In order to understand The Big Picture on how CDS / MMS and certain nutrient deficiencies connect to autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, and parasite infection, you’ll have to go down the rabbit hole.

The Big Picture on CDS / MMS and Nutrient Deficiencies That Play a Role in Autoimmune Disease, Lyme Disease, and Parasite Infection


Let’s start with Iodine. We’ll talk more about iodine later, but Lugol’s iodine used to be the most prescribed medication in the U.S. prior to the creation of the American Medical Association and Big Pharma. So we’ll begin with iodine as a dot in the center of a series of other dots regarding nutrition and Lyme disease that will make more sense to you soon.


Nutrition and Lyme Disease: Lugol’s Iodine


Lugol’s iodine is a type of iodine that contains both molecular iodine and potassium iodide. Lugol´s iodine is different than Povidone iodine which is the stuff you can buy at your local pharmacy. Whereas Povidone iodine is extremely useful as a wound cleaner and as a topical medicine for the skin, Lugol’s iodine contains the essential minerals our body needs in order to function properly in a general way. You see, the type of iodine in Lugol’s iodine is the only mineral that the body can use to make thyroid hormones (T3 and T4).


Without thyroid hormones and without sufficient iodine in the body, metabolic function becomes…dysfunctional. In children, growth can be delayed and neurological problems develop. Adults can experience neurological issues also. Brain fog is common, but mood disorders and more severe manifestations of iodine deficiency mixed with bromine toxicity can even lead to hallucinations. Bone health suffers as well.


But that’s not all…


Iodine deficiency also causes reproductive system dysfunction. Without proper levels of iodine, reproductive hormone levels go awry. Pregnant women and infants are particularly susceptible to severe problems developing as a result of low iodine levels, but both men and women can suffer from infertility, low libido, and sexual dysfunctions as a result of iodine deficiency. Obviously, reproductive hormone imbalance will lead to a lower quality of life for anyone suffering from an iodine deficiency. 

But even beyond thyroid hormones and metabolism and reproductive hormone imbalances, iodine deficiency can lead to other serious health problems. For example, in individuals who have both an iodine deficiency and a selenium deficiency, vitamin D activity level will be impaired. For those of you who are avid AlivenHealthy readers, you may be familiar with our recent research on the gallbladder and the role of vitamin D, sunlight exposure (which is needed for our bodies to produce vitamin D naturally—also regular sunlight exposure reduces the size and quantity of gallstones), and fumaric acid production (which is another substance made by the skin naturally when it is exposed to sunlight–fumaric acid has curative effects against all of the autoimmune diseases we’ve studied in depth so far, including both psoriasis and multiple sclerosis). 

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To really understand the importance of iodine, dear Reader, you need to go down the rabbit hole with me just for a few minutes first. Let’s start down this intricately connected path by considering the fact that there are a number of Sunlight and Seawater Treatment Facilities at the Dead Sea in the country of Jordan where people with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, go to cure their disease, or at least to cause long-term remission by merely exposing themselves to sunlight…and seawater. At first, it might be tempting for you to discount this fact as improbable, though indeed, it is true. I know someone, in fact, who experienced remission from psoriasis whenever he would go to the nearest beach in Guatemala to get a little sunlight and seawater himself. But then, you might feel tempted to say, “But I don’t have psoriasis! I have [some other autoimmune disease, parasite infection, or Lyme disease]…so this information isn’t relevant to me.” But then, I would have to tell you how sunlight and seawater could benefit anyone with an autoimmune condition, Lyme Disease, or parasite infections via sunlight and seawater’s effects on the gallbladder and liver.


The gallbladder? Who cares about the gallbladder? And how on earth does the sun affect an organ like the gallbladder that’s buried so deep inside the body that it never receives any kind of direct interaction with the outside world, let alone sunlight? Maybe your gallbladder has even been removed. In that case, your liver will need extra love because the liver and the gallbladder are like an old married couple. Normally, they do practically everything together. But if you don’t have a gallbladder anymore, your liver will have to work harder than it did before.

