Magnesium: Protection from Organophosphate Exposure

Magnesium for Neuropathic Pain Caused by Organophosphate Exposure

Organophosphate poisoning and toxicity is a worldwide problem. In hospital settings doctors all over the globe are working with a variety of surprising organophosphate poisoning treatments to help their patients who are suffering from the acute symptoms of organophosphate toxicity, especially respiratory distress and respiratory depression. But magnesium sulfate, which is colloquially known as epsom salts, can also help alleviate other symptoms of organophosphate exposure even patients are not experiencing symptoms of acute organophosphate poisoning. Neuropathic pain caused by organophosphate poisoning, for example, can be significantly diminished through the use of magnesium sulfate, a natural substance that functions as an NMDA channel blocker by blocking the influx of calcium into cells. 


As a substance that naturally modulates the behavior of cellular calcium, magnesium sulfate is able to thus modulate the activity of the nerve tissues that are impacted by organophosphate exposure. But other forms of magnesium such as magnesium citrate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate, etc. also modulate the behavior of cellular calcium levels. Indeed, these various forms of magnesium also benefit bone health, which makes a compelling argument for using it to protect the body from organophosphate exposure as well as to treat acute organophosphate poisoning. Magnesium is a nutrient that benefits human health anyway, so it is an organophosphate exposure antidote that is safe and easy to us and it can be used to protect people who know they are being exposed to organophosphates on a regular basis.


Magnesium for Osteoporosis due to Organophosphate Exposure / Bone Fractures

In addition to the benefits of taking magnesium to protect people from the negative health effects of organophosphate exposure in terms of the nervous system, magnesium is also beneficial to bone health. This is an important fact for anyone who is being exposed to organophosphates on a regular basis because organophosphates accumulate in the bone tissues. Organophosphates, after all, interact with calcium in the body. And calcium plays an important role in bone health. 

In healthy, normal bones, calcium and inorganic phosphates combine in a crystalline pattern to create the structural support for the human body. Disruptions in the crystalline structure of bone tissues can weaken the bone to predispose patients to bone fractures or low bone density and diseases like osteoporosis. Organophosphates are organic phosphates. As such, they are chemically different from the inorganic phosphates that our bodies require to produce healthy bones and teeth. And when a person is exposed to organophosphates, the body may mistake these organic phosphates for the inorganic phosphates the body actually needs. If this happens, the organic phosphate compounds come into contact with calcium to try to form the healthy, normal crystalline bone structure, but there are other chemicals and atoms attached to organophosphate compounds that make it impossible to create that natural crystalline pattern in the bone tissues. Indeed, storage of toxic molecules in bone tissue often leads to diseases like leukemia or other types of blood cancer because blood tissues are produced in the bone marrow. 


So, if you’re looking for ways to protect against organophosphate exposure, magnesium supplements are a good, safe place to start. Magnesium supplements do no harm, but they have the potential to do a lot of good for those with organophosphate toxicity. And most people are deficient in magnesium. Correcting a magnesium deficiency will provide exponential health benefits while also diminishing the likelihood that organophosphates can lodge themselves in bone tissues.


If you have osteoporosis, please note that bisphosphonate drugs like Fosamax are a type organophosphate. Bisphosphonate drugs do not reduce the risk of fracture. They are simply used to make bones look more dense on x-ray, MRI, etc. But though bones look more dense, they don’t have the healthy, normal crystalline shape produced by calcium and inorganic phosphates when patients take bisphosphonates for osteoporosis. If you’re wondering are bisphosphonates safe? Click here. Or visit this page to learn more about how bisphosphonate drugs are said to work and bisphosphonate alternatives. And finally, if you are taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis or if you’re considering bisphosphonate treatment read about the link between bisphosphonates and osteoporosis here.


Magnesium Dosage for Organophosphate Poisoning:

The proper daily dose of magnesium varies from person to person. Start with 300 mg of magnesium glycinate daily. Increase the dose by 100 mg per day in divided doses until you develop diarrhea. Then, drop the dose back by 100 mg. 


This is called Diarrhea Dosing because you monitor your own body functions to determine when you’ve reached the maximum amount of magnesium that your digestive system can absorb in one day. Most people take between 300 and 1800 mg of magnesium per day.


NOTE: Magnesium glycinate is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium. 

Epsom Salts Baths to Protect Against Organophosphate Poisoning:

Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, so you can administer magnesium sulfate as an epsom salts bath to protect yourself against organophosphates. Epsom salts are the magnesium sulfate form of magnesium which has been studied in terms of its usefulness as a treatment for acute organophosphate poisoning, but in hospital settings they administer the magnesium sulfate intravenously. At home though, you can administer magnesium sulfate as a bath, which has similar effects on the body because the magnesium is absorbed into the bloodstream just like magnesium sulfate administered as an IV. 


Remember to choose a pure form of epsom salts that don’t contain fragrances or other toxic substances if you’re using this form of treatment to detoxify your body. Read more about how to detoxify your life here


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