Certain seeds contain a substance known as amygdalin / abscisin / vitamin B17. This substance can restore health to tissues in the body that have degenerated and become susceptible to infection.

Natural Toxoplasmosis Cures Using New Models of Medicine


Toxoplasmosis can masquerade as a variety of different diseases. Below are some of the diseases that are regularly associated with Toxoplasmosis. 


  • Lyme Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Autism
  • Mood Disorders
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Cancer
  • Neurodegenerative Disease


In the scientific literature, there are a number of health problems that are so heavily correlated with Toxoplasmosis that it challenges basic assumptions about how these dis-ease works and how it should be treated. 


Toxoplasmosis is a potentially fatal complication in bone marrow stem cell transplantation that is frequently reported in the scientific literature, a thought-provoking fact that deserves a bit more attention. In most cases, Toxoplasmosis is regarded as a disease of the brain and nervous system, but the fact that bone marrow stem cell transplants can trigger a Toxoplasmosis infection brings to mind some thoughts regarding toxic exposures that negatively impact the nervous system and the bone marrow tissues.


Recently when Lydian and I started researching organophosphate exposure, bone marrow became the focal point of our investigation because these toxic insecticides take up residence in bone tissues, disrupting the normal crystalline structure of the bone to cause a specific type of bone weakness and a predisposition to bone marrow diseases including lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma, and other types of bone and blood cancers.


Vitamin K2 deficiency makes people especially vulnerable to organophosphate poisoning and unfortunately, vitamin K2 deficiency is nearly ubiquitous in the developed world due to the rise of GMOs. Indeed, organophosphate herbicides like glyphosate / RoundUp were specifically developed to kill plants that produce vitamin K2, vitamin B9 (folate), and the various amino acids that are essential for the production of thyroid hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline, serotonin, and melatonin. It is this mechanism of action that makes glyphosate / RoundUp work as an herbicide. 


GMO plants themselves have been developed from normal, natural plants that produce nutrient substances like vitamin K2, vitamin B9, and the amino acids that are essential for brain, bone, and blood health into plants that do not produce these nutrient substances anymore. This has led to an explosion of health issues like cancer, autoimmunity, and susceptibility to certain types of infection like Lyme disease, Toxoplasmosis, and yes, COVID-19 because the people eating these GMOs (like soy, corn, and wheat—all staple food products) are now deficient in nutrients that were common in the diet before.

Where the Shikimate Pathway Ends, Disease Begins

The shikimate pathway is known as the “metabolic tree with many branches”. The basic shikimate pathway is a biochemical process that plants and certain microorganisms go through to produce vitamin K2, vitamin B9, tryptophan, tyrosine, phenylalanine, shikimic acid, and more. Though humans aren’t able to naturally produce vitamin K2, vitamin B9 or the above listed amino acids or shikimic acid via the shikimate pathway, plants and certain microorganisms can. 


Normally, humans consume plant products that contain vitamin K2, but these days, GMOs have replaced those natural plant products to reduce access to this vital nutrient. And on top of that, herbicides like RoundUp / glyphosate, halt the shikimate pathway in the beneifical intestinal  microorganisms that normally live inside our bodies. 


When people eat GMO grains or produce, these plants don’t contain the vital nutrients that the body needs in order to fight infection effectively. But when people eat grains or produce that have been sprayed with RoundUp / glyphosate, even if those food items are not GMOs themselves, 54% of the healthy gut flora is killed, leaving behind gut flora that doesn’t produce nutrient substances and leaving a vacuum where unhealthy toxic pathogens like Toxoplasmosis can easily become infectious. They say that the majority of the body’s immune system lives in the gut as beneficial bacteria, so the destruction of more than half of these beneficial bacteria would certainly lead to immune system dysfunctions.


Read more about RoundUp / Glyphosate and how insecticides and herbicides contribute to Toxoplasmosis infection and other serious diseases in our book, Root Cause.


Too Little Calcium in Bones, Too Much Calcium in the Blood


Vitamin K2 is the nutrient that ensures that calcium that is ushered into the blood supply by vitamin D makes it into the bone tissues. Without vitamin D (which is produced naturally in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight without sunscreen to block the full-spectrum light), calcium is not absorbed from the intestines into the blood supply. But without vitamin K2, bones become calcium deficient (no matter how much calcium a person eats) and the blood supply, meanwhile, is flooded with calcium. Eventually, all that calcium in the blood supply starts to cause big problems in the body. 


