The Pinus palustris or Pinus elliottii trees produce a sap that’s used to produce 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine. But these two pine trees are the only ones to have been identified as helpful as a natural treatment for autoimmune disease. Pinus strobus and the natural substance derived from it, known as Pycnogenol , has been used as an alternative therapy for autism. Indeed, it works so well for autoimmune diseases that Big Pharma created a synthetic, patentable drug called Suramin that has miraculous healing effects on autistic children, though, like most curative drugs it is mostly unavailable to the children who need it.

Medical Turpentine Oil / Pinus palustris / Pinus elliottii as a Cure for Autoimmune Disease

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment of any kind. 

What is Medical Turpentine Oil / Pinus palustris / Pinus elliottii?


Medical Turpentine Oil is a cure for autoimmune disease that has become well-known through anecdotal reports, but the pure spirits of turpentine can also be used to treat the following health conditions:


  • Cure for Lyme disease
  • Candida albicans as well as other strains of Candida
  • Fungal infections
  • Bacterial infections (including Borrelia burgdorferi)
  • Viral infections
  • Skin infections (it has antiseptic qualities)
  • Cure for autoimmune disease
  • Second-degree burn treatment
  • Natural treatment for the common cold
  • Natural treatment for influenza
  • Cure for tuberculosis
  • Natural expectorant
  • Wounds
  • Boils
  • Parasite Infections
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Chronic indigestion treatment
  • Other forms of arthritis or joint inflammation
  • Osteoporosis treatment 
  • Myiasis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lung Disease
  • Respiratory Infection
  • Disseminated Sclerosis
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Muscle Pain
  • Cure for kidney disorders
  • Toothache
  • Sore throat treatment
  • Natural Treatment for tonsillitis


Medical turpentine oil is made from a resin derived from either the Pinus palustris or from the Pinus elliottii tree. Prior to the creation of the American Medical Association and the development of what would later become Big Pharma, both the Merck Manual and the Parke Davis pharmaceutical company acknowledged turpentine used as a medicine and included a long list of diseases and disorders that were treatable using medicinal turpentine oil (the pure gum spirits of turpentine). Dr. Jennifer Daniels, an advocate for turpentine used as a medicine, was able to find a Merck Manual dating back to 1899 that listed medicinal turpentine.


Medicinal turpentine oil is definitely not the only medicine that got covered up and pushed under the rug in the early 1900’s. Pancreatic enzymes were being used at that time to cure cancer with a 13% cure rate that was pretty decent as a stand-alone treatment, especially given the fact that chemotherapy has only a 2-3% cancer cure rate today as a stand-alone treatment. But though the use of pancreatic enzyme therapy showed a great deal of promise back in the 1900’s as a humane treatment for cancer, the AMA sought to cover up cures for diseases and instead focus on pharmaceuticals and surgeries that would treat only symptoms, a more profitable model for American medicine. Another tragic curative cover-up that we’ve written about is vitamin B17 which is also known as Laetrile or Amygdalin although salinomycin as a cure for malaria and for cancer is another treatment with a story that tends to get people’s attention. There are many MANY stories of cover-ups, but medicinal turpentine is one of the medicines that worked very well before big corporations took over the business of medicine.  


So if you’re new to the idea that Big Pharma actively works to censor cures for diseases and cover them up using multiple strategies, including propaganda, then medical turpentine oil probably won’t scare you. Just be sure to find a turpentine product labeled as 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine to ensure that you’ve got the actual resin of the Pinus palustris or Pinus elliottii tree. 


Dr. Jennifer Daniels is an expert on turpentine used as a medicine and some patients may wish to  contact her directly through her website to learn more about how to use it against specific diseases.


Medical Turpentine Oil is very different from other types of turpentine oil that can be marketed as paint thinner in hardware stores. Always look for a medicinal turpentine oil that is labeled as “100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine” to ensure that the product is pure, medicinal turpentine. 


Medicinal turpentine oil comes from the spruce tree (Pinus palustris), which puts it in the same genus as Pinus strobus, or White Pine, a substance that has been used as a natural treatment for Autism and that has also been synthesized into a pharmaceutical medicine known as Suramin


The Pinus genus consists of pine trees and trees in the pine family that produce pine cones. There are about 100 different species that belong to this genus (sources differ on the actual number). There are two main groups of pine trees belonging to the Pinus genus:


  1. Soft pines or white pines
  2. Hard or yellow pines

Turpentine as Medicine

Big Pharma works to cover up medicines using a variety of tactics. Interestingly, tree medicines like Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine (the essential oil of the Pinus palustris or Pinus elliottii trees) have both been hidden in plain view under the idea that they are both utterly toxic industrial solvents.

