A number of autoimmune diseases are strongly correlated with cancer and vice versa. In this article, we discuss Lugol’s iodine 2% as a cure for both autoimmune disease and cancer, but we also provide some other important medicinal footholds to get you started on the path toward healing. If you have an autoimmune disease diagnosis and/or a cancer diagnosis, you will need to use more than just one medicine to heal, but Lugol’s iodine 2% is an excellent place to start if you want to experience gains within a relatively short period of time.

Getting Started: The Beginner’s Autoimmune Disease and Cancer Cure

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cancer or any other disease.

Important Update:

In the following article, we talk in depth about iodine deficiency as a major cause of autoimmune disease. Since it was written, we have been researching organophosphate insecticides and their role in the development of cancer and autoimmune disease. We’ve learned through our research that vitamin K2 deficiency can promote iodine deficiency. And we’ve also learned that like iodine deficiency, vitamin K2 has been programmed into the food supply by various governments in the world. It’s also come to our attention that a number of common over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals like cough medicines, for example contain bromide / bromine. And a number of prescription drugs like bisphosphonates and chemotherapy drugs contain organophosphates as their primary active ingredient.

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Click here to learn how GMO food products and organophosphate herbicides like RoundUp / glyphosate cause vitamin K2 deficiency which then leads to iodine deficiency which in turn leads to autoimmunity, cancer, autism, ADHD, and a large number of other serious health issues.

Also note that if you take a vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 supplement without also taking the proper amount of vitamin K2 to balance its effects, this can cause iodine deficiency which can, in turn, lead to autoimmunity and cancer. Read more about the dangers of supplementing with vitamin D without vitamin K2s balancing effects here.

What is Autoimmunity? 

Autoimmune disease is defined by the National Cancer Institute as a health condition in which the body’s immune system mistakes normal healthy tissue as foreign tissues. The immune system, in a state of confusion, then attacks these healthy tissues. 


This is not the definition of autoimmunity that we ascribe to on this site.


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Anyone who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease is most certainly familiar with the National Cancer Institutes’ definition of autoimmune disease. And most patients who receive an autoimmune disease diagnosis, initially believe that this definition of autoimmunity must be correct. It’s a credible definition that’s elegant in terms of its ability to be understood easily by the masses, including those who have no medical training whatsoever. But many patients today, as they live day-by-day with their so-called “autoimmune diseases” have the sense that something different is at work inside their bodies. The idea that their immune system has turned against them just doesn’t quite make sense when they apply the concept of autoimmunity that has been created by Big Pharma to the actual experience of living, as a patient, with an autoimmune disease.


Also, this definition of autoimmunity offers no hope of a cure. Indeed, readers who have attempted to delve into the scientific literature discussing things like molecular mimicry and other theories of how autoimmunity works (according to the prevailing beliefs) have probably noticed how hopelessly technical and microscopic these studies are. But our view of autoimmunity is holistic and our goal is to outline natural treatments and cures for autoimmune diseases that will not only help patients restore their health, but also understand the disease in a way that restores faith in their ability to heal from any affliction.  If the immune system is attacking its own healthy tissues, then the situation is utterly hopeless. But if autoimmunity is actually a dis-eased state that involves a much simpler, much more comprehensible model that will allow patients to work with both autoimmune disease AND cancer prevention, for example, some readers are likely to feel like there’s resonance in this model. A model that acknowledges that indeed autoimmune diseases and cancer link together and can be treated and prevented using the same medicines would restore hope especially if this model had a strong scientific backing.  

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the work of some great minds who have contributed a great deal to a body of knowledge regarding how to cure cancer that has been in existence for over 100 years, but that our staff has personally been working with for over a decade now. Autoimmunity did not become fashionable until relatively recently, but in our view, given the historical changes made to the food supply in developed nations, demographic data, and correlations between certain types of cancer and certain nutrient deficiencies that have been literally “built into” the food supply, we believe that autoimmunity is caused by many of the same forces that cause cancer. But I have to warn you, our views regarding what causes autoimmune disease and what causes cancer is very different from the mainstream. Nonetheless, these two disease types are inextricably linked.

Is Cancer an Autoimmune Disease and Vice Versa?

If you have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and breast cancer or an autoimmune disease and blood cancer or some other type of cancer, your intuition is probably telling you that autoimmune diseases and cancer link together somehow—that one causes the other or that these two diseases have a similar underlying cause. A lot of patients who receive a dual diagnosis contact us wondering, can cancer cause an autoimmune disease or vice versa


Going a step further, patients who have recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like diabetes mellitus or multiple sclerosis contact us because they feel compelled to seek out a natural cure for autoimmune disorders. Conventional medicine doctors today tend to offer their patients toxic therapies that decrease the activity and strength of the immune system. As a result, autoimmune disease patients live in fear wondering about autoimmunity and COVID risk, for example, or worse, autoimmunity and cancer risk. Being on prescription medications that lower one’s immunity tends to lower general health even if autoimmune disease symptoms are somewhat reduced.


