Our bodies are electrical–and magnetic–and magical.

Magnets, Meridians, and the Dream of Health


If you’re an English-speaker and you’ve never heard of Biomagnetism and Biomagnetic Pairs, that’s not surprising. Biomagnetism was developed by a Mexican doctor named Isaac Goiz and while there have been a few books written in English about biomagnetism, this system of medicine has remained a primarily Spanish-speaking revelation. 


Lydian and I learned about Biomagnetism when we moved to Mexico and started writing the Cancer Cure Catalog seriesBiomagnetism has been used to cure diseases like cancer and HIV through an interesting mechanism of action that should make sense to you now if you’ve read our other material about alkalinity and the use of electricity to cure disease.


Dr. Isaac Goiz started his medical career with a fascination around some of the research conducted by NASA on the health and well-being of astronauts in space. He elaborated on this material and conducted experiments that ultimately led to the development of Biomagnetism as a model of medicine. The first disease that he was able to cure using this system of medicine was HIV. The Mexican government recognized him in a special ceremony for this achievement and biomagnetism became a famous system of medicine in Mexico. Indeed, Lydi and I studied and became certified in biomagnetism and there are several biomagnetism practitioners in the city where we live.




According to Goiz’s theories, every infectious pathogen has an infectious pathogen that it pairs with as a necessary condition for infection. One pathogen, let’s say, a virus, may require that the body also be simultaneously infected with a specific type of bacteria in order to not be detected by the immune system. The virus and the bacteria work together to create a “channel” in the body that is weak and acidic.  A virus-bacteria pair like this would likely take up residence in two different locations in the body, although sometimes the biomagnetic pairs are located very close to each other. So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the virus takes up residence in the heart while the bacteria takes up residence in the knee. An acidic / polarized channel would open up along a pathway from the heart to the knee in order to support the presence of both the virus and the bacteria in the body. 


Now the interesting thing about this acidic, polarized virus-bacteria channel is that these channels develop along predictable paths that are  closely related to the acupuncture meridians.  And the acidic nature of these channels relates back to material we talked about earlier in the book regarding pH. The pH scale, after all, is a measure of molecular hydrogen ions in a solution of water. And, if you’ve read the rest of this book about Lyme Disease cures, this fact about hydrogen and pH should remind you about our discussion about high-concentration molecular hydrogen water or Kangen water as a cure for Lyme disease. The higher the pH (or the higher the number of hydrogen ions in a solution of water), the more alkaline the solution is. Molecular hydrogen is an alkalizing agent that can be administered to not only alkalize the body but also to repair DNA, which is a big deal, of course and we talk about it in our article about using molecular hydrogen therapy to cure Lyme disease. But, there are a number of ways to alkalize the body. Lithium Orotate, for example, the non-toxic natural salt of lithium (as differentiated from Lithium Carbonate, the toxic, unnatural pharmaceutical medicine that easily kills people at the wrong dose) is an excellent alkalizing agent that has a long list of scientifically demonstrable health benefits associated with it. Lithium Orotate can be taken with Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution to potentiate the effects of this medicine in the treatment of Lyme disease. But if you’ve read this material and you’re familiar with the idea that alkalinity can cause 1) a change in the shape of a bacteria like Borrelia burgdorferi or 2) death of bacteria (this model of Lyme disease and alkalinity comes from Terrain Theory) then it might be easier for you to really appreciate the elegant way in which biomagnetic theory bridges the gap between different observations regarding Lyme disease. 

Electricity and Biomagnetism


In this section on vibrational medicine and Lyme disease, it’s important to talk a bit about electricity in the treatment of disease. Some people may find the idea of using electricity as an intentional treatment for disease is something in the fruit-loops-and-wind-chimes category of thinking, but actually, vibrational medicine is a system of medicine that’s widely used even among conventional medicine doctors. The role of electricity, light therapy, and vibrations like resonant frequencies in healing has been in use for quite some time in various settings, but it’s been obscured in the same way that reactive oxygen species medicines, plant-medicines and alkalinity/pH-based medicines have been obscured. Nonetheless, vibrational systems of medicine include legitimate treatment modalities that actually do work and their functionality in medicine can easily be supported through a discussion of basic physics and chemistry. 


