The use of topical rosemary essential oil for hair loss can hasten hair regrowth in Lichen planopilaris and alopecia areata sufferers who are combining it with Lugol’s iodine therapy, high pH therapy, vitamin B17 / amygdalin treatments, and enzyme therapy. Those with androgenic alopecia may see results from topical rosemary essential oil treatment by itself within 6 months.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Loss


Rosemary leaf extract is a simple, non-toxic hair loss herbal treatment that can be applied topically to areas of the head that are balding. Rosemary leaf extract works as an herbal cure for androgenic alopecia in both men and women through anti-androgenic activity via the 5-alpha-reductase pathway, which is regarded by many scientists as the most effective, or at least the most widely studied, mechanism of action in hair loss treatment. 


Rosemary leaf extract was able to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase at 82.4% 200 micrograms/mL or up to 94.6% at 500 micrograms/mL. As such, the topical application of rosemary leaf extract appears to work by preventing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from binding to the androgen receptors in hair follicles. Additionally, Rosmarinus officinalis promotes blood flow by enhancing microcapillary perfusion in the scalp. Increasing blood flow to the scalp improves oxygenation of hair follicles. In combination with something like red light therapy for hair loss or sunlight exposure, the topical application of rosemary leaf extract or rosemary essential oil to areas of the scalp that are bald or where hair is thinning, will improve results because of the way that red light and sunlight interact medicinally with blood near the surface of the skin.


Minoxidil 2% vs. Rosemary Essential Oil for Androgenic Alopecia

The Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil hair growth treatment is famous among alternative medicine practitioners due to the fact that scientists have compared it to minoxidil 2% in terms of effectiveness. Rosemary is non-toxic and most westerners are familiar with this plant as a spice that’s used in food. In 2015, a group of scientists worked with 100 participants to show that the outcomes experienced by the 50 participants receiving a rosemary essential oil treatment for hair experienced results that were nearly identical after 6 months of treatment to the results experienced by the other 50 participants who had received 2% Minoxidil.


Though rosemary essential oil for hair won’t cause any serious side effects, Minoxidil can cause lasting damage to the body in the form of neuropathy, percaridits (swelling around the heart), skin rash, numbness and tingling in the extremities, and more.


Scalp itching during the study was significantly more severe and frequent in the minoxidil 2% study participants than in the rosemary essential oil group. 

Apply this Natural Androgenic Alopecia Treatment for at Least 6 Months

Scientists observed participants over the course of 6 months and they observed that after treatment for 3 months, neither the participants receiving minoxidil 2% nor the participants receiving the rosemary essential oil treatment showed any significant increase in hair count. At 6 months, on the other hand, both groups experienced about the same amount of progress in terms of hair regrowth. So make sure that you make a commitment to using this essential oil to regrow hair. The cycle of hair growth that determines how much and for how long each hair shaft grows means that treatments like rosemary leaf extract or essential oil won’t show their full results for at least 6 months. 

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Rosemary Essential Oil for Alopecia Areata

Essential oils for alopecia areata that are applied topically to the scalp may be able to lessen hair loss and regrow hair, but our experience working with natural autoimmune hair loss treatments has demonstrated that Lugol’s iodine, vitamin B12, and L-Cysteine are a front-line treatment for this problem. While rosemary essential oil for alopecia areata might hasten the process of hair regrowth somewhat, the goal is to cure autoimmune hair loss by targeting the root cause, which often has to do with malfunctioning of the thyroid gland and reproductive organs due to bromine and fluorine toxicity. 

In this article, we discuss three basic treatment protocols for all autoimmune diseases. These protocols include enzyme therapy to treat digestive issues, Lugol’s iodine therapy to heal the thyroid gland and reproductive organs (and also balance reproductive hormone levels), and vitamin B17 / Amygdalin therapy. In this article, we also discuss the use of Chlorine Dioxide Solution and Dimethylsulfoxide / DMSO with Ox Bile / Bile Salts as a cure for psoriasis, a disease that’s closely related to alopecia areata. The cure rate for all types of psoriasis using ox bile therapy alone is 80%. Chlorine Dioxide Solution and DMSO increase the cure rate even further. Psoriasis is another common autoimmune disease that manifests primarily on the skin. Alopecia areata and psoriasis might therefore be considered to be different manifestations of the same disease process. Be sure to commit to a natural treatment for alopecia areata for at least 6 months or longer to experience noticeable hair regrowth.


Rosemary Essential Oil for Cicatricial Hair Loss due to Lichen Planopilaris

In addition to its topical anti-DHT effects, rosemary leaf extract and rosemary essential oil can both be used as part of a treatment to cure Lichen Planopilaris. If you suffer from Lichen Planopilaris, please read this article about how to cure Lichen Sclerosus, a related disease. Though there are differences between Lichen Sclerosus and Lichen Planus, both of these diseases are considered to be “autoimmune” according to western conventional medicine. If you’re looking for a cure for Lichen Planopilaris or Lichen Sclerosus, read more here about how to treat autoimmune diseases from the inside out to reclaim your health. 

While Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil can be used topically as an herbal remedy for Lichen Planopilaris that will work to relieve some of the itching and also kill pathogens living on the surface of the skin, it’s also vital that you alkalize the body and treat Iodine Deficiency, Bromine Toxicity, and Vitamin B17 deficiency as a part of your treatment protocol. Anecdotal reports of borax treatments for Lichen Planopilaris circulate on the web, but some people might feel safer working with oral electrolyte supplements like Lithium Orotate and Ionic Rubidium (as alternatives to the popular and very effective Cesium Therapy that was discovered by Dr. Keith Brewer as a cure for cancer). Baking Soda is another food-grade alkalizing agent that can be used as a natural treatment for Lichen Planopilaris.

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