On the other hand, if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you suddenly develop a so-called paraneoplastic autoimmune disease, you might feel like the cancer medications that you’re taking played a role in the evolution of autoimmunity. And if you were able to dig into the scientific research, you’d find that you’re not the only person on the planet to note the correlation between cancer and autoimmune disease. Indeed, a number of scientists have noted that while the aim of autoimmune disease treatments is to lower immunity, the aim of cancer treatments is to raise immunity and that these treatments seem to be able to trigger autoimmunity in cancer patients and vice versa. Some scientists have referred to this problem of autoimmune disease and cancer treatment as a “treatment paradox”. 


Patients with autoimmune diseases specifically have an increased risk of developing the following types of cancer:


  • Solid tumors
  • Lymphatic system cancers
  • Blood cancers


Reproductive Organ Cancers and Autoimmune Disease

If you’re female and you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you are significantly more likely to eventually be diagnosed with cancer as well. This fact mystifies many doctors, but it might makes more sense to our readers if they are aware of the fact that, in the 1970s, the U.S. Food Industry, in collaboration with Big Pharma, decided to make some sweeping changes that have caused widespread health issues, particularly among American citizens, but also in other countries that followed similar trends.


In the U.S., prior to the 1970s, bread was fortified with iodine. Bread was a great “carrier” for iodine because the iodine did not evaporate out of the bread and most of the population ate bread products. This iodine fortification helped prevent goiters (inflammation of the thyroid gland) along with a host of other disease-states associated with poor thyroid gland functioning. Iodine fortification of bread ensured that most people were able to maintain a normal weight and body mass. But it did a LOT more than that. Iodine fortification also made sure that the population had normally functioning reproductive organs. Without iodine the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs and glands malfunction and because these glands govern over the health of the entire body, the mind, digestion, and general health, the removal of iodine from bread products immediately had an impact on human health, particularly women’s health because women need more iodine than men in order to be healthy. Women, after all, need iodine to feed not just the uterus and ovaries, but also the breast tissues. And in order to support a growing fetus and breast feeding infants to produce healthy children, they need an understandably higher amount of iodine than men. But most importantly for our current discussion is the fact that without adequate levels of iodine, the immune system starts to malfunction in a variety of ways. Indeed, autoimmune disease may be primarily a symptom of iodine deficiency, but if you aren’t yet convinced that iodine deficiency plays a big role in autoimmune disease, there’s more to this story so keep reading.


Men also need a certain amount of iodine, albeit less than women, or they also become iodine deficient and begin to suffer problems with infertility, low libido, they develop male breasts (gynecomastia), brain fog, and yes, symptoms of autoimmunity. And while women tend to develop autoimmune disease and breast cancer, for example, men may develop autoimmune disease and testicular cancer as a result of iodine deficiency because iodine is an essential nutrient that governs over immune system functioning. Without proper levels of iodine, the immune system doesn’t work right and that’s because the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs/glands are not functioning properly.

Iodine Deficiency and Bromine Toxicity: A Link Between Autoimmune Disease and Cancer  

So there’s more to the story of Big Food’s decision to get rid of iodine fortification of bread and switch to iodine fortification of salt. Salt is a poor carrier of iodine. Iodine evaporates out of the salt box within days after the box is opened. So anyone who is buying iodized salt who believes that they are fulfilling their dietary iodine needs has been sadly bamboozled. 


Maybe you take a multivitamin supplement that contains a few micrograms of iodine. If you go into your doctor’s office and ask the doctor how much iodine you need every day he or she will tell you to be careful about taking more than the “recommended daily allowance” of this dangerous mineral. Unless your doctor is over 100 years old, he/she doesn’t know or remember that Lugol’s iodine was the most prescribed medicine in the early 1900s before The Cancer Industry and The Autoimmune Disease Industry existed. Lugol’s iodine was the most prescribed medicine because it had the ability to regulate so many important processes in the body via its ability to regulate the thyroid gland and the reproductive glands. Today, doctors are taught that all iodine is bad. In fact, most doctors today believe that all iodine is radioactive iodine and that all iodine products have the same level of toxicity in the body as radioactive iodine which kills thyroid and reproductive organ cells. 