Consider reading our book about the gallbladder / liver to learn more about how to heal your gallbladder and its spouse, the liver without having to undergo surgery or expensive treatments that doctors often claim are necessary. The liver is an organ with miraculous regeneration abilities that are unduplicated by any other organ and gallbladder removal surgery is rarely necessary even in extreme cases of gallbladder diseases and dysfunction. 


But let’s get back to our original thread about vitamin D, sunlight, seawater, and how to cure autoimmune diseases and Lyme disease…

You see, vitamin D is rather like a hormone and it is intimately connected to things like calcium and cholesterol, so while you might be tempted to think about it like vitamin C, it is more like testosterone or estrogen. You should never EVER take vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 by themselves as a supplement. Vitamin D needs to be taken with vitamin K2 ALWAYS. Vitamin K2 is a newly discovered vitamin produced by animals that are grassfed. Most people know a couple of things about vitamin K1, but vitamin K1 is a very different nutrient from vitamin K2. So essentially, vitamin K2 is this substance derived from chlorophyl…a plant-based, sun-produced substance that grass-fed animals transform into this vitamin that supports vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, but if vitamin K2 isn’t there to help vitamin D do it’s work properly, vitamin D gets lazy and tosses calcium here, there, and anywhere except where it’s supposed to go: into the bones and teeth. So basically, if you take vitamin D3 or vitamin D2 as solo supplements without vitamin K2, all the calcium you eat ends up in soft-tissues like organs. Maybe your liver will calcify and turn hard because of all that vitamin D3 supplement that you take every day. In that case, you might be diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis due to “inexplicable” liver swelling or even necrosis (caused by calcification of organ tissues). Or maybe you’ll develop diabetes if your pancreas calcifies. Maybe you’ll develop calcium deposits in your bladder that you’ll experience as a nightmarish cystitis problem that never goes away. Chances are, you’ll have gallbladder problems though because calcium and cholesterol levels and activity are both affected by vitamin D levels. Gallstones are made out of cholesterol and sometimes calcium, after all.

But you have to remember, dear Reader, that the body produces vitamin D and fumaric acid when the skin is exposed to sunlight (without sunscreen). And you should also know that the Earth Smoke plant, which is also known as fumaria officinalis is an herbal source of fumaric acid and that this plant specifically works on the liver and gallbladder. And it’s work with the gallbladder and liver would make perfect sense to you if you read a bit of the scient around vitamin D, and sunlight, and how our bodies were built to be exposed to this full-spectrum, healing light from the sun. Fumaria officinalis is a vital part of the cure for psoriasis and multiple sclerosis, but this herbal medicine can be used in various autoimmune disease situations as well as to cure Lyme disease and parasite infection via its work on the gallbladder. And the reason why fumaric acid, vitamin D, and sunlight are so important in curing these two autoimmune diseases is because a lot of bacteria, parasites, and viruses hide-out in the gallbladder and in the liver ducts. These pathogens then create mischief in a manner that befuddles conventional medicine doctors who have not been trained to identify what’s really going on.


But before you run to your doctor’s office to get your gallbladder removed as a twisted treatment for autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, or parasites, you need to understand bile. Bile is like a soapy detergent for your gut. It literally creates a sudsing action to clean in and around all those little villi, which are kind of like shag carpet that lines the inside of your small intestine. Bile was designed to “clean” the gut while it breaks down fatty acids for absorption at the same time. 

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Bile is like dishsoap that goes to work on fats and oils that have really stuck themselves to the inside of the intestines. It would be hard to clean fats and oils from a casserole dish without some high-quality dish-soap, right? So if your bile levels are low for one reason or another, you might end up with a lot of goopy fats and oils stuck to the shag-carpet-like-villi in your small intestine. This creates a great hiding place for certain types of pathogens and the only way to expose them is to use Enzyme Therapy while consuming healthy fats and oils. You may also need to use herbs to get rid of gallstones naturally so that bile can flow freely again from the gallbladder and liver.


