Can hair loss from chemo be prevented? The short answer is yes, but the long-answer might surprise you. Read more to better understand how to protect your hair and also improve survival rates after a cancer diagnosis with the treatments we talk about below.

Prevent Hair Loss from Chemo / Prevent Hair Loss During Radiation Therapy 


Can hair loss from chemo be prevented?

In short, the answer to this question is “yes”. You can prevent hair loss from chemo, but the long answer to this question involves some explanation. There are some supplements to prevent hair loss during chemo treatments, but some of these supplements, by themselves, are powerful treatments for cancer. The most noteworthy is vitamin B17/ amygdalin, which was discovered by the same doctor who originally developed chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. The cure rate of vitamin B17 as a stand-alone treatment for cancer is 80-90% and it does not cause hair to fall out. Rather, it is a remedy for hair loss.


Read more about the use of vitamin B17 as a cure for cancer here.


Can cancer cause hair loss before treatment?


Read more about the use of vitamin B17 as a natural remedy for hair loss here. We recommend that people who are suffering from any type of hair loss from androgenic alopecia to alopecia areata and beyond, start by supplementing with vitamin B17 and Lugol’s iodine because Big Pharma and Big Food have worked to structure deficiencies of both vitamin B17 and Lugol’s iodine into the food supply. Deficiencies of either of these vitamins leads to serious and diverse health problems from cancer to autoimmune disease. If you’re one of the unfortunate souls to be diagnosed with paraneoplastic disease or rather, a combo diagnosis of both cancer and autoimmune disease, then we recommend that you read this article talking about how cancer and autoimmunity are related. And if you feel concerned that your hair loss is due to cancer, learn more about vitamin B17 and Lugol’s iodine by clicking on the links above. Vitamin B17 has a cancer cure rate of 80-90% if you have not first undergone chemo and radiation treatments. Lugol’s iodine is perhaps even more powerful as a cure for cancer. And pancreatic enzyme therapy has a stand-alone, scientifically proven cure rate of 13%. Use these at-home cancer-prevention treatments now if you’re concerned that your hair loss is due to cancer. These treatments may also reverse hair loss, depending on the cause of the hair loss. 


Also click here to read about how to detoxify your life if you have hair loss that concerns you in regard to your general health. If you have concerns about your general health, begin your hair loss treatment by working at the core of the issue with the scientifically proven treatments we list above for health conditions that can cause hair loss. 


Potassium Iodide and Lugol’s Iodine to Prevent Hair Loss During Radiation

Potassium iodide is a supplement to prevent hair loss during chemo and radiation treatment. Lugol’s iodine is an iodine supplement that can be used to cure breast cancer and other reproductive organ cancer, thyroid cancer, and a variety of other forms of cancer. Read more here about Lugol’s iodine as a cure for cancer. It contains potassium iodide as well as molecular iodine. As a treatment to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation, Lugol’s iodine therapy will not only help prevent hair loss during radiation, but also prevent radiation burns (high dose potassium iodide can be given to populations of people who are afraid of nuclear fallout and high levels of exposure to radiation) and serious side effects from radiation treatments. Be aware that most doctors are only familiar with Radioactive Iodine and the side effects caused by RADIOACTIVE Iodine. They have no knowledge of the value of Lugol’s iodine as a natural, non-radioactive nutrient form of iodine. 

Our Amazon links to cures for diseases often disappear mysteriously after we publish. Click here to buy Lugol’s iodine and support our outside vendors.

Dimethylsulfoxide to Prevent Hair Loss During Radiation

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is another medicine that protects the body from radiation exposure. It is an FDA-approved medicine and even by itself, DMSO is a cure for cancer that can be used in combination with a variety of other medicinal agents like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution, including conventional medicines for cancer such as chemo. But if you’re concerned about how to prevent hair loss during radiation, apply DMSO to the scalp in 25% concentration along with cold-pressed, hexane-free apricot kernel oil and Nigella sativa, to not only protect your hair from radiation, but also feed the hair follicles scientifically proven natural medicines that will make your hair healthier. Read more about thymoquinone here, the medicinal agent in Nigella sativa that can regrow hair fast while also making cancer patients much healthier during treatment.