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The American Medical Association (AMA) was born in the late 1800’s and it really started to gain momentum as a strong-arm in the medical industry after World War II. This organization developed enough power between the 1900s and the 1930s to begin squeezing natural treatments for disease out of the mainstream to usher in petroleum-based pharmaceuticals that were synthesized and patented so that they would be immensely profitable for a select few individuals who have become extremely rich and powerful. Organizations like the American Cancer Society and a wide array of others that purport to be “educational” and philanthropic were created as tax shelters to propagate a specific model of medicine that supports the sale of petroleum-based, patented pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and an assortment of other products and services that aim to keep patients sick. Cures for diseases are viewed as “unprofitable” and so, when a medicine like salinomycin, for example, is synthesized, patented and then found to be a “cure for cancer” or other major diseases, that medicine is shelved by Big Pharma. In other words, though these medicines remain on the books, doctors are told that the medicine should never be used unless all other treatments are used first. Doctors then believe those medicines to be dangerous or toxic when in fact, the goal is for patients to be given an array of toxic medications that ensure that no one will ever discover that salinomycin IVs can cure breast cancer, malaria, and other serious diseases


In summary, doctors are educated to believe that the medicines that will cure cancer or autoimmune diseases (and other types of disease) will harm patients. The doctors are educated by teaching institutions that are funded by and supported by the same rich and powerful people who run the AMA and organizations like the American Cancer Society or the Global Autoimmune Institute. Patients who blindly trust their doctors are at a disadvantage in terms of finding a cure for autoimmune disease or cancer because conventional medicine is most interested in finding bandage-treatments for disease rather than in finding cures. Though you may have a wonderful doctor who intends to heal patients, he or she must follow the rules of these organizations or risk being politically burnt at the stake by Big Pharma and the AMA. 


And so, let’s return to the story of iodine now…


When iodine was removed from the food supply, bromine was introduced into bread products, soda and other bottled drinks (as Bromated Vegetable Oils or BVOs). It was introduced as an alternative to chlorination in swimming pools and in municipal water supplies and it began being used as a fire retardant on furnishings and on children’s pajamas. But, perhaps most importantly, while the rest of the developed world was outlawing bromine (at least in theory), the United States decided to go ahead and continue to allow the use of bromine in pharmaceuticals like pyridostigmine bromine (a drug used by U.S. soldiers overseas, many of whom return with Gulf War Syndrome or rather bromine toxicity) and in insecticides like methyl bromide which is sprayed into the air and onto food items like fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are consumed by Americans but also by people of other countries who import American fruits and vegetables. So bromine toxicity is a huge problem in the United States, but it is also a problem in other countries as well. 


Bromine, after all, is a halogen element in the same column as iodine, fluorine, and chlorine on the periodic table. This means bromine has a similar chemical configuration as iodine and chlorine (both of which are absolutely essential for human health in their molecular forms in fairly high doses). Fluorine, like bromine, is toxic to human health and anyone with an autoimmune disease should therefore consider filtering their water against halogens if they live in an area where either fluorine or bromine are being used to sanitize the water. But in order to keep this discussion simple, we’re going to continue to focus primarily on the toxicity of bromine as another layer to the story of iodine deficiency as an important autoimmune disease trigger as well as a cancer trigger.

So let’s review–as we discussed earlier, iodine was removed from bread products, an excellent carrier and it was put into salt, a poor carrier for iodine, making the population susceptible to iodine deficiency. Then, Big Food, again in collaboration with Big Pharma, decided to replace the iodine in bread products with bromine, a known endocrine disruptor. And while many developed countries of the world with subsidized healthcare systems outlawed bromine because bromine increases the government’s costs in those countries by hurting the health of the population, the United States continued to approve the use of bromine, not just as an insecticide but also as an ingredient in food products and as a substance used in fabrics that are applied directly to children’s bodies. 

The United States, after all, is the only country in the world with a totally capitalistic healthcare system. In other words, the population of the United States does not receive any government assistance to pay for their medical bills. So the government of the United States is not financially hurt if the population is sick. In fact, the U.S. government receives extra kick-backs and financial incentives from Big Pharma and Big Food in terms of campaign funds to support activities that make the population ill. 


So iodine deficiency is a major problem by itself that causes a wide array of health problems, but anyone who is living in a developed country must also contend with another layer of health problems due to the compounded effect of bromine toxicity. Another way to explain this problem is to say that iodine deficiency can cause different types of diseases that would be remedied if the patient were to take a daily dose of Lugol’s iodine. Back in the early 1900s when iodine was being prescribed regularly by doctors, a patient with an autoimmune-type of disease could go buy Lugol’s iodine at the local pharmacy and take it home and administer it and experience instantaneous health benefits. But today, patients with autoimmune disease and cancer must first overcome the symptoms of bromine toxicity before they’ll experience the health benefits of taking Lugol’s iodine to get rid of their iodine deficiency. 