If your gallbladder and liver aren’t working properly for some reason (like colonization by pathogens, perhaps), bile production will be reduced. And when bile production is reduced, the gut can have a build up of biofilm, impactions, and other yucky stuff. It doesn’t get a regular cleaning. In fact, the gallbladder normally provides a regular “drip” of bile-detergent through the digestive system to keep it clean and bug free. But if this “drip” stops or if you get really low on bile in a general way, your gut tissues are likely to be weakened in a major way. 

It’s hard to say which might come first…it’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario, but if bile production stops or slows, the liver and gallbladder become prime real estate for colonizing bacteria, parasites, viruses, protozoa, and other types of pathogens who find these two organs to be quite cozy, well-located, and endowed with a great view. The liver is the organ, after all, that neutralizes the antibiotics your doctor might prescribe to you. If the liver failed in its work, you would die hours after taking your first dose of antibiotics. But the liver neutralizes antibiotics so these medicines that your doctor prescribes won’t generally be able to kill pathogens that are living in the liver and gallbladder. Luckily, there are natural substances called Reactive Oxygen Species that are released by tissues and by white blood cells that naturally pass through the liver, gallbladder, and all organs of the body by virtue of their simple chemical form. But remember, normally, bile is this disinfecting, cleaning solution that naturally keeps the liver, gallbladder, and small intestine super “clean” too. When your bile levels run low, bacteria, parasites, and other types of pathogens may be able to either grow completely unchecked and out of control or they may be only partially affected by bile when there’s enough of it in the digestive system.


A partially digested streptococcal bacteria will end up as bits and pieces known as “peptidoglycans” in the small intestine. And let me tell you, peptidoglycans are terribly irritating on the tissues of the small intestine. So a lot of people who have peptidoglycans in their guts will end up with leaky gut syndrome. And, as you can imagine, this leaky gut problem is the beginning of something bigger and more difficult to treat. Indeed, peptidoglycans are so irritating to the body that they often cause inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and even colorectal cancer. A lot of people with these autoimmune diseases are able to get rid of their symptoms by using (you guessed it) Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (which has become more famous than Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement in the inflammatory bowel disease circuits, though both work very well) to kill those bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other colonizing pathogens.


Some poor souls end up with arthritis symptoms from those peptidoglycans which pass through inflamed irritated tissues of the leaky gut and go directly into the bloodstream. In these individuals, the peptidoglycans cause irritation in the joints and connective tissues. Other people end up developing psoriasis as the blood delivers peptidoglycans to skin tissues for prompt removal. Scientists find these nasty peptidoglycans in the skin tissues of psoriasis patients regularly, yet the American Medical Association ensures that doctors are not taught anything about these scientific studies or the real truth about colonies of pathogens living in the liver and the gallbladder. The science is there to prove it, but doctors don’t have the time to learn about these studies on their own and medical curriculums know that teaching this material will destroy the pharmaceutical industry. 


It might be beneficial for readers to take a detour here and explore the concept of Disease Family Trees, to fully appreciate how psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases are related. Disease family trees are a helpful way for those who are most familiar with conventional medicine to understand relationships between diseases better so that they can find relevant science to back up why a particular medicine works as a cure.

But all of this convoluted logic about autoimmunity, parasite infections, and Lyme disease began with a lack of sunlight. And a selenium deficiency. 


A person with a selenium deficiency probably had a hard time absorbing iodine. Which in turn lead to a thyroid hormone and reproductive hormone dysfunction that affects everything from that patient’s mental state during working hours to libido levels and immune system functioning during periods of rest and relaxation. The more deficient the patient became in selenium, the less able his or her body was to process things like vitamin D and iodine, which essentially created a downward spiral of poor health that looks just a little bit different from one person to the next depending physically and physiologically on their “weakest link”. 


