Menaquinone is another name for vitamin K2, a substance that can theoretically be produced in the intestinal flora of the human body. Organophosphates like glyphosate and RoundUp kill the flora that produce this vitamin and GMOs are engineered to not contain vitamin K2. But vitamin K2 can be used with other nutrients that we discuss here to cure all types of cancer.

Cancer and Organophosphate Exposure


Organophosphates are chemicals that are used in a variety of settings. They accumulate in the environment and in the body over time which means that even low-level exposure that’s constant and ongoing can eventually lead to health problems like cancer and environmental problems due to exposure. 


Organophosphates are used today in the following settings:


  • Organophosphates are used as insecticides in farming and agriculture to treat produce and grains that humans eventually consume
  • Organophosphates are used in veterinary medicine to treat animals that humans eventually consume as meat.
  • Organophosphates are used as insecticides on lawns and in gardens. 
  • Organophosphates are prescribed as medicines under the classification of “bisphosphonate”. Read more about bisphosphonate drugs here.


Low-level exposure to organophosphates can be as hazardous to human health as acute, high-level exposure though the symptoms of chronic exposure are quite a bit different than the symptoms of acute organophosphate poisoning.


In addition to the negative effects of organophosphate exposure, if a person has a deficiency of vitamin K2 this can worsen iodine deficiency and bromine toxicity as we’ve talked about in previous discussions. Read more about vitamin K2 deficiency and how it contributes to iodine deficiency here.


Though cancer in conventional medicine is regarded as multiple diseases, each one requiring a very different approach in terms of chemotherapy, surgery or radiation, in this book we view cancer as one disease. We’ve written a great deal about cancer in our Cancer Cure Catalog 4 volume series, but we also link to some of the most important natural cancer cures below. Click here to download the first volume of the Cancer Cure Catalog and click here to download the other 3 volumes of this series to learn more about how to cure cancer due to any cause including due to organophosphate poisoning.


Lugol’s Iodine as a Cure for Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and More…


If you’ve read the other parts of our discussion about organophosphates already, then you’ve probably noticed that the discussion pivots on deficiencies of vitamin K2 and iodine. Both of these nutrients solve a myriad of health problems in the human body. We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time writing about Lugol’s iodine as a cure for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, breast cancer, and any other type of reproductive organ cancer. It is one of the most important substances that we recommend as a cure for cancer because, without both potassium iodide and molecular iodine (two forms of iodine that are both found in Lugol’s iodine 2%), the immune system won’t function properly which means the body’s own natural immune resources won’t be able to seek out and destroy cancer cells. 


Lugol’s iodine also cures a wide range of reproductive organ problems, not just reproductive organ cancer. Lugol’s is a cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, prostatitis, certain types of infertility, and even fallopian tube blockage. Through its medicinal action on the reproductive glands, Lugol’s iodine is able to help the human body balance reproductive hormone levels, which plays a strong role in cancer development and metastasis. Balanced reproductive hormones are a huge part of the equation in terms of curing cancer. And Lugol’s iodine is one of the only nutrient substances that has a strong, balancing effect on hormone levels in the human body. 


Often, the links to actual cures for cancer disappear shortly after we publish our articles. Please click here to buy Lugol’s Iodine 2% here and and support our outside vendors.

Vitamin K2 as a Cure for Lymphoma, Leukemia, Other Blood and Bone Cancers and More…


Vitamin K2 supplementation, in contrast, has been studied in terms of its role as a cure for leukemia and other bone and blood cancers. A vitamin K2 deficiency causes bones to be weak and lacking in density. And a vitamin K2 deficiency also causes calcium to build up in the blood vessels and in soft tissues like organs and glands (which can make those glands and organs sick or even cause them to die). Because vitamin K2 plays such a vital role in bone health, and because the bone marrow cells produce lymphocytes, the various cells that make up the blood, vitamin K2 levels also play a starring role in blood health. This is the simple explanation for why a vitamin K2 deficiency can lead to blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, or bone cancers like multiple myeloma. Read more about how to cure multiple myeloma and other bone or blood cancers here.


