Molecular Hydrogen Water tastes just like drinking water. And inhaling molecular hydrogen really feels like nothing is happening, but don’t be deceived—molecular hydrogen therapy is a powerful alternative treatment for Lyme disease.

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy: Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease

DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment of any kind. 

What is Molecular Hydrogen Therapy?

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful therapy that has recently been discovered by scientists as an important cure for many serious diseases. The molecular hydrogen, which is just a molecule of two hydrogen atoms that are stuck together, is administered either as a gas or in drinking water. Producing water that contains an excess of molecular hydrogen is easy and relatively inexpensive, but molecular hydrogen can produce powerful results. Let me explain why…


Water is a fascinating substance. One molecule of water is theoretically made with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. And theoretically, water molecules make a triangle, which is one of the most versatile shapes in nature. I still remember when “vector-based technologies” became a big thing back in the 1990’s. Vector-based technology changed everything because suddenly, images were made up of triangles instead of just pixels and lines. Triangles, after all, can be used to make any other shape in the universe because they can be stretched or squished and reconfigured in a way that’s unique in the world shapes. And it is this triangular shape that really makes water into such a versatile thing medicinally.


If you haven’t read The Fourth Phase of Water, by Dr. Gerald Pollack, it’s worth picking up. This book details the amazing ability of water molecules to mimic the shape of other things, like medicines, or toxins. But a discussion of so-called “structured water” is too big of a topic for this discussion of molecular hydrogen. In order to give molecular hydrogen the attention it really deserves, it’s important to understand that water is a dynamic substance that has the ability to masquerade as other things, for good or for evil.


Molecular hydrogen can be produced by a Molecular Hydrogen Generator and basically, this molecular hydrogen impacts the other water molecules and the extra hydrogens swim around in the drinking water making pairs with other hydrogen atoms or sometimes pairing up with full water molecules to make hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a Reactive Oxygen Species medicine that we’ve talked about in other discussions related to Lyme disease. There are endless configurations for a water molecule, but the important thing to remember is that these various configurations of water molecules and ions in water that become possible as a result of having excess hydrogen in the solution has healing effects on the body.   


So now, before we move on to scientific studies about the use of molecular hydrogen as a cure for Lyme disease, I’ll talk a bit about my college chemistry classes and hydrogen bonding, another fascinating, but important topic:

In chemistry class, we studied hydrogen bonds and I remember being fascinated, as a young undergrad student, by the idea that the food that I spill on the counter that dries into a little glob of stuff that resists easy removal, could be gently dissolved and erased by simply putting water on the glob and leaving it to rest. The reason why this is the case is because of the hydrogen bonds in water and because of the hydrogen bonds in other organic substances, especially DNA.  Hydrogen bonds, after all,hold all kinds of things in place, including the structure of our DNA. Without proper hydrogen bonds in place, DNA can’t make that cool spiral double-helix shape, for example.


I think most people today know how important DNA is, but unfortunately, most people don’t know that molecular hydrogen can be used to heal DNA. 


I think one of the most spectacular and observable cures that I’ve read about in regard to molecular hydrogen has to do with emphysema, a lung disease that causes people’s lungs to turn hard like rocks. When I went to Medical School Camp at Clarkson Memorial Hospital in Omaha, NE as a senior in high school, there was a seminar where we got to compare the feel of a healthy lung with the feel of an emphysema-lung. By that time, I had worked for several years in long-term care facilities and I’d watched a number of people die a slow death due to emphysema. It was a horrible disease. But I was still shocked at how hard and heavy the lungs of emphysema patients were in comparison with the spongy lung tissue of a person with healthy lungs. And so, I was quite impressed by the scientific studies using molecular hydrogen to cure this disease especially given how gentle molecular hydrogen therapy is. Molecular hydrogen slowly but surely dissolves the hard gunk that gums up the lungs of emphysema patients in the same way that a little water can dissolve a glob of jelly left overnight on the counter by accident.


Molecular hydrogen has this amazing ability to cure disease in part because it’s so small. Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table of the elements so that means that it’s also the smallest, lightest element. Also, it’s a natural substance that our bodies are designed to use as a natural artifact found in healthy water. Our cells naturally admit water into and out of the cell which means that molecular hydrogen gets special permission to come and go from our human cells. This is a relatively rare privilege, actually, but even more notable is the fact that these tiny molecular hydrogen molecules also have an even rarer privilege still: they’re able to pass into the nucleus of our human cells where our DNA lives.


Once inside the nucleus of our cells, hydrogen atoms can literally fix DNA that has been damaged by free radicals, infectious pathogens, toxins, etc. So this is a big deal, right? It’s the kind of thing that should be on the front page of newspapers everywhere.

Molecular Hydrogen as a Cure for Lyme Disease

In this news video, a man provides a testimonial that molecular hydrogen worked for him as a cure for Lyme Disease.

In this thread at, people talk about using a Kangen machine to cure Lyme disease. Note that a Kangen machine is much more expensive than a molecular hydrogen generator and they produce similar results.