Let’s talk first about Iodine Deficiency Symptoms…

Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency:

Iodine deficiency causes the following effects on the body. Consider the various symptoms below in terms of your own autoimmune disease symptoms. How many of your autoimmune disease symptoms match the symptoms of iodine deficiency listed below?

  • Iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) by causing a deficiency of thyroid hormone production. 
  • Iodine deficiency (which is compounded by bromine and fluorine exposure) can lead to cystitis or frequent urinary tract infections.
  • Low adrenal function 
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Iodine deficiency can cause men’s health issues:
    • Prostate cancer
    • Prostate swelling
    • Low libido
    • Erectile dysfunction
  • Frequent respiratory infections and respiratory problems:
    • Asthma
    • Sinus infection
    • Chronic post-nasal drip
    • Allergies
  • Iodine deficiency can cause a variety of women’s health issues including:
    • Infertility
    • Benign and malignant tumors in the reproductive organs:
      •  breast, 
      • uterus, 
      • ovaries, 
      • cervix, etc.
    • Menstrual problems
    • Endometriosis
    • Menstrual irregularities
    • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 
    • Uterine fibroids
    • Heavy menstruation
    • Low libido
    • Fibrocystic breast disease
    • Fibrocystic ovaries
  • Goiter
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • Throat swelling
    • Throat tenderness
  • Skin problems:
    • Dry, coarse skin with a yellowish tinge
    • Darkening of the eyelids
    • Brittle fingernails
    • Brittle hair
    • Hair loss
    • Acne
  • Mental Health Issues:
    • Depression
    • Mental fatigue
    • Apathy
    • Foggy Thinking
    • Mood swings
    • Memory loss (Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.)
  • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Visual disturbances
    • Eye protrusion
  • Cardiovascular effects:
    • Intolerance to heat and cold (cold hands and feet)
    • Poor circulation (which can lead to health problems such as Erectile Dysfunction or low libido, noted above)
    • Raynaud’s Syndrome
    • Heart Disease
  • Digestive problems
    • Indigestion
    • Gas / flatulence
    • Constipation and irregular bowel movements
  • Obesity and difficulty losing weight
    • Swelling of the face (Myxoedema)
    • Fluid retention
    • High LDL cholesterol
    • Increased triglyceride levels
  • Shortness of breath on exertion and poor exercise tolerance which includes:
    • Fast pulse
    • Heart palpitations
    • Chest pain
    • Stiff joints
    • Muscle cramps
    • Excessive perspiration regardless of heat or exertion
  • Fatigue, low energy, exhaustion, especially in the morning. 
    • Low blood pressure
    • Sleep problems including the need for 12 or more hours of sleep
  • Iodine deficiency can cause hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid). Many of these hyperthyroid conditions respond well to iodine supplementation without surgery or the use of radioactive iodine. These diseases include:
    • Hashimoto’s Disease
    • Grave’s Disease
    • Toxic Thyroid
  • Iodine deficiency affects motor skills in a negative way
    • Iodine deficiency causes reaction time to get longer.
    • Iodine deficiency reduces manual dexterity, muscle strength, and overall coordination.
    • Iodine deficiency leads to lower IQ scores. 
    • Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can cause ADD, ADHD, or developmental delays known as cretinism.

Iodine Compounded by Bromine Toxicity


A lot of cancer or autoimmune disease patients who have iodine deficiency compounded by bromine toxicity get confused about what’s happening to their bodies during the bromine detoxification process. During the bromine detoxification process, patients may experience any number of scary symptoms as the bromine is being kicked out of the body by iodine. Note that many of these symptoms are also symptoms of autoimmune disease


The symptoms of Bromine Toxicity include:



  • Rash (bromoderma)
  • The bromaderma rash is a hallmark sign that a person who has just started taking iodine has Bromine Toxicity, but doctors will generally tell patients with bromaderma that they have an allergy to iodine. This isn’t possible. All humans need iodine in order to survive, though anyone with Iodine Deficiency and Bromine Toxicity should begin Lugol’s Iodine therapy slowly. The best examples of the bromaderma rash that have not yet been covered up by Big Pharma are Gulf War Syndrome rashes.