How Organophosphate Exposure Affects Vitamin K2 Levels


The vast majority of the population of people living in developed countries are vitamin K2 deficient. Indeed, though the gut flora of a normal human being might be able to produce vitamin K2 in minute quantities to maintain at least a minimum amount in the body, organophosphates kill about 54% of the healthy microorganisms that are meant to live in the intestines. Indeed, RoundUp / glyphosate were designed to specifically kill the microorganisms that produce vitamin K2 in the gut. And organophosphates can also reduce the amount of vitamin K2 in the food supply because GMO fruits and vegetables are literally engineered to not be able to produce vitamin K2, vitamin B9, ubiquinone, and amino acids that allow the mind and body to function in sync. 


Read more here about how RoundUp and glyphosate destroy the gut flora that produces vitamin K2 here and how organophosphate exposure causes cancer.


How Organophosphate Exposure Affects Iodine Levels

Vitamin K2 regulates the amount of calcium in the blood supply. When calcium levels are too high, which happens when the body is low on vitamin K2 after exposure to organophosphates and GMO food products that don’t contain these nutrients, the calcium in the blood inhibits absorption of iodine. Low iodine levels cause so many health problems and normal iodine levels prevent so many health problems that many people would be shocked if they knew how this humble nutrient, or rather, how a deficiency of this humble nutrient affects human health. Needless to say, a deficiency of vitamin K2 often leads to a deficiency of iodine. Both of these nutrients, when they are deficient, lead to cancer and other diseases. And both of these nutrients can be used to cure a variety of different types of cancer. 


Read more here about how governments of the world sponsor the intentional creation of nutrient deficiencies in order to produce certain weaknesses and vulnerabilities that Big Pharma can exploit.

Organophosphates That Cause Cancer

RoundUp / Glyphosate

We talk in depth about how RoundUp and glyphosate cause health problems like cancer at this link. The summary of the article is that RoundUp and glyphosate cause cancer and other diseases through its effect on the natural production of vitamin K2 (and other nutrients) in the gut flora. If vitamin K2 can treat cancer and prevent cancer naturally, then a deficiency of this nutrient would specifically make people vulnerable to the development of: 




Diazinon is an organophosphate that damages acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that impacts almost every system and organ of the body including the brain and nervous system, but also the reproductive organs and hormone levels. Diazinon is classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. 



Malathion, like Diazinon, is an organophosphate that is classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.



Tetrachlorvinphos is an organophosphate that is classified as “possibly carcinogenic”.


Parathion is also classified as an organophosphate that is “possibly carcinogenic”.

Organophosphate Chemotherapy Drugs

As if it isn’t bad enough that organophosphates are nearly ubiquitous in the environment, Big Pharma decided that, because organophosphates kill cells, both healthy and cancerous (by causing DNA mutations that disrupt cellular production), certain types of it could be used as chemotherapy medications. Of course, it’s common knowledge that organophosphates cause cancer, but this tactic of producing a medicine that causes the disease that it’s supposed to treat is similar to how Big Pharma realized that organophosphates buildup in the bones and cause bone tissues to look dense on X-ray or MRI. As such, Big Pharma decided that certain organophosphates could be used as medications for osteoporosis. Vitamin K2 is a natural cure for osteoporosis, but bisphosphonates, which are the commonly prescribed drug for osteoporosis, cause dementia over time (by causing calcium to buildup in the blood vessels leading to the brain) and they actually increase the risk of bone fracture. Nonetheless, they are prescribed as medicines. And cancer treatments are no different. Though they are said to be a “treatment” for cancer, in reality, chemotherapy agents cause cancer.  