…but we still haven’t talked about sea water. 


Sea Water Supplements and Shilajit / Fulvic Acid / Humic AcidTrace Mineral Cure for Lyme Disease


Sea water is naturally alkaline and the more alkaline your body becomes, the more powerful Reactive Oxygen Species are as medicines in the body. Reactive Oxygen Species are these chemical entities that are produced naturally in the body as a front-line defense against pathogenic invasion. They include things like hydroxyl ions and superoxide anions and other “entities” with confusing terms like these. But don’t worry too much about the names of these Reactive Oxygen Species medicines. All you need to know is that these chemical entities are magnetically and electrically “charged”. And they tend to react powerfully with acidic things like pathogens or cancer cells or heavy metals and toxins that don’t belong in the body. The more alkaline our natural cells become, the easier it is for Reactive Oxygen Species (both natural and external) to seek out unnatural, acidic things in the body. Indeed, the Reactive Oxygen Species are magnetically attracted to these acidic pathogens and toxins. 


Bathing in sea water alkalizes your healthy human cells to make them more invisible to Reactive Oxygen Species while simultaneously making acidic toxins and pathogens more visible. And the minerals in sea water, which include things like iodine, selenium, boron, and more, are given special access to the interior of human cells. These minerals strengthen the cells through a variety of mechanisms of action, but one important way in which they work is by removing what doesn’t belong inside the cell (toxins, pathogens, etc.). This is why cystic fibrosis sufferers who are also surfers tend to be healthier than their non-surfing friends with cystic fibrosis. Sea water alkalizes the body, inside and out. 


Shilajit / Humic Acid / Fulvic Acid is another mineral-rich substance that has an excellent reputation for being able to cure supposedly incurable diseases like HIV, cancer, and herpes. Again, don’t be tempted to tune out in regard to Shilajit just because you don’t have HIV, cancer, or herpes. Herpes is rather autoimmune in how it behaves in the body, is it not? Doctors accept that the herpes virus lives in the body long-term, but these same doctors will revolt against the idea that a person with autoimmune disease symptoms might have a colony of pathogens living in a remote area of the body like the liver or the gallbladder. And HIV is an iconic autoimmune disease, so it belongs with the others in the disease family tree. Those who are knowledgeable about HIV know that Tetrasilver Tetroxide is a colloidal silver off-shoot that cures this disease and that colloidal silver, once again, is a Reactive Oxygen Species medicine that works its magic by releasing reactive oxygen ions into the body. But I digress…The use of sea water supplements or shilajit / humic acid / fulvic acid with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines and the other vital supplements we talked about on our tour of this rabbit hole can provide most people with the raw materials they need to get started in curing autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, and parasite infections. 


There’s just one thing left: SEEDS.

Cure Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disease, and Parasites with the Vitamin That Comes from Seeds


That’s right…your body needs certain SEEDS that have been removed from the food supply by Big Food. Seeds like grape seeds and watermelon seeds, for example, contain vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 was discovered by the same doctor who created chemotherapy at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. After developing chemo, this doctor discovered a substance, vitamin B17, that was able to cure 100% of his lab rats of cancer. He was understandably excited about this discovery, but Sloan Kettering Memorial preferred the 2-3% cure rate of chemo over the possibility of curing cancer. A 2-3% cure rate leads to a lot of repeat customers and a higher profit potential. So vitamin B17 became one of the most tragic stories in the history of conventional medicine.


Vitamin B17 is a missing link for a lot of people who are trying to cure autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, or parasite infection. Without vitamin B17, tissues are weak. Vitamin B17, after all, releases Reactive Oxygen Species that the body needs to naturally fight infection on a day-to-day basis. If you have an autoimmune disease, parasite infection, or Lyme Disease, for example, you may want to really inundate your body with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement, but don’t neglect to take vitamin B17 on a day-to-day basis too. Note that Reactive Oxygen Species medicines are powerful, but delicate, so always take them 30 minutes before and after you eat food or take other supplements or medicines. Take some time to learn about Reactive Oxygen Species medicines, but also learn about the gallbladder and liver and how to heal these two organs, which are often at the core of autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, and parasite infection. 