First and foremost, calcium in the blood supply inhibits the absorption of iodine. So, a person who is deficient in vitamin K2 but who takes a daily dose of vitamin D will have high levels of calcium in the blood supply or in soft tissues, but low levels of calcium in bone tissues and in teeth where the calcium belongs. And this person will inevitably be deficient in iodine as well as in vitamin K2 because high calcium levels in the blood supply inhibit absorption of iodine into the reproductive organs and thyroid gland. Iodine and vitamin K2 are like the immune system watchdogs. Iodine ensures that the blood and the organs are protected from pathogens while vitamin K2 ensures that bone, bone marrow, and the lymph cells and blood cells produced in the bone marrow are healthy and protected from pathogens as well. 


If vitamin K2 isn’t present to take calcium out of the blood and put it into the bones, iodine won’t be able to get absorbed properly by the body. Essentially, a person then becomes susceptible to a number of diseases that can affect nearly any system in the body. The bone marrow becomes a hiding place for pathogens. The gallbladder and the liver also become hiding places for pathogens. 

An Important Theory of Cancer to Help Us Understand Toxoplasmosis Infection Better

Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler was a famous physician who developed a cure for cancer based off of a theory that cancer is caused by an “infective agent” that is naturally present in a dormant state in all human cells. The cancer-causing mycobacterium can be activated and then it can hybridize with the host’s own DNA if the body is in a weakened state. Chronic irritation, extreme stress, toxin exposure, highly acidic pH for prolonged periods of time, poor nutrient-diet, or the presence of another pathogen in the body can all cause cancer to develop by activating this pathogen that is naturally present in all human cells.  


Read more about Dr. Livingston-Wheeler’s cure for cancer here.


Dr. Livingston-Wheeler was not the only doctor to espouse this view of cancer. In fact, Dr. Keith Brewer was a microbiologist who also developed one of the most powerful cures for cancer known as High pH Therapy. He didn’t every know about or read about Dr. Livingston-Wheeler’s theories about cancer, yet he made the same observations about the behavior of cancer cells in the body. High pH therapy involves a cycle of increasing the body’s pH to above 7.0 and keeping it above this level for 3 weeks with 1 week off before resuming the cycle. High pH Therapy is a powerful cure for cancer that works very quickly. It typically takes away the pain of cancer within 24 to 48 hours. My personal experience with High pH Therapy has been exceedingly positive such that, in my opinion, it should be a foundation treatment for all diseases, including Toxoplasmosis. There are several ways to alkalize the body to increase pH. We talk about these methods briefly below.


High pH Therapies to Cure Toxoplasmosis Naturally


High pH therapy can change the entire biological terrain inside the body to holistically restore health when someone has a Toxoplasmosis infection. People with a number of different diseases including Toxoplasmosis have benefited greatly from increasing saliva pH from between 7.0 to 8.0. Using pH as a medicinal therapy, it is possible to kill pathogens like Toxoplasmosis and the Lyme pathogen at the same time along with cancer cells. Read more about how to do High pH Therapy here.


If you don’t have access to Cesium, Lithium Orotate, or Ionic Rubidium, you can also use Baking Soda Therapy as an alternative type of high pH Therapy. Read more about how to do Baking Soda Therapy here.


A third option for alkalizing the body is Kangen Water, also known as the Bob Wright Protocol. Read more about Kangen Therapy here.


Dr. Livingston-Wheeler and Dr. Keith Brewer both believed that the cancer-causing mycobacterium known as Progenitor cryptocides was present in all human cells, but that it was not expressed in every person’s body as an infection that we refer to as “cancer”. The interesting thing about this view of cancer is that a number of experts believe that the Toxoplasmosis pathogen is present in all human cells too. If this is true, then this pathogen would need to be activated in order for it to express the symptoms of Toxoplasmosis

Activating Toxoplasmosis

Cancer is a disease that is activated by stress, by low pH levels in the body, poor diet, toxic exposure, and nutrient deficiency. One of the most important nutrient deficiencies that can cause cancer is a deficiency of amygdalin or vitamin B17. We talk about amygdalin / vitamin B17 and how and why this nutrient can be used as a natural cure for Toxoplasmosis here.


