This adorable pine tree just wants a hug. The 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine come from a sap produced by this tree. The pure gum spirits are a medicine that has been used for centuries to treat autoimmune disease naturally. Turpentine is a powerful natural treatment for Lyme disease too.

Amazing Tree Medicines That Act as a Natural Cure for Lyme Disease

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment of any kind. 

It’s unfortunate, but many people do not discover the cure for Lyme disease because of fear. This is not a statement of judgment, but a statement of fact. As someone who has spent a lot of time in shamanic circles with people taking challenging medicines like Ayahuasca, Sapito, Peyote, Kambo, and more, I can relate strongly to this fear. Sometimes medicines scare us because nearly every medicine, with rare exception, is also a poison at the wrong dose. And often, until a person with Lyme disease reaches a certain level of physical and emotional pain, fear overrules the use of substances like turpentine that have been demonized by Big Pharma propaganda. 


When we work with clients, we try to direct them to the medicines that will heal them, but fear is always there. Fear is like another person who sits in on every conversation, every health-coaching session, as the figure who ultimately makes the decision about what type of Lyme disease treatment to pursue. Some people have a lot of fear about working with medicines like turpentine while others have gotten past that fear. They’re ready to try anything. And this reality regarding healing and choosing the appropriate medicine is really important. People who are ready to see The Truth about a medicine like turpentine can see it because they’re simply ready to see it. Other people need to work, perhaps with other medicines first. These other people may literally need to work with other medicines first as a part of their healing journey and that’s okay. If you’re reading this article right now, and you’re just simply not sure about medicinal turpentine essential oil, as a natural cure for Lyme Disease, this treatment is definitely one you’ll want to tuck away for later as one of those treatments that would work for you if other treatments you’re looking at don’t work for you.

What is Medical Turpentine Oil / Pinus palustris / Pinus elliottii?


Medical Turpentine Oil is a natural cure for Lyme disease that has become well-known primarily through anecdotal reports, but the pure spirits of turpentine can also be used to treat a wide array of other health conditions too:


  • Cure for Lyme disease
  • Natural Treatment for Parasite Infections
  • Candida albicans plus other strains of Candida
  • Bacterial infections (including Borrelia burgdorferi)
  • Viral infections
  • Skin infections (it has antiseptic qualities)
  • Second-degree burn treatment
  • Fungal infections
  • Natural Treatment for tonsillitis
  • Natural treatment for the common cold
  • Natural treatment for influenza
  • Sore throat treatment
  • Natural expectorant
  • Cure for tuberculosis
  • Wounds
  • Boils
  • Cure for
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Chronic indigestion treatment
  • Other forms of arthritis or joint inflammation
  • Osteoporosis treatment 
  • Myiasis
  • Lung Disease
  • Respiratory Infection
  • Disseminated Sclerosis
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Muscle Pain
  • Cure for kidney disorders
  • Toothache

Medicinal turpentine oil is an essential oil of the Pinus palustris or from the Pinus elliottii tree. We talk much more in depth about the use of turpentine oil as a cure for autoimmune disease in this post, but the main thing you need to know about using turpentine as a cure for Lyme disease is the fact that the medicinal form of turpentine oil is different from the turpentine that contains toxic ingredients–the stuff that’s marketed as a paint thinner in hardware stores. Always look for a medical turpentine essential oil that’s labeled as 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine to ensure that the product is pure, medicinal turpentine. 


Turpentine Essential Oil (Pinus palustris or Pinus elliottii) vs. Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)

Eastern White Pine Essential Oil: Medicinal Effects


Both the essential oil of Pinus palustris trees and the essential oil of Pinus strobus have exceptional healing capabilities in regard to autoimmune diseases. Pinus strobus or Eastern white pine essential oil has not been given the attention that it deserves though. Pinus strobus contains a variety of medicinal components that are worth mentioning:


  • Suramin
  • Shikimic Acid 
  • Alpha-pinene
  • Beta-pinene
  • 3-Carene
  • Beta-phellandren
  • Germancrene D
  • D-Limonene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C


The medicinal benefits of Eastern White Pine / Pinus strobus include the following:



In this article, we talk in depth about how a component known as Suramin that’s found in the Pinus strobus is being used to cure autoimmune diseases including autism.

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Turpentine Used as a Medicine: How to Use It Properly


Pure Spirit Gum of Turpentine (Pinus palustris / Pinus elliottii) needs to be used with care because it is a powerful medicine. And as with all medicines, it is possible to take too much or to take the medicine in the wrong way. Note that some people can experience contact dermatitis if this essential oil touches the skin, but also note that one of the most common ways to administer turpentine is as a turpentine emulsion bath. 