  • Eyelid twitching
  • Disturbance of color perception
  • Muscle twitching
  • Dark thoughts (e.g. “there is no reason to live”)
  • Depression (e.g. “there is no reason to get out of bed”)
  • Tingling in the extremities
  • Mood issues such as anxiety or mood swings
  • Dry mouth
  • Mouth and tongue sores and cuts, a sore mouth
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Odd swallowing sensation (also known as “swollen glottis” in the old medical literature)
  • Headache
  • Body odor
  • Bromide acne which is coniform (the use of zinc can help counteract bromide acne)
  • Skin “cuts”
  • Hair loss
  • Brain fog
  • Leg and hip ache that resembles arthritis (due to the effect of bromine on the bone marrow–the hip bone houses one of the biggest bone marrow, blood-production areas in the body)
  • Sinus pain
  • Runny nose
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Sedation/lethargy/exhaustion
  • Breast tenderness / Fibrocystic Breast Disease (this symptom precedes breast cancer though it typically resolves quickly with Lugol’s Iodine Therapy) 
  • Unusual urine odor or color
  • Urethral spasm and frequent urination (may be mistaken for a urinary tract infection)
  • Cystitis / bladder irritation
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Vision changes
  • Irritability
  • Increased salivation
  • Dream changes
  • Impaired memory/concentration
  • Tremor
  • Reproductive hormone imbalances
  • Kidney pain or kidney dysfunction
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Male Infertility 
  • Female Infertility
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Brain Fog
  • Loss of control of body movements
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Drooping eyelids (ptosis)
  • Neurological impairment
  • Psychosis
  • Seizures
  • Severe gastrointestinal impairment
  • Somnolence
  • Delirium
  • More…

Autoimmune Disease and Breast Cancer Natural Treatment and Prevention

Fibrocystic breast disease or severe breast tenderness and hardness commonly precedes the development of breast cancer in women with Iodine Deficiency Compounded by Bromine Toxicity. The fact that women with an autoimmune disease are more likely to develop breast cancer and vice versa lends credibility to the fact that a deficiency of iodine compounded by bromine toxicity plays a role in autoimmune disease and breast cancer dual diagnoses


If you have breast cancer and autoimmune disease, you should begin Lugol’s iodine therapy and proceed slowly through the bromine detoxification process. Expect to experience any number of strange symptoms during the bromine detox process including the symptoms listed above, though this symptoms list is definitely not exhaustive! The bromine detox process typically lasts for 4 to 8 weeks and some patients experience a bromaderma rash daily when they apply iodine to their skin. 


Note that the breasts are directly connected to the uterus via the lymphatic system. As such, you can use a Lugol’s iodine douche as a cure for breast cancer by combining 1 cup of filtered water with 1 to 20 drops of Lugol’s iodine daily.


To learn more about how Lugol’s iodine will help you rebuild and rebalance your immune system, follow this link.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to administer the supportive nutrients in tandem with Lugol’s iodine to ensure that your body can properly use and process this autoimmune disease and cancer cure.


Autoimmune Disease and Ovarian Cancer Natural Treatment and Prevention

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis are two women’s diseases that are strongly associated with autoimmune diseases. In fact some people wonder if PCOS is an autoimmune disease. Some doctors have even labeled PCOS as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Autoimmune Disorder, but a reliable cure for PCOS is Lugol’s iodine therapy. Further, endometriosis and PCOS often precede the development of cancer with some experts regarding endometriosis as a pre-cancer. Endometriosis, after all, involves cellular growth that is out of control. And PCOS involves reproductive hormone derangement and reproductive organ malfunctioning. Both of these health issues can be remedied with Lugol’s iodine therapy to prevent ovarian cancer. Women who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and ovarian cancer should consider doing Lugol’s iodine therapy to get rid of bromine through a detoxification process that could take between 4 to 8 weeks. During the bromine detox period, you may experience a daily bromaderma rash as well as other symptoms of bromine detox until the bromine is totally removed from the body. 


Note that you can do a Lugol’s iodine douche that contains about 1 cup of water to 1 to 20 drops of Lugol’s iodine as a PCOS or endometriosis cure. Lugol’s iodine douches are also a cure for ovarian cancer and can be used as part of the daily administration of Lugol’s iodine as a natural treatment for autoimmune disease.


Start slowly with Lugol’s iodine therapy and read more about iodine therapy as a cancer cure here. Or, to learn more about how Lugol’s iodine will help you rebuild and rebalance your immune system, follow this link.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to administer the supportive nutrients in tandem with Lugol’s iodine to ensure that your body can properly use and process this autoimmune disease and cancer cure.

Autoimmune Disease and Cervical Cancer Natural Treatment and Prevention

As a reproductive organ, the uterine tissues require balanced levels or reproductive hormones in order to remain healthy. But if your body is Iodine Deficient, your uterine tissues and cells may develop abnormalities. And if you are also Bromine Toxic, then you’ll need to go through the process of removing bromine from the body (bromine detoxification) before you’ll be able to reap the rewards of taking Lugol’s iodine daily. But if you’ve had an abnormal pap smear and your doctor has told you that you have cervical cancer or cervical pre-cancer, treatment with Lugol’s iodine will help you immensely to restore health to your cervical cells. But start slowly and read more about iodine therapy as a cancer cure here


Note that you can use vaginal douches that contain about 1 cup of water + 1 to 20 drops of Lugol’s iodine as a treatment for cervical cancer as well as breast cancer. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to administer the supportive nutrients in tandem with Lugol’s iodine to ensure that your body can properly use and process this autoimmune disease and cancer cure.