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is FDA-approved for use as a cystitis treatment in pregnant women and by itself, has a toxicity level similar to that of water. It is derived from trees and today, it’s available over-the counter. But you see, when the FDA approved this miracle-medicine known as DMSO, they didn’t know that this substance would end up having the broadest medicinal action of any other substance currently listed in their books. DMSO can regrow nerves and brain tissues. It has literally been used to regrow spinal cord tissues in people with severed spines. And it has been used to reverse the signs and symptoms of Down’s syndrome in babies born with this disorder. But these real-life scientific studies have never become mainstream knowledge and all DMSO bottles must be labeled, by law, as industrial solvents. In truth, DMSO is a powerful solvent and it has to be used carefully for this reason. But labeling a medicinal solvent that can be used to make toxic medicines like cancer chemotherapy treatments more powerful as tiny doses (known as Dimethylsulfoxide Potentiation Therapy), is very different from an industrial solvent that’s used to dissolve metal (or whatnot). The “industrial solvent” label scares a lot of people away from using DMSO. And Big Pharma knows it. 

But turpentine has been treated in a similar manner to DMSO by Big Pharma. As another tree-derived medicine, turpentine functions, in part, through its ability to pass into the body through the skin though it can also be taken internally. And like DMSO, it functions as a solvent (which is one of the reasons why it can pass through human tissues and into human cells to heal the body). But though turpentine can be used as a paint thinner and though it can be combined with toxic ingredients that should never be used as a medicine, the turpentine essential oil (labeled as 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine) is a very different thing than the paint-thinner product on the shelf that happens to contain turpentine. Nonetheless, the public has been utterly confused and the idea of turpentine has been tied up in knots with the idea of paint thinner. By marketing pain thinners as “turpentine” and by marketing “turpentine” as paint thinner, turpentine the medicine has been hidden from the public in plain view. 

The term “turpentine” indicates that the 100% pure spirit gum product that you’ve purchased was derived from either the oleoresin of the Pinus palustris or Pinus elliottii tree. The word “turpentine” is derived from the terpene oils that are produced in large quantities by these trees. Pure gum spirit of turpentine is regarded as an essential oil. Indeed, turpentine is produced in larger quantities than any other essential oil in the United States. 

Though Big Pharma has worked hard to suppress the use of pure spirits of turpentine as a cure for autoimmune disease, parasites, Lyme disease, etc., Big Food isn’t shy about using turpentine in chewing gums and bottled beverages. Indeed, medicinal turpentine is used in Vick’s VapoRub without apology. But the industry has invested a lot of money into producing propaganda to ensure that the public believes that all turpentine oils are paint thinners that are horrifically toxic. This is simply untrue. As a consumer and as a patient who is ill, it is challenging to inform yourself about the historical truth behind these medicines. There’s a lot of Big-Pharma-sponsored hate out there around these miracle medicines making fun of anyone who has tried turpentine or the “chlorine dioxide bleach”. And if you don’t have the time to pick up a chemistry book or a history book (that was written before the AMA became too powerful) and learn what you need to know to verify that indeed, these substances are medicines, the black-listing, witch-burning, fun-making that goes on in social media and in Google searches would look like it was protecting the American public. So everyone has to figure out this propaganda-game for themselves. Often, the tipping point happens when a persons’ pain becomes greater than their fear. They try one of those black-listed medicines and find out that indeed, it works…in fact it works very well. 

But you don’t have to take my word for it in regard to turpentine. Below are some references to scientific studies into turpentine used as a medicine:

  • Turpentine as a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Turpentine as a Natural Second-Degree Burn Treatment



  • Turpentine Anti-inflammatory Effects / Turpentine as a Natural Treatment for Brain Inflammation

  • Turpentine as a Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis

  • In this study, scientists looked at several different herbs that affect bone health. Turpentine pine oil was used in this study as a known substance that is able to protect aged rats that have lost their ovaries from bone loss which points (along with several other studies) to the balancing effect of turpentine on reproductive hormone levels. In this study, bone loss could be controlled in a dose-dependent manner using turpentine.