There are white turpentine emulsion baths and yellow turpentine emulsion baths. Choose the emulsion bath that best fits the Lyme disease symptoms you wish you treat.

Detoxification Prior to Using Turpentine as a Medicine

Prior to beginning treatment with turpentine essential oil, you need to spend two weeks detoxifying your body. Be sure to read more about about how to detoxify and the proper dosage of turpentine here


Lyme Disease Cure: Turpentine, Neem, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipe

This recipe uses distilled Pinus palustris, Pinus elliottii, (100% pure gum spirits of turpentine) or Pinus strobus essential oil. 


This natural cure for lyme disease takes 4-6 weeks to work. 


In a covered glass container, combine 3 teaspoons of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine (the essential oil of turpentine, NOT the paint thinner) with 3 teaspoons of Neem / Azadirachta indica oil and, 3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.  


Before beginning this protocol, spend 14 days doing a pre-detox. Administer daily warm-water enemas. Add Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Solution (CDS/MMS) to the enema after you’ve done at least 2 enemas already to ensure that you avoid a strong detox reaction. Once you start the turpentine + neem oil protocol, you may want to take a break from CDS / MMS because these two protocols can cancel each other out if you do them simultaneously.


Consider following the Chicken Soup and Budwig Smoothie protocol as a diet to prepare your body to fight Lyme disease. 

Day 1: Start by administering ¼ of a teaspoon of the Turpentine + Neem + Olive Oil mixture on an empty stomach either in the morning or in the evening. Wait for at least 30 minutes after dosing before you eat anything.

Day 2: If on day 2, you are not experiencing any symptoms of detoxification, increase the dose to ½ teaspoon once daily.

Day 3: If you are still not experiencing a strong detox reaction, increase the dose to ¾ of a teaspoon once daily. If you are experiencing a detox reaction, drop the dose back by ¼ of a teaspoon, but continue taking the medicine once daily. Wait to begin increasing the dose again until the detox symptoms end (which usually takes between 2 to 7 days). CONTINUE TAKING THE MEDICINE.

Day 4: Increase the dose to 1 teaspoon daily as long as you are not experiencing a strong detox reaction. Continue at this dose for the next 4 to 6 weeks. If you develop a detox reaction, cut your dose in half, but CONTINUE TO TAKE THE MEDICINE. Increase your dose back up to 1 teaspoon daily as soon as the detox symptoms end.


Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) as a Cure for Lyme Disease

We talk a lot about Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), an FDA-approved medicine that’s often combined with Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement, but DMSO can also be combined with essential oils. DMSO is a stand-alone medicine that has spinal cord-healing, brain-regenerating, nerve-growing abilities that are quite miraculous and relevant to Lyme disease. But because DMSO has the broadest medicinal action of any FDA-approved substance currently on the books, we’ll refer you to this post to learn more


But beyond DMSO’s ability to heal nervous system tissues, including the brain, it also strengthens things like antibiotics, but also things like essential oils. DMSO is a powerful solvent, so it can combine with things like cancer chemotherapy medications to potentiate their effects allowing doctors to administer these toxic medications in tiny quantities (which is known as DMSO Potentiation Therapy or DPT). And oh! I forgot to mention that, like turpentine essential oil and Pinus strobus, DMSO is derived from trees.

Now, before you combine DMSO with Pinus palustris or Pinus strobus, you need to know that I have not seen any studies combining these two substances. And I have not combined and used DMSO with either of these essential oils myself. Nonetheless, the possibility exists that DMSO could increase their strength in a manner that would lead to more consistent curative effects against Lyme disease. But I urge anyone who decides to combine DMSO with either Pinus palustris or Pinus strobus, to proceed with great care. 


Work with both substances separately first. And be sure to read this book, which contains detailed information about DMSO and how to use it safely before you begin working with this substance.


Also note that most essential oils, including turpentine and Pinus strobus are able to penetrate the skin without a skin penetration enhancer like DMSO. This is why turpentine has medicinal effects on the body when used as a bath. In fact, many oils function as skin penetration enhancers by moving the cells in the epidermis into a particular alignment that makes it easier for medicines to move through the skin and into the bloodstream. So you may not need to combine DMSO with either of these medicines to get a strong healing response and to ultimately cure Lyme disease. 



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