Why Mainstream News Will Never Talk about the Monkeypox Cure That Has Been Around for Hundreds of Years



Click here to read this news article about why you’re supposed to be terrified of Monkeypox transmission and the possibility of a Monkeypox pandemic.


When news about monkeypox first hit mainstream media, I was awed that The Powers That Be were going to attempt to put the world through another round of fear frenzy. I’ve watched the distrust of conventional medicine grow to epidemic…no, pandemic proportions since the beginning of COVID and in my mind, it reminds me of the French Revolution and how the people in power in France pushed things just a little too far and how they all ended up at the guillotine. 


I’m not saying that Monkeypox isn’t a “thing” or that COVID-19 wasn’t also a “thing” that really happened. What I’m saying and what I preach is that there are cures for these diseases and that we should be teaching people how to cure Monkeypox rather than how to fear Monkeypox. Indeed, several of the cures for Monkeypox and COVID-19 and other infectious diseases are FDA-approved but–alas, their patents have run out so these medicines will not turn big profits for Big Pharma. Thus, these cures for COVID and/or Monkeypox never end up on the radar in the mainstream media. I mean, fear does sell after all, and journalists have to turn a buck too. In order to Feed the Machine, you have to figure out what scares the crap out of people and their write about it in a way that makes them scared enough to tune in until the next time you write an article. 


But whether you believe in Monkeypox or not as a thing to be feared–whether you believe in COVID or not as a thing to be feared–in either case, you probably would like to know about a cure for these diseases. The article I link to above is all about fear-mongering, so to counter all that fear, I’m going to link to articles to help readers better understand Monkeypox and how to overcome the disease based on actual science as well as the history of curing smallpox and other orthopox diseases.


In this article, we talk about how Monkeypox is transmitted, misdiagnoses of Monkeypox and the importance of understanding the history of misdiagnosing a disease like Monkeypox that has been aimed at a particular population of stigmatized people, as well as how to prevent Monkeypox infection. 


In this article, we talk about the herbal cures for monkeypox as well as powerful over-the-counter medicines that are never mentioned by mainstream media even though they have the ability to cure Monkeypox. 


And finally, if you haven’t already heard about or worked with Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement as a medicine with an extremely broad-spectrum of action against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other types of pathogens, you should consider reading more about how to use this medicine not only to prevent Monkeypox, but also to treat Monkeypox at home. Read more about Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement as a cure for Monkeypox here. Also note that we have a two volume series of books about how to use Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement as well as a database of CDS protocols to take the guesswork out of how to use Chlorine Dioxide Solution safely.

There are some pretty amazing cures for diseases out there. Yesterday, I read about something called Plasmodium Immunotherapy that is being used in China to cure cancer and other diseases like syphilis and tuberculosis, which is relevant to a discussion about Monkeypox (se the article about transmission and misdiagnosis noted above). Plasmodium immunotherapy basically involves the intentional injection of malaria into a patient to cause infection and fever which then cures another pathogenic infection (such as Monkeypox or cancer). Then, the malaria is cured using quinine, the natural herbal component from which COVID-19 cures like hydroxychloroquine and chloroquinine were synthesized and derived


My point is that there is a cure for Monkeypox and there is a cure for COVID. 

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