  • Turpentine as a Treatment for Sexual Dysfunctions



Turpentine Baths as a Natural Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases and More

Below we provide a brief overview of how turpentine baths have been used in medicine to cure a wide array of diseases afflicting various parts of the body. This discussion should provide anyone with autoimmune disease with a sense of how this medicine can work on the body to overcome diseases that have been dubbed incurable by conventional medicine:


Turpentine Baths as a Natural Treatment for Autoimmune Heart Diseases


Turpentine Baths were widely used in the early 1900’s to expand blood vessels, improve blood flow, widen the blood vessels in the heart, and to improve the heart’s metabolic processes overall. The use of turpentine baths were shown to reduce the risk of heart attack / myocardial infarction in at-risk patients. Restoration of blood circulation normalizes heart rhythms naturally while simultaneously strengthening the heart muscle. Often patients who take turpentine baths are able to reduce the dosage of their medications.


Patients can use turpentine baths as a natural treatment for autoimmune heart disease. Those with Lyme disease can use turpentine baths as a natural treatment for Lyme carditis.


Through these mechanisms of action, turpentine baths can be used in the following ways:


  • As a natural cure for pericarditis.
  • As a natural cure for myocarditis
  • As a natural cure for endocarditis.
  • As a cure for Lyme carditis

It’s worth noting that turpentine baths can be used to overcome the post-COVID vaccine syndrome myocarditis and pericarditis.


Turpentine Baths as a Natural Cure for Blood Vessel Diseases


In addition to its action on the heart muscle itself, turpentine baths can also be used to improve peripheral circulation to the limbs. Patients with atherosclerosis and other micro-circulation disorders have benefited from this treatment which would combine very well with vitamin K2/vitamin D3 treatment and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) treatments  (both of which also open up peripheral circulation).


Blood vessel inflammation responds well to turpentine and as such, turpentine baths can be used as a natural cure for autoimmune vasculitis.


Turpentine Baths as a Natural Cure for Arthritis and Other Joint Diseases


In the 1960’s, scientists were able to prove that turpentine baths were able to improve the metabolism of muscle tissues, nervous system tissues, and bone, by stimulating skin receptors. This fact was applied to spine problems, joint diseases like arthritis, and athletic injuries. The turpentine baths work as a cure for autoimmune arthritis by reducing weight naturally, by naturally reducing chronic pain, and by reducing inflammation. 


Turpentine baths have the ability to restore mobility to joints affected by inflammation but because of its other effects on the body, it might be regarded as a cure for autoimmune arthritis. Patients with severe deforming arthritis often experience pronounced healing effects after just 5-7 turpentine baths. 


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Spinal Diseases


Turpentine baths have a positive effect on bone tissues by affecting the way phosphorus is metabolized in the body. As a natural autoimmune cartilage destruction treatment, it really doesn’t get better than a turpentine bath. A turpentine bath can be used as a polychrondritis cure. A lot of people wonder, is polychondritis curable, but they can’t find any information about turpentine baths as an effective natural treatment for this disease online because of the extreme censorship that prevents people with autoimmune diseases from learning about turpentine.


Turpentine baths are regarded as a natural cartilage protector that can also restore cartilage tissues to the joints and to the vertebral column. As a result, those with an autoimmune cartilage disease who’s wondering how do you treat polychondritis? can work with turpentine baths as well as vitamin K2/vitamin D3 treatment and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) treatments to overcome pain, rebuild cartilage tissues, and heal from their disease. Often, the results become notable after only 3-4 turpentine baths.


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Diabetes Mellitus


If you’re looking for a diabetes mellitus cure without medicine that won’t require you to take expensive prescription drugs, consider doing medicinal turpentine essential oil baths. Typically yellow turpentine baths are the best natural treatment for diabetic polyneuropathy, but turpentine baths have a strong medicinal action on various areas of the body so this type of treatment can also be used as a natural treatment for diabetic angiopathy. 


Turpentine baths help improve microcirculation in the body while reducing the blood viscosity, blood vessel tone, and the permeability of blood vessel walls. As a result, blood flow to the muscles increases and a number of serious complications like necrosis or gangrene can also be prevented. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy can also naturally improve blood flow in diabetic patients. 