I’ll make this chemistry-physics discussion short and sweet though because most of our readers don’t want to go so far into the details of molecules and theories of light that they completely forget that we’re talking about the human body and healing


Basically, you can think of hydrogen as “alkaline” and oxygen as “acidic”. (I’m oversimplifying things). Water is made up of hydrogens and oxygens, of course (water = H2O = 2 Hydrogens and 1 Oxygen). And reactive oxygen species medicines involve the manipulation of hydrogens and oxygens in various ways to treat different types of diseases. Sometimes, a very reactive form of oxygen like the the superoxide anion (released by Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement) or hydroxyl ions (released by Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide) can be “set loose” in the body like pathogen-predators (or rather, predators that specifically go after pathogens) that look specifically for anything that does not belong there (from heavy metals and pathogens, to poisonous substances). Pathogens have lots of places where they can hide. The body would be like a jungle of hiding places for pathogens, after all. But when a person starts alkalizing their body, those hiding places literally begin to disappear and the predators, once camouflaged by pH levels that more closely resembled sick, acidic human cells, start to really stand out amidst alkaline human cells. 


So let’s use a metaphor to make this idea of uncovering camouflaged pathogens easier to understand. If you think of pH like acidic things are red and alkaline things are blue, it might be easier to visualize how pathogens can be camouflaged by sick human cells. Your own human cells would be a little bit purple most of the time. Healthy human cells are generally be in the neutral-purple-zone. But the sicker a human cell is, the more red it becomes. Pathogens would be bright red, of course. And healthy human cells are bluish-purple. But, you can make your human cells more alkaline and even more blue just by changing the way that your breathe (exhalation for, example, is alkalizing – inhalation is acidifying). And this explains why Wim Hof has been able to cure disease using nothing but breathwork. So, when you alkalize your body with trace minerals like lithium or magnesium or cesium, or simply change the way that you breathe, your human cells become healthier and they turn bluish purple. And as more and more of your human cells turn bluish purple, the pathogens become more and more obvious with their bright red color which makes them infinitely easier to find when you set those reactive oxygen species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement loose in your body as search-and-destroy warriors whose sole purpose is to seek out everything in the body that’s red and destroy it.


If you’ve read about alkalinity as something that’s good and acidity as something that’s bad, you might be thinking that acidic-oxygens are probably always bad in the body, but remember, we’re making things super-simple so that we don’t lose touch with human health as the focus in this discussion. The acidic oxygens are not always bad and in fact, are necessary for human health. But let’s continue with our current train of thought so we don’t get confused…


Reactive oxygen species medicines have a negative charge. And the vast majority of pathogens that infect the inside of the human body have a positive charge. So reactive oxygen species medicines, with their negative charges are perfectly calibrated to seek out and destroy anything with a positive charge (the color red in our metaphor above) like pathogens, heavy metals, and toxins. The reactive oxygen species combine with those positive charged “red” things and swiftly kill them or remove them from the body.


Human cells that have been under attack by pathogens feel a huge sense of relief when the reactive oxygen species are released by the body. Often, when human cells are under attack by pathogens that the immune system isn’t able to fight against, cells will close their doors and stop interacting with other cells. The cells essentially go into lockdown. They become reclusive and dormant. Human cells under these conditions don’t go visit other human cells go out to dinner together or to have parties when they’re under attack by pathogens. This is something called the Cell Danger Response that we’ve talked about in depth in a discussion about the use of suramin as a cure for autism and other autoimmune diseases. Suramin is a component found in Pinus strobus essential oil and it encourages cells to go back to having parties and going to dinner together sometimes. But reactive oxygen species medicines, in addition to their natural attraction to pathogens and their fiercely reactive nature against these pathogens, are also able to deactivate The Cell Danger Response. Cells feel safe when there are these policing agents (reactive oxygen species medicines) in the vicinity of where they live. And when human cells are able to communicate with other human cells and have fun sometimes by hanging out and just being chill, this roughly equates to what we refer to as “health”. 


So the positives and the negatives of pathogens and treatments like reactive oxygen species medicines are important. But the positive polarities and negative polarities that we’re working with in this discussion are the same positive polarities and negative polarities that make the opposite poles of magnets stick together. Your double AA batteries with their positive ends and their negative ends are able to complete a circuit that creates light, movement, or energy when you insert it (in the proper direction) into a toy or a kitchen appliance. Once the circuit is completed by a battery, you have something that’s “alive” and functioning. When the battery starts to go dead, the machine doesn’t function as well. It slowly “dies”.