The same doctor, Dr. Sugiura, who developed chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Treatment Hospital, later discovered amygdalin, which he dubbed as a vitamin because of its ability to cure cancer in 100% of lab rats. While toxic chemotherapy medications were heavily promoted by Sloan Kettering, this doctor’s research into amygdalin / vitamin B17, was covered up. In humans, vitamin B17 / amygdalin has an 80-90% cancer cure rate and this vitamin can be taken to prevent cancer too. Dr. Sugiura believed that vitamin B17, when it was present in the diet (or as a supplement) was able to prevent degeneration of the body and all degenerative diseases like cancer. Vitamin B17 / amygdalin is present in high quantities in seeds. Dr. Livingston-Wheeler, without any knowledge of Dr. Sugiura and vice versa, developed a special “abscisin-based diet”. The abscisins in Dr. Livingston-Wheeler’s model of cancer share a lot of interesting similarities with what Dr. Sugiura called amygdalin or “vitamin B17”. 


According to Dr. Livingston-Wheeler, abscisins were substances that had healing effects against cancer and degenerative diseases which, by the way, include opportunistic infection that develop in people with low immunity or poor resistance to disease. Abscisins are substances in plants that tell the plant when to flower, when to go into dormancy, when the leaves should turn color in the autumn, and more. Abscisins are especially high in sprouted seedlings that are not more than 9 days old. Dr. Sugiura observed that amygdalin was a substance that was present in many seeds, particularly almond-shaped seeds as well. 


Dr. Livingston-Wheeler was also able to achieve a 90% cancer cure rate through her work with dietary seedlings and abscisins. Read more about how to do Dr. Livingston-Wheeler’s Abscisin-Based Diet here.


Read more about Dr. Sugiura’s theories regarding vitamin B17 / amygdalin here. 


It seems likely that Dr. Livingston-Wheeler and Dr. Sugiura were observing the same nutrient deficiency when they developed their theories about how cancer is cured. In any case, both Dr. Livingston-Wheeler and Dr. Sugiura were able to achieve 90% cancer cure rates using this nutrient-based treatment approach for a disease that has only a 2-3% cure rate in those who are given chemotherapy as a stand-alone medication.


Nonetheless, a diet that’s low in fresh, raw seedlings and seeds can lead to a deficiency of this substance known as amygdalin / vitamin B17 / abscisins that can cure cancer or prevent cancer. But now, let’s consider the possibility that Toxoplasma gondii, like the cancer-causing Progenitor cryptocides mycobacterium, is also a pathogen that is present in all human cells from birth. Toxoplamsa gondii may not be expressed or activated unless something happens in the body that weakens the body or the cells in a specific way. Exposure to toxins like mercury (through mercury amalgam dental fillings, for example), organophosphate insecticides, bromide-containing pesticides, and other poisons may activate the Toxoplasmosis pathogen.

Extreme stress might also play a role in activating the pathogen via changes in breath which lead to lower, more acidic pH levels in the body. Poor diet or exposure to certain drugs that contain bromide / bromine or organophosphates could also activate the Toxoplasmosis infection.


Read more about common over-the-counter medications that contain toxic bromide here.

The Somatid Theory of Disease

It has been my experience that there are definitely infections that are contagious that can be spread through contact with other people. But I also believe that there are “infections” that come from within us. In fact, we have four basic theories of disease that Lydi and I have absorbed from great thinkers who have found cures for supposedly incurable diseases:


  1. Germ Theory
  2. Somatid Theory and a Modified Version of Terrain Theory
  3. Remote Bacterial Colonization of the Liver / Gallbladder / Bone Marrow / Spinal Fluids, etc. to Hijack Health
  4. The Biomagnetic Pair Theory (which is related to Terrain Theory)


According to these three theories, an “infection” or symptoms of disease can happen as a result of pathogens that come from within us or from pathogens that come from outside of us. And because antibiotic medications that are prescribed by doctors are immediately broken down by the liver during first pass metabolism, pathogens are able to take up long-term residence in the liver, in the gallbladder, in bone marrow, and sometimes in spinal fluids or the brain. These pathogens, which would normally cause an infection and symptoms like strep throat, as one example, instead cause symptoms of autoimmune disease. 