As a cure for diabetes mellitus, turpentine essential oil works, in part, to lower somatotropic hormone in the blood, increasing cellular insulin sensitivity and tissue glucose tolerance. If you wish to cure diabetes mellitus though, be sure to do Enzyme Therapy to improve absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, in particular vitamin K2. Several doctors have administered vitamin K2 and pancreatic enzymes (in particular) to diabetes patients with miraculous healing results. Vitamin K2 deficiency can cause the calcification of the pancreas and resulting diabetes mellitus symptoms which can be reversed if the vitamin K2 deficiency is reversed. 


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Cystic Acne


Turpentine baths work both internally and externally to cure acne (mild to severe acne) while also helping to resolve internal and external scars. It is because of this valuable effect on human skin that turpentine is widely used in the cosmetics industry. 


Turpentine Baths as Powerful Anti-Aging Treatment


Individuals who do turpentine baths regularly experience rejuvenating effects to the skin. The depth of wrinkles are reduced, for example, by turpentine. 

Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Neurodermatitis


White turpentine baths are able to get rid of the neurodermatitis rash. And if you’re wondering how to get rid of neurodermatitis scars, turpentine baths can also help in this department by generally rejuvenating and smoothing the skin.


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Furunculosis


The Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that can cause furuncles and necrotizing tissues in furunculosis can easily be treated using turpentine baths. This makes a lot of sense given our research into necrotizing fasciitis and how Indian doctors were able to find a simple cure for skin necrosis using nothing but 3% citric acid. If you’re wondering, can you cure furunculosis?… look no further. Turpentine contains high levels of vitamin C and citric acid and it can be used to prevent gangrene in diabetic mellitus patients (as mentioned above). 


Turpentine as a Natural Cure for Scleroderma


Many patients with scleroderma report that turpentine baths are able to quickly get rid of the scleroderma symptoms. In combination with Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement, vitamin B17 supplements, Lugols’ iodine therapy, Enzyme Therapy, and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), turpentine baths can have a powerful effect as a natural treatment for scleroderma. 


There are three diseases that look nearly identical under a dark field microscope to the mycobacterium that causes cancer: 1) scleroderma 2) tuberculosis 3) leprosy. Natural treatment options for scleroderma are literally in the hundreds but unfortunately, few people write about these natural treatments for scleroderma, because natural cures for cancer are also natural cures for scleroderma. As such, few authors write about scleroderma cures and instead opt to write about cancer cures! Nonetheless, we offer a free download of volume 1 of the Cancer Cure Catalog at our site plus 3 additional volumes of cancer cure in our Cancer Cure Catalog that also happen to be natural cures for scleroderma. 

Turpentine Baths: How to Lose Weight Without Exercise


Turpentine Baths work through a number of different mechanisms of action to promote natural weight loss without exercise. For one thing, turpentine essential oil has the ability to normalize blood glucose levels. And it improves microcirculation while reducing cholesterol levels naturally, perhaps through its reproductive hormone balancing effects. A turpentine bath can help you naturally increase metabolism of fats. But don’t forget to add Lugol’s iodine into your protocol of natural weight loss boosters along with Enzyme Therapy to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients from the diet. Better nutrient absorption will allow your body to release excess fats that it no longer needs. Daily administration of Lugol’s iodine feeds the thyroid gland what it needs to function healthfully and naturally. 


Turpentine Baths as a Natural Cure for Cellulitis


Turpentine baths work to cure cellulitis by restoring microcirculation, normalizing metabolism, by reducing plaque in the arteries to generally improve blood circulation to areas of the body afflicted with cellulitis.


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Respiratory Disease

Turpentine Baths work to cure the common cold, influenza, and other more serious respiratory infections, in part by improving blood flow to the lungs. The turpentine essential oil reduces lung and bronchial inflammation while increasing lung capacity.  Breathing improves after a turpentine bath because blood microcirculation opens up to the alveoli and toxic agents can be removed. Breathing in the turpentine oil has antibacterial effects to help prevent airborne diseases like COVID or even monkeypox. 

Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Chronic Prostatitis


Turpentine baths reduce inflammation to normalize the size and function of the prostate gland. And improved microcirculation to the prostate means that the immune system is able to gain access to the prostate to produce the healing effect. 


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction


Through the restoration of capillary permeability, turpentine baths can cure Erectile Dysfunction. It works work by making it easier for the cavernous bodies of the penis to fill with blood naturally to restore erectile function. If you suffer from these sexual issues, you can read more about additional cures for Erectile Dysfunction here.


