If you’ve been diagnosed with a major disease and you have mercury amalgam fillings or if you’ve been exposed to other sources of mercury or heavy metals, your first goal will be to remove mercury and heavy metals from the body to begin restoring your health.

How to Detoxify Your Liver:  How to Detoxify Your Life


If you’re ready to cure an autoimmune disease, cancer, or some other serious disease and you’re wondering where to start, one of the most obvious things you can do is get rid of toxicities in your daily life. One of the reasons why it’s good to detoxify is because the liver is an organ of detoxification that is often host to pathogens that underlie autoimmune diseases. And a high toxic load can definitely make the process of recovery from cancer go much slower. Indeed, in our experience, chronic pain is often caused by a toxic load that is simply too high. But if you can reduce the toxic load that your liver has to deal with on a day-to-day basis, this will shorten your recovery process considerably.


How to Detoxify Your Liver / How to Detoxify Your Kidneys

Detoxifying the liver is really the best starting block for anyone who wants to detoxify any area of the body. Maybe you want to detoxify the skin. Or maybe you’re hoping to remove toxins from kidneys. But the liver is really at the center of the battle against toxins. The liver usually has first dibs on toxins that are in the blood and it does the best that it can to remove these toxins. And after this first pass through the liver, the toxins that remain in the blood must pass through the kidneys. And as long as the kidneys are not overly toxic themselves, they’ll remove the rest of the toxins to keep your skin glowing, your eyes bright, and your general experience of health and the world in a positive state.


So in this article, we’re going to focus primarily on ways to remove toxins from your life to improve liver health, though in reality, removing toxins from your daily routine will also detoxify the skin, the kidneys, and the digestive system.

How to Detoxify the Blood: Herbal Detoxification

An herbal remedy known as Burdock Root can be used to detoxify the blood, the liver, and the kidnesy. Burdock Root is a common ingredient in a number of different cancer cure teas that work with a high level of success because of its detoxification abilities. Teas that contain Burdock that come to mind include the Hoxsey Tonic and Essiac Tea


If you’re looking for detoxifying herbal teas, find something that contains Burdock Root or drink Burdock Root by itself as a stand-alone treatment for toxic overload in the body.

Get Mercury Amalgam Fillings Removed to Remove Toxins from Liver

If you have mercury amalgam fillings, it should be a priority for you to get them removed. In the video we link to below, the videographer uses a mercury detection machine to show a dental assistant just how much mercury is “gassing off” whenever the mercury is exposed to heat or friction. The results are shocking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0cDCJGk6Mw&t=152s


Mercury amalgam fillings are one of the most common ways in which people are exposed to mercury, but mercury exposure can occur through any of the following:


  • Batteries
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Mercury barometers
  • Electric switches
  • Lamps
  • Some types of light bulbs
  • Skin-lightening products
  • Cosmetics
  • Mercury fillings
  • Vaccines (as thiomersal)


If you’re concerned about how to remove toxins from the liver, the skin, the blood, or the kidneys, then your first action item should be to remove mercury fillings if you have them, or get rid of mercury in the body that you’ve been exposed to in vaccines or other environmental types of exposures.

Why You Should Get Your Mercury Fillings Removed


Though you may be exposed to mercury through a variety of different sources, by far, the most toxic type of exposure occurs as a result of mercury amalgam fillings. If you have mercury amalgam fillings, you are constantly inhaling mercury whenever you eat or brush your teeth. The mercury is absorbed through the lungs. If you’ve developed lung issues that you believe may be related to your mercury fillings, consider getting the fillings removed and then do molecular hydrogen therapy to restore lung tissues to a healthy condition.


Mercury is a neurotoxin which means that it is poisonous to the brain. And while many people today are aware of the scientific data linking dementia to mercury exposure (along with exposure to other heavy metals), few people realize the full impact of what it means to be exposed to something that’s “neurotoxic” on a daily basis. A neurotoxin like mercury will not only affect mood and mental clarity, but also immune system function, digestive system function, and the function of all organs in the body via its negative effects on the lower part of the brain that runs the Autonomic Nervous System. And via its negative effects on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, mercury will lower libido and cause reproductive organ dysfunction as well. In other words, mercury has serious negative effects on human health even with low levels of exposure.