As an aside, note that lithium batteries are some of the most efficient types of batteries on the planet. Again, I refer readers back to Lithium Orotate as an important medicine in the Lyme disease equation. It is a medicine that alkalizes the body, but it is also a medicine that electrifies the body. Without electricity, our bodies don’t work right. Our bodies can’t move or work properly unless they are properly charged


So biomagnetism is a capstone theory and a system of medicine that makes an apt ending for this book about Lyme disease cures because, for Lydian and I at least, this theory has been able to tie together some far-out concepts about how diseases like Lyme disease works. And that’s important because Lyme disease sufferers need to believe in the medicines that they’re using to cure their disease. We built an app called the DreamLight to help people with this process of visualizing and using their imagination to experience guided healing as a part of the process of overcoming disease. For individuals who never known anything about disease except what conventional medicine has taught them, the true value of alternative and natural medicine can be elusive if only because these patients are not yet using their minds and what’s been dubbed (unfortunately) as The Placebo Effect as a powerful part of the healing process that must be recruited into the equation in order for medicines, especially plant medicines, that have their own consciousness, to be effective. 

But let’s talk a little more about biomagnetism:


According to Biomagnetism:


  1. All infections involve co-infections. One pathogen creates weaknesses that make it easier for the other infection to survive. Many Lyme disease patients experience a lot of anxiety about the details of these co-infections, but co-infections, according to Biomagnetism are actually an expression of weakness on the part of pathogens. Getting rid of one infection usually rids the body of the other. Having co-infections is normal and is not something that should cause patients anxiety. Most people are host to several pathogens at the same time.
  2. Infection/colonization of pathogens is a major cause of all diseases. Biomagnetism acknowledges infection as a treatable cause of autoimmune diseases and degenerative disease. 
  3. The location of the biomagnetic pairs for Lyme disease are both found over the liver. Both the red and the black poles of the magnets must be placed over the right rib and the liver. 
  4. Because electricity is an important currency in the Biomagnetic system of medicine, it is possible to diagnose disease and the proper location of the biomagnetic pairs using an interesting strategy known as “muscle testing” that we’ll discuss in greater detail below.


Muscle Testing to Diagnose Lyme Co-Infections and Biomagnetic Pair Locations

Acidic muscles get shorter while alkaline muscles get longer. So biomagnetism uses a diagnostic system that makes use of this fact. Practitioners “test” their patients by naming off a series of biomagnetic pairs and when the patient’s leg or arm shortens, they know they’ve found a relevant pair. Then, the biomagnetism practitioner puts magnets on the relevant locations of the body to create a healthy polarity and an alkaline channel to kill acidic pathogens. And if the magnet placement leads to a correction in the shortening of muscles, the magnets are left in place for about an hour. 


Putting the biomagnets in place while simultaneously applying Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) to the body means that you can do shorter-duration treatments of 15 minutes to achieve the same medicinal effects. The channel that was acidic and “weak” in the body opens back up as a healthy, energized channel that has the electricity that’s needed to heal. The magnets, placed at opposite ends of the channel that is weak and acidic, create a biological battery wherein electrons flow in a circuit through the watery fluids of our bodies where those electrons were stagnant and static before. 


Muscle testing challenges a lot of people who have never worked with any type of healing outside of conventional medicine because muscle testing works not with the mind and the Central Nervous System, but rather, with the Autonomic Nervous System and unconscious parts of our bodies that sense things even if our conscious brain does not acknowledge the noted object of interest. We’ve talked about the Autonomic Nervous System in other discussions about autoimmune disease and Lyme disease, but it doesn’t hurt to review the basics here. 


Most of us are familiar with the motor-sensory function of the Central Nervous System which is made up of the brain, the spinal cord and motor-sensory nerves. Fewer of us have any knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System though and it’s three branches: 

1) The Sympathetic Nervous System which deals with alert wakefulness and fight-or-flight responses 

2) The 1st Branch of the Parasympathetic Nervous System that deals with Resting-and-Digesting and 

3) The 2nd Branch of the Parasympathetic Nervous System that deals with the autoimmune disease response that’s colloquially referred to by Stephen Porges as the “Play Dead Response”. 


The Sympathetic Nervous System can be dealt with directly through something called Neural Therapy, a branch of conventional medicine that’s been around secretly for a long time – since the anesthetic Procaine was invented. But acupuncturists also work with the Sympathetic Nervous System when they place their needles or use light to stimulate acupoints on the body. So you don’t have to be a Neural Therapist to do therapy on your own ganglia. Indeed, you can simply work with acupuncture stimulation, Biomagnetism using biomagnets, Bob Beck Therapy, or Jerry Tenant’s system of medicine. You see, there are nerve “ganglia”—little bunched up places on the Sympathetic Nervous System fibers– that run along either side of the spine, about 1 inch from either side of the spine to be exact. And each ganglia is rather like a “switch” on a circuit board. Do you see how this metaphor connects directly back into our various discussions regarding electricity, alkalinity, and even bee venom therapy, reactive oxygen species, and all of the treatments we’ve talked about for Lyme disease yet? If you break a circuit in your house by blowing a fuse, you have to reduce the electrical “pull” on that circuit and then go flip the switch to get electricity to flow back along that circuit to your outlets and lights again. In the body, these circuits are located on either side of the spine. To flip the switch, you can work directly along the spine in specific ways to manipulate the ganglion or you can work along the circuits themselves, which are the acupuncture meridians, to fix the area where the circuit has been broken. 


