Alternative Cures for Bruce Willis’ Aphasia

If Bruce Willis Were a Bestie–What AlivenHealthy Would Tell Him to Do to Cure Aphasia 


Bruce Willis was recently diagnosed with a brain disorder called aphasia. Aphasia involves the partial or total loss of the ability to understand spoken or written language. Though aphasia is more common than Parkinson’s disease it is less famous or at least it was less famous until Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia. 


One of the reasons why we decided to do the Sick Celebrity series was to counteract the effect of normalizing illness and to remind people that there are ways to cure diseases like aphasia. Indeed, if you or a loved one is diagnosed with a serious disease, you should set out in search of a cure rather than allowing a doctor to tell you that there is no cure and that you should give up. Though conventional medicine and Big Pharma does not attempt to cure disease, but only cover up symptoms, there are many systems of medicine that don’t merely accept the progressive decline that Americans and other citizens of developed countries have come to expect as a “normal” part of entering middle age. So in this article, I’m going to write freely about what I see in the symptom picture and the scientific studies that I’m aware of currently that could point to a cure for aphasia for Bruce Willis and for others who are afflicted with this frightening condition.


First of all, I’m going to start by referencing the fact that scientists have definitively noted that most, if not all neurodegenerative dementias are caused to one degree or another by poor circulation to the brain. In this article, I talk about an uninspired mainstream news article that was written to demoralize and placate neurodegenerative disease sufferers and their loved ones and to remind them to lose hope and stop searching for a cure because there isn’t one. Scientists have shown that poor blood flow is a major cause of most or perhaps all types of neurodegenerative disease. And one of the reasons why neurodegenerative disease is so common in developed countries is because of nutrient deficiencies, in particular Iodine Deficiency and Bromine Toxicity. Iodine is a nutrient that acts as a natural heavy metal chelator in the body. It naturally removes mercury and cadmium as well as other heavy metals that can build up in tissues to cause neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Aphasia, and more. In the early 1900s, before the American Medical Association was born, Iodine was the most commonly prescribed medicine for a wide array of illnesses because deficiency was common then. Nowadays, iodine deficiency is even more common because of farming practices and soil depletion in developed countries but today, patients also have to contend with Bromine Toxicity and Fluorine Toxicity, which compounds the problem of Iodine Deficiency. We talk in depth about the problem of Iodine Deficiency Compounded by Bromine Toxicity and its widely variable effects on health in the following articles. Though these articles are not specifically written for someone with Aphasia, there is important information about how to do Iodine Therapy and what to expect during the Bromine Detox period in these articles. Many people stop doing Iodine Therapy because they experience Bromine Detoxification Symptoms during the initial period of administering iodine. But the symptoms of Bromine Detox tend to go away and lessen within the first 60 days of treatment and then one day, suddenly, people experience a health breakthrough that changes their lives:


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Vitamin K2 deficiency is another important consideration for anyone who is suffering from aphasia. Note that Vitamin K2 is NOT THE SAME THING AS VITAMIN K1. Vitamin K2 is a newly discovered nutrient that is only available in foods that come from either grass-fed animals or an Asian food-item known as Nattokinase. So if you don’t regularly eat Nattokinase or grass-fed animal products, you’re deficient in vitamin K2. 


And here’s the thing:


If you take vitamin D and you don’t take vitamin K2 with your vitamin D, then you’re doing serious harm to your organs and blood vessels. In this article, I explain how taking vitamin D by itself without vitamin K2 in a balanced proportion will cause you serious, but reversible harm. Big Pharma pays mainstream media outlets to continually push vitamin D as a stand-alone supplement to ensure that people continue to develop serious calcification of important body parts like blood vessels, the pineal gland, organs, and other glands. In this article, we discuss the mainstream vitamin D “push” and how this push ensures a steady stream of customers going to doctor’s offices for drugs that will never be able to cure the vitamin K2 nutrient deficiency. But if you take vitamin D without vitamin K2, I can guarantee that while your bones and teeth will become weak and begin to rot, that your soft tissues like the brain, nerves, blood vessels, glands, and organs will calcify and become hard and dead. 


