Raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels are among some of the best natural sources of vitamin B17 that you can get. Eat 4-5 of them at one time throughout the day. This is one of the most powerful hidden herbal remedies for hair loss that Big Pharma does not want anyone to find out about because, people who eat apricot kernels are far less likely to develop cancer and autoimmune disease.

Restore Your Health and Treat Conditions That May Cause Hair Loss with Vitamin B17


Vitamin B17, which is also known as Amygdalin or sometimes Laetrile, is another nutrient that has been systematically removed from the food supply much like iodine. But one could also compare the trajectory of the vitamin B17 discovery to that of vitamin K2, a vital nutrient that ensures that calcium in our diet ends up in bones and teeth (and hair) rather than in soft tissues like blood vessels. Vitamin K2 might seem like a secret remedy for hair growth in those who are seriously deficient. But some experts feel strongly that the cover-up around vitamin B17 as an essential nutrient for human health is the biggest healthcare tragedy of our time and alos one of the most elaborate medicinal cover-ups to occur in this century. That’s because many doctors and scientists who do not belong to the inner circle of Consensus Based Science followers, currently believe that cancer is nothing but a vitamin B17 deficiency (which would explain the 80-90% cure rate when cancer patients take vitamin B17 as part of their treatment). As we’ve talked about in other articles about vitamin K2 (and its sidekick, vitamin D), vitamin K2 deficiency can directly impact hair growth, but vitamin B17 plays a vital role too as a secret remedy for hair growth through its ability to restore general health with regular, consistent supplementation. 

Overcoming General Susceptibility to Disease: Parasite Infection and Hair Loss

Parasite infection and hair loss is a big topic, but we’re going to just briefly talk about one of the reasons why parasites have become such a big issue today. First of all, our intestines generally contain quite a mix of different microorganisms and, as with nations and human populations, diversity is generally a good thing. But if your immune system isn’t functioning properly due to Iodine Deficiency / Bromine Toxicity, or if you have a vitamin B17 / amygdalin deficiency, your body may be susceptible to parasite infection, particularly to helminths or worms, like hookworms, roundworms, and pinworms. It’s unpleasant to think about it, I know, but most people have these worms living in their intestines already, but only a few of them, and these worms actually can keep the immune system from overreacting in response to normal environmental things like dust. On the other hand, though, a heavy load of parasites, which is also known as a parasite “infection”, can become a serious, insurmountable issue if you also have an iodine deficiency or a vitamin B17 deficiency. 


Even a low-level parasite infection can cause your reproductive hormones to become imbalanced which can lead to hair loss. And even a low-level parasite infection can cause vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, which can also lead to hair loss (as well as dementia and neurodegenerative disease). Parasites can hijack your immune system in a general way and do very strange things that ultimately end with hair loss as the most noticeable symptom. 


But it doesn’t matter if you believe you have a parasite infection as an underlying cause of hair loss or not. Vitamin B17 / amygdalin will boost your resistance to all diseases including those caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and more.

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Nigella sativa as a Hidden Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss


Often people who become aware of a heavy worm load or another type of parasite infection use prescription or over-the-counter treatments for parasites. Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic that has become famous as a treatment for COVID and Long COVID is FDA-approved as an anti-parasitic. But, interestingly, albendazole is also an FDA-approved JAK-Inhibitor, as well as an anti-parasitic. It’s hard to say whether albendazole and ivermectin regrow hair because of a direct effect that they have on hair follicles or if they work because of their ability to kill parasites that hijack the immune system and reproductive hormone levels to cause hair loss. In any case, the fact that both of these anti-parasitics were used successfully against COVID before Big Pharma shut down the practice, is thought-provoking, though perhaps irrelevant to a purist discussion regarding hair loss.


Nonetheless, if you have a parasite infection and hair loss to go with it, you can use a natural anti-parasitic like Nigella sativa / Black Seed Oil both internally (as an oral medicine) and topically on the scalp to kill parasites and to boost hair growth using JAK Inhibitors at the level of hair follicles. Nigella sativa is also a potent cancer remedy and there are reasons to believe that it contains higher-than average levels of vitamin B17, which is why it works so well to combat different serious diseases from cancer to autoimmunity. So, if you’re unsure about what treatment to use to regrow your hair because you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your general health (and you’re concerned about general health), Nigella sativa is a good place to start.