Mercury exposure in young children is particularly serious. Fetuses who are exposed to mercury in the womb and also infants can develop serious health problems such as autism or autism spectrum disorder-type neurological problems. Even tiny levels of mercury that are transmitted through a mother’s breast milk to her infant from dietary sources of mercury such as fish or seafood can harm the brain and nervous system. 


Symptoms of mercury exposure include:


    • Mood swings
    • Irritability
    • Nervousness
    • Timid behavior / shyness
    • Social phobia
    • Tremors
    • Insomnia
    • Muscle weakness
    • Muscle atrophy
    • Muscle twitching or restlessness
    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Headaches
    • Sensory disturbances
    • Nerve response changes
    • Cognitive decline
    • Poor mental function
    • Dementia
    • Candida albicans infection
    • Cancer
    • Autoimmune Disease


These symptoms can occur if you’ve been exposed only briefly or if you’ve been exposed for a long period of time. Mercury exposure can easily cause toxic overload in the body. When this happens, doctors often misdiagnose the problem as autoimmune disease or patients who simply need to detoxify the body believe that their cancer is incurable.

My Family’s Experience with Mercury Amalgam Fillings

In 2017, my husband, Lydian, and I moved to central Mexico. We traveled through Tijuana to have our mercury amalgam fillings removed. We went to a facility called American BioDental. This facility was right next door to American Holistic Care, an alternative treatment facility where patients with all types of diseases and disorders can go to get things like affordable chelation therapy, intravenous therapies, and more. At that time, everything at American Holistic Care was on offer a la carte. And we had the opportunity to discuss our dental treatment options with someone to decide what we wanted to have done and what we wanted to leave for later. 

Lydian had no mercury in her mouth, thankfully, but John and I got a number of mercury fillings removed between the two of us. Prior to that time, I had never considered the fact that John’s mercury fillings may have actually caused him to develop a serious fungal infection that resulted in a burst eardrum, surgery, and diminished hearing. Suddenly, it was clear that having all those fillings on the same side of his jaw as his fungal ear infection had led to this health problem that plagued him for several years. 

Unfortunately, the people at American BioDental did not recommend or require that we receive chelation therapy after removal of mercury fillings from our mouths so we left Tijuana, bound for Guanajuato, thinking that all would be well. 

But within a year after arriving in Guanajuato, John and I both developed a serious systemic Candida infection. I tried everything to get rid of it including prescription meds like diflucan that I was able to get over-the-counter in Mexico (I didn’t know about natural Candida cures or the relationship between Candida and cancer at that time). Lydian and I had just started writing the Cancer Cure Catalog series and she and I were experimenting with Candida cures on John and me to try to find something that really worked. And then, one day, I noticed a spot of what appeared to be melanoma on that same side of John’s face as the ear that had had a fungal infection years prior. It did turn out to be melanoma. Luckily, at that time, Lydi and I were writing the Cancer Cure Catalog so we were well aware of cancer cures and we’d seen them work on other people. We were able to cure melanoma quickly using high pH therapy, vitamin B17, Lugol’s iodine, Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), and pancreatic enzyme therapy

So I always advise that anyone who gets their mercury amalgam fillings removed also receive a powerful course of chelation therapy to go along with the treatment. Without chelation therapy, the mercury can end up in your bloodstream and simply move to other areas of the body or concentrate in areas of the body that are already weak. When you get your mercury fillings removed, mercury will inevitably be released into your body. So, at the time when the mercury fillings are removed, your mercury exposure will actually increase. Chelation therapy ensures that it’s neutralized and removed quickly. So if you are already sick, you need to make sure to reduce that level of mercury in your body as quickly as possible. 

Of course, we were able to cure John’s cancer using natural cancer treatments, and we were also able to cure our Candida infection using natural treatments as well. But if you’re already ill with an autoimmune disease or if you have cancer or Candida, then be sure to get intravenous chelation therapy done immediately after (or even while) you have your mercury amalgam fillings removed. Thereafter, you can use Lugol’s iodine 2% and/or Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement to continue to chelate mercury and other heavy metals that you might be exposed to in the environment.

Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy


Heavy metal chelation therapy, which involves the intravenous administration of EDTA (which is the abbreviation for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a front-line treatment for autoimmune disease, heart disease and cardiovascular problems including heart attack (myocardial infarction), stroke (ischemic attack), and cancer. Chelation therapy with EDTA can be used to remove calcium plaques and fatty build up in the blood vessels, but in this author’s opinion, vitamin K2 supplements, with their ability to reallocate calcium deposits in blood vessels back into the bones, should be considered as an alternative or combined treatment with EDTA chelation therapy for individuals with severe arteriosclerosis. 


If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, cancer, or any other serious disease and you’re ready to recover and regain your health, removing mercury and other heavy metals from the body is a powerful way to start. 


There are logical reasons why chelation therapy is so beneficial to people with autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Chelation takes the load off the liver to detoxify the body against heavy metals and because the liver is the most important organ governing detoxification, restoring health to this organ is the priority. Luckily, the liver easily regenerates itself when given the opportunity. And once the toxic heavy metals are removed from the liver and the liver is restored to health, the other organs of the body will also begin to detoxify.

Toxic heavy metals that are removed from the body by chelation therapy include:


  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum


Additionally, both copper and iron can also be chelated, so be sure to take iron supplements as well as zinc + copper supplements (zinc and copper should always be taken together) as part of your chelation therapy protocol. 


If you decide to do chelation therapy to remove heavy metals from the body, be sure to combine this effort with trace mineral restoration therapy. Trace minerals, after all, are metallic and so chelation therapy can accidentally remove valuable trace minerals that your body needs in order to function properly. Trace minerals also can help you overcome toxic overload in the body. It isn’t difficult to restore trace minerals by putting a sea water supplement in all of your drinking water along with doing iodine therapy. Shilajit is another trace mineral supplement that has noteworthy beneficial effects on autoimmune disease symptoms as well as on cancer and other diseases. If you receive chelation therapy, you could take shilajit along with sea water supplements and Lugol’s iodine to ensure that you don’t become deficient in vital trace minerals.



Enemas are not used nearly as often as they should be to cure autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other serious disease. Using an enema helps move toxins out of the body more quickly so that autoimmune disease sufferers and cancer patients don’t have to experience uncomfortable detoxification reactions. 



If you are trying to detoxify your liver and your life, to regain your health due to autoimmune disease or another serious health problem, then you might be surprised at how enemas can relieve chronic pain, get rid of headaches, restore normal digestion, and just generally improve your health. 

Enemas have been used since Hippocrates developed the do no harm rule as central to the practice of medicine. In ancient Greek times, physicians used a piece of bamboo in a strong, flowing river to push water up into the large intestine to clean this organ and purge toxins from the body to restore health. 


Enemas are not addictive. As your body starts to heal, you’ll notice that it will also start to function more normally and predictably in that you’ll have normal, healthy bowel movements. Most people intuitively know when to back off on doing enemas because they start to feel their body functioning more normally. But even when your health is very good, it doesn’t hurt to do at least one enema per week to clear out the large intestine and to naturally detoxify the liver.


Colon Hydrotherapy

As an adjunct to enemas as a method for cleaning and clearing the liver as well as the kidneys is colon hydrotherapy. This type of treatment is also known as a “colonic” and it is essentially a slightly more powerful method of detoxification than enemas. Colon hydrotherapy uses more water than an enema and it involves irrigating the large intestines to clear out large amounts of debris and toxins, making it easier to kill pathogens that have been hiding out in the body under biofilm, in the lymph nodes that surround the intestines, or in the appendix


If you live near to a colon hydrotherapy clinic, consider doing monthly visits for this type of treatment, but also do enemas up to 3 times daily until your detoxification symptoms begin to subside.


Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

Often, clients contact Lydian and me to help them solve seemingly impossible health issues that their doctors have stopped trying to help them solve. And often, Lydi and I recommend that clients use Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to solve these problems along with a variety of other targeted medications. And part of the discussion about Chlorine Dioxide Solution and DMSO always involves a quick overview of cheap, non-toxic soaps, personal care products, and cleaning products to detoxify their lives. DMSO, after all, has the miraculous ability to combine with anything it touches (such as medicines) to deliver that medicine directly to pathogens or cancer cells. But DMSO can also combine with toxic substances in personal care products and cleaning products. Of course, if you are trying to detoxify the body, then, you definitely want to avoid accidentally combining DMSO with a toxin in your hand soap or dish soap and delivering this toxin to your human cells.

