Infantile hemangioma is not a form of cancer, but it is a benign tumor or neoplasm found in 5-10% of infants.

Is there a natural treatment for infantile hemangioma?

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My daughter had a baby girl in October. The baby was born with a discolored arm that’s red and purple…but that functions fine. The arm color changes when the baby cries or clenches her fist. She has full function of her arm and can grasp tightly. Maisy does not randomly cry out as if in pain. She is normal in every other way. She is breastfed and eats regularly (about ever 2hrs) and has regular bowel movements that are typical of breastfed babies. Temperature is normal and she is developing normal. Doctor referred the baby to a dermatologist but I’m wondering if chlorine dioxide would be appropriate to heal whatever is going on with the arm. There is a line difference in color – meaning on the upper right arm, near her shoulder, the red/purple stops and the rest of her skin color is normal. Could this be a blood flow issue? The temperature of her right arm/hand is the same as the other hand. Before attaching photos, I would like to know if this is something you’ve heard about in other newborns.

It’s NOT a port wine stain. Had a dermatologist look at it. Infantile hemangioma and massive swelling in the hand and arm. Trying to figure out a good treatment.

Thank you


Hello Diana,

Below are some of my thoughts on natural treatment for infantile hemangioma.
Infantile hemangioma is related to cancer. That’s not a statement meant to make you feel fear though. Cancer is a disease that’s entirely curable in the vast majority of cases if people don’t do radiation or take the toxic chemotherapy agents (which are derived from things like organophosphates and mustard gas).  I want to direct you to an alternative perspective on cancer called the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer. This theory was developed by Dr. John Beard, an embryologist who noted the similarities, in terms of VASCULARIZATION (blood vessel development and penetration into the placenta) of embryos with cancer. Back in the 1900s, he developed a treatment for cancer using pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes can safely be used in infants. They support the pancreas, but they also support NORMAL blood vessel development and vascularization in a general way. In cancer, pancreatic enzymes by themselves have a scientifically verified stand-alone cure rate of 13%, which dwarfs the 2-3% cure rate of chemo as a stand-alone cancer treatment. They help get rid of invasive blood vessels that help support unhealthy cancer cells.
Here’s a link to information about how to use pancreatic enzymes to cure infantile hemangioma…note the the reference section is at the very bottom of the page:
Additionally, many mothers and infants are deficient in iodine. There are 2 forms of iodine: potassium iodide and molecular iodine. Humans need both. Molecular iodine feeds the thyroid gland while potassium iodide feeds the reproductive organs. In the early 1900s prior to the creation of the American Medical Association, Lugol’s iodine (which contains both types of iodine) was the most prescribed medicine that worked to cure many ills. Babies and children who take iodine or whose mothers are fully charged and not deficient in iodine are more intelligent and they are more resistant to disease. But I specifically recommend it in this case because of its ability to cure certain types of cancer. I have had many excellent and miraculous experiences using Lugol’s iodine on myself, on family members and in recommending it to patients. It never ceases to amaze me how many problems people have when iodine levels are low and how must better they do when they begin to take iodine religiously. Bromine and fluorine toxicity add to the problem of iodine deficiency. For an infant, I would administer just 1 drop of iodine per day along with a 1 tsp of sea water per 8 ounces of water when you give the baby water– or if the mother is breastfeeding, she should begin taking iodine and increase the dose up to 20 drops of Lugol’s iodine 2% per day. It’s good for both mothers and babies, but be aware that most doctors are only familiar with radioactive iodine. As such, they think all types of iodine are toxic. The political reason why doctors know nothing about iodine is because iodine deficiency and bromine toxicity (and organophosphate toxicity which is a problem related to iodine deficiency) cause MANY of the most serious and most expensive / profitable health problems today.
This link talks about the use of Lugol’s iodine 2% for cancer and autoimmune disease, but note that Lugol’s iodine can also be used as an infantile hemangioma alternative treatment.
This link talks about how iodine creates a forcefield of immunity around us through secretion by sweat glands etc. As such, it is an excellent nutrient-medicine for all babies and for new mothers especially those who are breastfeeding (because the iodine is these secreted in breast milk).
And then, please read this article about iodine deficiency and vitamin K2 deficiency. Correcting vitamin K2 deficiency and iodine deficiency (which are practically ubiquitous in the developed world) is important in your grandbaby’s case because vitamin K2 plays such an important role in healthy blood tissue development. The article that we link to above is about autism, iodine, and vitamin K2, but as you read the article, please note the relationship between bone health and blood health. Blood tissues (blood cells) come from the bones and the liver. Vitamin K2 is a nutrient that is deficient in most people…it’s a nutrient deficiency that makes people (including babies and children) more susceptible to organophosphate exposures…and having enough vitamin K2 makes it unlikely that a child will ever need dental treatment or orthodontic treatment.
Note that vitamin K2 is a cure for leukemia, a bone and blood cancer. Click here to read more about vitamin K2 as a natural cure for childhood leukemia. It’s a powerful cure at that, though of course, doctors know nothing about it. Nonetheless, the fact that your grandbaby has a blood vessel issue stands out to me. If, for example, the mother had an iodine and vitamin K2 deficiency during pregnancy, it’s POSSIBLE that the baby has calcification in the blood supply that’s causing abnormal capillary development at a different location on the body (the arm). Vitamin K2 deficiency can be mostly corrected within about 6 months with supplementation.