The Sympathetic Nervous System fibers follow the course of every single blood vessel that runs through our body. And these nerves tell the blood vessels whether they should open or close as we go about our daily lives. Reflexively, our bodies close blood vessels in response to stress which can cause trigger points of pain to develop, particularly in the back, but also in the limbs, where these nerve fibers course from the ganglia to the areas of the body that they serve. Patients with fibromyalgia struggle with pain that’s caused by a stress response involving a switchboard of Sympathetic Nervous System ganglia that have flipped without ever being restored to a state of healthy electrical circuits.


In contrast, when a fibromyalgia patient finally exhausts himself or herself, he or she goes into a Parasympathetic Play Dead response (which is equivalent to the Cell Danger Response). The patient may then develop a fever, a pounding headache that seems to fill the whole head, extreme exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms that are common to most autoimmune diseases. This Play Dead/Cell Danger Response involves the 2nd branch of the Parasympathetic Nervous System which basically consists of one nerve known as the Vagus Nerve that feeds our organs and keeps them running even though we are not consciously paying attention to them. 


But the thing you need to know about the Autonomic Nervous System in order to understand muscle testing and biomagnetism is the fact that this system of the body notices and deals with all those things that we are not consciously aware of with our brain/mind. The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for processing stressors that we have not actually taken note of with our conscious minds. And this system of the body takes responsibility for placing the stress in trigger points or, it will tell the blood vessels to shut down the blood supply to certain organs. A person can ask you a yes or no question and your body will respond to the question even if you choose not to answer–even if you didn’t hear what they said to you. Your body will reflexively tighten and acidify or alkalize in response to the other person’s facial expressions and even to the electromagnetic energy field surrounding that person. These are unconscious responses and we can watch how our bodies react to different stimuli to discover our real feelings about certain things that our conscious minds deny or don’t even notice.


Chakras, Prana, and Trace Minerals

Prana and Breath


There are systems of medicine that deal with things like chakras and our spiritual connection to all that exists. And it isn’t hard to stretch our scientific knowledge of the Autonomic Nervous System, electricity, and biomagnetism toward the idea of chakras or chi / qi. While the energy known as chi seems, in Lydi’s and my mind, to flow with the trace minerals / electrolytes / alkalizing salts like potassium iodide, lithium orotate, and the various magnesium salts that must be present in the fascia in order for those tissues to function like strong, healthy electrical wires in the body, prana seems to pay homage to breath and the fat that we unconsciously breathe most of the time, allowing our Autonomic Nervous System manage this vital function, or that we can also take control over our breath and allow the Central Nervous System to take over. Prana seems to be about the special super-power that every human being has through their breath and the power that breath and breathing patterns have over our bodies. 

Chi and Electricty


But chi seems to be more about electricity and how it flows through the fascia, which is a translucent covering that wraps every muscle, every bone, and every organ in its own special electrified package. The reason why we’ve recommended that Lyme disease patients drink sea water supplements pertains to the electrical nature of trace minerals, which are also known as electro-lytes, and also as “salts”. Sea water supplements and shilajit / humic acid / fulvic acid contains a wide array of trace minerals to ensure that electricity happens where it needs to happen in the fascia. 

Skeletal Muscle Recharge the Organs

Dr. Jerry Tenant wrote two books called Healing Is Voltage that provides a very compelling discussion regarding the idea that the muscles in our limbs act like batteries that push electricity along the fascia to organs, which are charged by the movement of our skeletal muscles. His theories are based on Segmental Anatomy, or the grouping of body parts on the basis of their eruption from the original cells that made up the embryo in the womb. Segmental Anatomy explains very succinctly and elegantly why acupuncture meridians work and why they follow a given path in the body. Dr. Tenant was able to put his theory to good use in curing his own autoimmune condition that had been dubbed incurable by his colleagues. 

How the Mind Heals the Body


Maybe all of this talk about the autonomic nervous system doesn’t appeal to your sensibilities. Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by all of this information. That’s okay. It isn’t really necessary to fully understand how your medicine works. It is necessary, however, for you to believe that your medicine can work to cure your disease. Many people learn how the medicine works through the process of working with it.