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Male Infertility


Sometimes, male infertility is caused by inflammation or infection, but male infertility can also be caused by low testosterone levels or poor blood flow to the penis (causing Erectile Dysfunction). In either case, turpentine baths can cure male infertility by restoring proper blood flow, getting rid of inflammation, and by killing infection. 


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Menstrual Pain


As a gynecological treatment, turpentine baths can reduce inflammation in the lower pelvis, which in turn, helps normalize the behavior of the uterus. Sometimes, inflammation in the pelvis can cause pressure on the uterus that makes menstruation exceptionally painful. Women with menstrual pain should also consider taking Lugol’s iodine supplements. Lugol’s iodine is a supplement that literally feeds the reproductive organs what they need in order to function properly. Combine turpentine baths with Lugol’s iodine therapy as a powerful natural cure for menstrual pain.


Lugol’s iodine and turpentine baths can be used together as an important cure for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). These two treatments can be used as a natural treatment for endometriosis as well. 


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Female Infertility


Turpentine baths naturally reduce body weight. And it helps improve metabolism levels naturally while naturally balancing reproductive hormones at the same time. Inflammation levels in the pelvis are reduced as well to normalize the functioning of the uterus. Indeed, improving microcirculation to the uterus can play an important role as a natural cure for female infertility.


If you suffer from fertility issues that have no known cause, consider combining turpentine baths with Lugol’s iodine therapy, vitamin B12 therapy, and vitamin B17 supplements. Also be sure to take vitamin K2, a newly discovered vitamin that plays a vital role in fetal and child development. 

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Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Chronic Adnexitis and Menstrual Disorders


Turpentine baths can help restore balance to the reproductive system in part by normalizing reproductive hormone levels. Reduced inflammation in the pelvis and improved microcirculation as well a reproductive hormone balance play an important role as a cure for chronic adnexitis, but be sure to combine turpentine baths with Lugol’s iodine therapy, vitamin B12 therapy, and vitamin B17 supplements. As well as vitamin K2


Turpentine Baths as a Myoma Herbal Cure / Natural Cure for Uterine Fibroids


Turpentine baths can be used to get rid of uterine fibroids without surgery. The baths work by improving microcirculation to the uterus, but also by discouraging abnormal growth of cells. But if you have uterine fibroids, you should also consider treatment with Lugol’s iodine therapy. Iodine regularly works to treat abnormal growth in the reproductive system tissues including breast tissues.


Turpentine Baths as a Cure for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder


I’ve seen some parents scoff at the use of turpentine baths as a natural cure for Autism and I can understand how easy it is for Big Pharma to demonize a parent who uses this supposedly toxic substance. But in fact, the 100% pure spirits of turpentine is nothing but the essential oil of the Pinus palustris (or Pinus elliottii) tree. But several months ago, we studied another Pinus essential oil that has been incredibly useful to children with Autism– Pinus strobus essential oil. The Autism drug known as Suramin is derived from the Pinus strobus and it became more famous during the COVID pandemic because Suramin also has the ability to cure Long COVID symptoms. But while parents are lining up to take part in limited Suramin drug trials for Autism, a number of them gasp at the idea of doing turpentine baths or other types of turpentine treatments on their autistic children because Big Pharma has done such a good job producing propaganda against this medicine.


Pynogenol is a natural substance that comes from the Pinus strobus tree and a number of parents have used this substance as a natural cure for brain inflammation in autistic children. So the idea of using other tree species from the Pinus genus as natural treatment for autism makes senes.

If you have a child with autism and you’re wondering, is there a cure for autism coming soon?…you might consider reading our discourse on why there are no pharmaceutical Lyme disease treatments on the horizon. Consider instead that Big Pharma has covered up the cure for autism and that the cures already exist and that these cures are easily accessible because Big Pharma does not own rights to them. Turpentine baths belong to a category of treatments involving the pine tree essential oils: Pinus palustris, Pinus elliottii, and Pinus strobus. Turpentine essential oil, as a natural substance, cannot be patented and therefore is not profitable to Big Pharma. Also, turpentine cures disease which reduces demand for other Big Pharma products, another reason why it pays for Big Pharma to invest in producing propaganda against turpentine. 