Autoimmune Disease and Testicular Cancer Natural Treatment and Prevention

Though men tend to note the autoimmune diseases and cancer link less frequently than women, men can also easily become Iodine Deficient and also Bromine Toxic due to the lack of iodine in the food supply combined with the ubiquitous presence of bromine and other toxic halogens like fluorine in the water supply. As a man, you can apply Lugol’s iodine directly to the scrotum if you have testicular cancer or even if you have male breast cancer. You can apply Lugol’s iodine to the skin anywhere in your body, in fact. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to administer the supportive nutrients in tandem with Lugol’s iodine to ensure that your body can properly use and process this autoimmune disease and cancer cure.

Autoimmune Disease and Prostate Cancer Natural Treatment and Prevention

Lugol’s iodine is a powerful natural prostate cancer cure. As a man, you can administer Lugol’s iodine directly to the genitals. Lugol’s improves libido and sexual functioning by rebalancing the reproductive hormone levels while restoring health to the reproductive organs and glands. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to administer the supportive nutrients in tandem with Lugol’s iodine to ensure that your body can properly use and process this autoimmune disease and cancer cure.


Autoimmune Disease and Lung Cancer Cure and Prevention

At Drugs.com, there is a listing for Potassium Iodide that provides a short discussion regarding the use of potassium iodide in mega-doses to do 2 important things:


  1. Potassium iodide is a powerful natural expectorant that used to be prescribed by doctors to cure respiratory diseases and afflictions. 
  2. Potassium iodide can be taken in mega-doses to protect people from nuclear fall-out or to protect patients from the negative effects of cancer radiation therapy.


Lugol’s iodine contains potassium iodide as well as molecular iodine. These two forms of iodine feed BOTH the reproductive organs as well as the thyroid gland, but potassium iodide, in particular, has a healing effect on the lungs. In fact, Lugol’s iodine has been rediscovered by some scientists as a natural cure for asthma. Indeed, the way that the lungs and the bronchioles function and react to allergens and toxins is governed to a large extent by reproductive hormone levels. When reproductive hormone levels are in a state of flux, the lungs become over-reactive. Balancing the reproductive hormones by getting plenty of iodine and by getting rid of bromine and fluorine endocrine disruptors can cure lung cancer as well as autoimmune disease.


Autoimmune Disease and Other Types of Cancer Natural Treatment and Prevention

Take Iodine, Avoid Bromine as an Autoimmune Disease and Cancer Cure

If you are Iodine Deficient and Bromine Toxic, you will need to do 3 things to overcome this problem and restore your health:



  • Take supportive nutrients to ensure that your body can absorb and use Lugol’s iodine. Start taking supportive nutrients up to 2 months before you begin Lugol’s iodine therapy if you wish to naturally cure an autoimmune immune thyroid disease, but also to avoid exacerbating the autoimmune thyroid disease symptoms. If you suffer from a different type of autoimmune disease and cancer, begin taking the supportive nutrients 2 weeks before beginning Lugol’s iodine therapy and Bromine Detox.
  • Avoid bromine and fluorine.
  • Administer Lugol’s iodine daily for the rest of your life (to protect you from exposure to the toxic, endocrine disrupting halogens: bromine and fluorine)

Iodine Supportive Nutrients


In order to be successful at supplementing with Lugol’s iodine when you are Bromine Toxic, you need to be sure to take supporting nutrients at the proper dosages. Patients who have autoimmune thyroid disease or hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism will need to start very slowly with Iodine supplementation. Generally speaking, most people with an autoimmune disease of any kind would benefit from starting the administration of supportive nutrients at least 2 weeks before beginning Lugol’s iodine therapy. Again, anyone living in a developed country should be prepared to experience Bromine Detox symptoms for a detoxification period that could last from 4 to 12 weeks (though the actual period of time that you experience Bromine Detoxification symptoms will depend on how long you were exposed to bromine and how much bromine you were exposed to).

  1. Vitamin C – 2000 to 5000 mg / day – take vitamin C 4 to 6 hours AFTER iodine
  2. Selenium – 200 to 400 mcg / day – (assists with detoxification and thyroid secretion)
  3. Magnesium – 400 – 600 mg / day
  4. Zinc / Copper  – Take 15 mg / 2 mg per day
  5. Vitamin B3 – 500 mg per day – This nutrient is also essential for those with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. It is also very beneficial for those without a known thyroid issues.
  6. Vitamin B2 – 400 mg per day – This nutrient dosage is absolutely essential for anyone with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. It can be extremely beneficial to those without thyroid problems.
  7. Sea Water Supplement – 1 tsp. per  8 ounces of water 
  8. Unrefined salt  / Celtic or Himalayan sea salt – ½ tsp/day in ½ c. water followed by 12 oz. of water – the salt binds to bromine and assists in detoxification

Note that calcium supplementation can interfere with Iodine Therapy.

