How the Budwig Smoothie Can Boost Male Fertility


The Budwig Protocol is an anticancer diet that includes a specially formulated “smoothie” with special healing benefits. Though originally created as part of a cancer treatment protocol, the Budwig Smoothie can be used in more than just the treatment of cancer or other serious diseases. This smoothie was designed by Dr. Johanna Budwig to be a perfect combination of proteins and fats, rich in “living” fats from cold-pressed flaxseed oil. Dr. Budwig taught that drinking this smoothie daily, in combination with healthy general diet practices like those discussed above, can help regenerate all of the cells in the body. 


You see, when a person eats “dead”, unhealthy fats, like those found on potato chips and fried chicken, or even those in heavily refined vegetable oils, these fats eventually end up as part of the lipid membrane surrounding our cells. Since the lipid membrane must be well-charged with electricity in order for cells to communicate, the consumption of dead oils and fats eventually leads to decreased conductivity and communication between cells throughout the body. When a person eats living oils, however, such as those found in the Budwig Smoothie or in the form of unrefined, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc., the body is able to take these fats instead and replace the dead fats in the lipid membranes with living fats. This allows for better electrical conductivity, better communication between cells, and therefore more efficient and normal body processes. 


I’d recommend the Budwig Smoothie to both men and women who are trying to conceive, but it may be of extra special benefit to men. Why? Well, I want to draw readers’ attention to the fact that sperm cells are… cells. A man’s testicles are constantly producing sperm cells, and therefore, men have an opportunity every day to improve their diet, lifestyle, or other factors in order to improve the quality of their sperm. I also want to note that the health of the lipid membrane in sperm cells directly affects sperm motility and sperm cells’ ability (or inability) to effectively bind with and fertilize an egg. Thus, consuming the Budwig Smoothie on a daily basis may help a man’s sperm to have improved structural health, and thus increased chances of being able to fertilize an egg. 


The Budwig Smoothie is easy to make, and highly adaptable. It’s important to drink it fresh, and ideally, it should be taken while sitting in the sun with as much skin exposed (without sunscreen) to the sun as possible. This allows the body to more effectively take in the living oils and use them correctly. 


Here is the recipe: 


  1. In a blender, combine 3 tablespoons of cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin flaxseed oil with 6 tablespoons of organic, free-range cottage cheese. 
    1. If you don’t have access to organic, free-range cottage cheese, you may substitute coconut cream, almond milk, goat’s milk, or another creamy milk (but not soy milk, since this milk isn’t great for men’s hormone health). Coconut cream is especially ideal.
  2. Blend these two ingredients until they become light and fluffy. There should be no separation between the ingredients. 
  3. At this point, you may add some fresh fruit or a little bit of raw honey/stevia/monk fruit to improve the flavor. Blend to combine, or mix sliced fruit into the smoothie if you’d prefer.
  4. Drink right away while sitting in the sunlight (if you live somewhere without a lot of sunlight, consider sitting under an infrared light while you eat the smoothie instead).


Drink the Budwig Smoothie at least once a day to boost fertility, but if you really, really enjoy it, you’re welcome to drink it even up to 8 times a day (this is the dose that cancer patients consume)! Continue drinking it at least once a day for between 10-30 days minimum. You may continue consuming it for longer if you wish, but this is the minimum time period in which it should be consumed in order to see benefits. 


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