Don’t neglect to use Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement with molecular hydrogen therapy as a cure for brain inflammation due to autism either. Enzyme therapy can improve digestive function and nutrient absorption. Though we haven’t specifically written about the use of molecular hydrogen as a natural treatment for autism, molecular hydrogen causes no side effects, yet it is extremely powerful as a cure for many diseases. Scientific research on the use of molecular hydrogen is frenzied at the moment because of its ability to do miraculous things like reduce brain inflammation. Indeed, molecular hydrogen can be used in hyperbaric environments. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven helpful as an alternative to Chlorine Dioxide Solution, though these two therapies essentially work in through a similar mechanism of action.


Also note the potential value of Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), an FDA-approved over-the-counter tree-derived medicine that has the ability to regrow and regenerate brain tissues, spinal tissues, and nerves. Read more about how to use DMSO as a natural treatment for brain inflammation and other neurological issues here. In this book, we provide detailed information about how to safely use DMSO as a cure for autism and other autoimmune diseases

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Turpentine Baths as a Cure for PANDAS Autoimmune Disease


PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) involve symptoms that can often be cured with a combination of Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Miracle Solution, Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) treatment, Lugol’s Iodine Therapy, and Enzyme Therapy along with Turpentine Baths.


Turpentine Baths as a Natural Treatment for Polio


Today, a news story ran about a man in the United States who has polio. So this information about turpentine as a natural treatment for polio is timely.


Turpentine baths restore normal blood circulation to the brain while reducing inflammation. This medicinal effect normalizes autonomic nervous system function which is extremely beneficial in the treatment of polio. Also use Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with polio.


Turpentine Baths as a Natural Cure for Viral Encephalitis


Viral Encephalitis is a serious disease, but turpentine baths can help. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with viral encephalitis, administer Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution as well as Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) as a natural anti-viral treatment. And administer turpentine baths as a natural treatment for viral encephalitis.


Turpentine Baths as a Home Therapy for Cerebral Palsy


Turpentine baths are a valuable home therapy for cerebral palsy. They work by improving blood flow to the brain. But if you have a child with cerebral palsy, consider doing daily treatments with Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) too. DMSO is an FDA-approved, over-the-counter medicine that has been scientifically shown to be able to reverse the symptoms of Down’s Syndrome via it’s nerve-tissue healing effects on the body. In this book, we provide detailed information about DMSO but you can get started reading about the miraculous healing effects of DMSO here


In addition to doing Turpentine baths as an at-home therapy for cerebral palsy, also consider doing Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy (PEMF) for cerebral palsy. PEMF treatment also opens up microcirculation and has been successfully used to treat other neurological problems like dementia


Historic Use of Turpentine Oil as a Medicine

Though Big Pharma would love for the public to forget, historically, pure turpentine oil has been used in a variety of ways. In Chinese medicine, a gum derived from pure spirits of turpentine was used to overcome toothaches. Medicinal turpentine is still an ingredient in VapoRub due to its ability to treat cough and cold symptoms. It has strong expectorant capabilities. Pure turpentine oil was listed in the Merck Manual as a medicinal agent for a long list of diseases prior to 1900 prior to when the American Medical Association took over. 


Turpentine Used as a Medicine: How to Use It Properly


Pure Spirit Gum of Turpentine (Pinus palustris / Pinus elliottii) needs to be used with care because it is a powerful medicine. And as with all medicines, it is possible to take too much or to take the medicine in the wrong way. Note that some people can experience contact dermatitis if this essential oil touches the skin.


Again, I emphasize the fact that it is possible to overdose on medicinal turpentine oil, but if you follow the dosing instructions and the basic pre-detoxification instructions, the medicine is very safe and effective.  

Detoxification Prior to Using Turpentine as a Medicine

Prior to beginning treatment with medicinal turpentine, you need to spend two weeks detoxifying your body. This is important in order to prevent a powerful Detoxification Reaction. Below are detoxification methods that we recommend starting at least 2 weeks prior to your first dose of medicinal turpentine:


  1. Drink a lot of water infused with a sea water supplement. Add 1 teaspoon of sea water supplement to every 8 ounces of water. The sea water supplement will help your body hydrate while simultaneously beginning the healing and fortification process of cells. 
  2. For every 50-60 pounds of body weight, drink 1 liter of sea water-infused drinking water daily.
  3. Do a warm water coffee enema daily to clean out both the liver and the gallbladder.
  4. Follow The Binzel Diet to prepare your body to receive and use vitamin B17, a vitamin that has been systematically removed from the food supply. Read more about vitamin B17 as a treatment for parasites here, but note that a deficiency of this vitamin can cause any kind of degenerative disease symptoms.

