substances like bromine and fluorine that are ubiquitous in the developed world. I know that, in probably 99% of cancer cases, if there are estrogenic substances that are causing the cancer that it is the environmental toxins that are to blame, not the patient’s own natural hormones. But when I say “environmental”, I’m also referring to pharmaceuticals and everyday things like laundry detergent. It’s the stuff that surrounds us and that we put into our bodies that’s making us sick.  


It isn’t very much fun to talk about toxins. A lot of our clients literally freak out about the idea of toxins when we bring it up because “toxins” as a topic tends to fall into the realm of environmentalism, which tends to be presented by mainstream media as a form of radicalism. But the topic of toxins is essential in any discussion about hormones for both men and women. In the vast majority of cases, it’s possible to detoxify the body once the toxins become known And, in fact, it’s also possible to protect the body from toxic exposures. So toxins and toxic exposure isn’t as scary as it may seem at first glance, but to see and experience the hope regarding toxins and illness, a person has to read something other than just the material about toxins that’s presented by the media.


Download and buy our book Root Cause here to learn about how to treat and protect the body against bromide / bromine and organophosphate exposure. 


Often, patients come to Lydi and me with a list of pharmaceuticals that contain organophosphates or bromine / bromide. Most patients are unaware of the fact that even over-the-counter pharmaceuticals contain bromine / bromide that literally cause diseases like asthma and infertility in both adults and children. When patients are willing to approach this learning curve and read a book and just be aware that these toxins exist in the modern world, it’s possible to solve the problem of toxins. 


Visit this link to learn more about drugs that contain bromine / bromide. 


Does Estrogen Cause Cancer?


Scientists get funding to focus on healthy, normal estrogens as a cause of cancer which makes female patients afraid of their own bodies. Our goal in our book, Volume I of the The Natural Woman’s Health Guide, is to illuminate some of the blind spots that Big Pharma intentionally propagates to create confusion in the general public in the hopes that average women will feel empowered. For example, Big Pharma approved the medical device known as Essure as a long-term birth control option. This product, a tiny metal coil, literally destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of women. It also failed as a birth control device in women who had decided they didn’t want any more children at all. Indeed, in those women, it caused pregnancy as well as pregnancy complications. Even a decade after scientists knew that Essure would migrate into other areas of the body like the intestines or the ovaries to cause chronic pain and chronic illness, doctors were still allowed to prescribe this device to women as a form of long-term birth control. Even as Big Pharma went on trial in a class-action suit involving tens of thousands of women, Essure was still being prescribed to yet more women. So, if you’re reading this book because you’ve given up on conventional medicine or because you’re frightened by doctors and how women are being treated by The Establishment right now, this fear and despair is well-founded. Essure is just one dark example of how medicine can veer dangerously close to torture. Our goal is to present natural contraception and herbal abortion options that allow women to be in charge of their own health and their destiny. 

Diagnostic Lab Tests: How Accurate Are They?

There’s a type of bird in western Nebraska where I grew up named the Kildeer. Often, when I would go out for a jog on the prairie landscape which had practically no trees and very few hills, I would encounter this bird on the ground, pretending to be injured and chirping madly. In the early days of my jogging career (I was a marathon runner for several decades), I would stop my jog, thinking I’d found an injured bird and I’d bend over the Kildeer as it would hop away with one wing extended. As soon I got close to the bird, it would fly away. So one day, I looked up this bird in a book (because at that time, the Internet was just an idea and not a functioning reality), and I learned that the Kildeer do this behavior to lead potential predators away from their nests. 


You’re probably wondering what the Kildeer has to do with reproductive hormone lab tests and diagnostics, but actually, the analogy to my eyes is obvious. Lydi and I have had a number of clients who contact us for help in stopping bioidentical or synthetic hormone treatment that their doctors have prescribed to them because of lab reports saying that their reproductive hormone levels are imbalanced. And while I recognize the potential value of lab reports in certain contexts, I tend to lean toward intuition as an important part of proper diagnostics and treatment. So while I’ll look at a client’s lab reports, I don’t study them unless there’s a paradigm that is so odd that I become curious. I don’t study or focus on lab results because they distract me from my own intuition about what’s going on with a given client.


Indeed, lab reports distract patients from their own intuition about what’s going on with their health too. Recently, we had a client who was seeing a nurse practitioner who recommended that he get tested through two different labs. One of those laboratories was closely tied to Big Pharma and The Healthcare Machine. The other was a private lab. And his results from these labs were quite different even though the results were derived from the same samples taken at the same time


Most clients don’t have the funds or a healthcare professional who is inspired enough to seek out lab results from two different labs, but patients need to know that lab results are not necessarily informative. Like the Kildeer, the results may, in fact, be manipulated to throw you off course. Believe it or not, but I was lucky to have a client who proved that this is, in fact, a real problem right now in modern medicine. If you feel strongly, for example, that your loved one has a vitamin B12 deficiency and you ask for a lab test to prove it, you may actually be creating a weaker stance for yourself in terms of arguing with your doctor for your loved one to receive vitamin B12 injections. If the lab results come back saying your loved one has average or high levels of vitamin  B12, you might feel inclined to distrust your own intuition.  A lot of people who have parasite infections seek out lab tests to prove it only to find that the the lab results yield nothing. Lab tests for certain things like parasite infections, vitamin B12 levels, and even mammograms are infamous for being incorrect in the scientific literature. Mammograms, for example, have an extremely high rate of false-positives—so high, in fact, that most women will at one time in their lives, receive a false positive from a mammogram. And 7-9% of those women will undergo a biopsy (and a great deal of undue stress) due to these false lab results. The biopsy costs them a lot of money and it causes them undue stress. When lab tests have this kind of reputation, one has to wonder whether they’re valuable at all. Personally, I don’t ever intend to get a mammogram because I don’t believe in cancer as a disease that can’t be cured using simple ingredients that people can obtain at home. I have enough knowledge and experience now with this disease that I’m not daunted by it. And when I work with clients, I’d rather hear about how they feel than what their lab results say. 