DMSO-Potentiation Therapy to Prevent Hair Loss from Chemo


In addition to using DMSO to prevent hair loss during radiation, DMSO can also be used in a different way to prevent hair loss from chemo as well. One of the ways to prevent hair loss from chemo is by doing Dimethylsulfoxide/ DMSO-Potentiation Therapy (DPT, which involves very low-dose chemo that is combined with a tree-derived substance known as DMSO to ensure that the chemo goes directly to cancer cells, bypassing healthy cells, including hair follicles. DMSO is a miracle medicine that is FDA-approved and DPT must be administered by an oncologist. It has the broadest medicinal action of any FDA-approved medicine on the market today, yet oncologists rarely use it because its patents have run out (thus it is no longer profitable). Read more about the medicinal effects of DMSO here.

Insulin-Potentiation Therapy to Prevent Hair Loss from Chemo


Yet another mainstream, yet hardly used treatment for cancer is Insulin-Potentiation Therapy or IPT. This is another super-powerful, low-dose chemotherapy treatment that does not involve hair loss. Cancer cells rely on sugar to continue to grow and to thrive, which is why insulin can be used to target cancer cells. The insulin works like a Trojan horse to seek out and then enter cancer cells with small doses of chemo attached to them (instead of sugars). Cancer cells then die, leaving healthy cells, and healthy hair follicles intact. IPT is a cancer treatment that does not involve hair loss


Learn more about the role of sugar in the development of cancer by downloading this free ebook about Cancer Diets

Salinomycin IV: Breast Cancer Treatment, No Hair Loss


Another way to prevent hair loss from chemo is to not do chemo. If you’re scared of working alone to cure cancer at home and you feel like you need to work with a doctor directly, ask your oncologist about IV salinomycin, another FDA-approved cure for cancer (as well as malaria) that has been carefully hidden from public view. Salinomycin is a powerful and effective breast cancer cure and it does not involve chemotherapy. This is an antibiotic medicine that kills the pathogen that causes cancer. As such, it works as a breast cancer treatment without hair loss as a side effect. This is an FDA approved cancer treatment that doesn’t cause hair loss and that has a remarkably high cure rate though hardly anyone knows about it. Your oncologist may or may not be willing to administer salinomycin because he could lose his license for doing it even though this medicine is FDA-approved. If this treatment interests you, contact one of the no-chemo, no-radiation cancer treatment facilities that administers salinomycin in this list.


The Hoxsey Tonic: Cancer Treatment, No Hair Loss


Or consider working with a doctor who works with natural, alternative cures for cancer such as the Hoxsey Tonic as a way to avoid losing hair due to chemo. The Hoxsey Tonic is a non-toxic herbal cure for cancer. The Hoxsey Tonic is available at the Biomedical Center right across the U.S. border in Tijuana. Patients who take the Hoxsey Tonic work directly with physicians throughout the treatment process so you don’t have to approach cancer treatment at home by yourself if you go this route. The Hoxsey Tonic is a powerful cancer treatment that does not cause hair loss. 


Alternative Cancer Treatment Facilities That Offer Cancer Treatment, No Hair Loss, and High Cure Rates


If the Hoxsey Tonic doesn’t appeal to you, consider instead any one of a number of alternative cancer treatment facilities across the world that use no-chemo or low-chemo, no radiation cancer treatments to cure cancer. In this article, we provide the top 25 no-chemo, no-radiation cancer cure facilities throughout the world along with the treatments they use (with links to additional information about each treatment) to give you an idea of what kinds of therapies can be used to treat cancer without losing hair. 


Most people who decide to undergo chemotherapy and radiation as a cure for cancer are committed to that path. Personally, I’m against it because, after I used high pH therapy, CDS / MMS, vitamin B17, Lugol’s iodine Therapy, detoxification, and pancreatic enzymes to cure my husband’s cancer, I no longer believe that conventional medicine can cure cancer. Rather, I believe that chemotherapy and radiation is very costly form of torture. But if you’re committed to undergoing chemo and radiation for cancer, that’s okay. Belief plays a role in our biology and some people are able to use chemo and radiation to cure cancer. But combining chemo and radiation treatments with natural treatments for cancer like those mentioned above can enhance your success rate and also help you prevent hair loss due to cancer treatment.

We talk more about these low-dose chemo or no-chemo, no radiation treatments for cancer in our 4-volume series The Cancer Cure Catalog. The first volume is free.


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