Read more about the ugly truth behind the use of bisphosphonates for osteoporosis here. Read more about the use of vitamin K2 as a natural cure for osteoporosis

Cyclophosphamide and Ifosfamide

Cyclophosphamide is an organophosphate drug that is used to treat cancer. Phosphoramide mustard is a toxic metabolite or byproduct of cyclophosphamide. It is closely related to ifosfamide. Both cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide are organophosphates that are closely related to mustard gas, a chemical warfare agent. As an alternative to these toxic chemotherapy drugs for cancer, patients can read more here about vitamin B17 / amygdalin, a substance that has an 80-90% cure rate for cancer


Chlormethine / Mustargen / Mechlorethamine / Mustine / HN2 / Embikhin

Chlormethine, also known as mechlorethamine, mustine, HN2, or Embikhin, is a nitrogen mustard that is prototypical of anti-cancer drugs. It works by binding to DNA, crosslinking two strands to prevent cellular replication. But originally, it was used as mustard gas, a chemical warfare agent that caused blistering of the skin and lungs. Today, it is restricted by the Chemical Weapons Convention. Nonetheless, though it is not legal to use this drug in warfare, it is classified as a Schedule I substance which can be used in medicine. Read more here about government sponsored nutrient deficiencies that lead to calculated vulnerabilities in populations that can be exploited to deepen the pockets of Big Pharma.


Leukemia and Organophosphate Exposure

Home pesticide use as well as exposure to crop-dusting of nearby fields can lead to childhood leukemia due to organophosphate exposure. Read more here about the scientifically proven use of vitamin K2 as a cure for leukemia


In one scientific study, urine samples of children with leukemia showed that their organophosphate exposure was higher than organophosphate exposure in children without leukemia.  Even at low levels of exposure, organophosphates are hazardous to human health, but in children, organophosphates are even more toxic because children are going through a period of accelerated growth and because their bones are still growing, they are more susceptible to bioaccumulation of organophosphates in the bone tissues. 


Brain and central nervous system development is heavily affected by organophosphate exposure via its influence on acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. As such, the reality of organophosphates and childhood leukemia needs to be addressed head-on. Adult leukemia and childhood leukemia have similar origins but childhood leukemia is more serious because children’s bones are still growing. 


In this article, we talk in depth about how to cure leukemia in children and in adults.

Vitamin K2 as a Cure for Leukemia

Vitamin K2 seems to be able to prevent organophosphate bioaccumulation in the body. Though we have not yet been able to find studies verifying this as a fact, there is a lot of evidence that supports this idea. In any case, vitamin K2 promotes healthy bone tissues by transporting calcium from the blood supply into the bones and teeth. Healthy bones mean healthy bone marrow and healthy blood. This is why vitamin K2 can be used as a natural cure for leukemia.


In a child who is deficient in vitamin K2, childhood leukemia is a devastating, if not deadly disease. On the other hand, a child who is given nutrients like vitamin K2, vitamin B17, Lugol’s iodine, and pancreatic enzymes, the probability of curing leukemia or preventing the development of it entirely is significantly increased.


Organophosphates tend to accumulate in the bones where the blood cells are negatively affected because the organophosphates mimic healthy inorganic phosphates that are essential to bone health and the health of teeth. If you haven’t yet read our previous material about how vitamin K2 synergizes with Lugol’s iodine to prevent childhood leukemia as well as adult leukemia naturally, read more about the vitamin K2-iodine connection here.


Read more about the vitamin B17 / amygdalin nutrient cure for leukemia here.


Read more about chlorine dioxide solution as a natural cure for leukemia here.


Read more about the use of Lugol’s iodine 2% as a cure for cancer here.


Read more about the 13% cure rate for pancreatic enzyme therapies as a natural treatment for leukemia here.

Lymphoma and Organophosphate Exposure

Lymphoma is another bone / blood cancer that can be caused by organophosphate exposure. Studies, after all, have linked lymphoma and organophosphate exposure. But thankfully, studies have also established that vitamin K2 has a significant anticancer effect against lymphoma. Vitamin K2 ushers calcium out of the blood and into the bone tissues. And then, when the calcium is present in sufficient quantities in bones, healthy inorganic phosphates tend to follow to create strong, healthy bones, and strong, healthy teeth. The corollary to strong bones is healthy blood and healthy lymph cells since both are produced in the bone marrow. Vitamin K2 deficiency prevents the buildup of toxic organophosphates in bone tissues which will prevent lymphoma as well as treat lymphoma naturally.

