How to Use Oxidant / ROS Medicine to Cure Lyme Disease


Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) (otherwise known as Miracle Mineral Solution/MMS) is one of the most powerful and safest anti-infection medicines in our list of cures for Lyme disease. Though it may not be successful in all cases, this is also one of the simplest medicines to use to cure Lyme disease. One of the advantages of CDS is that it can be used in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the elderly, while other medicines on this list may have limitations in terms of whether or not they can be used by these patients.


There are numerous anecdotal reports of CDS/MMS curing Lyme disease. Some of these anecdotal reports can be found here: 


People who take CDS to cure Lyme disease all agree that consistency is key with this medicine, and that taking days off is not advisable. Nevertheless, a large proportion of individuals with Lyme disease report significant improvement in their symptoms after only a few days of taking CDS, and a full recovery within a few months of taking the medicine. Some people take other supplements (like vitamins and minerals, for example) in addition to the MMS medicine, while other people chose to stop all of the other medicines they were on in order to try the MMS. In the testimonial link above, a lot of reports are from people who already had tried taking antibiotics for Lyme disease and only experienced minimal improvement with these medications. Even people who had been suffering from Lyme disease symptoms for decades reported recovery after taking MMS consistently and according to the appropriate protocols. 



Potential Limitations of CDS / MMS as a Cure for Lyme Disease

In a previous discussion, we talked about how CDS / MMS is a theoretical cure for Lyme disease. The reason why we refer to it as a “theoretical” cure is because the Lyme bacteria releases an enzyme that can, in theory, neutralize the medicinal qualities of Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement. This enzyme is called superoxide dismutase (SOD) and in the Lyme bacteria, this enzyme is particularly unique because it’s made with manganese instead of with iron. Manganese sits next to iron on the periodic table of the elements, so these two elements share some chemistry in common. But this fact about manganese explains, in part, why the Borrelia burdorferi bacteria is so virulent. 


Let me explain. 


When our bodies are infected with a pathogen, one of the first immune responses to the infection is the release of the superoxide anion. This negatively charged “species” is extremely reactive and it’s naturally attracted to the positively charged pathogens that might attack our bodies. And there are Reactive Oxygen Species medicines that release superoxide anions too. CDS / MMS is one of those Reactive Oxygen Species medicines, but other medicines in this category include Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as well as certain herbal medicines like Artemisia annua and Artemisinin


At any rate, there are ways for people to administer Reactive Oxygen Species medicines that have the same broad-spectrum action as our front-line immune system defenses. But unfortunately, certain types of pathogens have ways to defend themselves, at least to some extent, against these Reactive Oxygen Species. 


Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that’s produced by a number of organisms including certain pathogens. This enzyme isn’t always bad and it isn’t always good. Sometimes SOD can be administered as a medicine. 


Most pathogens use iron to produce SOD, but Lyme is unique. Borrelia burgdorferi uses manganese instead of iron to produce SOD. This is an important distinction to point out because our bodies have a special defense mechanism against invading pathogens that manufacture SOD using iron. When our bodies are initially infected with a pathogen, the liver produces a hormone called hepcidin, that inhibits iron absorption in the gut. When this hepcidin hormone is released and we stop absorbing iron, we become anemic, which is why we tend to feel so awful in those initial stages of an infection. But this natural, protective iron-deficiency anemia actually starves pathogens of the iron they need in order to defend themselves against the superoxide anion and other Reactive Oxygen Species that our bodies produce as a front-line defense against infection. 

So, when you’re initially infected with the Lyme bacteria, you experience iron-deficiency anemia as your body tries to protect itself and render the bacteria defenseless, but unfortunately, Lyme has a trick up its sleeve. The Lyme bacteria uses manganese instead of iron to manufacture SOD. So it doesn’t help for the body to deplete its iron stores. And what’s important to remember in this discussion is that, if you have a Lyme disease infection, the superoxide anions released by CDS / MMS to kill this infection may not work. Or it may work only half-way.


We decided to include CDS / MMS in this book despite this information though because Lyme disease is regularly misdiagnosed which means that if you have a Lyme disease diagnosis, it may be wrong. And that means that the actual infection that you have might be easily killed off using CDS / MMS. Also, a lot of Lyme disease sufferers have co-infections that complicate the disease. Using CDS / MMS is a way to kill co-infections which can make your natural immune system function better. But it seems like most Lyme disease sufferers will need to follow a protocol of treatments in a specific order in order to be successful at killing Borrelia burgdorferi and other species of Borrelia


That being said, if you’ve tried CDS / MMS and it seems to be working for you, there may be logical reasons why. Borrelia burgdorferi has the ability to change shape (a characteristic known as pleomorphis or polymorphism) to evade antibiotic treatments. This means that the Borrelia bacteria may be more or less vulnerable when it takes certain forms than when it takes other forms. So, when you take CDS / MMS, you may be able to kill Borrelia burgdorferi if it is in a vulnerable bacterial shape. And your body may be at a particular pH level or in some other physiological state that makes it possible for CDS / MMS to kill Lyme disease.