Somatid Theory and the Modified Terrain Theory that I use sometimes to describe and understand infections like Toxoplasmosis that tend to be present in the body along with other pathogenic co-infections, requires a very open mind and out-of-the-box thinking at first. Not everyone can buy into Somatid Theory, but for those who are ready to be challenged with new models of medicine, somatids make a lot of sense, actually. According to Somatid Theory and Terrain Theory, there are tiny pin-dots of light in the blood that can only be seen using Live Blood Analysis or Dark Field Microscopy. These pin-dots of light are called “somatids” and when a person has an alkaline tissue / saliva pH, these somatids regularly change into 4-6 different shapes that resemble infectious bacteria. These shapes activate the immune system to keep it working smoothly. 


In contrast, when the body has an acidic pH below a pH of 7.0, the somatids go through an entirely different cycle of 64 or more pathogenic “shapes”. The somatids can turn into bacteria, viruses, or parasites and they can take more than one shape in the body at any given time depending on varying pH levels in different parts of the body. 


According to the doctrine of biomagnetism and biomagnetic pairs, any infectious pathogen in the body requires a second pathogen of an opposite polarity to support its presence in the body. Essentially, the location where pathogens take up residence in the body depends on pH levels that flow along specific channels that are roughly equivalent to the meridians used by acupuncturists. This doctrine helps explain why certain infections like Lyme disease or Toxoplasmosis become co-infections. Getting rid of one infectious pathogen means that the environment conducive to the presence of the other pathogen is significantly diminished. Biomagnetism is a type of therapy that can diagnose the presence of two different pathogens that are supporting each other in the body and also treat those infections using magnets.


Toxoplasmosis appears to be an example of a disease that comes from within and that coexists with other pathogens. It’s a disease that’s triggered by low immunity, poor diet / poor nutrient profile, stress, toxins, or all of the above. It develops when human cells become vulnerable and weak which means that it may not exist in solitude in the body. Rather, Toxoplasmosis is often a co-infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. It is also often a co-infection with Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The fact that Toxoplasmosis exists with these other infectious agents should give us pause because it lends credibility to these other models of medicine and how Toxoplasmosis becomes infective inside the human body. Though it may not be uncommon for a person to get an infection like influenza or the common cold, it should be viewed as abnormal when someone has more than one type of chronic  infectious pathogen in the body, especially when doctors aren’t able to effectively treat any of them. What’s going on here? And can we do a paradigm shift to better understand this problem and solve it?


Review Summary


Using these other models of medicine gives us new avenues to consider in terms of treatments and cures for Toxoplasmosis. In this chapter, we’ve discussed several of the most important Toxoplasmosis cures that should be used as a starting block for those with this disease. Let’s review them below:


  • Vitamin B17 / Amygdalin / Abscisin / Seeds and Legume plants of the Fabaceae Family



Amygdalin / vitamin B17 should be administered topically to the skin in the form of either cold-pressed, organic grape seed oil or hexane-free, cold-pressed apricot kernel oil. Cover the entire body with these oils daily.  If the patient is not taking a prescription medication the oils should be administered over the entire body as ½ cup with 20 drops of Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), a substance that we talk about briefly in our discussion about using Chlorine Dioxide Solution as a cure for Toxooplasmosis here


Vitamin B17 / amygdalin should also be administered by mouth either as raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels taken in doses of 4-5 at one time for 10 total doses per day or as an apricot kernel extract. Some amygdalin preparations also exist. We talk more in depth about vitamin B17 / amygdalin later.

Read more about the medicinal properties of DMSO, a tree-derived, FDA-approved medication here.


Be sure to read about how to use DMSO safely as a natural treatment for Toxoplasmosis here. 


Download the Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) and the CDS Complementary Medicines books here (which detail everything you need to know about how to use these medicines to cure Toxoplasmosis here). 


  • Vitamin K2 



We talk extensively about vitamin K2 as an antidote to protect people from organophosphate bioaccumulation in our book called Root Cause which gives a detailed account of how insecticide exposure and bioaccumulation leads to the development of diseases like Toxoplasmosis. Read more here about how vitamin K2 and iodine deficiencies have been programmed into the food supply and how these deficiencies lead to specific vulnerabilities that the government can then exploit.


Note that vitamin D supplements should never be taken without a vitamin K2 supplement to balance its effects in the body. Instead of taking vitamin D, consider getting rid of your toxic sunscreen and spending 30 minutes in the sunlight every day drinking a Budwig Diet Smoothie. Read more here about how certain fatty acids have been shown to kill Toxoplasmosis in part through their healing effects on human cell membranes and how the Budwig Smoothie and sunlight can literally cure Toxoplasma gondii infection. 