Vitamin K2 as a Cure for Lymphoma


According to some scientific studies, vitamin K2 prevents lymphoma by working as an electron carrier that corrects the function of the mitochondria inside cells. Mitochondria are the batteries that run cells and that ensure that each cell in the body is functioning properly. But other studies have shown that vitamin K2 releases reactive oxygen species medicines that are able to kill tiny microorganisms that infect human cells to cause cancer. Vitamin B17 / amygdalin also releases these reactive oxygen species medicines that cure lymphoma and other types of cancer. Read more about vitamin B17 here. But though the nutrient value of vitamin B17 as a cure for cancer simply can’t be overstated, perhaps the most famous cure for lymphoma is chlorine dioxide solution, which also releases reactive oxygen species medicines like the superoxide anion. Read more here about chlorine dioxide solution as a reactive oxygen species medicine cure for lymphoma.


So, essentially, vitamin K2, vitamin B17, and chlorine dioxide solution can all be used as a cure for lymphoma, but vitamin K2 and vitamin B17 are nutrients while chlorine dioxide solution is meant to be used more as natural cancer medicine. Lugol’s iodine 2% is another nutrient cure for lymphoma that works synergistically with vitamin K2. Read more about vitamin K2 and iodine deficiency and how to correct both at the same time here. Lugol’s, vitamin K2, and vitamin B17 are nutrients that lymphoma patients should take every day for the rest of their lives. But interestingly, both vitamin K2 and vitamin B17 tend to both perform the vital role of releasing reactive oxygen species in a nutrient form that can prevent lymphoma or act as a nutrient cure for lymphoma. White blood cells naturally produce these exact same reactive oxygen species that are released by these nutrients. According to studies, it takes between 2-3 days for vitamin K2 to release the reactive oxygen species in the bones but it seems the vitamin B17 releases these same reactive oxygen species in the blood and soft tissues right away after ingestion.  So you need both of these nutrient cures for lymphoma in order to address the health of soft tissues and bone tissues that are affected by the cancer cells. Lugol’s iodine 2%, in contrast, is another nutrient that functions as a natural cure for lymphoma via its ability to regulate hormone levels naturally while also regulating immune system activity naturally.

How to Get Rid of Lymphoma Rash: Natural Ways to Get Rid of Lymphoma


Note that lymphoma patients who are struggling with skin itching, burning, or lymphoma lesions including mycosis fungoides or Sezary syndrome can use baking soda and coconut oil to get rid of the itching. People who have used baking soda and coconut oil as one of the natural ways to get rid of the lymphoma rash call it a “miracle ointment”. It works within 24 to 48 hours and it not only gets rid of the itching, but contributes toward the cure for lymphoma. Be sure to read more here about the use of baking soda to do “High pH Therapy” to cure lymphoma


Mycosis Fungoides Cure


Note that in addition to applying baking soda to the skin, lymphoma or mycosis fungoides patients can also take baths with 1-3 boxes of baking soda to get rid of the lymphoma itching. The baking soda works in tandem with reactive oxygen species medicines like chlorine dioxide solution to strengthen the effects of chlorine dioxide with vitamin B17 and vitamin K2 to kill cancer cells even more quickly and more effectively. 


Sezary Syndrome Cure


Sezary Syndrome involves an excruciating itch with painful burning that is often present in lymphoma patients. Once again, the initial treatment that can be used to get rid of lymphoma rash and itching is baking soda and coconut oil. As a natural treatment for Sezary Syndrome, the baking soda not only is able to naturally treat the lymphoma rash, but also work to cure lymphoma. The goal is to raise the patient’s pH quickly up to between 7.0 and 8.0 using baking soda. Read more about baking soda as a cure for Sezary Syndrome, mycosis fungoides, and lymphoma in general here.


Also be sure to read here about Dr. Beard’s pancreatic enzyme therapy as one of the natural ways to get rid of lymphoma.