Molecular Hydrogen as an Antioxidant That Can Be Used with CDS/MMS

As a general rule, you would want to avoid antioxidants if you’re using a Reactive Oxygen Species medicine like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement to cure Lyme disease, but molecular hydrogen is an exception to this rule. Molecular hydrogen scavenges for damaging free radicals, but it tends to leave the medicinal Reactive Oxygen Species that are released by CDS/MMS alone in the body. So people who are using CDS/MMS can work to kill pathogens, chelate heavy metals, and remove toxins from their bodies while simultaneously working to heal their cells at the DNA-level using molecular hydrogen. This is a powerful therapy indeed.


Kangen Water and Molecular Hydrogen Therapy

My first experience with molecular hydrogen therapy happened years ago when I learned about Kangen Therapy, which is basically the name that was used to describe molecular hydrogen therapy before scientists discovered it. The use of Kangen Water as a powerful cure for cancer was something developed by Bob Wright. 


In the next part of this book, we talk about pH therapy as a cure for Lyme disease and we could’ve listed molecular hydrogen therapy under this heading as well as under the Reactive Oxygen Species medicine heading because high-concentration molecular hydrogen water has alkalizing effects on the body too. So molecular hydrogen works not just through its ability to heal DNA, but also through its antioxidant effects, as well as through its ability to alkalize the body. 

Molecular Hydrogen as a Natural Treatment for Brain Inflammation

Oxidative stress caused by damaging free radicals play a major role in neurological conditions including brain injury or brain trauma, neurodegenerative disease, neurological infection, and autoimmune disease. Molecular hydrogen naturally scavenges for damaging free radicals like hydroxyl ions and peroxynitrite. New research into molecular hydrogen has demonstrated a lot of promise as a treatment for neurological diseases and disorders, which is relevant to a discussion about Lyme disease. Molecular Hydrogen therapy is an at-home treatment for Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, brain trauma, and neurodegenerative disease. 


Molecular Hydrogen can be administered as an at-home treatment for Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, brain trauma, and neurodegenerative disease.

Molecular Hydrogen as a Selective Antioxidant

Molecular hydrogen doesn’t scavenge all Reactive Oxygen Species, but rather just the ones that are most damaging in the body. Specifically, molecular hydrogen scavenges for ·OH and ONOO- both of which are strong oxidants that react with DNA, lipids, and proteins in the body. When ·OH and ONOO- are present in high quantities, DNA damage can happen and the cell membrane can also be damaged.


Molecular Hydrogen as an Anti-Inflammatory 

In 2001, scientists found that breathing high-pressure molecular hydrogen could cure liver inflammation caused by parasite infection. Since that time, scientists have shown that molecular hydrogen can inhibit oxidative stress and downregulate pro-inflammatory cytokine production. In animal models of disease, molecular hydrogen can be used to restore health when patients are experiencing inflammation-related sepsis and/or multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. 

Studies have suggested that healthy intestinal flora release molecular hydrogen naturally. This molecular hydrogen appears to suppress gut inflammation. Saccharomyces boulardii is a bacteria that has healing effects on the gut in part due to its ability to release molecular hydrogen into the digestive system. Molecular hydrogen produced through bacterial fermentation shortens intestinal transit time and can relieve hepatitis while simultaneously decreasing intestinal inflammation.


Other Healing Effects of Molecular Hydrogen

  • Anti-apoptosis
  • Gene expression alterations
  • Gaseous signal modulation

How to Administer Molecular Hydrogen as a Cure for Lyme Disease


Molecular hydrogen can be inhaled from a machine that electrolyzes it in water. Inhalation of molecular hydrogen has shown no adverse effects on blood pressure, temperature, pH or oxygen levels in the body. It is a safe and effective treatment for Lyme disease patients with headache or other neurological symptoms. Molecular hydrogen administered via inhalation has neuroprotective effects. 


Oral Intake of Hydrogen-Rich Water

Oral intake of hydrogen rich water is portable and easy to administer. Treatment with high-concentrations of hydrogen in drinking water has been used to treat Parkinson’s disease, oral wounds, and depression among other things.


Every 3 weeks, take a 5-7 day break from the molecular hydrogen water. During this time, you could drink structured water as an alternative treatment instead, but be sure to read The Fourth Phase of Water to better understand the value of structured water as a health treatment.


Injections of Hydrogen-Rich Saline

Injection with hydrogen-rich saline can be used to deliver precise amounts of molecular hydrogen. This treatment method is often used to protect the brain and spinal cord from radiation injury or during a cranial hemorrhage. Intrathecal injection of hydrogen-rich saline also has pain-relieving effects against neuropathy.


Molecular Hydrogen Baths

Molecular hydrogen easily penetrates the skin and can be distributed throughout the body via blood flow. As such, it can be administered therapeutically as a bath. Using a Kangen Machine would be more suited for the production of large quantities of high concentration molecular hydrogen.

Molecular Hydrogen Saline Eye Drops

Molecular hydrogen can be dissolved in saline to treat the eyes. Direct application of molecular hydrogen eye drops has the ability to ameliorate injury to the retina in animal models of eye disease.


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