Vitamin K2 as a Cure for Aphasia


It takes only 6 weeks of vitamin K2 supplementation to move HALF of the calcium from soft tissues like blood vessels that are traveling through the neck to the brain to bone tissues. So, when you start taking vitamin K2, over the first six weeks of supplementation, you’ll remove half of the calcium and cholesterol plaques that might be causing atherosclerosis or other circulation issues in the body and at the same time, you’ll be restoring calcium to your teeth and to your bones. It’s a big shift. 


I remember when we started taking vitamin K2, a nutrient I discovered when I found out that a rogue tattoo of mercury had been left behind in my gums following mercury amalgam filling removal years prior. I had cavities on the side of my mouth with the mercury fillings, of course, because mercury causes the degradation of bone tissues and teeth. When I found out that I was going to have to get cavities filled in my mouth again, I was like, no way…I’m past this. And I decided to do some research to see if I could remineralize my teeth. It seemed like an impossible thing to do and the idea of remineralizing my teeth stayed in that Impossible Zone for me for several months. But I kept researching diligently until one day, I stumbled across a book about remineralizing teeth by using ancestral foods. The diet recommended in the book sounded horrible to me, but as a result of this book I was eventually able to find a book called Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Kate Rheaume-Bleue which took me from the Impossible Zone to the Zone of Believable Miracles. I spent quite some time after that learning about fluoride-free toothpaste options that contained phosphorus instead of fluoride, an essential part of the remineralization process. A year later, my cavity was gone. The cavity had healed along with a broken rib that had fractured easily one day when my husband and I were doing martial arts together.

So, for any neurodegenerative disease like aphasia, I would start with vitamin K2 supplementation to remove calcium from blood vessels thereby restoring proper blood flow to the brain.  Scientists, after all, have noted that all dementias are to some degree, a form of vascular dementia. In other words, all dementia patients have poor circulation to the brain to some degree or another. Taking vitamin K2 supplements can help open up the blood circulation to restore oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Vitamin K2 combined with Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), a tree medicine that thins the blood and that also has the ability to heal brain tissues and spinal cord tissues that have been damaged and that also has the ability to take nutrients into cells, it’s possible to stop the progression of aphasia and other serious neurological diseases. DMSO, after all, is FDA-approved and it has been scientifically proven as a medicine that can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Though DMSO has not yet been studied in terms of its ability to stop the progression of Aphasia, it has been studied in terms of its ability to stop Alzheimer’s. As a medicine that can Do No Harm as long as you use it properly according to certain guidelines that we outline in detail in the Chlorine Dioxide Complementary Medicines book, and as a medicine that has been able to heal Cervical5 (C5) fractured spinal tissues to allow people to walk again, DMSO is definitely a prime choice in terms of alternative medicines for Aphasia and other serious neurological diseases.

The Connection Between Bruce Willis’ Aphasia and Alzheimer’s Disease

For the purposes of this discussion, I’m going to assume that Alzheimer’s and dementia are generally synonymous. And scientific research has linked Alzheimer’s to certain types of aphasia. About 40% of aphasia sufferers receive a dual diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, which seems to indicate quietly that Alzheimer’s and aphasia might be the same thing. This link between Alzheimer’s and aphasia is important and I want to emphasize the link, rather than trying to de-emphasize it like the Big Pharma-sponsored organizations that want patients to believe that they have a disease or disorder that is unique, new, and highly complex such that no effective treatments or cures exist for it. In this article, the author acknowledges that Primary Progressive Aphasia and Alzheimer’s are nearly identical and very hard to differentiate. So, just for fun, let’s go with that thought and explore the cures for Alzheimer’s and assume that some or all of these cures may also work to cure Aphasia as well as other forms of dementia and neurological disease.


Also, I’m not going to differentiate between Primary Progressive Aphasia and other types of aphasia even though I know that there are differences between these various diseases in terms of symptoms. The reason why I’m choosing not to differentiate between Primary Progressive Aphasia, Logopenic Progressive Aphasia / Phonologic Progressive Aphasia, Progressive Nonfluent Aphasia, Semantic Dementia, and Frontotemporal Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases that involve a deterioration of language understanding and articulation is because I’m going to present a list of cures for aphasia that will do no harm, but that can do a lot of good at least in a most cases. Also, I take this stance because people who have identical anatomical or physiological situations may experience the anatomical or physiological abnormalities in different ways as different symptoms. There’s no need for me to differentiate, you see, between Alzheimer’s disease and aphasia types because the medicines I’m presenting below will enhance health which will inevitably promote healing if not cure aphasia and/or dementia. But also, science and diagnostic efforts often aren’t really able to definitively make a differentiation between one type of dementia, neurological disease, and another. The links in the paragraph above acknowledge this problem and these articles, written to educate doctors, talk about how to differentiate Alzheimer’s and aphasia because they look and seem identical. 