Medicinal Turpentine Oil Dosage:

If you are going to use turpentine essential oil as a stand-alone treatment, start by detoxifying the body for 2 weeks and then following the dosing schedule below:


Stack 3 sugar cubes with 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm dimensions on a plate. Pour 1 teaspoon of 100% pure spirit gum of turpentine onto the sugar cubes. The turpentine oils should not reach the plate or you’ll need to start over with a new set of sugar cubes. Eat the sugar cubes. Administer this treatment two times weekly. 


NOTE: The sugar cubes disperse the medicinal turpentine. 


How to Administer a Turpentine Bath

There are two different types of turpentine baths that can be administered:


  1. Yellow Turpentine Emulsion Bath

A yellow turpentine emulsion bath is mixed with castor oil and oleic acid. Oleic acid penetrates the body through the skin to bind damaging free radicals and normalize the action of Reactive Oxygen Species in the body. Yellow turpentine emulsion baths are particularly useful in the treatment of joint inflammation and to reduce arterial blood pressure.


  1. White Turpentine Emulsion Bath


White turpentine emulsion baths opens capillaries, improves blood vessel function and blood circulation, promotes the removal of toxins, and increases oxygen in the blood and nutrient transport to organs and tissues. The small blood vessels in organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys open and begin to work more normally and actively. Collapsed capillaries open and start working properly to improve healing and regrowth of damaged tissues in the body.


The Use of Pinus palustris or Pinus elliottii Pine Needles or Pine Needle Infusion in a Therapeutic Bath


If you’re concerned about the use of turpentine essential oil (100% pure spirits of turpentine) in bathwater, consider the use of actual pine needles as an alternative. 


Prepare the bathwater at 36-37 degrees C. Put a pouch with about 18 ounces / 500 grams of young pine tree shoots in the bathwater. 


Alternatively, you can prepare a Pine Needle infusion by putting the pine needles in 2-3 quarts of water to soak overnight. Then, add this to the bathwater. 


After a turpentine bath, you should lay down and relax for about 30 minutes to an hour to let the medicine work before resuming your normal activities. 

Autoimmune Disease Cure: Turpentine, Neem, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipe

This recipe uses distilled Pinus palustris, Pinus elliottii, (100% pure gum spirits of turpentine) or Pinus strobus essential oil. 


This natural cure for Autoimmune disease takes 4-6 weeks to work. 


In a covered glass container, combine 3 teaspoons of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine (the essential oil of turpentine, NOT the paint thinner) with 3 teaspoons of Neem / Azadirachta indica oil and, 3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.  


Before beginning this protocol, spend 14 days doing a pre-detox. Administer daily warm-water enemas. Add Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution (CDS/MMS) to the enema after you’ve done at least 2 enemas already to ensure that you avoid a strong detox reaction. Once you start the turpentine + neem oil protocol, you may want to take a break from CDS / MMS because these two protocols can cancel each other out if you do them simultaneously.


Consider following the Chicken Soup and Budwig Smoothie protocol as a diet to prepare your body to fight autoimmune disease. 

Day 1: Start by administering ¼ of a teaspoon of the Turpentine + Neem + Olive Oil mixture on an empty stomach either in the morning or in the evening. Wait for at least 30 minutes after dosing before you eat anything.

Day 2: If on day 2, you are not experiencing any symptoms of detoxification, increase the dose to ½ teaspoon once daily.

Day 3: If you are still not experiencing a strong detox reaction, increase the dose to ¾ of a teaspoon once daily. If you are experiencing a detox reaction, drop the dose back by ¼ of a teaspoon, but continue taking the medicine once daily. Wait to begin increasing the dose again until the detox symptoms end (which usually takes between 2 to 7 days). CONTINUE TAKING THE MEDICINE.

Day 4: Increase the dose to 1 teaspoon daily as long as you are not experiencing a strong detox reaction. Continue at this dose for the next 4 to 6 weeks. If you develop a detox reaction, cut your dose in half, but CONTINUE TO TAKE THE MEDICINE. Increase your dose back up to 1 teaspoon daily as soon as the detox symptoms end.


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