This ability to combine with many things makes DMSO powerful as an anti-cancer and anti-pathogenic agent because it can be combined with powerful antibiotics like Chlorine Dioxide Solution. But this ability to dissolve and carry substances deeply into human cells can also be dangerous if DMSO is inadvertently combined with soaps, shampoos, or other products that are on the skin when DMSO is applied. So, in this section, we’ll provide a list of non-toxic products that can be safely used with DMSO.

But even if you aren’t using DMSO as a part of your treatment protocol, switching to non-toxic personal care products that are safe and good for your body instead of using your usual, toxic personal care products can definitely reduce the toxic load on the liver. So, if you can’t immediately go and get mercury amalgam fillings removed, or if you’ve had your mercury fillings removed, and you’ve done chelation therapy, but you want to do everything that you can to detoxify your life, this list will give you a very simple overview of how to get started. 

Years ago, I was hired by a large corporation to write an encyclopedia of toxic ingredients found in soaps, beauty products, and cleaning products, and it was during this time that I sought out non-toxic alternatives to facial soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and more. Years ago, I used the Cosmetics Database at the Environmental Working Group to seek out healthy cleaning products and personal care products, but I don’t trust the results that I get from EWG as much these days as I did in the past. It can, however, be a resource, if you have a specific need or a specific question about a personal care product that I don’t address in this article so I wanted to include the link above.

I live in Mexico now, where it’s easy for me to find and buy low-cost body soaps like tepezcohuite that are made from literally nothing but plant materials, but the list below was developed for American citizens who don’t have access to many of these things. Nonetheless, if you live in another area of the world, you can seek out non-toxic personal care products that resemble those on my list below. Be sure to read the list of ingredients though. Don’t trust the marketing, always read the list of ingredients.

Finally, this is not a comprehensive encyclopedia of non-toxic products. Rather, it’s a list of the products that I have used to detoxify my life. Note that these products can all be used safely with DMSO if you are using DMSO to overcome a health issue. 

A Word about “Fragrances” and “Unscented” Products

The fragrance industry is unique. It is one of few unregulated industries in the modern, industrialized world. Fragrance manufacturers can include literally anything they want in their proprietary blends. They do not have to tell anyone what is in the fragrance and the ingredients are not regulated. So, if you’re looking to detoxify your life, start by excluding all personal care products and all cleaning products that contain “fragrances”. 

Read ingredient labels and don’t buy products that say that they are “unscented”. This word simply means that the product contains toxic fragrances that cover up the natural smell of the chemicals in the product. Unscented products list “fragrance” in their ingredients list which means that they still contain any number of toxic substances that may be responsible for causing your autoimmune symptoms, cancer, or other symptoms of disease. 

Most cosmetics and personal care products define themselves to consumers by how they smell. Even toilet paper contains fragrances. If you really want to detoxify your life, seek out toilet paper that doesn’t contain fragrances because these ingredients can enter your body through the delicate mucus membranes in the genital region. Every toxic  product that you remove from your daily routine will enhance your liver’s ability to overcome disease. The goal of course is to reduce symptoms of autoimmunity, get rid of cancer cells, and generally feel better day-by-day.

Women are disproportionately affected more than men by toxic personal care products and cleaning products, which may explain, in part, why women are disproportionately affected by autoimmune disease. But the good news is that your cost of living will likely go down if you follow our guidelines below for how to detoxify the body. And your health will improve no matter what if you remove toxins from your daily life.

Soap and Sodium Hydroxide and Other Saponifying Agents

Sodium hydroxide is a common saponifying agent in soaps. In other words, its a common chemical used to make soaps sudsy. Normally, sodium hydroxide is not considered to be a toxic agent, but some people do have an allergy to it. Many of our recommended non-toxic soap products below contain sodium hydroxide so if you have an allergy to this ingredient, seek out a different option than those I’ve listed below.