The superoxide anion, after all, is extremely hard for scientists to observe with their eyes under a microscope. This super-tiny Reactive Oxygen Species medicine has a very short lifespan and it is extremely reactive, which is what makes it such an excellent medicine. This short lifespan means that it doesn’t build up to toxic levels in the body. And its reactivity means that it instantly kills on contact when it encounters a pathogen. But because superoxide anion can’t easily be observed by scientists also means that we can’t say that it isn’t possible to cure Lyme disease with CDS / MMS. We can only say there are some theoretical problems and that this Reactive Oxygen Species medicine is only a theoretical cure for Lyme disease.


And finally, referencing studies into another interesting alternative treatment for lyme disease, Methylene Blue and scientific speculations into how the release of superoxide anions worked to cure COVID using this medicine, we have to also reference the importance of cellular signaling. The superoxide anion acts as a cellular signal that tells cells that its safe to wake up and shake off the dormant state that Dr. Naviaux refers to as the Cell Danger Response and that Dr. Stephen Porges calls the Play Dead parasympathetic nervous system response. It is very likely that CDS / MMS does not directly kill pathogens, but rather that it improves human cell function in a manner that helps people overcome Lyme disease merely by making the body stronger than the infecting pathogen.


How to Administer CDS / MMS as a Cure for Lyme Disease

CDS is a powerful medicine against many types of disease, so it makes sense to give it a try as a cure for Lyme disease. But be ready to switch to other types of medicines in this book as alternative treatments for Lyme if CDS / MMS doesn’t seem to be working for you. There are other options. Use them.

CDS can be administered according to the following primary protocols and supporting protocols below (keep in mind that it’s good to continue with one protocol for AT LEAST 2-3 weeks to get through the detoxification period and experience more significant positive results. Some people experience positive results right away, but it takes a little more time for others: 


    • Protocol 2000 (The Cancer Protocol) – This protocol has been dedicated to cancer treatment, but it can also be used to successfully treat and cure other serious infections, diseases, and disorders, including Lyme disease. The Protocol 2000 involves the administration of both MMS1 and MMS2 on a 10-hour-per-day schedule. You can view the details of this protocol at this link.
    • Protocol 1000 PLUS – This protocol combines MMS1 with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). The DMSO makes the MMS1 more powerful, and helps carry the MMS medicine deeper into the body. DMSO can also access the inside of cells and cross the blood brain barrier. Read more about the details of the Protocol 1000 PLUS protocol at this link




    • Supporting Protocols – These may be administered every day until recovery, or they may be administered on an as-needed basis to get rid of symptoms or to encourage detoxification. They can also be helpful as a way to administer extra MMS medicine. There are many different supporting protocols, but I’ve compiled this list of the protocols that are most likely to be helpful to Lyme disease patients:
      • The Enema Protocol – This is a must-know and must-do protocol for anyone with almost any health condition. Lyme disease is no exception. Though enemas are a little taboo nowadays, the reality is that they’ve been used for thousands of years by cultures around the globe to cure disease.

        The Enema Protocol is especially helpful for detoxification, but it also is able to deliver MMS medicine directly to the liver (an important point when it comes to getting rid of pathogens that may have lodged themselves in difficult-to-reach locations, like the liver). Read more about the enema protocol here.
      • The Bath/Footbath Protocol – This protocol is valuable in Lyme disease cases where the skin is significantly affected (such as with the Erythema migrans rash). The Bath Protocol immerses the whole body in a specially prepared MMS solution. This protocol can be administered using either MMS1 or MMS2. Read about how to administer this supporting protocol here.
      • The Patch Protocol – This is another skin-oriented protocol that may be valuable for Lyme disease sufferers with particularly severe skin manifestations. The Patch Protocol involves the application of patches to delineated areas of the skin. Both the Bath Protocol and the Patch Protocol have been noted as being valuable also for the treatment of Bartonella, a frequently seen co-infection with Lyme disease.

        The Patch Protocol may also be used to try and prevent Lyme disease in the first place. In this case, apply an MMS patch to any area where you know you’ve recently been bitten by a tick as soon as possible after being bitten. Though it’s not guaranteed that this will prevent Lyme disease, it may be effective in some cases. Read more about this protocol at this link.

    The Anti-Fungal Protocol – Though this protocol is dedicated to treating internal and/or external fungal infections, the instructions can be followed to help speed along detoxification and relieve symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction. This protocol uses Bentonite clay, either taken internally or applied externally, or both, to help remove toxins from the body more effectively.

    I highly recommend incorporating Bentonite clay into your recovery protocol. Besides regular enemas during recovery, this is one of the most powerful and gentle detoxifying medicines there is. You can learn more about this protocol at this link.

Lithium Orotate High pH Therapy is an important adjunct treatment for Lyme disease that can be used to increase the strength of CDS / MMS. Read more about how to use lithium orotate here. 



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