How to Use Nigella Sativa as an Herb to Regrow Hair

Purchase a high-quality Nigella sativa tincture or essential oil. Apply it directly to the scalp every day. Also purchase Nigella sativa oil (not the essential oil, just cold-pressed Nigella sativa). Put 1-2 tablespoons of this oil in salad dressings or just take it internally (down the hatch!) twice daily (1 tablespoon per dose).

Vitamin B17: Nutrient for Hair Loss and General Health

We always recommend that anyone with a parasite infection, autoimmune disease, or cancer start taking vitamin B17 / Amygdalin orally immediately. Or administer cold-pressed, hexane-free apricot kernel oil or grape seed oil topically to the skin of the entire body including the scalp and let it soak in completely as an alternative to taking amygdalin by mouth. 


Vitamin B17 deficiency is common and widespread because vitamin B17 deficiency has been systematically programmed into the food supply. One of the biggest sources of vitamin B17 in the diet used to be grape seeds and watermelon seeds, for example, but today, grapes and watermelon have been hybridized to be seedless. And people have been marketed to believe that “seedless is better”. In reality, grapes with seeds used to be used as a stand-alone cure for cancer in the Brandt Grape Fast Cure. Today, seedless grapes have little to offer in terms of curing cancer or helping people overcome parasite infections, autoimmune disease, or hair loss though, unfortunately. Grape seed oil on the other hand and grape seed extracts can be a valuable herbal hair loss treatment as well as a general health promoter. Take 1 grape seed extract supplement twice daily without food. 

Vitamin B17 is a nutrient that prevents premature degeneration of the body. So, if your body seems to be degenerating more quickly than you think it should be, you’re likely deficient in vitamin B17. If you’re concerned about diseases that can cause hair loss and what your hair loss means in terms of general health, then I can tell you that it won’t hurt you to take amygdalin / vitamin B17 either in pill form or, if you can’t get amygdalin pills, as raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels, I highly recommend it. You can also apply vitamin B17 directly to the skin as either cold-pressed, organic, hexane free grape seed oil or as cold-pressed, organic, hexane free apricot kernel oil as we’ve mentioned before. Even bedridden cancer patients on the brink of death can be given vitamin B17 oils through the skin as a gentle, yet effective method of administration.  Administering vitamin B17 as a nutrient for healthy hair will do you a great deal of good in terms of all possible diseases that can cause hair loss and it carries no risk of doing you harm. So its a win-win situation as a treatment that is very likely to help without causing side effects or adverse reactions.

NOTE: Do not heat oils if you are working to restore hair growth after hair loss. Consider consuming a Budwig Smoothie daily to restore healthy oils and electricity to the cells and hair follicles in addition to following the other diet recommendation for hair loss below.

Diet: Hair Loss Recommendations

If you are suffering from hair loss, consider following the Binzel Diet, which is based around curing cancer and also ensuring that vitamin B17 is properly absorbed by the body. If you’re concerned about diseases that can cause sudden hair loss, the Binzel Diet was designed to prevent cancer as well as to treat cancer. We also recommend this diet as a cure for autoimmune disease. Again, because the Binzel Diet is centered around amygdalin, it is likely to be life-changing if you stick to it for at least a year. Not only will your hair grow back, but it will also help you get control of your health in more general way.

Vitamin B17: Another Secret Remedy for Hair Growth

If you search for information about amygdalin or vitamin B17 online, you need to be aware of the fact that the government, the petroleum industry, Big Pharma, and Big Food have all worked hard to keep information about vitamin B17 from the public. Before you fall prey to the propaganda around vitamin B17, be sure to read World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin. Don’t give into any fear-mongering about this essential nutrient that cures cancer and other diseases until you’ve read this book, which details how vitamin B17 was covered up and the government documents that prove that this cover-up occurred. This book will illuminate the major shortcomings of medicine as a capitalistic endeavor in our modern society and help you see how cures for hair loss and serious diseases like cancer or autoimmunity are covered up and hidden from the public in plain view. While the book is a difficult body of information to absorb because it exposes how our healthcare system is wronging patients and hurting them, it also opens up the fact that natural remedies exist and that there are cures for major diseases like cancer, autoimmunity, and hair loss too.