Breast Cancer and Organophosphate Exposure

There is a strong link between breast cancer and exposure to methylbromide, an insecticide that is often used in addition to or as an alternative to organophosphates. Bromine / bromide toxicity is a major cause of breast cancer. Indeed, many women with breast cancer have used nothing but Lugol’s iodine 2% at 50 mg per day to cure their disease. Read more about Lugol’s iodine 2% as a cure for breast cancer here.


One of the clues that organophosphate exposure plays a role in breast cancer is the fact that breast calcifications are common in women. The calcification of soft tissues is caused by vitamin K2 deficiency. Vitamin K2 is a key player in terms of organophosphate toxicity, but also compelling is the fact that vitamin K2 deficiency leads to iodine deficiency. In other words, if your body is deficient in vitamin K2, you may see calcification of soft tissues in the body such as in the breasts. And if you are deficient in vitamin K2, your blood calcium levels will be higher than normal which will make it hard for your body to absorb the Lugol’s iodine or other sources of iodine from the diet. 


Abnormal Mammogram Causes: Iodine and Vitamin K2 Deficiency


Vitamin K2 deficiency seems to make women more vulnerable to organophosphate exposure. We talk in depth about government-sponsored nutrient deficiencies that cause populations of people to become more vulnerable to things like organophosphate and methylbromide exposures here. And iodine deficiency makes women vulnerable to bromide and fluoride toxicity. Taking iodine supplements (Lugol’s contains both potassium iodide and molecular iodine–both forms are required in order to feed both the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs) boots bromide and fluoride out of the reproductive organ tissues, including the breasts, where they don’t belong. Vitamin K2 supplements, seems to have a similar effect on the bone tissues. Vitamin K2 ensures that calcium ends up in the bones and teeth and not in soft tissues like the breasts. If you’ve had an abnormal mammogram and you want to get rid of breast calcifications, vitamin K2 is a nutrient that does this work. And it works quickly to reduce breast calcifications or hardening of breast tissues, but it works best if women also take Lugol’s iodine 2% and the various supporting nutrients that we talk about here.


Read more about how to use vitamin K2 to cure breast cancer naturally here.

Do I need surgery to get rid of breast cancer?


It may surprise some readers, but cancer is a disease that involves low immunity. To put the body through a major surgical procedure like mastectomy when a person has cancer actually compromises their ability to heal. So the answer to the question about whether surgery is beneficial in the treatment of cancer or not is decidedly, “No”. You do not need surgery to get rid of breast cancer. But if you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer or if you’ve had an abnormal mammogram and you want to prevent breast cancer naturally, take vitamin K2 and Lugol’s iodine, as well as vitamin B17 / amygdalin, the primary nutrient cure for cancer. Vitamin B17 along with vitamin K2 and Lugol’s iodine are powerful together as nutrients that prevent breast cancer and that can get rid of breast calcification.  


Read more about vitamin B17 as a breast cancer cure with an 80-90% cure rate here.


Additionally, if you have been faced with surgery or other toxic treatments and you’ve decided you want to cure breast cancer naturally, read about pancreatic enzyme therapy here


Pancreatic enzymes have a 13% breast cancer cure rate and they can also help prevent metastasis of cancer. Read more about them here.


Learn more here about chlorine dioxide solution as a cure for breast cancer.


And learn more here about the use of frankincense essential oil and dimethylsulfoxide as a natural breast cancer cure here.

Brain Cancer and Organophosphate Exposure

The development of brain cancer has been linked to organophosphate exposure. For example, some scientists have studied the link between parental exposure to organophosphate pesticides and brain tumors in children. There’s a definite association between brain cancer in children and parental pesticide and herbicide exposure prior to birth, after birth, and through residential exposure.


Neuroblastoma is a type of childhood brain cancer that develops as a tumor during infancy. Studies have shown specifically that when children are exposed to organophosphates, they become significantly more likely to develop neuroblastoma than children who are not. Prenatal exposure to organophosphates and other pesticides carries a strong association with the development of neuroblastoma. In particular, organophosphate like glyphosate / RoundUp, diazinon, malathion, parathion, and tetrachlorvinphos have been implicated. Read more about how RoundUp / Glyphosate harm human health here.


