Platycladus orientalis / Cacumen platycladi is an herbal alternative to Minoxidil with nearly twice the power to regrow hair.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Androgenic Alopecia


Scientists have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine to try to find new medicinal agents that might be exploited by Big Pharma to be synthesized into patentable new molecules for hair loss treatment. But rather than using synthetic molecules, which are typically toxic, to treat hair loss, patients can instead use the naturally-occurring plant medicines in a holistic way to treat hair loss naturally. In this article, we talk about Cacumen platycladi, a Chinese herbal medicine for androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss / female pattern hair loss) that has the ability to boost hair growth by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, reducing DHT levels, and by preventing hair follicles from entering the telogen phase of the hair cycle when follicles go into a resting state.

Cacumen platycladi: Mechanisms of Action


Cacumen platycladi is also known as Platycladus orientalis, Chinese thuja, Biota, Oriental arborvitae, or Chinese arborvitae. This herb works through several mechanisms of action against androgenic alopecia to regrow hair naturally. Cacumen platycladi promotes the growth and proliferation of Dermal Papilla Cells. And it lengthens the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle (the part of the cycle when the hair is actively growing). Targeting 5-alpha-reductase inhibition as a mechanism-of-action is one of the most reliable ways to treat alopecia naturally using herbs according to scientists, or at least, it’s the mechanism of action that’s most frequently used by Big Pharma. Minoxidil 2% is a synthetic drug that inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, but unfortunately, Minoxidil also causes serious health problems like pericarditis (swelling around the hear) and neuropathy. Cacumen platycladi works naturally as a non-toxic hair medicine through inhibition of 5-alpha-reductase to treat androgenic alopecia naturally without causing the same serious side effects of Minoxidil. And scientists have found the Cacumen platycladi works better than Minoxidil to regrow hair that has become thin due to androgenic alopecia in both men and women.


The leaves of Cacumen platycladi have been used in traditional setting for hair loss, but scientists have found in laboratory settings that the essential oil of Cacumen platycladi is the most effective form of treatment. While its important that hair loss sufferers use an herbal remedy like Cacumen platycladi / Platycladus orientalis religiously for at least 6 months to really see the full effect of treatment, scientists have reported that even after 28 days of treatment, Cacumen platycladi was able to promote the proliferation of the Dermal Papilla Cells. 


In scientific studies, Cacumen platycladi at 100 micrograms/mL was able to promote stronger proliferation of the Dermal Papilla Cells than Minoxidil 2%. While Cacumen platycladi showed an increase in Dermal Papilla Cell proliferation at 239.8%, Minoxidil was only able to promote Dermal Papilla Cell proliferation at 130.3% during the first 48 hours of treatment. So Cacumen platycladi had nearly twice the power in terms of Dermal Papilla Cell proliferation as a hair loss treatment.


Cacumen platycladi / Platycladus orientalis is safe and non-toxic as a natural topical treatment for androgenic alopecia at a dose of up to 500 micrograms/mL.

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