Iodine therapy is somehow connected to and enhanced by something called “castor oil packs”. Castor oil packs or even just castor oil massages for the baby actually provide nutrients that enhance iodine absorption. I tend to believe that manganese or some other nutrient that’s absorbed through the skin works in tandem with iodine. At any rate, castor oil may benefit your grandbaby to reduce swelling and pain. Click here to read a bit about the use castor oil and castor oil packs to treat psoriasis (a serious skin disease in adults).
Note that Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) at a strength of less than 20% (it is very drying because it absorbs moisture but it is FDA approved for pregnant women and it can be used in infants). DMSO can be used with hexane free, organic castor oil. DMSO may help your grandbaby complete the normal development of her blood vessels. It seems that a number of children with infantile hemangioma successfully outgrow the problem over time. I’m sure proper nutrition plays a role in that process. As an alternative infantile hemangioma treatment, DMSO would help with this problem. DMSO helps detoxify cells and restore normality to rogue cells through this detoxification process. Note that DMSO applied daily has been beneficial even in reducing the symptoms of Down’s Syndrome. So it’s powerful stuff. But please read the second volume of our CDS book to learn about DMSO before you begin using it. And be sure to read the following articles about detoxification and how to reduce toxins in the environment that might get in the way of your grandbaby’s ability to heal.
Again, referencing Dr. John Beard’s Trophoblast Theory of Cancer, I guess I would tend to think of the hemangioma as “incomplete development” or even just “abnormal development” of the blood vessels perhaps because of a deficiency during pregnancy? But with that theory in mind, if it were my grandbaby, I would definitely approach this problem with the idea that it can be healed and that your baby can grow out of it with proper treatment. I need to mention that nutrients take time to work. Healing always takes more time than covering up the symptoms. Please be very wary of prescription drug treatments for infantile hemangioma. It looks like steroid treatments are sometimes prescribed, but in children, after years of steroid treatments, bone tissues lose density and 18 year old kids end up, essentially, with osteoporosis. Many kids with osteoporosis due to steroid treatments then get prescribed bisphosphonates which are organophosphates (and therefore toxic to the body). Click here to read more about the dangers of bisphosphonate drugs for kids and adults.
Steroid treatments predispose kids to asthma. Bisphosphonates predispose kids to bone fractures. Interestingly, vitamin K2 is the cure for osteoporosis. Iodine is the cure for asthma. Note that there’s bromine in a lot of drugs today including dextromethorphan and other cough medicines for kids. Bromine directly competes with iodine and in people/kids who are iodine deficient, the bromine can cause ADHD and autism symptoms among other symptoms. Bromine won’t kill a person, but it’s make them fat and lethargic and unable to think clearly. This is a bigger topic and I’ll be frank—I hate to talk about things like bromine because it generates a lot of bad feelings in people. The cool thing though is that iodine can protect people from bromine and fluorine in the water supply. I would just suggest that you research any prescription drugs to find out if they’re safe or not for your child. Often, bromine isn’t listed. There are only a few prescription drugs that are safe.
Finally, in terms of nutrients, note that vitamin B17 has an 80-90% cure rate for cancer as a stand-alone treatment. It’s a substance found in a lot of seeds, especially plants belonging to the Fabaceae family (fava beans and soy are examples—avoid soy though because it’s often laced with organophosphates). It’s cancer curing abilities was discovered by the same man who invented chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. It’s curative effects against cancer were covered up by Big Pharma. I used vitamin B17, iodine, frankincense essential oil, and baking soda topically to cure my husband’s cancer. Read more about vitamin B17 / amygdalin as an infantile hemangioma cure here. Note that amygdalin is present in high quantities in apricot kernel oil and grape seed oil (I mention both below).
Here are some other thoughts…
Hematoxylin is a powerful cure for childhood cancer. Again, because your child has a “neoplasm” though its benign, it’s helpful to me to think of it using the Trophoblast Model of Cancer. Hematoxylin easily penetrates cancer cells to cure childhood cancers. It is derived from a tree, but you have to find pure hematoxylin or Palo de Campeche (which is widely available in Mexico). Read more about hematoxylin as a natural cure for leukemia here.
Also, when my husband had melanoma, the treatment that we first worked with was nothing but coconut oil and baking soda applied topically to the melanoma. The melanoma dried up and fell off within only three days. After that, we worked with various therapies under the assumption that cancer is a disease of the whole body. But I wanted to mention this and suggest perhaps that you do the following:

Infantile Hemangioma Herbal Cure for Topical Application:

Mix 1 part (3 tablespoons) hexane-free, organic Castor Oil with 1 part hexane-free organic Apricot Kernel Oil or Grape Seed Oil (both contain vitamin B17) with 1-2 drops of DoTerra or Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil. Add 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda to this mixture and apply it once or twice daily. Adjust the baking soda if it is too drying. You can add 1-2 drops of DMSO 25% daily, but note if it is too drying on the skin and lessen the dosage by half if it is. Increase the dosage though if it seems like it isn’t too drying. Iodine could be added to this mixture as well after about 1 week of treatment.
Add sea water supplement to the baby’s water for 1 week before adding Lugol’s iodine to the mixture. Apply the mixture to the baby’s skin.
Also, I wanted to mention that Pulsed Magnetic Electrical Stimulation (PEMF) is a very safe treatment that involves very gentle magnetic pulses that increase microcirculation in the capillaries or tiny blood vessels that are involved in infantile hemangioma. Here’s an article about PEMF. It’s a slow and gentle treatment,  Note that MiraMate makes an excellent, much cheaper PEMF machine. Read more about PEMF here.
I hope this gives you some insights and directions to follow. Please let me know if you have questions! 🙂
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