Avoid Bromine and Fluorine

Bromine is found in the following products and should be avoided:


  • In developed nations, there is bromine in bread products and baked goods in the form of potassium bromate. Bromated flour is said to make dough more elastic and softer.
  • Bromated Vegetable Oils (BVOs) are in sodas and a variety of bottled drinks. Read product labels and avoid BVOs and ingredients with brom- as a root. Examples of products that contain BVOs include:
    • Gatorade
    • Mountain Dew
    • Fresca
    • Sun Drop
    • Squirt Soda
    • Other types of soda and citrus flavored bottled drinks
  • Hamburgers and hot dogs served in restaurants contain a small to moderate amount of bromine.
  • Bromated wheat flours contain bromine. 
  • Bromine is added to some municipal water supplies instead of chlorine. You must filter all of your water (including bath water and the water in your kitchen and bathroom sinks) to avoid the bromine, which easily passes through the skin. 
  • Fluorine is added to most municipal water supplies in the United States and it can make the problem of Bromine Toxicity worse. Use a filter that removes halogens from the water supply to avoid both fluorine and bromine exposure. Note that chlorine in its molecular form chloride is the most important and most prolific electrolyte in our bodies and it does not need to be avoided in the same way. Chlorine is also in the same column of the periodic table with iodine. 
  • Bromine is an ingredient in a number of pharmaceuticals. Check the ingredients for anything with brom- as a root word.
  • Bromine is sprayed on some clothing items, pajamas, and fabrics. Wash new clothes at least 3 to 5 times with soap nuts instead of with laundry detergent to detoxify them. 
  • Bromine is sprayed on furnishings as a “flame retardant”. The only way to protect yourself from this type of exposure is to take Lugol’s iodine 2% daily at a dose of 20 drops daily.
  • Bromine is used as an insecticide in the form of methyl bromide (and under other names). The only way to protect yourself from this type of exposure is to take Lugol’s iodine 2% daily at a dose of 20 drops daily.
  • Fruits such as strawberries that are cultivated in California are sprayed with methyl bromide and ethylene dibromide. They should be avoided. 
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables before consuming them to remove as many toxic substances like bromine as possible.

Administer Lugol’s Iodine Daily as an Autoimmune Disease and Cancer Cure

Purchase Lugol’s Iodine 2%. DO NOT USE THE IODINE THAT YOU BUY AT THE PHARMACY. THIS IODINE IS KNOWN AS POVIDONE IODINE AND IT CONTAINS A SUBSTANCE THAT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE SKIN TO ABSORB IT AND THAT ALSO MAKE IT TOXIC IF YOU INGEST IT. You must order the Lugol’s iodine 2% online. It is not available in a pharmacy although it may be possible to get Lugol’s iodine at a health food store.  


IMPORTANT NOTE: Lugol’s iodine contains BOTH potassium iodide as well as molecular iodine. Nascent iodine contains only molecular iodine and IT WILL NOT WORK TO CURE CANCER OR AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. Visit this Drugs.com page to learn about how potassium iodide was once administered in mega-doses to cure respiratory infection and also how it can be administered in mega-doses to not only protect people from nuclear fall-out, but also to protect people from cancer radiation therapy. Your body needs BOTH potassium iodide and molecular iodine in order to feed BOTH the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs the nutrient configurations necessary to restore health.


Begin by taking the supportive nutrients listed above for 2 weeks to 2 months. 


Then begin administering 1 drop of Lugol’s Iodine 2% daily for 3 days if you have an autoimmune disease and cancer or if you simply wish to prevent autoimmune disease and cancer. 


If you do not experience a high level of discomfort due to Bromine Detoxification Symptoms during the initial 3 days of treatment, increase the dose of Lugol’s iodine 2% by 1 drop every 3 days until you are talking 20 drops daily of Lugol’s iodine 2%. 


Administer the Lugol’s iodine directly to the skin over areas of the body that are sick or put your daily drops of iodine in water and drink it. Women may also administer an additional dose of Lugol’s iodine 2% as a douche at 1-20 drops daily if they are suffering from autoimmune disease and breast cancer, cervical cancer, or ovarian cancer.

Buy Lugol’s Iodine Here.

Is there an Autoimmune Disease AND Cancer Treatment?