So, if you’re open to the possibility that there is, indeed a cure for aphasia and/or natural treatments for aphasia as well and you’re willing to expand into a body of scientific literature that is able to stop Alzheimer’s disease from progressing and other forms of dementia, then continue reading.


The AlivenHealthy List of Potential Cures for Aphasia: 

Since we recently discussed the below treatments for neurodegenerative disease in an article about Ozzy Osbourne and Parkinson’s disease, we’ll skip these neurodegenerative disease cures and instead refer readers to either this article about Ozzy Osbourne, or we encourage readers to click on the links below for each listing to learn more about each. Don’t skip over this material! Parkinson’s disease has a lot in common with Aphasia and there is a vast amount of scientific data out there about cures for Parkinson’s disease that can be mined and repurposed for Aphasia, a disease that has not been funded for scientific study to the same degree. 

  • Detoxify your life. Detoxify your liver.
    • Start by getting rid of heavy metals and lessening exposure to other toxins such as bromine, fluorine, and organophosphates from the body. 
    • Find a dentist who uses the Huggin’s Protocol to remove mercury amalgam fillings.
    • Do chelation therapy.
    • If you don’t remove heavy metals from the body, it will be nearly impossible to cure aphasia or Alzheimer’s disease.


  • The Hoxsey Tonic
    • Note that the Hoxsey Tonic, like Lugol’s Iodine, contains Potassium Iodide, a substance that can be taken in mega-high doses to protect the body from toxic things like cancer treatment radiation or nuclear fallout. 


  • Semax
    • Semax is a peptide that was developed in Russia. It is particularly useful in mitigating brain damage caused by disease or by stroke but it also helps improve blood flow throughout the body which is why we list it here. 


  • Bee Venom Therapy
    • Bee Venom Therapy and/or Kambo treatments restart the autonomic nervous system which may be a key reason why these treatment work to cure aphasia and other types of brain disease.  In this scientific article, bee venom therapy is discussed in terms of its use as a natural treatment for dementia including Alzheimer’s and other types of neurological disorders.


  • Treat Gallbladder, Liver, and Digestive Issues Using Enzyme Therapy
    • Though gallbladder issues are not traditionally associated with dementia and other neurological issues, in some cases, pathogens may take up residence in the gallbladder and the liver where they aren’t easily detected by doctors. The pathogens may then make an appearance when people are stressed. Stress, after all, means that people use up more iodine and tyrosine to make thyroid hormones and neurotransmitters (like dopamine, which is used for decision-making). So, we always recommend that people who have a so-called “incurable disease” work with their gallbladder and the liver. If you no longer have a gallbladder, you need to address the liver, which may be struggling due to the fact that it no longer has a partner to support its activities (the gallbladder). Digestive enzyme therapy can work miracles in those with neurological diseases like aphasia by stablizing the microbiome in the gut as well as by killing pathogens. In these books about the gallbladder and psoriasis, we discuss how to use sunlight, seawater, iodine, and gallbladder/liver treatments to cure psoriasis, but these treatments are also relevant to aphasia and many neurological diseases.


Top 5 Essential Oils That Can Be Used to Cure Aphasia

  • Use Boswellia serrata + Melisa officinalis Essential Oils to cure aphasia. Use them together according to the methods described in the scientific article. 
  • Polygonum hydropiper is a cholinesterase inhibitor that can be used to treat various types of dementia including aphasia. Cholinesterase is an enzyme that breaks down Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays a famous role in Parkinson’s Disease as well as other neurological diseases like Myasthenia Gravis.
  • Lavender Essential Oil has been scientifically proven for its ability to increase attention span in people who are suffering from neurological disorders involving decreased attention.

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