Once, there was a time when I believed that there was no cure for cancer. There was a time when I believed that there was no cure for autoimmune disease. I believed when I was young that there was no cure for HIV. But now, I know a person who cured his HIV. And I know a doctor who regularly cures his patients of HIV. There was a time when I thought there was no cure for addiction. And I feel very blessed to know and to understand how these cures for diseases work. But learning about these cures for disease involved a terrifying trajectory because for me, there would have been no other way to untether myself from everything I’d learned while studying and working in conventional medicine. Lydian, despite being raised mostly outside of conventional medicine, also had a terrifying journey that was very different from mine yet similarly frightening and this journey proved to her separately from me that yes, there are cures for all diseases. Humans are capable of healing. We’re capable of doing many things that we don’t yet think we were capable of doing. Once we think we can heal–and do other magical things–it suddenly becomes possible. 


When I was a teenager, I took up the hobby of recording my dreams when I had them. I studied Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and collected the dreams of classmates and anyone who was willing to share those dreams with me. And over the years, I’ve amassed quite a series of dream journals. For most of my life, I viewed those dreams as nothing but symbols–like my unconscious mind trying to talk to me. 


Lydian and I studied hypnotherapy in Colorado and even as we studied this method of therapy, we believed that the hypnotic visions that had such miraculous healing effects on us and on others were nothing but a type of communication that came from patterns that we’d picked up in our daily lives interacting with the world. And this view of hypnotherapy and dreams persisted until something challenged us to look more closely at our own minds, our dreams, and the little things that pop into our heads throughout the day. 


I can’t relate the story of this path easily without writing another 200 pages of material, but I can urge readers who have dreams to pay close attention to those dreams, not as merely symbols or unconscious processing of information from the days prior (though some dreams are nothing but a form of processing), but as actual communication from a reality that’s much bigger than we’ve been taught to believe in. If you have dreams and if you feel strongly that they are telling you something, follow that impulse and see if it leads you to new opportunities in terms of healing and health.


Lydi and I don’t believe or follow everything we see in our dreams. There’s a learning process involved in working with your intuition. But much of the information that she and I have found for this book and for the treatment of disease in general comes from this source of inspiration: our dreams. We don’t blindly follow the information that we write down in our dream journals, but rather, we record what we hear and what we see and experience and then we follow those leads to see if they’re legitimate. We stay grounded in our dream-following, but not so grounded that we stop believing that there’s more magic to be found. And we allow ourselves to wander, using our daytime intuitions and impulses when it seems prudent or just–necessary. This is our method for finding the science behind the cures because much of this information is expertly hidden from easy access by the general public. But once you see the material that resonates on a deeper level with your intuition, it’s hard to turn away from it and forget. If something in this books resonates with you as a cure, follow that and see where it leads you.


We developed the DreamLight.app as a tool to help people gain access to their own intuitions and insights into their own diseases without having to visit a hypnotherapist. We know that being sick often involves a sense of profound spiritual alienation. Often, patients have intuition about their illness and they know how to cure their disease, but they discount how the intuition comes to them as irrelevant. This is a part of the illness. It may, in some cases, be the core of The Illness. Some don’t realize that the dreams that they don’t remember at night are still influencing the course of their day. But dreams are a part of every major religion. Dreams are a connection that we have to The Divine. So we wanted to remind our readers to acknowledge their own dreams if they have them as a practice in re-aligning with a Higher Power.


And so, in closing, Lydi and I wanted to make sure that we talked just a bit about the fact that everyone who is sick is on a journey that is extremely important and meaningful. In tribal societies, it was the sickest, weakest child who was chosen to become the shaman because these were the children who, if they overcame their disease under the tutelage of the reigning shaman, would be able to cure others. The disease was regarded as something that the most magical people in a tribe were given as something to wrestle with as a vital part of their spiritual training. And so, we regard our readers who are working either on their own diseases or on the healing of others as shaman for their own “tribe”. No one is immune to illness, but we all have the ability to become healthy again until, of course, that moment of final reckoning occurs. 


The key is to find the proper potion, the proper form of magic that has meaning for you and then follow that medicine along the path until you find either healing, or the next potion or magical formula that will take you through the next leg of your journey. The key is to follow your own intuition and to search until you can find your own Inner Knowing. Every one of our readers decided to read this book in order to hear these words and remember who they really are


Information can be an incredibly helpful tool to those who are searching. 


And so, I hope that we’ve successfully provided you with new information, new perspectives, and maybe even new paths that you can follow to find your way to The Promised Land of good health. 





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