Valuable Sources of / Amygdalin Vitamin B17 

As we mentioned above, it’s very likely that Nigella sativa contains vitamin B17 / amygdalin, though we haven’t been able to find scientific studies that talk about its amygdalin content. Many of the seeds that contain vitamin B17 are almond-shaped, including apricot kernels, watermelon seeds, and grape seeds. And Nigella sativa has been used to cure many of the same health problems as apricot kernels. But below we list known sources of amygdalin / vitamin B17:



Trifolium pratense Herbal Remedy for Alopecia: How and Why It Works

Trifolium pratense / Red Clover is an herb that contains vitamin B17. This is one herb that has been scientifically studied as a hair loss cure. Specifically, it has been studied as a nutrient for androgenic alopecia and for the prevention of hair loss, but it’s likely that it would also work as a cure for alopecia areata. In the study, scientists applied a Trifolium pratense mixture to the scalp. After 4 months of treatment, anagen hair growth increased by 13%, and telogen hair density decreased by 29%. In comparison, the participants in the control group who did not receive a Trifolium pratense treatment for hair loss experienced an anagen hair growth decrease by 2%, with an increase in telogen hair density of 23%. In other words, participants who were not given Trifolium pratense as a hair loss remedy developed worsening symptoms of hair loss over the course of the 4 month treatment period. The scientists who performed the experiment believed that the results were due to 5-alpha-reductase inhibition, inflammation reduction in hair follicles, and stimulation of extra-cellular matrix protein synthesis, but, of course, Trifolium pratense / Red Clover also contains vitamin B17 / amygdalin that can cause general healing in the body too. The scientists didn’t study the effects of amygdalin on hair growth, but one might surmise from the information around vitamin B17 / amygdalin as a cancer cure and as a cure for autoimmune disease that it would have an effect on hair loss and regrowth too.

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Amygdalin / Vitamin B17,  and Chlorine Dioxide Solution, and Other Reactive Oxygen Species Medicines as a Cure for Hair Loss

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) medicines have been studied by Big Pharma for quite some time. ROS medicines are chemicals, herbs, or food-derived plant medicines that release reactive oxygen species that react with pathogens, heavy metals, and toxins to remove them from the body. Amygdalin, is an herb that releases reactive oxygen species medicines that are able to kill pathogens on contact easily. Amygdalin and the reactive oxygen species that it releases can go where antibiotics simply can’t go. These tiny reactive ions can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and they can easily pass into the liver unharmed as well to kill whatever pathogens are trying to shack up in these remote, hard-to-reach areas of the body. 


Amygdalin / vitamin B17 releases these reactive oxygen species and if you have a daily dose of this nutrient, your body will be stronger, and better protected not just from active infections, but also insidious infections like autoimmune disease and cancer. Many people today have discovered Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution (CDS/MMS) which is a Reactive Oxygen Species medicine that people can take short-term as an antibiotic to cure diseases that conventional medicine has dubbed “incurable”. Indeed, CDS/MMS is a powerful treatment for autoimmune disease, parasite infections, COVID, monkeypox / MPX, and even diseases that are caused by heavy metal toxicity. But vitamin B17 is a nutrient that has a similar mechanism of action on the body as CDS/MMS. It is meant to be consumed daily to protect us from becoming host to pathogens that take up residence in our liver, gallbladder, pancreas, or in the brain or nervous system tissues long-term. Vitamin B17 has a wide spectrum of action, but this particular medicinal action in the body is worthy of mention in an article about hair loss. Vitamin B17 will help you reclaim your general health, thereby improving the odds significantly that you will, indeed, regrow your hair. 

But if you’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and hair loss is a part of the symptom picture for you, or if you have cancer and you’re hoping to prevent hair loss from chemo, consider taking vitamin B17 to improve not just the look and feel of your hair, but also your odds of surviving and thriving. I generally recommend that people avoid chemo and radiation, because vitamin B17 is a cure for cancer that works gently with the body without causing side effects or adverse reactions. You can take vitamin B17 and use CDS/MMS at the same time to cure serious diseases and to treat hair loss naturally. CDS/MMS should not be applied directly to the scalp though because it is drying and it can dry the hair to such an extent that it breaks off (which could give you the illusion that it isn’t working). Rather, CDS/MMS is a medicine to take internally for hair loss. In other words, use CDS/MMS to treat underlying diseases that might be causing your hair loss. On the other hand, vitamin B17 in the form of apricot kernel oil could definitely be applied to the scalp directly along with Nigella sativa as a powerful, natural treatment for hair loss. And take vitamin B17 / amygdalin internally too either in supplement form or take 4-5 apricot kernels 3-10 times daily without food. 


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