The only thing that conventional medicine doctors can offer patients are drugs that lower their immune response which means that these patients who are already suffering with painful symptoms of disease now have diminished immunity against new infections and new diseases. In turn, cancer patients who receive chemotherapy and radiation treatments often end up developing autoimmune disease symptoms as a result of these toxic forms of medication. If you have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and cancer, you definitely need to read more about vitamin B17 / amygdalin as well a pancreatic enzyme therapies which can both be administered with Lugol’s iodine 2% to restore your health. After many years of deficiency and toxicity, other natural treatments may also be necessary (see our Cancer Cure Catalog series and/or the Autoimmune Disease Book Bundle), but these three natural treatments are an excellent place to start toward healing.

Are there any curable autoimmune diseases?

Yes. Ox bile supplements yield an 80% cure rate as a stand-alone medicine for all types of psoriasis. And sunlight, seawater treatments are specialized treatment facilities and/or fumaric acid supplements yield relatively high rates of cure for multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and gallbladder diseases. And powerful Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement and Tetrasilver Tetroxide IVs have been used by our medical correspondent, Dr. Haresh to cure HIV and a variety of autoimmune diseases and cancer. But we’ll talk more about all of these different treatments in more detail later.

But if you’ve recently received the dual diagnosis of autoimmune disease and cancer or if you’re like to prevent autoimmune disease and cancer from developing, Lugol’s iodine therapy is an important first step. But if your body has been deficient in iodine for a prolonged period of time and if you’ve been exposed to a lot of bromine and fluorine, then you may be host to one or more types of infectious pathogens that have taken up residency in your liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system, kidneys and/or other organs. In future discussions, we’ll talk more about how to treat yourself effectively using Reactive Oxygen Species medicines, nutrient therapies, and herbal treatments and FDA-approved over-the counter medicines that are much more effective than any prescription medication that’s currently available through your doctor’s office.

For now though, if you’re curious about whether there are any curable autoimmune diseases and whether or not you can simultaneously treat cancer and autoimmune disease naturally, be sure to learn more about the following two things and consider downloading our Autoimmune Book Bundle to learn about how to heal the organs that play a major role in autoimmune disease as well as how to cure various types of autoimmune disease. Also download the Chlorine Dioxide Book Bundle for more information about two vital medicines, Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) that are used as natural cures for autoimmune disease.


Also, if you aren’t quite ready to download the Cancer Cure Catalog series, you can download volume 1 of the Cancer Cure Catalog for free and then visit the following pages for more information about powerful, natural cancer cures:



Beyond Iodine: Where You Can Learn More about a Cure for Your Specific Autoimmune Disease or Cancer Diagnosis

And if you’d like to learn more about cures for autoimmune diseases, cure for cancer, and cure for a wide array of different infectious diseases, disorders, and injuries, consider subscribing to our AlivenHealthy Living Database of Cures for Diseases. This is the exclusive AlivenHealthy database that we use to keep track of potential cures and actual cures for diseases that we find in the scientific literature. We call it a “Living Database” because we are constantly adding more information to the database when we find scientific studies indicating that a particular substance or treatment could be used to cure a disease. We have over 1000 entries for different disease names, disorders, and injuries in this database and we pull from this database ourselves to keep track of the research we encounter each day when we are scouring the Internet for news of cures to learn about both well-known and obscure diseases. This is the database that we use to get a foothold into scientific research about cures for diseases and now we’re opening the database to our AlivenHealthy readers as a private search engine of science plus anecdotal reports and sometimes simply just cues to help start the search for possible cures for diseases. Remember, this is a Living database, which means that we are constantly adding more information and more disease names to the database. Even if you don’t initially see your disease listed in the database, check back often for updates. The Living Database was designed to complement the Chlorine Dioxide Database of Protocols though most of the treatments recommended in the Living Database should be used at a separate point in time from Chlorine Dioxide Solution to avoid potentially cancelling out the effect of Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

And Finally…Treating the Emotional Trauma of Being Diagnosed with Cancer and/or and Autoimmune Disease

Finally, at AlivenHealthy, our staff has developed a new technology called The Dream Light, an app that uses brain entrainment (sound and light) to hypnotize clients in the safety of their own home. DreamLight.app is a work in progress. Currently, clients can use the Dream Light to go into a healing trance state. They can choose to use the DreamLight.app with music, using different healing forms of light, with guided meditations designed specifically for healing from major disease or to achieve other healing goals. At the moment (August, 2022), users must interface with this app using their computer, but the app is being developed for use with a smartphone and special glasses to provide a more user-friendly experience. Stay tuned for additional therapeutic options such as eye-movement trauma therapies and more that patients will be able to use to clear their energy fields and overcome traumatic memories from the past that may be contributing to their autoimmune disease or cancer diagnosis.

Volumes 2, 3, and 4 of the Cancer Cure Catalog – BUY NOW!


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