How to Detoxify the Household Water Supply

One of the most important things you can to do get started detoxifying your life is detoxify your household water supply. We go into greater detail on this topic in our article about safe products that can be used with DMSO, but below are suggested ways to start with removing bromine and fluorine specifically from the water your skin is exposed to daily:

Detoxifying Drinking Water 

A reverse osmosis water filtration system is the recommended water filtration method for drinking water. Add sea water supplements to reverse osmosis drinking water to ensure that you get plenty of trace minerals in the water to hydrate the body, help with the detoxification process, and also heal human cells. 

Detoxifying Shower and Bathing Water

If there is fluorine or bromine in your water supply and you shower in this water, your skin will absorb these toxins which can disrupt reproductive hormone levels, thyroid gland function, and endocrine gland function. Find a shower filter that removes heavy metals, fluorine and halogen elements to protect yourself from toxic substances in your shower water. Note that iodine and chlorine are halogen elements that the body needs (in molecular form), but you can supplement with these elements. The main halogens you need to remove are bromine and fluorine.

Non-Toxic Skin Care Products List


Again, we go into greater detail on this topic in our article on safe products to use with DMSO, but below are non-toxic skincare products for babies and young children whether they are using DMSO or not:

Non-Toxic Talcless Baby Powder Alternative

Non-Toxic Bath Soap for Infants

 Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent (for adults and infants) 

Soap nuts are made from a natural plant material that produces suds. The liquid soap that you can make with soap nuts can be used in laundry, as a shampoo, as hand soap, and as dish-soap. It must be stored between uses in the refrigerator, but it is a totally chemical-free non-toxic soap.

Non-Toxic Lotion for Infants

If you have never read about vitamin B17 (which is present in high quantities in apricot kernel oil), you can learn more here by reading about vitamin B17 as a cure for cancer. Or you can learn more here by reading about vitamin B17 as a cure for parasites, autoimmune disease, and other degenerative diseases.

Non-Toxic Dental Health Products That Remineralize Teeth

Vitamin K2 / D3: Remineralize Bones and Teeth and Get Rid of Calcium Deposits in Blood Vessels  

Vitamin K2 / D3 supplements should be taken along with the changing to a special homemade toothpaste in order to remineralize the bones and teeth, while getting rid of calcium plaques in the blood vessels. In this article, we discuss how and why vitamin K2 works with vitamin D3 to change where calcium is deposited in the body (the blood vessels vs. bones and teeth). Vitamin K2 / D3 supplements detoxify organs and soft tissues that have been inappropriate storage sites for calcium.


In this article, we explain how to remineralize teeth using vitamin K2 / D3 supplements.

Non-Toxic Dental Health Products

Stop using toxic toothpastes that contain fluorine and other undesirable ingredients and remineralize teeth using the following:

Recipe for Remineralizing Teeth Toothpaste


½ cup of organic coconut oil

2 teaspoons Himalayan sea salt

2 teaspoons baking soda

4 teaspoons food-grade bentonite

10-20 drops of peppermint essential oil

10-20 drops of clove essential oil


Combine the above ingredients in a glass bowl and mix thoroughly. Put the final mixture in a glass container. Use twice a day as you would regular toothpaste. 

Non-Toxic Personal Care Products for Adults

Non-Toxic Shampoo

Non-Toxic Body Soap


Non-Toxic Hand Soap


Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer


  • Natural Tea Tree Oil Hand Sanitizer

Below is a recipe for a non-toxic tea tree oil hand sanitizer. 

70 drops of tea tree essential oil 

10 drops of lemon essential oil

3 ounces of 80 proof vodka

¼ teaspoon of apricot kernel oil 


Combine the above ingredients in a glass bowl and mix thoroughly. Put the mixture in a glass container for storage. Amber bottles with glass droppers are best for storage because essential oils can cause plastic to degrade.

Non-Toxic Perfumes


Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

Non-Toxic General Cleaning Solution

  • Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Salt

 Non-Toxic Dish Soap

Non-Toxic Toilet Paper

Consider installing a bidet attachment on your toilet as a non-toxic toilet paper alternative.


Non-Toxic Beauty Products 

Au Naturale is a non-toxic make-up / cosmetics brand that I’ve used for years.

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