Is sunlight really that bad for you? If it were, our bodies wouldn’t be made to interact with the sun by producing things like vitamin D, fumaric acid, and Cytochrome C–all substances that enhance human health through sunlight exposure.

Sunlight, Fumaric Acid: Detoxification and Healing


As we’ve already mentioned a few times in this book, vitamin D is produced naturally by the skin when it is exposed to the full-spectrum, healing light of the sun. It is then partially activated in the liver and then fully activated in the kidneys so that it can actually be used by the body. But vitamin D isn’t the only vital substance produced by the skin when we’re exposed to healthy, natural sunlight (without garbling its healing effects by applying sunscreen). Another important substance produced by human skin after sun exposure is known as “fumaric acid”.


Is Sunlight Really Good for You?


Many people are confused by the idea of exposing the skin to sunlight in order to heal the body. We’ve all been told that the sunlight will cause us to age more quickly, it’ll cause us to get skin cancer, and that the sun will kill us. But what if the sun actually heals our bodies? What if this source of light was designed to interact with the skin to help us produce energy in a manner similar to how plants produce energy from the sun?


When my husband developed melanoma a number of years ago, I was lucky that I was studying cancer cures that exist outside of conventional medicine at the time. According to the Budwig Protocol, cancer patients need healthy, natural sunlight exposure without sunscreen. Doctor Budwig administered her flaxseed oil and milk smoothies plus sunlight exposure to patients with great success. She was able to cure many diseases using her diet-plus-sunlight exposure approach. So my husband spent a lot of time in the sun as part of the cure for melanoma. To this day, he still spends long hours in the sun without sunscreen and this has proven to be beneficial for his health.  


Over the years, I’ve been fascinated with the idea that sunlight can cure disease. After discovering that psoriasis patients often experience a full remission from their symptoms after spending a few weeks bathing in sea water and tanning on the beaches at the Dead Sea, I really started to tune into the importance of sunlight in curing disease. Sunlight exposure causes our bodies to produce vitamin D, fumaric acid, and also a photosensitive substance known as Cytochrome C that reacts to sunlight. Our bodies were literally designed to interact with the sun. Hiding under sunscreen or staying indoors without getting lots of sunlight exposure on a regular basis can lead to serious diseases like multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, cancer, and more. 

Fumaric Acid: Master Detoxifying Agent


In this discussion, we focus on fumaric acid as a substance that can be used to hyper-detoxify the body and to push past limitations in those who have serious diseases that are not responding to other treatments.


Fumaric acid, like vitamin D, must travel to the liver to become activated. In the liver, it partners closely with healthy inorganic phosphates to produce energy in the ADP-ATP cycle, a process that’s otherwise known as the Kreb’s cycle. The Kreb’s cycle is a vital source of energy for our bodies. That’s an understatement. It’s really the primary source of energy for our bodies.  And fumaric acid plays a crucial role in this cycle. And, if you don’t get enough sunlight (without sunscreen getting in the way of catching a few rays), you likely aren’t producing enough of it. You are also unlikely to get fumaric acid in your diet unless you happen to take Fumaric Acid supplements or Fumaria officinalis / Earth Smoke Plant supplements. Read more about how natural fumaric acid is used to cure other autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and multiple sclerosis here. And also read more here about Fumaria officinalis, a plant that produces a natural form of fumaric acid that is identical to the fumaric acid produced by our bodies after exposure to sunlight


Fumaric acid has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the nerves and brain. So it can be used by autism patients, for example, and by patients with spinal cord injuries or any type of nervous system disease to reduce neuroinflammation naturally. Read more about fumaric acid and Fumaria officinalis to reduce neuroinflammation here.


But besides its effects on neuroinflammation and inflammation in other areas of the body, Fumaria officinalis and natural, over-the-counter fumaric acid supplements can be administered to upregulate DNA production in cells to significantly speed up detoxification of the body from organophosphate and bromide / bromine exposure. In other words, if you have a major disease and you’re trying to detoxify your body more quickly, sunlight exposure (at 30 minutes twice daily), fumaric acid supplements (which are available over-the-counter), or Fumaria officianalis / Earth Smoke Plant tinctures or teas (which contain fumaric acid) may be able to get you past the limitations you’re facing.


Read more about the relationship between organophosphates and bromine here. 


Sunlight exposure (without sunscreen) is a key part of detoxification in part because fumaric acid that’s produced in the skin maximizes how quickly our bodies can detoxify after we’re exposed to different types of toxins. The path that vitamin D takes after sunlight exposure starts with production of this nutrient in the skin tissues. From the skin, it goes to the liver and then on to the kidneys to become fully activated and bioavailable. Interestingly, the skin, liver, and kidneys are all considered to be the primary “organs of detoxification”. If any of these organs (the skin, liver, or kidneys) are compromised, health problems inevitably develop due to the body’s inability to get rid of toxins. 


The use of sunlight, fumaric acid as a nutrient cure for myasthenia gravis or the use of Fumaria officinalis as an herbal myasthenia gravis treatment is a safe and natural alternative for patients who are taking drugs like Cellcept / Mycophenolate mofetil or Azathioprine because Cellcept / Mycophenolate and Azathioprine increase the body’s sensitivity to the sun. Taking these drugs makes the skin sensitive to the sun such that melanoma and skin cancer risk is significantly heightened in these patients. Myasthenia gravis patients who are taking these drugs naturally avoid the sun which is unfortunate given that the sun is likely to have a healing effect on the progression of their disease. If, as a patient, you decide to continue taking these myasthenia gravis drugs or if you are slowly weaning yourself off Cellcept and you want to experience the benefits of fumaric acid as a natural cure for myasthenia gravis (given that myasthenia gravis is a common disease that can be caused by toxic exposure to organophosphates and bromine / bromide), consider taking fumaric acid supplements or Fumaria officinalis as either a tincture or as a tea. Start with half of the recommended daily dose of the product that you choose to take and increase the dose by ½ every 3 days or in tandem with reductions in your Cellcept / Mycophenolate or Azathioprine dose.

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How to Take Fumaria officinalis / Earth Smoke Plant

Fumaria officinalis contains the natural form of fumaric acid. Because this herb is, of course, completely natural, this is the best way to increase your fumaric acid levels and use fumaric acid therapeutically if you are not going to spend time in the sunlight.  The plant is available in dry herb form, from which a tea can be made and it is also available as a tincture/extract, or in capsulized form. To make a tea, add 1 tablespoon of dried Fumaria officinalis herb to 1 cup of boiling water, and let steep for 15 minutes before drinking. Drink this tea with each meal, or on an as-needed basis throughout the day. Follow the dosing instructions on the tincture/extract or Fumaria capsules that you receive. 


Fumaria officinalis can be used to treat not only organophosphate poisoning, but also kidney problems, constipation, arthritis, eye infections and conjunctivitis, psoriasis, lupus, Lyme disease, and rheumatism, among other health conditions. You can read more about this herbal remedy in this article. 


Fumaria officinalis: Herbal Cure for Rare Diseases

A number of rare diseases can be cured using simple, natural substances. As a natural detoxifying nutrient that also promotes energy production in cells, Fumaria officinalis and fumaric acid supplements (as well as sunlight exposure) can sometimes be administered as a general tonic for rare diseases that are not responding to other types of treatment. Many of these rare diseases involve toxic buildup in the body and an inability to successfully detoxify as well as low cellular energy that doesn’t permit the body to properly repair itself. Fumaric acid derived from sunlight, from a supplement, or from the Earth Smoke Plant / Fumaria officinalis can be used to both help the body detoxify more successfully and more quickly and also to help increase cellular energy and thus healing. 

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