Most people don’t realize that about 80% of psoriasis patients can be completely cured of their disease by simply taking an ox bile supplement. Fewer people still realize the direct connection between sunlight exposure — > natural vitamin D production + natural Fumaric Acid production  in the skin —> gallbladder / liver health and resilience —> the inability for pathogens to colonize the liver and the gallbladder. 


Practically no one realizes that an animal like the cow (which is worshipped in India for this reason), can produce a healing milk if the cow is grass-fed and if the milk is not pasteurized. Without this milk, which contains vitamin K2, cardiovascular diseases develop as vitamin D puts calcium into the blood vessels. Autoimmune diseases develop as other organs calcify. The body becomes weak and health deteriorates inexplicably. 


I have a friend who cured HIV, gout, and osteoporosis by taking vitamin K2 with his vitamin D3 while also following a Chlorine Dioxide Solution protocol and by taking a daily dose of Lugol’s iodine, vitamin B17, and sea water supplements.


And though substances like Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement have become famous for their ability to cure disease, a lot of people still don’t understand that it works merely by contributing to, and synergizing with our white blood cells which also produce Reactive Oxygen Species. When a person takes Chlorine Dioxide Solution, they are essentially releasing oxygen-containing ions that can easily seek out and bind to whatever does not belong in a healthy human body. 


Finally, since I talked about milk, I also have to mention healthy fatty acids. Did you know that fatty acids are electrical? Probably not. When you eat healthy fatty acids in a healthy cold-pressed form, you energize your cells. And did you know that your healthiest cell membranes are made from healthy oils like extra-virgin olive oil, cold-pressed grape seed oil, cold-pressed apricot kernel oil, or cold-pressed flaxseed oil? If you eat heated oils (think fried foods or even just sauteed foods) and you have Lyme Disease, autoimmune disease, or a parasite infection that resists treatment, you should consider doing 2 weeks of the Budwig Protocol to rebuild your cellular membranes with electrical fatty acids. Thereafter, avoid heated oils and eat only the healthy unsaturated fatty acids to keep your cells working properly. Dr. Johanna Budwig was an expert in fats and oils and she developed a protocol that cured many illnesses. It’s a simple protocol where patients drink something called Quark while sitting in the sunlight.

And at the core of all these nutrient needs and proper immune system and metabolic function is iodine. 


So let’s review:


  1. Your body needs a healthy dose of sunlight every day – at least 20-30 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen is a good start. Aim to tan, not to burn.
  2. Alkalinity will help you heal. Seawater supplements can help. Other ways to alkalize the body include Cesium Therapy and Molecular Hydrogen Therapy.
  3. Reactive Oxygen Species medicines have special access to the liver and gallbladder. They have the ability to remain intact and kill pathogens that are untouchable by antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Vitamin D and iodine work together. But you should never take vitamin D by itself without vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 can be found naturally in the meats and milks of grass-fed animals. In this post, we talk about vitamin D2/3 and vitamin K2 as a cure for Lupus.
  5. Your body needs SEEDS, but you can also take an amygdalin / vitamin B17 supplement to fulfill this need. Eating apricot kernels at 4-5 kernels per dose up to 10 times per day will improve your health exponentially over time. 
  6. The Budwig Protocol can help you electrify and energize your cells so that they can fight off invading pathogens naturally. Don’t forget to get your dose of sunlight!
  7. Do Enzyme Therapy, which includes ox bile supplementation to support your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, and small and large intestines as you heal. 
  8. Take companion supplements with your Lugol’s iodine. Learn about bromine and fluorine as substances that kick iodine out of the body and avoid them. Companion nutrients include:





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