Ecklonia cava and Ecklonia Kurome are types of brown algae that contain higher than average levels of iodine and that have the ability to make hair grow.

Ecklonia Cava / Ecklonia Kurome as a Powerful Herbal Treatment for Hair Loss


We’ve discussed the value of iodine as an essential nutritional supplement for hair regrowth. Ecklonia cava is an edible marine brown alga that grows in Korea and Japan. It contains an array of different bioactive compounds including:


  • Iodine
  • Peptides
  • Phlorotannins
  • Carotenoids
  • Fucoidans


The phlorotannins and polyphenols in Ecklonia cava are noteworthy for their ability to scavenge for free radicals, inhibit anitplasmin, inhibit cellular mutations, and for their ability to inhibit tyrosinase, and bacterial infections. Phlorofurofucoeckol A protects humans cells from toxicity. But the reason why scientists have studied Ecklonia cava in the lab as a potential hair loss remedy is because Ecklonia cava has the ability to increase fibroblast survival time by reducing free radicals. It has been studied as a cure for androgenic alopecia and it can be used by both men and women as a natural treatment for female pattern hair loss and for male pattern hair loss.


Dermal papilla cells that play a vital role in hair follicle development and the hair growth cycle are made up of a group of specialized fibroblasts. Ecklonia cava targets these cells, causing them to grow and proliferate to regrow thinning hair and fill in bald spots on the scalp.

Hair growth takes place in a repetitive cycle that includes three phases:


  • The anagen phase
  • The catagen phase
  • Telogen phase
  • Exogen phase

As an herbal remedy for androgenic alopecia / male pattern hair loss / female pattern hair loss, E. cava works through several different mechanisms of action. One of the most important components found in E. cava is Dieckol, which especially impacts the Dermal Papilla cells. But as we’ve already mentioned above, it’s likely that the iodine in this brown algae also plays an important role in promoting thyroid health as well as reproductive organ health, which in turn balances thyroid hormones and reproductive hormones such as testosterone and DHT.

The hair cycle is heavily influenced by the dermal papilla cells such that if these cells are sick, a number of different types of alopecia / hair loss can occur. The synthetic pharmaceutical, Minoxidil works primarily via an action on the dermal papilla cells. But minoxidil can cause serious health problems. For this reason, scientists began studying Ecklonia cava as a natural hair loss treatment that would not cause serious side effects. And they found that Ecklonia cava polyphenols did indeed increase fibroblast survival time to promote hair growth.

Treatment with Ecklonia cava resulted in the growth of the hair shaft and transitioning from telogen to anagen phase hair growth. 

How to Administer Ecklonia Cava as a Natural Remedy for Alopecia

Though scientists worked primarily with Ecklonia cava in test tube scenarios, you can take Ecklonia cava both as an oral medicine and also as a tincture that you apply directly to the scalp to improve hair growth and treat androgenic alopecia naturally.

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