Note that the Budwig Smoothie, when it was developed years ago by Dr. Johanna Budwig, contained vitamin K2 and the recommended cottage cheese used in the smoothies did not contain organophosphate residues. Today, patients would do best to seek out a type of milk like coconut milk that does not contain toxic additives or insecticide residues and add that to the Budwig Smoothie in place of dairy products. Vitamin K2 supplementation in addition to the Budwig Smoothie and sunlight exposure is essential. 


Read more about the dangers of supplementing with vitamin D if you are not also supplementing with vitamin K2 here.



  • Lugol’s Iodine 2%



We talk in-depth about how to use Lugol’s iodine as a cure for Toxoplasmosis infection. Citizens of the U.S. especially and of other countries that have not yet outlawed the use of bromine / bromine who don’t religiously take Lugol’s iodine 2% at a dose of at least 50 mg per day (20 drops) will have a hard time overcoming Toxoplasmosis infection. Read more about how to use Lugol’s iodine 2% properly here. 

Our Amazon links to products that cure disease often disappear mysteriously shortly after we publish. Please click here to buy Lugol’s iodine 2% and support our outside vendors.


Final Thoughts

Toxoplasmosis and Borrelia burgdorferi (the Lyme pathogen) as well as other parasitic infections like Babesia are correlated with herbicide and insecticide exposure. Organophosphate insecticides and herbicides halt the shikimate pathway. GMO plants do not go through the normal shikimate pathway which makes them toxic to the body. And plant materials that are coated with these toxic anti-shikimate pathway chemicals kill gut flora that produce shikimate pathway metabolites like vitamin K2, folate, and amino acids that are used by our bodies to produce neurotransmitters that keep the brain tissues healthy and strong and our moods balanced. Without these amino acids, infectious pathogens like Toxoplasmosis and Borrelia burgdorferi find it easier to infect the brain and nervous system tissues.


Organophosphates and bromide-containing insecticides that make vitamin K2 and iodine deficiencies much worse can cause the body to become vulnerable to disease like Toxoplasmosis. Vitamin B17 / amygdalin deficiency promotes the premature degeneration of the immune system function and tissues in the body. We’ll talk more later about how a number of the plants that contain vitamin B17 / amygdalin also contain high levels of the amino acids that are used by the body to produce neurotransmitters that must be present in order for Toxoplasmosis sufferers and Lyme disease sufferers to rebalance the autonomic nervous system. If these amino acids aren’t present, even if the infectious pathogens are killed or restored back to dormancy, the body will continue to behave in an imbalanced manner as though it is “sick”. This is one of the reasons why Lyme disease sufferers experience relief using Bee Venom Therapy, which restores balance to the autonomic nervous system. Read more about Bee Venom Therapy here.


In this discussion, we argue that certain, specific cancer cures can also be cures for Toxoplasmosis. We also argue that insecticide exposure and other toxins can exploit vitamin K2 and iodine deficiencies. Correcting these two deficiencies makes people less vulnerable to insecticide exposures which strengthens their body against all types of infection, cancer, and autoimmunity. In another article about autism, Long COVID, and post-vaccine syndromes, we talk about how the shikimate pathway metabolite deficiencies lead to diseases involving neuroinflammation and how to correct this problem.

Buy our book about the root cause underlying many diseases: organophosphate and bromide-containing insecticides and GMOs here. 



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We’ve recently released the Living Database, the tool that Lydian and I use to store our data when we research cures for diseases. Sometimes we stumble across natural treatments cures for rare diseases in the scientific literature. If we do, we put in the Living Database. Sometimes we find links to surprising scientific data or even anecdotal reports of a cure for diseases that have been dubbed “incurable” or even, in some cases “untreatable” by doctors. And this tool, the AlivenHealthy Living Database allows us to store this information. Now, we’ve made the database live so our readers can use it to find cures for disease even if we haven’t had a chance to write about it yet.

The AlivenHealthy Living Database is an excellent tool for healers and body workers or even just for average people to use on family and friends. If you search for a disease or disorder that isn’t in our database, this alerts Lydi and I to the fact that someone in the database user pool is looking for that particular disease. If our client load is low and we have time to do research into that disease, we can update the database immediately with information about diseases that interest Living Database users. Click here to learn more and download the Living Database now.


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