So I learned something from this client and the nurse practitioner who ordered lab results from two different labs. Other people can learn from his experience too. Lab reports can be distracting, and this is a problem, of course because intuition has always been a big part of healing since the beginning of time (in Ancient Greece, for example, sick patients would travel to visit the Temple of Asclepius in the hopes of having a dream that would offer them insight into their condition and how to treat it). So, for patients who are trying to sort out a health problem that is diminishing their quality of life, it’s important to recognize that lab results can be misleading and lab reports can also be flat-out wrong

Intuition vs. Lab Tests

Intuition can be a scary thing. Or at least this has been my experience with using intuition in medicine. But miracles happen through intuition because it often isn’t always possible to find information at the exact moment when we need it online especially when we use only our conscious minds and tools like logic. Intuition can sometimes lead us in the right direction though toward the proper medicines at the proper time. That being said, people who are sick may lack the ability to tap into their intuition. Indeed, one might say that lacking intuition is a part of most illnesses, if not the primary feature. In that case, a healthy loved one can be a vital tool in finding the right medicine for someone who is sick. So we’ve started talking about natural contraception and herbal abortifacients and medicinal tools for women who aren’t necessarily ill. Indeed, natural forms of contraception and herbs that cause abortion are tools that healthy women use in order to stay healthy and balanced in their lives. So a discussion about using intuition is valuable in this context. As a healthy woman, you can seek out these tools and use your intuition to decide what’s right for you.


I’ve spent a lot of time meditating on hormone imbalance and lab results that my clients have brought to me and most of my meditations (as I wash dishes or clean the floor or whatnot) end with the thought that lab results repulse me in general. . My clients tend to cling to their lab results though because these results seem to be a source of information, like a map or a compass or both. It makes sense to my logical mind and I concede that sometimes there are golden nuggets of information in lab results. But, after years of working with Big Pharma in actual medical settings, studying medicine and psychology in University settings, shadowing doctors and psychiatrists, being a dissatisfied patient diagnosed with serious diseases, traveling the world to see healers and how people actually cure their diseases in various settings outside of conventional medicine, and then later, working as a medical writer has led me to be naturally distrustful of anything produced by The Machine, I trust my gut first and if lab results or doctor’s insights happen to back up my intuition then I pay attention to the lab results and the doctors. Otherwise, I continue on in my search for a cure using intuition.


I feel very blessed because I’ve had the opportunity to use my intuition in situations that were life-or-death and I’ve had some really excellent results using that approach. Most of our clients are actually quite intuitive, which is why they contact Lydi and me to help them gain confidence in terms of what their intuition is telling them. But they tend to lean toward their doctor’s views or they go down an unproductive path of thought due to lab results that may or may not be honest or even relevant. Meanwhile, their intuition is telling them that something is askew. Leaning a bit toward their intuition while still maintaining an awareness of what their doctor is telling them or what lab results have to say is often enough for clients to get their footing back. 


In Lydi’s and my view of medicine and healing, patients have all of the information inside of them to heal themselves, but they often don’t have the right words or the right model of medicine (at first) to describe what they’re experiencing or they can’t make sense of the symbolic /  emotional content that intuition tends to yield. For many patients, their healing journey begins with finding the right words and the right model that works for them. What feels right for one person may not feel right for another. That’s normal and, in fact, positive. The differences in people’s models and experiences is what makes healing such a rich topic. Women’s health is unique because women work with changing physical states each month as they go through the menstrual cycle and changing physical states that occur during pregnancy or as they pass through menopause. This makes women unique in the realm of healthcare. Women are naturally more attuned to their health, their physical ups and downs, and what these ups and downs mean in terms of health.


I follow magnetic attraction-repulsion feelings about health-related problems and I encourage readers to do the same. I’m not talking about allowing fear to steer your life though. I’m talking about following actual feelings of attraction or the sense that something is good for you. Or following the feeling of repulsion and the feeling that something is wrong or bad for you. I still think about and meditate on my visceral reactions because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to communicate with the people I work with in a logical way. I lean toward intuition, but I don’t rely exclusively on intuition. Patients who are ill should get the help of a healthy loved one to work with intuition on their behalf since illness can steer patients off-track in terms of intuition.

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The book below is about herbal contraception and natural abortifacients. As such, it is not about solving a health riddle. It is a book about how healthy women can take care of their own health without having to consult a doctor who may be peddling dangerous contraceptive methods like Essure or the Paraguard IUD. As such, we recommend that women use their intuition in making a decision about which type of natural birth control method appeals to them. Women who are seeking herbal abortion pills need to read the material carefully and decide what abortifacients fit their needs. 


In any case, there are natural birth control options. And there are natural abortion options as well. As with any type of birth control in conventional medicine, there are no 100% guarantees. And though natural abortion options may fail, the natural options tend to be less traumatic than the clinic-based abortion experience especially in today’s world. Each woman will have to decide for herself if the herbal abortion option benefits are worth the risks. 


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