As a parent, if you’re worried about the health of your children and you want to prevent neuroblastoma or other types of brain cancer, be sure that you and your child take vitamin K2 and Lugol’s iodine 2% in combination with the various supporting nutrients that we detail here in this article about the use of Lugol’s to cure reproductive organ cancers and thyroid cancer. Children who are exposed to pesticides like methylbromide or organophosphates in the womb or any time after birth are up to 83% more likely to develop autism, a severe neurological disease, that seems to develop as a result of alterations in gene expression and resultant changes in the way brain cells produce proteins. These same issues involving alterations to DNA can easily lead to brain cancers like neuroblastoma. 


There are some important connections between reproductive organ cancers and brain cancer. As such, if you or a loved one has brain cancer, you can use the reproductive organ cancer cures mentioned above to naturally cure neuroblastoma. Of special interest is vitamin B17 and chlorine dioxide as well as frankincense essential oil and dimethylsulfoxide. Read more about frankincense essential oil with dimethylsulfoxide as a cure for neuroblastoma here.


Read more about the use of vitamin B17 as a natural cure for neuroblastoma here. 


All organophosphates are known to cause progressive damage to the brain and nervous system. After all, these substances were originally developed as nerve gasses to be used during warfare. The most common type of damage to the brain is the organophosphate-induced irreversible acetylcholinesterase inhibition. 


Organophosphate poisoning is more commonly associated with psychiatric problems or myasthenia gravis symptoms than with brain cancer because of this famous effect that they have on acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Also, associations with brain cancers, particularly childhood brain cancers is something that Big Ag would like to avoid. Learn more about the use of Lugol’s iodine and vitamin K2 as a cure for myasthenia gravis here. Often, there is a delay between exposure to organophosphates and damage to the nervous system. Damage tends to occur primarily in the cholinergic areas of the brain. 


Drugs like bisphosphonates that contain organophosphates are prescribed for osteoporosis. They often cause dementia in patients years later because of the fact that organophosphates are extremely toxic to nerves and brain tissues. This delayed effect makes it hard for patients to prove that their health problems were caused by organophosphates. As such, these substances never come under hard-core investigation.


Studies have also shown associations between organophosphate exposure and the following types of cancer:



  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma in Children



Home pesticide use has been correlated with the development of soft tissue sarcoma in children.



  • Pancreatic Cancer



Scientific studies that have examined animals have shown that exposure to organophosphates increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. 



  • Thyroid Cancer



An increased risk of thyroid cancer due to organophosphate exposure has been demonstrated in lab rats. 



  • Adrenal Cancer 



Animal studies have shown an increased risk of adrenal cancer as a result of organophosphate exposure.



  • All Other Types of Cancer



Whether you know that your cancer was caused by organophosphates or not doesn’t matter. If you’ve been diagnosed with any type of cancer, you can use vitamin K2, Lugol’s Iodine 2% (plus supporting nutrients), vitamin B17 (plus supporting nutrients), frankincense essential oil, dimethylsulfoxide, chlorine dioxide solution, and high pH therapy to cure cancer. These natural medicines for cancer work in part by pushing toxic organophosphates, and bromine / bromide-containing insecticides out of the body.

Download the Cancer Cure Catalog series here. The first volume is available for download for free.



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Download the Living Database Now to Learn More about Cures for Cancer

We’ve recently released the Living Database, the tool that Lydian and I use to store our data when we research cures for diseases. Sometimes we stumble across natural treatments cures for rare diseases in the scientific literature. If we do, we put in the Living Database. Sometimes we find links to surprising scientific data or even anecdotal reports of a cure for diseases that have been dubbed “incurable” or even, in some cases “untreatable” by doctors. And this tool, the AlivenHealthy Living Database allows us to store this information. Now, we’ve made the database live so our readers can use it to find cures for disease even if we haven’t had a chance to write about it yet.

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