Our bodies need sunlight exposure (without sunscreen) and we need to consume vitamin K2, a substance produced by animals that eat grass/high chlorophyll plants. If you aren’t taking vitamin K2 with your vitamin D, your soft tissues will calcify while your bones and teeth deteriorate. But after only 6 weeks of vitamin K2+D3 supplementation (in the proper proportion), half of the calcium in your soft tissues (like blood vessels) will be removed and placed in your bones. Everyone should know these scientifically proven facts.

Does vitamin D really reduce inflammation? That’s only half of the story–and the half you don’t know about might kill you.


This news story talks glowingly about the value of vitamin D.


At AlivenHealthy, we acknowledge that vitamin D is important, particularly the natural vitamin D that’s produced by the body when the body is exposed to sunlight (sans the sunscreen), but there’s an important piece of information missing from the mainstream news article above about vitamin D, namely the lack of information about vitamin K2. 


Vitamin K2 is different from vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 is a newly discovered nutrient that is only found in products like meats and dairy from grass-fed animals. If you do not currently seek out meats and dairy products from grass-fed animals, you are deficient in vitamin K2. And if you are deficient in vitamin K2, you have some big problems. Read more about vitamin K2 deficiency here.


Vitamin D ensures that the body absorbs calcium, but vitamin D is lazy. It doesn’t tell the body to put that calcium in any particular location so the calcium ends up in soft tissues like organs or in blood vessels. But if you take a vitamin D supplement with vitamin K2 (or if you happen to take a supplement called Nattokinase, or if you eat grass-fed animal products), then your body will put calcium into the bones and teeth where calcium belongs. 


So, in other words, our bodies need sunlight exposure (without sunscreen). The full-spectrum light of the sun causes our bodies to produce not just vitamin D, but also fumaric acid, one of the most important natural cures for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, cutaneous lupus, and psoriasis . But additionally, our bodies were designed to function best when we eat animal products from animals that consume chlorophyll, which is a green plant-based energy derived from the sun. Indeed, if you don’t believe that the sun is a source of healing particularly for those with autoimmune diseases, think again. In this article, we talk about how hundreds of thousands of psoriasis patients flock to special sunlight and seawater facilities to cure their disease. And psoriasis is just one of many autoimmune diseases that can be cured through calibrated sunlight exposure (without sunscreen to prevent healing).

So, when we read news material extolling the virtues of vitamin D in mainstream media, it’s upsetting because people who take vitamin D without vitamin K2 will end up with organs that calcify. And often, this problem of calcified soft tissues in the body can lead to autoimmune diseases or even a diagnosis of cancer. Read more about the connection between vitamin K2 deficiency and autoimmune diseases like lupus here.


The pineal gland may calcify, leading to serious problems throughout the body. Atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and dental cavities and problems with teeth including jaw deterioration and more are all related to vitamin K2 deficiency. Diabetics may develop diabetes as a result of calcification of the pancreas. A wide array of different types of disease may develop as a result of organ calcification. But, if you started taking a vitamin K2/D3 supplement today and if you were to got rid of any multivitamins and other vitamin products that contain vitamin D by itself without vitamin K2, your body would automatically start putting calcium where it goes: in your bones and teeth. And if you learn just a little bit more about how teeth and enamel work, you’d find that you can heal cavities and remineralize your teeth, your jaw bones, and the other bones in your body very quickly if you incorporate vitamin K2 into your life. Read more about how to remineralize your teeth and heal cavities here.


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